President Trump Meets With Medal Of Honor Recipients…

[TRANSCRIPT] 4:11 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. This is a great honor for me. These are very, very brave people standing behind me. And we’re here today to mark Medal of Honor Day, and it is my great privilege and high honor to welcome 25 Medal of Honor recipients to our White House. Very special honor, thank you all very much. (Applause.) I can say officially they are much braver than I am, okay? (Laughter.) Do you agree with that, General?

GENERAL MATTIS: I do, Mr. President. (Laughter.)

A MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT: That’s the right answer. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: It is the right answer.

One-third of the nation’s 75 living Medal of Honor recipients are with us. So it’s really — that’s a great tribute to all of us, a great tribute to our nation.

Each of you has risen above and beyond the call of duty in defense of our country, our people, and our flag. You have poured out your hearts, your sweat, and your tears like few others, and your blood — most importantly your blood for the United States of America. We thank you, very much thank you.

You are the soul of our nation, and a grateful republic salutes you. Constantly we’re saluting you. We have great admiration and respect, believe me. I know what you’ve been through.

We write your names and deeds in our national memory, and we will forever remember — forever, forever and ever — those who did not come home, but who died for the cause of freedom.

I want to thank the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation for preserving the incredible stories of our Medal of Honor heroes for future generations. Done a great job.

In this room hangs the portrait of our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his courage alongside his band of Rough Riders at the Battle of San Juan Hill. You know about the Rough Riders, right? Right? Absolutely. His medal, which is also displayed here, is a reminder of how blessed we truly are to live in the land of heroes. And you are our greatest heroes.

To all of those gathered here today, and to all of those warriors who could not be with us, we thank you. Your acts of valor inspire us — and they show us that there is always someone on the night watch to ensure a bright sun rises on America each and every morning.

God bless you. God bless our military and God bless the United States of America.

I want to just thank you very much for being here. It’s my great honor. (Applause.)

And as you know, we have David who is doing a great job at the VA. Already tremendous signs are happening, positive signs. And we have General Mattis who is doing a great job out there on the field, and you see a big difference. A lot of difference taking place over the last six weeks. So I want to thank General Mattis, too. And thank you all, and it’s great to have met you.

Oh, look at this.

A MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT: Mr. President, on behalf of the Medal of Honor Society, I’d like to present a book “Portraits of Valor,” which contains all the signatures of the men in the room here, plus about 200 Medal of Honor recipients.

THE PRESIDENT: That is very nice. That is very nice. (Applause.)

I know these folks would like to stand behind me when I do this, but I don’t want to put them in a political situation, so we’re going to talk a little politics. And I think it might be unfair to them, so I’ll ask them to — they’re going to go over to the Roosevelt Room, and we’ll see you a little bit later. We’re going to do — unless the press doesn’t want to talk politics? (Laughter.) No? Okay, well, they do. But I want to thank you all very much.

END 4:15 P.M. EDT

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34 Responses to President Trump Meets With Medal Of Honor Recipients…

  1. Ziiggii says:


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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      God Bless those old warriors! Let this article serve as a reminder that today’s House “healthcare reform” kabuki theatre was but a minor blip on the radar of current events. There are bigger fish to fry at this time. Drain the Swamp.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    Thank you to all these men!

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    • fleporeblog says:

      I really needed this video! He loves this country and he loves these men for all their sacrifices. To see him take a few seconds to speak with the gentleman in the wheelchair brought uncontrollable tears to my eyes. The man was touched by it.

      I hope our President can sleep well tonight given the day he had to deal with. I hope the announcement about Charters Communication and the honor of having and honoring these great men is what he takes away from today.

      I am so angry about the healthcare bill and how it played itself out earlier today. Our President deserves better!

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  3. emet says:

    Teddy Roosevelt did not get the MOH. Lobbied hard for the award, even though he knew he did not deserve it.


  4. Rickster says:

    What class. Not wanting to mix politics with their spotlight!

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  5. Willy says:

    These heroes have just lived through 8 years that have tried their souls. They now have a President who gives them true respect and honor.

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  6. Pam says:

    These patriots risked everything to fight for this country and it’s a beautiful day when they aren’t just awarded with a medal but more importantly the chance to meet a president that truly cares about them and appreciates them for their service and their sacrifice.

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  7. TrialByTruth says:

    Kinda puts things in perspective. The rest of the days activities pale in comparison to the simple act of a humble thank-you. To all those who have, do, and will serve. My heart felt thanks

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  8. Rurik says:

    The honor he pays these heroes cascades down upon all the rest of us who received lesser awards, or just the distinction of honorable service.

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  9. quintrillion says:

    American Heroes


  10. Aqua says:

    This is a tremendous tribute. Sharing it around….I would love to see every American give a few minutes of reflection on what these heroes have done in service to,our country.


  11. tony says:

    love this


  12. Ammo says:

    He was truly honored and humbled by their presence…….if we don’t do a better job of protecting him against the Hollywood elites that have threatened to kill him we could have a civilian that gets the award posthumously.


  13. Tom Perkins says:

    Honor is a big word.Trace the honor that people demonstrate by their actions.Those wthout honor reach for power and dominate the weak.The back room deals will come to roost for Rand Paul.His motives will see the light of day and when he is no use to the power magnets he will besad gone.The threat remains for our country and president.Our President will do what honor dictates.Watch as a thousand will fall at his left hand and ten thousand at his right but he will prevail.Deep breath,the game continues…..


  14. JLG 🇺🇸 says:

    American HEROES! Awesome meeting – and our President really needed it, I’m sure. He looked so very happy to be with those fine people. 🇺🇸

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  15. joanfoster says:

    Wasn’t the book the MOH recipients presented to the President authored by George W. Bush?


  16. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    List of living Medal of Honor recipients:

    “The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War and is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. The recipients must have distinguished themselves at the risk of their own life above and beyond the call of duty in action against an enemy of the United States.”

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  17. paper doll says:

    Great event, great photo!


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