Trump Military Drops 10 Ton Bomb on Eastern Afghanistan ISIS Caves…

Today the U.S. Military carried out a precision-guided pin-prick bomb drop in Eastern Afghanistan carefully avoiding collateral damage…. LOL, JUST KIDDING..

…Trump just bombed the shit out of ISIS!

For the first time in combat, the U.S. Military dropped a 21,000 lb MOAB (Mother of All Bombs).  The official name of the weapon is the Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb, and it has never been used before in combat. It was tested by the U.S. in 2003.

The caves and tunnels in the Afghanistan province of Nangarhar have been particularly dangerous as ISIS fighters use them to nest their activity and launch attacks.  The 30 foot long, 10-ton MOAB detonates in the air and creates a concussive shock wave that blasts the ground and travels through the caves.

General John Nicholson (Right) who authorized MOAB drop, with General Joe Votel, Commander of CENTCOM

(UK Ind) […]  Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said the bomb was dropped on a cave complex believed to be used by fighters affiliated to Isis in the Achin district of Nangarhar, close to the border with Pakistan.

The Pentagon said the mission had been in the planning stages for months. However, they “did not have the information” on whether the mission was being planned during the previous Obama administration. (read more)

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948 Responses to Trump Military Drops 10 Ton Bomb on Eastern Afghanistan ISIS Caves…

  1. rumpole2 says:

    Ah… I see Obama’s problem… he used the wrong sized bombs! 😜

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  2. Kaco says:

    My twelve year old came running in after school today, “Mom! Guess what? We did it!” I asked, “What?” “Remember how Trump said he would bomb the crap out of ISIS? (He’s seen the video before- Thug Life) HE DID!”

    Hopefully this leaves a mark on the JV Team.

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  3. Bonitabaycane says:

    A bombastic promise made, a bombastic promise kept! 🙂 Speaking a language that ISIS and North Koreans clearly understand. I love it. Thank you Mr. President for another day of winning!!

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  4. David says:

    ISIS threatened Israel in a video below in Hebrew and see the IDF answer in the same video

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  5. Gil says:

    Use whatever works…

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  6. by jrreiner
    Brought to you by the_donald kids

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  7. MrE says:

    Spot the difference?

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  8. jackphatz says:

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  9. sunflower lady says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments, so I apologize in advance if this has already been said.

    When I hear about MOAB being dropped, I think of the Biblical nation of moab. They worshiped the blood thirsty god, chemosh, who demanded human sacrifice, among other evil practices. chemosh and baal are quite similar. I have heard baal compared to allah. I don’t know if they are similar or not, but it makes the name MOAB a bit more ironic, doesn’t it?

    Keep up the good work Mr. President.

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      Wow! I have read them and no, didn’t see this.Great post! Perhaps they named it with a double meaning in mind. Otherwise… it’s biblical.

      When Israel settled in the new land, the tribes of Reuben and Gad conquered parts of the country of the Amorites that had formerly belonged to Moab. There was constant fighting between Israel and Moab. Saul and David both fought there, and Ehud, one of the Judges, subdued Moab for 80 years (Judges 3:26-30).

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    • whoseyore says:

      My motto – there are no coincidences! God is on the throne and in control!
      Thanks for sharing!

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    • Octavian says:

      Allah is more closely related to the moon god Sin of Babylon. Baal was a god of the assyrians associated with fertility, but kind of a general god. Baal actually translates to “lord” which is to say that baal was the direct opposite of YHWH.

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      • sunflower lady says:

        sin of babylon eh? Well, well. Sounds about right. I think isis is the name of an Egyptian goddess. Thanks for the info. I have something new to research.


        • Octavian says:

          Isis was part of a quartet of gods. There was Osiris, Isis, Horus, and Set.
          Set killed his brother Osiris, and chopped his body into pieces, scattering them. Isis, the wife of Osiris set about to find the pieces and put Osiris back together. She found everything except the piece that made him a man, so she replaced that part with an obelisk. She then got pregnant somehow and Horus (sun god Ra) was born. Isis claimed that Horus was conceived immaculately by the ghost of Osiris. This created a mirror image of the heavenly trinity, one of Satan’s many counterfeits in the history of religion on this earth. What is really amazing is that Isis was called “the mother of god” and was venerated much like Mary is today. This is one of the reasons why Mary is so popular in the middle east.


