Sunday Talks: Robert Gates Discusses Trump White House, Russia, Comey Firing etc…

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates appears on (de)face The Nation for an interview with John Dickerson.

Within the overall interview former Defense Secretary Robert Gates speaks direct confidence about President Trump’s intelligence and foreign policy appointments.  Gates also uses common sense to shoot down the media’s narrative about Michael Flynn etc.


Did Gates pop his head up to present himself as a potential FBI Director candidate?

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121 Responses to Sunday Talks: Robert Gates Discusses Trump White House, Russia, Comey Firing etc…

  1. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    A swamp critter will never take own other swamp critters.

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  2. SpanglishKC says:

    As I view all these Sunday talkers the thing that keeps gnawing at me is the the presumption by these folks that they all know better.

    If these elitists were so smart and had all the answers how is it when they were in power things got worse? If their ideas or execution was so much better why how is it our country is at this crossroads.

    Sorry, but these clowns underestimate Trump to this day. Before they open their big fat yaps they should be required to read Art of the Deal and the CTH for 90 days.

    Their own words convict them. These people DO NOT HAVE A CLUE… I understand twice as much and am only half as smart! How about that!

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    • Daniel Camac says:

      SKC, you hit it on the head. They aren’t elitists, they are swamp scum. That green stuff that floats on top but really belongs on the bottom. Kp3ace below says, ” In the first 2 mins …..” Ahhh, sure. In the first minute Mr. Gates shows his true DC identity talking about already having a person lined up to fill the position blah, blah, blah.” President Trump already has one and he doesn’t have to follow swamp protocol to do it. That’s the difference now, Mr. Gates. We have a President who isn’t a polished politician, yikes! I can’t wait to see who gets the nod but based on the President’s cabinet picks, I doubt it will be a disappointment. TCT-Best site on the web.

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  3. abstain says:

    Yes, it was a job interview, and Gates would make a great college president.


  4. kp3ace says:

    And yet, I see (understand) his point of view. If you were looking at it from the outside, you might believe that PDJT was not in control.
    Although I’ve only seen the first 2 minutes of the interview, he is sitting back, relaxed (in control).
    I noticed a segment in the Jeanine Pirro interview when the President was leaning forward (aggressive, not in control ). Gates reminds me somewhat of Wilburine!


    • jmclever says:

      Interesting point. I took his leaning forward as attentiveness and a general respect for the person doing the interview.

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      President Trump is always leaning forward when he is interviewed. It does not suggest aggressiveness or lack of control in any way. He conveys alertness, attentiveness and involvement in the conversation.


  5. blessdog says:

    gates is either one of those extremely self absorbed, foul globalist psychopath thug puppets who represents the highest VISIBLE tier of of the deep state operative division, or he wishes he was…

    clowns like him, ol’ henry kissinger, and Zbigniew Brzezinski, project an air that they feel a bit too ELITE to have to actually show their face to the public, but hey………….somebody’s got to do it

    i should say that Gates is a step below those 2 but aspiring to their rank


  6. I definitely noted a different attitude in how Gates was treated in the interview vs. how any Trump official is treated. Letting him finish his thoughts, no interruption, no antagonism whatsoever, quiet respect from press.
    That is a clue that this interview may not have been by chance.

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  7. Left_at_Dunkirk says:

    I was in the service when Gates/Obama got rid of “don’t ask don’t tell” and it was a crappy roll out with no good answers for first line leaders. Basically, he said anyone can now say “hey, I’m a queer – lets shower together!” He then went on to make the Boy Scouts safe for queers to be around teenage boys. Plus, he fell for the NYT must be true trap. Pass.


  8. jeans2nd says:

    Robert Gates sees what we see, for the most part, imo. However, Gates emphasizes several times that his (Gates) experience and comments are directed toward the foreign policy side, and in fact Gates demurred commenting on the domestic side.
    Gates also seems to mostly approve of the “disruption,” and specifically the way in which Our POTUS is “disprupting.” Gates for FBI? Above my pay grade.

    A couple things noticed in the long interview –

    14:52 – JD “Does the President need, somebody like you…”
    15:05 – JD “Does he need…a Wise Man, in his orbit…”
    VP Pence, HR McMaster, John Kelly, James Mattis, Reince Priebus… There are so many more with gov experience already with Our POTUS. Plus all those business leaders who have world negotiating experience. Guess they are as invisible as we.

    18:53 – JD “If you got information…”
    19:04 – RG “I would certainly make sure that the President knew…”
    19:32 – RG “Then I would probably have sought a private meeting with the President, uh, to share that with him…”
    Adm Rogers

    Re: the THAAD-South Korea deployment
    29:54 – “A week ot two before the election was, at least, poorly timed.”
    Wrong. The newly-elected leftist South Korean president was against the THAAD deployment and and would have stopped it. The new SK president also favored China over the U.S., and has, since his election, cooled toward the U.S. and warmed up to China.


  9. GForce says:

    @ 1:51 “Have a single story of how it happened and why it happened…” (Benghazi) My hope is Trump never bites at this bate. It’s not “what Trump did it’s ” how” he did it. Give me a break. How he “does” it is exactly why it’s working. Let the opposition continue to believe the “chaos” narrative!

    Those of us who have eyes that can truly see know full well what is actually being accomplished; the rest will continue to swim in the ever shrinking swamp until they realize there isn’t enough concealing slime to go around. Some will choose the right path and change, others will find a different swamp to lurk in, and the rest will consume each other. That day is coming.


  10. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    I may finish watching the Gates interview, but off the top of my head, I think his drift is that we need to constantly recycle Washington insiders–at least some of them–so that people “without government experience” know how to mollify the media, get the march on everyone else and have a good excuse for doing something that in the real would need no justification.


  11. FU Bob…You did enough to politicize the Boy Scouts of America. We don’t want you at the FBI.


  12. Chris Geddes says:

    No to Kallstrom . He lied like a rug for the Clinton administration about TWA Flight 800 . He has been desperately trying to salve his conscience lately , but if he will not come clean now , he will never be trustworthy .


  13. Bubba says:

    There’s a reason that Gates was placed into a key position the Bush & Obama admin’s. ANYONE trusted to an important post for the Uniparty, Bushes, Clintons, or Obama is NOT someone that can be trusted in a Trump admin. Period.


  14. Bubba says:

    and that includes Trey Gowdy (I know he took himself out of the running today, thankfully) & Mike Rogers.


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