President Trump Weekly Address – Easter Weekend

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27 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – Easter Weekend

  1. Trumpinalong says:

    Muslims can worship “according to their conscience”?
    President Trump, that is EXACTLY what they are doing whenever they slaughter the infidel.
    Remember: muslims are taught there are TWO HOUSES….dar al islam and dar al harb.
    Dar al islam is HOUSE OF ISLAM. Dar al harb is HOUSE OF WAR. ALL muslims believe we are the HOUSE OF WAR.

    Why would we allow people in our country to worship like that?

    Remember this:
    Islam is a public order issue. Propagating islamic doctrine in a free society is contrary to civil and criminal law.

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  2. God Bless you, Mr President.

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  3. whoseyore says:

    This was probably my favorite Weekly Address ever. God bless the President of the United States, his family, his cabinet, his cabinet’s family and God Bless the United States of America!

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  4. deanbrh says:

    Pray! Pray! Pray! We are sooooooo lucky to have this man put his life on the line for US!

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  5. Steve in Titusville FL says:

    (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement in response to today’s announcement by the Trump White House about its decision to keep secret the names of White House visitors:

    “Judicial Watch is disappointed with the Trump White House decision to keep secret the names of White House visitors. Unfortunately, this move is perfectly in line with the policy of the Obama White House to prevent these visitors logs from being processed and released under the Freedom of Information Act. President Trump should simply allow the Secret Service to apply FOIA to its White House visitor logs. The Secret Service can protect the personal privacy of some visitors while upholding the rule of law. This new secrecy policy undermines the rule of law and suggests this White House doesn’t want to be accountable to the American people.”

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  6. Mary Brata says:

    God bless you and your family President Trump! We are so very blessed that it is you leading this great country. You are a true patriot. Have a blessed Easter.

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  7. CO Gal. says:

    I loved PTrump putting faith and hope into the holidays. Happy Easter/Passover everyone.

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  8. free73735 says:

    Thank you Mr President! I appreciate your confidence and strength that is revealed as you speak. Have a “Blessed Easter with your family & friends….

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  9. dalethorn says:

    There is no freedom outside of the Promised Land. A people in exile are not free. Under globalism, our people would be exiles in our own land. We must terminate globalism (Satanism) and have the courage to seize the freedom to live and worship as we learned from the Bible, all throughout history. The miracle of Israel should be our example, to apply here in our own Promised Land. God does not want us to practice the artificial “tolerance” of the atheist Left, he wants us to love others, and to convert them. Let us have the courage to lead the way.


  10. R.Page says:

    Mr. President I appreciated your message of faith, hope and charity.
    Well said! Have a happy, blessed Easter and God bless you.


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