President Trump Weekly Address – May 12th 2017

[Transcript] My fellow Americans,

Confidence in the American economy has reached levels not seen in many, many years. Unemployment fell to its lowest level in nearly ten years last month, and we created 211,000 new jobs.

Our economic progress is especially good news for the millions of young Americans who, at this time of the year, are putting on a cap and gown and receiving a diploma, certificate, or commission. So important, and we are so proud of them.

This weekend, I am delighted to be participating first hand in the excitement by joining the students and faculty at Liberty University to celebrate the success of their graduates. I was invited to make the commencement address at West Point, but I will be away at the G7 – and I look forward to that – and will be at West Point, Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy.

Come to think about it, a few days later, I will actually travel to New London, Connecticut, to speak to the graduating cadets of the United States Coast Guard Academy about their new roles serving our country. So we’ll be with them very shortly.

To young Americans at both schools, I will be bringing a message of hope and optimism about our nation’s bright future. That is a message that I want to extend to all young Americans today, especially those who are graduating this year and entering the labor force.

We are also celebrating all of the Americans who learn the skills and trades that generations of workers have used to build, shape, and supply this nation.  The people who construct, repair, and create with their own two hands are the people who make this nation run. And lots of those people voted for me.  That’s also why, in my Administration, I am so deeply committed to technical and vocational education.

I want you to know that my administration is working every single day to create new opportunities and to reverse years of stagnant growth, falling wages, and disappearing jobs. We are ending the sellout of American workers—and lifting the burdens on American industry, manufacturing, and businesses.

We are rolling back the job-killing regulations that make it harder for companies to grow and hire in America.  At the same time, we are unleashing American energy development to create thousands of new jobs on our soil and just off our shores.

On trade, we have also taken historic action to protect American industry and bring back the kinds of high-paying jobs that can support a middle class family – and in fact, most families.

As a vote of confidence in these policies, business optimism is soaring and employment is rising.  These are great signs for America’s future – the future that our new graduates will play with such a critical role in shaping our world and our country.

I want every young citizen – regardless of education or geography – to be able to live out their American Dreams.

So to all of America’s graduates, congratulations.  And to all of America’s youth: we are here to help create the jobs and future you deserve.

The brightest days are ahead of you. And I just look forward to seeing you at the Coast Guard Academy, and at Liberty University.

Thank you. God Bless You. And God Bless America.

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25 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – May 12th 2017

  1. cav16 says:

    God Bless and guide you Mr. President! Keep up the good work! Drain the swamp!!

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  2. Bruce Fauth says:

    So inspiring.

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  3. India Maria says:

    I was taught as a child that POTUS was the National Cheerleader. The Bully Pulpit. Man did The President sound pumped !!

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  4. adoubledot says:

    “We are ending the sellout of American workers” – (Snoopy dance!)

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  5. “We are ending the sellout of American workers”

    First time I’ve heard “sellout”.

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    • NewNonna!! says:

      And P45 chooses his words with care and intent, right Black Knight?!

      He sees more than we think he does, and I bet more than we want to imagine.

      God bless you, Mr President. Keep up the good work. And thank you for doing all you are to MAGA!


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      • eagledriver50 says:

        You don’t know how much your reply and BlackKnightRides sound so very much the TRUTH…I believe, as I have always said, PDJT KNOWS ALL OF THE SKELETONS ARE and they will be exposed shortly. He wants to gain as much political capital now so that he wins all of the coming skirmishes and put the DEMS and RINOS in the dirt…and DRAIN THE SWAMP…He holds the cards now…

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      • Minnie says:

        Amen 🙏

        100% agree Nonna, he knows more than all of us and that is why I trust and support him!!

        MAGA 🇺🇸🚂🇺🇸

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  6. Mike diamond says:

    Trump is right on,I never herd Obama say he was proud of workers or our country,or our students,all he did was.brag about Iran and put a man in the women’s restroom!

