Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – March 23rd 2017

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer delivers the White House press briefing for March 23rd 2017:

Update Video Added:

Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream #1 – Alternate Live Stream #2

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110 Responses to Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – March 23rd 2017

  1. suejeanne1 says:

    Devin Nunes has now announced his “regret” for going to the President first before briefing the intelligence committee – well, the cat is out of the bag, can’t un-ring that bell – will press quiz Spicer re Nunes briefing? Of course, the predecessor of Nunes now has a nice job at CNN – maybe that is supposed to be a move up but it is a disgrace IMHO – maybe the news media should be annoyed but they just seem to be unconcerned.

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    • Trumppin says:

      “Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier, a committee member, told CNN that Nunes had apologized ‘in a generic way.’ ”

      In other words.. it was a “sorry.. not sorry”

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      He’s folding under media pressure. They can’t all be as strong as President Trump, unfortunately.

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    • snaggletooths says:

      He went to President Trump with the information yesterday of course the left is upset now everyone knows the truth, throwing out a sorry to the deranged left does not bother me.

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      • suejeanne1 says:

        that sounds about right – good to go on here and get others’ impressions –

        that comment by Jackie Speier gave credence to the theory we should fight like hell, stand up for the truth and apologize only if we sneezed without a hanky!

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  2. ezpz says:

    What? No Russia “question” yet?

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  3. repsort says:

    Good, Nunes did the right thing.
    These so-called investigative hearings are a black hole for the truth and designed to protect the deep state.
    Can’t unring that bell now.

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  4. wyntre says:

    Question to Spicey:

    “Did Devin Nunes get his talking points from the WH?”

    Sean: Why would Nunes schedule a meeting with us to disclose information if we had given it to him? That doesn’t make sense.


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  5. wyntre says:

    On CNN reporting Collusion between Trump and Russia during election Sean responds:

    “I think there’s more evidence of CNN colluding with Clinton during the primaries (referring to Brazile giving her questions before the Bernie debate) than the President colluding with Russia.”

    “CNN has no sources and no proof.”

    On hos did Nunes end up at the Whitehouse, yesterday, Sean responds”

    “I assume it was by car.”

    He is on his game today.

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    • Nchadwick says:

      LMFAO too great – I am still laughing about the car …. OMG too great!

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    • Scott says:

      Heh. Good job Spicer

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    • CNN is currently going “Full Retard” over this. They are on Brooke Baldwin’s show spewing lots of garbage about Trump’s campaign associates colluding with the Russians to undermine Hillary’s campaign.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I’ll say it right here – PC has dumbed down our intelligence services just as badly as it dumbs down our media, and just as badly as it had dumbed down the general population in the United States.

        Russia was WAY AHEAD of us, because they knew that truth bombs (which they didn’t even have to drop) would allow them to take out Hillary. Just fan the flames of Truth and watch it melt the LyingPress.

        The idea that Russia would need to collude with anybody here is pretty laughable. In my opinion, Deep State IC buying into “Russia, Russia, Russia” is actually part of their face-saving measures, in terms of having bought into worthless shares of Hillary’s IC-destroying regimen. Deep State Democrat IC went Alinsky, and paid the price.

        Russia knows how an “owned” media works, and they know it better than anybody. They know all the weaknesses of a Deep State communized media, because they had one, and lived the path out of it. Radio Free Europe was a pain in their azz for years. All they had to do was play that back on us, using the internet. Easiest white hat operation on Earth. And WE LET THEM DO IT.

        We let Russia put on the white hat. Let that sink in.


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        • navysquid says:

          Wolfmoon…you know that is the LEADERSHIP and not the “worker bees” in the IC as we are as patriotic as always…we are just as frustrated as our reporting is constantly being changed and massaged to what leadership wants to see as I have posted in the past. It was specifically horrendous during P Obama’s reign.

          The reason why you are seeing leaks now favoring our direction is because the white hats were tired of seeing the “Deep State” continue to cut Pres Trump with a thousand cuts all the while R’s in Congress did NOTHING to protect and defend him. There are so many deep secrets involving Congress is the reason why so many including R’s are secretly wanting him to fail or at most be a one term Pres. THIS will not happen as those in the IC will make sure releases happen…watch the Montgomery rollout and Assange information.

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          • wyntre says:

            Thank you for your service!

            Carry on!

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            Thanks for the tips!

            Yes – I have always been under the impression that politicized leadership has been the problem, not the people who do the jobs – and that Obie-wan Hussein was a particular problem in that way. Hillary, too, via State and her debilitating influence on CIA leadership.

            In fact, the recent FBI success in nabbing the Jewish perpetrator of the community center calls (an opportunity for political suppression if there ever was one) tells me that the IC is definitely healthy in general at the lower levels. Still, there are clearly enough politicized actors that the upper-level black hats can function somewhat cohesively outside of Obama’s direct leadership. Hopefully, that will be cleaned up.

            Again, thanks for the tips!

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        • woohoowee says:

          The whole Russia narrative is so ludicrous it’s hard to fathom none of the principal players thought it through before proceeding. Did they really think Americans would buy this argument: “Team Trump told Putin to release our emails, therefore, Crooked lost”? Extrapolate that out to what is really being said: “Team Trump told Putin to release our emails and what is in them is so repulsive no one wanted to vote for Crooked.” Or “Trump colluded with Putin to brainwash stupid Americans to not vote for Crooked. Trump won so that proves how stupid Americans are.”

          All the sound and fury of MostlyStupidMedia (MSM) is for each other, because Joe and Jane American aren’t paying them any heed. Trump45 won the day he entered the race, he had us at “…build a wall…”. There was no stopping us from having our President Trump45 from that moment on. Reality is UniParty doesn’t have anyone who can beat him and they never did, never will, b/c Trump45 is us. MAGA!

