Sean Spicer White House Press Conference – April 3rd (Approx 2:30pm ET)

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer conducts a White House Press Conference from the Brady Room Monday March 3rd:

UPDATE: Video Added:

White House Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream (<-current live hot mic)

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176 Responses to Sean Spicer White House Press Conference – April 3rd (Approx 2:30pm ET)

  1. SeekerOfTruth says:

    For those who do not like to or often do not have the time to watch a full video of the Spicer press briefing, the full text of them are usually posted in the whitehouse site news blog

    go to the WH news blog to get the news listing and look for the recent press show.

    One advantage of using a text listing is you can do quick text searches (CTRL-F) to find things.

    this is Friday listing example.
    Daily Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer — #33

    Reading the Spicer text, you can search in browser window (ctrl-F) and do word searches like for Russia and found 24 of them in Friday text and quickly scroll through them.

    Today when posted I will again quickly scan and then text search. I prefer to not watch idiots on parade. But for some it is the best soap opera TV available and like it.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Seeker of Truth,
      You are simply awesome! Thank you!

      When I had a computer ctrl F was one of my favorite short cuts, especially writing papers in college. So happy it is still being used.

      Have a brilliant day!

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    • mcclainra says:

      Thanks for the link/tip, Seeker. I hate watching the videos too.

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    • QuestGirl says:

      I must admit, they are new to me and lovin’ every minute of ’em. Very impressed will Sec of Interior. Also, Sean has blossomed at that podium over these first 3 months. Kill ’em with language. They might need to download a dictionary or two to keep up!

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  2. Jim Smith says:

    If there is a pattern of Obama admin. members asking for all of the foreign “incidental” surveillance… um… just the calls with Trump associates.. that’s NOT incidental.

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  3. andi lee says:

    Thank you, Director Zinke for restoring honor & integrity among our nation, and restoring respect of Americans everywhere, including our sacred battlefields. ❤

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  4. George Wallace says:

    Spicer didn’t say much about Rice and illegal surveillance because the DOJ is preparing indictments and criminal legal proceedings will follow.

    He would have been advised by the attorneys to keep his mouth shut (everyone in WH would have been advised the same) so as not to prejudice forthcoming legal proceedings.

    This is normal practice in these situations. I say this as an attorney.

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  5. Jim Smith says:

    The last question as Spicer was walking out was epic.. one of the presstitutes shouts “don’t ya like us no more?” LOL!

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  6. Marc says:

    Not a word from presstitutes on al-Sisi’s visit to the WH. All they got is Russia and Jared Kushner on the brain.

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    • JC says:

      A travesty, Marc. Historic meetings all week pertaining to the ME, and they’re pestering Sean with ridiculous questions about the costs of President Trump’s Florida visits. Never mind that he just donated his $78,333 first-quarter salary to the Nat Park Service, works nights and weekends and entertains dignitaries, foreign and domestic at his personal residences.

      The former WH Usurper travelled worldwide, stayed at the poshest accommodations constantly and golfed at every golf course possible, costing the taxpayer millions upon millions.

      The bias and intent to destroy by these alt-left media operatives is so blatantly transparent, it defies all intellectual reason. Keep talking, cultist back stabbers of patriotic Americans, keep talking. Knowledge of your foul behavior will eventually pierce even the dullest mind.

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  7. albrevin says:

    a palpable sense of panic is settling in on the left. People with Russian ties investigating to see if Trump has Russian ties. (maybe neck ties!)

    Comments I heard on radio this morning from a demo said something to the effect if you were talking to Russians about things other than the grandkids then you could be under surveillance and doing something wrong. That means they’ve got a tape of someone…. say Jared discussing a real estate venture with a Russian businessman….. AHA! SCANDAL! COLLUSION! If they’re putting out ridiculous scenarios like this, their goose is cooked.

    Shephard Smith sounded pathetic today trying to spin everything…. really sounded unhinged.

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    • Theoldbear says:

      Shep’s show is rated 10 out of 10 pink pu$$y hats 🎩

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    • Southern Son says:

      I hope a bunch of Them get Neckties.
      The one size fits all kind.
      It could happen.