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  7. emet says:

    211,000 nes jobs. Magic wand is in overdrive

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  8. Wayne Robinson says:

    From the first when I herd President Trump speak, I had a very real experience and I told my wife” this man will be president and will go down in history head and shoulders with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. I am still very confident this is true. I’m very blest of God to be allowed to witness what is transpiring in our country . I’m actually very positive about the hope and change . I have been very discouraged from 1976 onwards up til now . I think it noteworthy our centennial was celebrated under Jimmy Carter a progressive socialist and up until we got our first black president , the worst President on record until now . We have a new , worst president and it is noteworthy another progressive socialist. I think there is more than a coincidence here.

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  9. fleporeblog says:

    Our President will make the future bright for our current graduates and our future graduates. It is his mission to have this country both domestically and internationally affairs all taken care of by the time he is done on January 12, 2025. That is why he has stalwarts that are about his age or older in so many key positions. TREX (foreign affairs), Mad Dog Mattis (foreign affairs), AG Sessions (domestic affairs), Wilburine Ross (domestic affairs), Steve Bannon (domestic and foreign affairs) and Sony Perdue (domestic affairs). All these men carry the attitude of “Now or Never”!

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  10. Howie says:

    The Weekly News. All I need.

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  11. Minnie says:

    Sharing this with my boys, as well 👍



  12. fangdog says:

    President Trump has captured the distinguishing difference between winners and losers. This is not for us to decide “whom”, but for us to decide “me”. You cannot be a Trumper and at the same time
    be a loser.

    Those who are not Trumpers, self describe themselves; consciously or subconsciously losers. It does not mean they cannot live “normal” lives, but a life without the joy and fulfillment every free patriotic American’s life is meant to be. Trump is just the reminding messenger and facilitator for what we already know we are of ourselves.

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  13. Southern Son says:

    Happy Days, are Here Again!
    We’ll Make America Great Again!!

    The Contrast of the past Resident,
    should be So clear, I don’t believe that everyone that was never trump before,
    can’t see it.
    It’s because they Know that he will be Successfull, and the Communist Dream of Destroying America, and remolding it into their uToPiA, will all but Disappear.

    Press ON! President Trump!!

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  14. R-C says:

    I am gladdened by this president’s frequent homage to those who work in ‘the trades’–“The people who construct, repair, and create with their own two hands are the people who make this nation run.”

    For decades, far too many people have disparaged those who earn a living with their hands and the sweat off their brow. There was no dignity attached to the labor of a trades person; this was considered ‘low’ work; those who chose to enter the trades were deemed ‘unable to make it anywhere else’. (And yet, the so-called ‘intellectuals’ who did this deeming relied upon the ‘low’ workers for virtually everything from clogged pipes to oil changes to building additions onto their opulent homes. And, they were so ‘brilliant’ that they never saw the irony.)

    The Left and the so-called ‘intelligentsia’ have conducted a long, coordinated campaign to ‘brainwash’ the youth of our nation into one singular path: ‘pursuit of a college degree’. Young people who possessed the drive and desire to pursue a trade have been brow-beaten into attaining an expensive (and ultimately worthless) 4-year degree at a liberal arts college. Those young people find themselves in massive debt, with no skills, faced with the dawning realization that nobody has a job available to fit their narrowly-focused and specious degree. (“Why is my waiter an MBA?”)

    But, while the hapless graduate emerges from college ill-equipped to actually DO anything of value, it’s for certain that the FOR-PROFIT ‘institution of higher learning’ isn’t suffering as a result. They’ve made their coin, and in the end ‘caveat emptor’ kicks in–let the buyer beware. If the student is silly enough to pay all that money for a ‘Gender Studies’ degree, they deserve their fate.

