Media Runs Straight Past Loonyville En Route to Batsh!t Crazy Land…

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is VERY REAL.

Joe Concha points out some of the more mild MSM moonbattery… however, they’ve gone straight past that level and directly into Batsh!t Crazy land.

Almost every broadcast network and print media has pushed ridiculous stories only to have them completely debunked and called nonsense within a few hours of their publication.  WaPo: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein threatened to quit. – Um, no he didn’t.  NY Times: Director James Comey asked for more funds. – Um, no he didn’t.

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423 Responses to Media Runs Straight Past Loonyville En Route to Batsh!t Crazy Land…

  1. Jam says:

    The problem is a lot of people cannot or will not think for themselves. The establishment on both sides are corrupt. This includes the MSM. It doesnt take long to be able to debunk these morons. If you are on twitter you can troll the heck out of them to the point they block you. Now think of that. People so blinded by partisanship which was created to try and control the masses that they refuse to think for themselves. Look at the GOP candidates that were running for President. Look how many considered supporting Hillary Clinton and how many became never Trumpers. That says it all. Most candidates on the GOP side would have been almost almost the same as Hillary Clinton with the exception of maybe abortion or gun control. Meaning they were not as extreme as Clinton on those but open borders check, amnesty check, increase h1b visas check, tpp check, net neutrality check, keeping obamacare check, expanding surveillance check, going after Russia check. With the exception of Rand Paul and Trump the GOP candidates would have done all those listed. So essentially being just like Clinton. That is the problem. So is there a real difference between R and D by their name? Look at terrorist photo op McCain. Wants a private counsel on the Russian conspiracy theory why because he is an establishment traitor to the people. He has an R by his name to. People need to quit judging by R and D by their names and look at what they do and have done. The media always points oh look McCain wants a private counsel so do some other repubs. Who cares McCain doesnt speak for the people he speaks for his special interests along with the rest of them. The media is essentially done. They parade sell out after sell out of this country on the air as if they have credibilty. They are now writing Fiction at record pace and trying to erase history at the same time. They are a joke. If you can and choose to think for yourself you will not be duped by the media. It really is that easy. Either you are a partisan hack blinded by rage and hatred drummed up by the media with fake news stories from fake sources. Or you are a patriot out for truth and justice regardless of the letter next to the corrupt politicians name.

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  2. Mike diamond says:

    The Democrats are nuts,they never know what they want ! They are still crying that Hillary lost so they yell comey,Russia,a baby bottle they don’t know what they want they will never be happy! Chuck the shummer did nothing when obama turned his back on Israel !!!and he is Jewish,so they are fake,in there crying and their little fits of rage!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Jim says:

    IMHO. President Trump is leaking disinformation to the LSM just to make them look stupid. (as if they needed help)

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