BREAKING: Cornered by Police Facebook Killer Commits Suicide in Pennsylvania…

According to Pennsylvania State Police, Cleveland Facebook killer Steve Stevens has killed himself after being located by police.  (Source Link)  Approximately 11:46am ET


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117 Responses to BREAKING: Cornered by Police Facebook Killer Commits Suicide in Pennsylvania…

  1. Steve Stevens. Really? It is always so convenient when these “lone gunmen” kill themselves. I think there is more to this than meets the eye. Hope it comes out.


    • Who cares, the low life, chicken s**t sob is dead. That is the best outcome. Such a chicken that he had to go up to a senior citizen as if to ask a question so he could shoot the unsuspecting & unarmed senior who he didn’t even know.


    • mike says:

      He knew he had been bad and that the party was over. He wanted to avoid the interviews and real time. Better for almost everyone.


  2. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    Ah, the guy they ID’d as having “dark white skin.”

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  3. myrightpenguin says:

    While there is “controversy” over the death penalty right now (Arkansas, etc.), this is a good case to bear in mind (even though he did it himself).

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  4. lisaginnz says:

    Good. One less bad apple in society and not draining tax payer dollars in jail. #Winning

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  5. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    So relieved. that was scary. I have a lot of family in Eastern Ohio.


  6. ruralnc6 says:

    I believe in our President Trump as he’s made the mental health and drug addiction issues in our country a top priority. Things will get better, paths for healing both issues will not have the roadblocks of the past/immediate present with our leader. For example, my best friend’s 26-yr.-old daughter is a heroin/other drugs’ addict. When my friend went to court to petition for help to send her daughter to rehab, the judge said the daughter is an adult and nothing can be done since “she’s no danger” to herself, not suicidal. The daughter’s life is ruined, her daughter being raised by my friend.

    I have all faith that our President will remedy these issues. Although this killer seems to have instantly “gone off” when his girlfriend broke up with him, there must have been some previous signs that he was unstable. I believe we’ve been blocked because of “political correctness/fear of law suits, fear to report problems,etc.” if we try to help loved ones. Who do we turn to if we feel a loved one has gone “mental?” If we plead with the court to help a drug addicted relative and get no help, what do we do next? My answer is we wait…President Trump will help…very soon.


    • While I am sympathetic to your friend, why do you believe a president will solve issues that are rooted in society at large, the culture, and the elimination of Judeo-Christian values from every public and private institution?

      Trump is not the Messiah. Jesus Christ is. If we want better people, we had better BE better people and know evil when we see it. We must also teach our children to discern by setting an example in our own lives. Do Americans believe that they can engage in “experimentation” (i.e., sin) with abandon, and that will have no effect on the young?


  7. Sharon says:



  8. litlbit2 says:

    Great outcome, the taxpayers 1.


  9. jello333 says:

    Oh, he killed himself? That makes me sad…

    …. that Robert Godwin’s family didn’t get a crack at him first.


  10. I am revolted by this:

    “The killer’s mother, Maggie Green, said he stopped by her home to say goodbye on the Saturday before the slaying.

    “Steve was a good Christian person,” she told Fox News. “He just snapped … he had a gambling problem. He was a gambler, (that’s what) started all of this.” ‘

    Uh, you may be raising a monster if you’re name is Maggie Green! No SS for you Maggie!


  11. B to the Ryzzo says:

    why didn’t he FB live it? F*ckin coward


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