    I was an Army recruiter for 3 (long) years, I saw it every single day. The kids who spent every waking moment outside of school with a wrench in their hands–and whose hands were continually blackened with oil and grease–were pushed into a 4-year liberal arts college. I saw them literally forced into this choice. I heard them tell me “I dunno” when I asked them “What do you want to study?” and “Who’s going to pay for it?” and “What sort of job do you think you’ll get with your ‘Basket-Weaving’ degree?” All they knew is that their ‘betters’–parents; teachers; coaches; guidance counselors–were hammering them to ‘go to college’, and off they’d go. (I’m not saying that they needed to go into the military, but FOR SURE a 4-year liberal arts degree program was a very poor fit. Not that anybody cared–‘the Conventional Wisdom’ had told them that the kids would be ‘useless’ without a 4-year degree.)

    All these kids wanted to do was work on cars, or motorcycles, or whatever, but off they’d go to earn their “General Studies” BA instead. I saw many fail out and return home, now stigmatized for having ‘failed’. (But who ‘failed’ whom in that scenario?)

    And so it has gone, for decades. The kid who starts out life with a massive college debt and no prospects for a career outside ‘pizza delivery man’ COULD instead have followed their passions and found themselves immediately employable with a technical skill that earns a decent, honorable living. We have shortchanged a generation of youth with this “Go To College” baloney. Ask a good welder what he/she earns per hour and bounce that off the salary made by your average ‘barista’ with a BA in Art History. (And prepare to be shocked.)

    There have been a few ‘celebrities’ in recent history who have touted the value and dignity of work in ‘the trades’. Mike Rowe and Jesse James have both been very outspoken in their understanding of the situation, and they speak very eloquently on the subject.

    And now, President Trump–a man who has amassed an empire worth billions of dollars by knowing good and well who does the work that matters in our country, and how that work gets done. Private Citizen Trump was legendary in his respect and admiration for those who ‘get the job done’.

    In my opinion, it is entirely possible that one of the very best gifts President Trump can bestow on our nation is a ‘booster shot’ in the trades. He’s engineering the rebound of a booming economy, and now he is working to ensure that American youth are primed and ready to take up the millions of jobs that will power that recovery.

    Leadership, in action. I love it. And I love our president.

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    • whatfreshnell says:

      What a beautiful essay. I have saved it, and, with your kind permission, will share it with my seniors. Thank you for writing it.

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    • Aqua says:

      This is a beautiful post. I hope every person who drives a truck, fixes an engine, pours cement or works on a farm remembers how important their work is, and stops by career day at their local schools. Too many are unaware of the types of training that could lead to real jobs.

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    • KBR says:

      During the 70’s-80’s:
      It was the start of the era of “must have degree” for every promotion and every salary increase. And it rarely mattered what kind of degree: any old major would do.

      Many highly skilled and intelligent tradespeople and others who had worked with dedication for years and knew both the trade, the operations, the people and the business/financial aspects of their jobs were forced to attempt to on-the-job-train a fresh wet-behind the ears college-grad so he could become their supervisor for higher pay even as they were “being trained” for a month on skills that took years to master. Or worse, accept as a supervisor an untrained college grad who knew nothing, got no training at all about the actual work being done, who did nothing but strut and bully, and claim all credit for the actual work which he could not do, did not comprehend, and looked down upon.

      They saw these do-nothing, know-nothing-pertinent-to-the-job, smug young supervisors advance into “management” positions with better hours, no shift work and higher pay. And then another newly-degreed-in-nothing-applicable-to-the-job wet-behind-the-ears kid would be brought in for “pretend-training” as smug-supervisor at higher pay knowing nothing other than “I have a sheepskin, so I am entitled, and you are ‘unskilled labor’ because you have no sheepskin.”

      These are the people that held those factories together and essentially managed themselves, worked out among themselves how to keep it all together without a good knowledgeable supervisor to co-ordinate the work. All the while struggling at home to make ends meet and feed their families.

      This was a time prior to computer degrees, when “going back to college” meant giving up your day job and heading off to a campus setting for the whole day. There was no option for a family man.

      And these highly-skilled intelligent tradesmen often were the parents who encouraged their own kids to go for that degree. Who can blame them?

      What happened was bad: but those parents are not to be blamed.

      Now? Too many college degrees out there. Too little skill.


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