  10. BT in SC says:

    “The Pentagon said this had been planned for many months… but did not know if the prior administration had planned for this.” [Not an exact quote, but close.]

    Ooooh ooooh!! Pick me! Pick me!! I know the answer to this one!!

    The prior administration had NOTHING to do with this!! Not only did the prior administration not have the brass ones, but it hog-tied OUR guys from being able to eliminate “threats.” And, there’s not a chance in Hades that the prior administration’s leader would have harmed his muslime brethren.

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    • Howie says:

      The Obama Marshmellow Cluster munition.

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      • BT in SC says:

        What an awesome insult! “o’zero ‘Marshmellow Cluster munition.'” So absolutely fitting, though. Our poor guys, not allowed to do what they were “trained” to do. But, instead, to pass out lollipops and read the enemy bedtime stories – in arabic, no less – everything but “The Three Little Pigs.”


      • Mary kate conly says:

        Dropped by the Howdie Doodie army


    • hippielouie says:

      didn’t OBP give them 90 days to come up w an isis plan??


    • Mscynlynn says:

      Contingency war plans are written all the time by the Combatant Commands. There are many of them with “what if” operations. When the time comes they are tweaked and used.
      I do wonder how long ago he gave the thumbs up for this operation. The logistics didn’t happen overnight.

      The Navy fired off some Tomahawk missiles….The Air Force said, “hold my beer…”

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      • Aqua says:

        So many good comments.
        But I LOVE This- Air Force:Hold my beer.

        Thank you, Treeper. And may God bless all our servicemen and women (and families) for their devoted service to our nation.

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    • Buzzybee says:



  11. PowerCord says:

    MOAB. Must. Order. Another. Bomb.

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    Sabo has previously featured images of Trump in his street art. In November, just after Trump’s victory in the presidential election, the street artist peppered Los Angeles-area bus benches with fake advertisements for Sotheby’s real estate sales, in a campaign lampooning numerous celebrities’ pledges to move out of the country if Trump were elected.

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  13. Sedanka says:

    Has Cernovich taken credit for this yet?

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  14. Howie says:

    Wonder how many MOABS a B-52 can carry? Also B-2. Maybe 4 for a 52 and 1 for a 2.

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  15. Just Scott says:

    It’s 7AM in NK. lil kimmy is probably just waking up, still in his jammies, having a jelly donut with coffee, while reading the morning news.

    Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

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  16. penny munday says:

    Two miles of destruction. Finally.

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  17. Meanwhile, ABC ‘News’ presents, Hamid Karzai, as if he is still president of Afghanistan… Guess the Narrative must be served…

    They noticeably didn’t highlight anyone, currently in charge of Afghanistan about their thoughts regarding this action.

    Me. I can get behind blowing up ISIS fighters, with both big and little bombs.

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  18. blognificentbee says:

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  19. whuptdue says:

    English speaking video report on MOAB after-effect

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  20. czarowniczy says:

    Gotta think about those personnel who transported that thing from the US to where it was armed and loaded on the Herc.
    I’m imagining that at each step there was a pucker-factor ramp-up as the folks took possession and an ‘Oh @@@@, glad THAT’S over’ drawdown. I’m thinking of the crew on the plane with that hunker strapped to the pallet system on the plane’s dual-rail system. I can imagine the creeeeeaking of the chains and straps, groaning of the pallet on the rails as the plane takes off. A good pilot’s going to keep that plane as level as possible but that bomb’s still gonna move a bit. That flight’s gonna be a bit longer than normal as I’m sure they’ll route it around populated areas ‘just in case’…and then we have the fun of inflight refueling.
    Next imagine the crew AND the entire US base on the ground when that plane lands…if that puppy went off on a runway there wouldn’t be much of that base left.
    As hard a time as I give the Air Force (“Wars Fought From 9 to 5”) this is one I’m betting they all sweated out until that thing went ‘BOOM’.