      Shep’s Panties are always in a wad.

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    • ronheinzkaboot says:

      I usually don’t watch Fox but I listen to Fox on the radio sometimes. Shep’s delivery is excellent for the radio, but yeah since its become clear there w tooas no Russian hack, no evidence of collusion or any other wrong doing by Trump, Shep has become completely unhinged and even I can’t listen to him.

      But this speaks to the whole need for the Obama admin to disseminate the raw surveillance of Trump that had nothing to do with Russia. We are probably talking survelience that is just embarrassing to Trump or his supporters/team/family.
      Its was meant to galvanize the analyst, the beuacrats, that the illegal things they were doing during the election and afterwards was God’s work.
      That is sedition too. Unmasking, collecting “incidental” survelliance of Trump, supporters, and his family to embarrass and undermine the new administration. That is sedition too.

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  8. Gadge says:

    Can you imagine Sessions hands out indictments for the surveillance and the Media still does not cover it..

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  9. Howie says:

    Feeding the Hyenas.

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  10. aqua says:

    President Trump is traveling to his OWN home in Florida. When did the press give a rat’s a** about paying for planes flying Obama, Michelle, kids, mother-in-law, etc, everywhere on vacation, while still protecting their home in Chicago. Biden flew home more than once a week sometimes, and you never heard a squawk about that. Both Obama and Biden could afford to pay for theirs, and oh, yes, they took salaries, too.

    Hillary and Bill took salaries, graft, gov money, and foreign shakedowns, and you still don’t heard a peep about that.

    Do we have to start calling out the press one on one for these stupid questions (and the ones they don’t ask) one-on-one? Let’s start taking names.

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  11. Trump2020 says:

    Can you image the MSM giving coverage when Rice does a plea bargain for her freedom! Do ya think she will give them Obama?

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  12. gamecock123 says:

    Incidental my ASpirin.

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  13. Paco Loco says:

    They(the Obama Whitehouse cabal) counted on HIllary to win the Presidency. In their own minds they felt that they were above the law and could do what they wanted to do without consequence. This story is going to unravel quickly as soon as Rice is called before the Intelligence Committee to testify. She’all do a “rope-a-dope” and try and hang on to some flimsy story. The problem for her is that it was many unmaskings not just one or two and the survelliance may have been purely about domestic spying without having a foreign party involved. This will get real interesting when Gowdy asks her who asked you to unmask the calling parties.

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  14. Trump2020 says:

    Rice will plead the 5th right down the line, because not only is she guilty, but this will also allow here hide who told her to do it! She will be called up to a grand jury and that is where the damage will be done and then she will plea bargain and give up some high names in an attempt to stay out of jail. It’s really going to get interesting as each layer is peeled away eventually leading to Obama. I just hope they start pointing fingers at each other and that John McCain and any black hat Republican goes down too! Rice is the initial drain plug being pulled and now the thick scum of Washington can slowly drain! Thank you PDJT! Keep up the good work!

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  15. SeekerOfTruth says:

    Today’s presser already on WH site in text mode..

    General link to Spice briefings – posted shortly after completion: (save this link is you like to view the briefings in text mode)

    today April 3: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, 4/3/2017, #34

    Do not forget CTRL-F shortcut to do text searches.
    Rice = 3 hits
    Russia = 6 hits.
    Presser was shorter today probably because Egypt in town.

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  16. I would like to see President Trump’s image on Mount Rushmore. Remember Obama’s “in your face” agenda. Payback is a sun-of-a-gun. In honor of President Trump donating his salary to the Parks. 🙂


  17. Katherine McCoun says:

    The question about Teddy Roosevelt and NPS usage was just so stupid. Do they not realize that TR was all about conservation not preservation?

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  18. yakmaster2 says:

    Same old cow stoopid Press, but I love our new Secretary of Interior!

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  19. Opened my email to find this nugget: CNN Hires Reporter Who Feels ‘Under Attack’ by President Trump So April Ryan is now a CNN correspondent! Hah!


  20. LibertyVibe says:

    Eric Prince is being attacked, as an act of retaliation for going after the PEDOPHILES in Washington!

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