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  21. jello333 says:

    If the target was indeed what’s being reported…. it’s PERFECT, especially for the first (and maybe only) use of this unique weapon. This is what the history books will note, that the target was: A tunnel and cave complex used/occupied by ISIS, which had proven nearly impossible to destroy by conventional means. Dropped on some of the sickest evil this world has ever seen… by one of the most amazing leaders this world has ever seen. PERFECT.

    Why am I not surprised?

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  22. rumpole2 says:

    Q: What do you call dropping a 21,000 lb MOAB bomb on a nest of Radical Islamic Savages?

    A: A good start

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  23. Joe Knuckles says:

    If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, what is a 21,000 lb bomb worth? Is it prevention, cure or both?

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    • rumpole2 says:

      MOABs are as cheap as chips… only $16 million… about the cost of 10x Tomahawks… and those bombs are a bit “gay”, don’t do a lot of damage.

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      • Mary kate conly says:

        Rumpole we love your Brit-speak! Reminds me of Nigel! Cheap as chips! Speak to us about hiding that MOAB in the boot of a car, and shielding one’s self with a bumper-shooter! I’m laughing so hard I have to visit the loo! Not really, I’m just “taking the piss”.

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  24. Bunch Nay-Sayers,,Here in the TreeHouse..
    I say…
    Praise the LORD & PASS the F-IN AMMO!
    Kill them ALL.. Let’s RIDE..
    Go Trump..

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  25. LibertyVibe says:

    Dangit you guys! I am in a public coffee house right now, and I am trying to contain my untrollable laughter. Tears! I have tears! Love the headline.

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  26. COLibertyBelle says:

    I’m callin’ it the John Deere bomb…green and yellow and tough enough to get the job done!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeehaaaaaw!

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  27. Bob says:

    Seems odd that for 500 billion a year the biggest bomb we can come up with is 30 feet? Laughable really. The price tag is even more laughable at 15 million a copy for what is essentially a tanker truck filled with explosives. Timothy McVee spent about 2,000 on his bomb and did far more damage. Isn’t about time we got real instead of playing kids video games? Let’s round up 4 or 5 million men drop them in Syria and where ever else and tell them to kill every man, woman and child. Take about two weeks. When it is done divide the land up between the soldiers who can stay or sell it to any other US person.


  28. SharonKinDC says:

    Stiffen up, Ciallis.


  29. Lumina says:

    What’s wrong this this current top of page Daily Mail headline? Hmm done in anger, I don’t think so…
    “ISIS hammered as US drops biggest non-nuclear weapon ever: 21,000lb bomb is used in anger for the first time to obliterate jihadists’ caves in Afghanistan “

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  30. jupitercomm says:

    Truly the reincarnation of Richard Nixon & the eternal recurrence of the Dionysos – god of tragedy, infant son of Zeus who mounted his throne & hurled lightning bolts at unsuspecting mortals

    NB These are compliments, in my book, 2 of the highest compliments I can pay. Nixon was no war hawk (neither am I) but he was willing to make unthinkable moves in war to achieve peace.

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  31. sundance says:

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  32. justfactsplz says:

    Thank you, President Trump for keeping your campaign promise of going after Islamic Extremist Terrorism in such a big way. Your strength and conviction shows our enemies America Strong once again. You don’t mess with ‘merica under your watch, sir.

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  33. James says:

    DEBKAfile (not a pro Russian site by any means) reports that Russia has in their arsenal a bigger bomb than the MOAB. The Aviation AVBPM – a vacuum high power bomb – dubbed the Father of All Bombs. It has an output equivalent of 11 tons of TNT.


  34. Charlotte says:

    How the MOAB kills people: Vaporized bodies, crushed internal organs and suffocated to death… while anyone who survives is left psychologically scarred for life

    I say good because what ISIS does is worse


  35. Charlotte says:

    Remember this–now more appropriate than ever

    Weird Al Yankovic-run Mr Taliban

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  36. bitterlyclinging says:

    Mike Ramirez comments on the MOAB as only Mike Ramirez can: “What did we just blow up?”


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