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  6. Nchadwick says:

    BOOM — Spicer drops the mic

    There is probably more evidence that CNN colluded with the HRC campaign by providing debate questions… LMFAO

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    • Scott says:

      Trump knows quite a bit and Spicer is giving hints that the cat is out of the bag. He’s giving it back with sarcasm,.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Noticing that the Dems are “coming clean” on Donna Brazille, clearly to rehabilitate her, I also suspect that the Democrat-media collusion is way, way bigger than what we knew, and that they are (as a secondary goal) preparing their “old news, we already confessed” alibi. So yes – there is some cat out of the bag, and it ain’t no fluffy nice cat, either!

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  7. JoD says:

    Spicey is keepin’ it tight!…….Bravo!

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  8. It’s men like Spicer that make these press briefings so enjoyable. This is better than paying to go see a Hollywood action flick!

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  9. Trumppin says:

    noticing some seat swapping has happened today 🙂

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  10. Trumppin says:

    seems these “journalists” need a lesson on capitalism – what it is , what it isn’t and how it works

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  11. Press is now playing ” Pin the tail on the Donkey” with this piece of garbage Healthcare Compromise. Governmental takeover of the healthcare industry is a turd you can’t polish, no matter WHICH party tries to ram this piece of Socialism down our throats. What good does it do to remove the alligators from the swamp if you repopulate it with crocodiles? But anyone with any sense knew this would happen after Trump repeatedly crowed about “REPEAL AND Replace” instead of simply REPEAL REPEAL REPEAL

    This is just another case of SSDD in DC

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    • And I would like to add that the US Chamber of Commerce SUPPORTS the AHCA….

      Am I supposed to believe that now, somehow, the CoC gives an avian fornication about the average Joe’s healthcare? Yeah , right. And Elijah Cummings is going to become a Born-Again Republican because he Had A Dream last night.

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    • VVV says:

      Maybe I missed something, but why is President Trump supporting Obamacare Lite 2.0? I’m not trolling, I just don’t understand why he is so vocally backing “Ryan’s” plan.

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      • Kintbury says:

        A repeal can be done but not a replacement because they did not get enough seats in the Senate and will not get any Democrat support. Obama told them to support nothing.
        So now they no they do not have a supper majority to deal with they are going it this way. The Senate can change it and the Parliamentarian has told Mike Lee they can add a lot of things in it. The conservaties are nothing but a pain in the tail as they could always vote no on the final product. Actually I smell rats more than cats.

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      • not2worryluv says:

        I’m as confused as you on why President Trump even got involved with Paul #NeverTrump Ryan!

        As President Trump told us if you’re gonna think – think BIG!

        This is like letting the EX write the divorce settlement.

        I don’t trust Ryan! He wants to be POTUS!

        Sorry but on this one I wish President Trump would have taken the GOPe Elites by the horns and done it his way!

        Change the rules and #DraintheSwamp!

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      • I believe he was trying to keep his campaign promise but could not get the GOPe to keep out the various pork barrel type stuff that the CoC (among others) want. I’m certain that Ryan is behind this failure. He is a Snake.


        • not2worryluv says:

          Perhaps it wasn’t the Bill so much as the Conservative Freedom caucus hate for Paul Ryan.

          President Trump should have never ponied up with Ryan. Ryan is the head of the snake! Just my opinion – and I love our President.

          Sad day today!


      • Southern Son says:

        To get the Rats out front n center, for their comeuppance.
        I believe THIS!, is why PDJT has repeatedly said how much he Really likes Rand lately.
        Not a word about McTurtle…


  12. muffyroberts says:

    Hahaha! Did he take a skateboard or a car to the White House?

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  13. Spice nailed it when he pointed out that the press needs to. Become interested in the SUBSTANCE rather than the process surrounding Nunes’s revelation.

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  14. Nchadwick says:

    Thank you SEAN SPICER — FINALLY –

    Can’t wait to get the transcript – regarding the press having issues w/ the process, not the substance… he implores, he even begs, that they use their investigative skills…. omg…

    I’m sure that this went right over their heads .. but that was some real truth.

    BTW, Notice absence of April Ryan – must not be any race baiting issues happening today… bummer!

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  15. fleporeblog says:

    CNN is beyond an embarrassment at this point! Love the way Sean came prepared for the garbage from yesterday. He blew up the CNN person at the press conference.

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  16. Trumppin says:

    I’m really liking this Spicey.. he’s beginning to get in control his ring master role

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  17. NYGuy54 says:

    Spicer is a home run. I don’t think I could do what he does. Such incredibly stupid questions

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  18. Oldskool says:

    If all the faux outrage from the dems towards Nunes is supposed to be about the Klayman letter, according to the distribution list at the end of the letter they were all emailed a copy of it which probably landed in everybody’s inbox simultaneously. Instead of apologizing, why can’t Nunes point that out? Geez

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  19. rvsueandcrew says:

    Remember how unsure several treepers were after Mr. Spicer’s first pressers? Look at how well he’s doing now. Actually it took him very little time to hit his stride.

    Some folks wanted a more strident, pit bull type person for the role. It was a wise move, however, to choose someone as likeable and as intelligent as Mr. Spicer. He does his job without coming off as mean-spirited.

    Like we’ve heard said more than once and in different ways, President Trump sees the great potential in people and he places them where they can reach that potential.

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    • muffyroberts says:

      Yes, Spicer thinks quick, is a bit hyper, funny, and quite likeable. He is perfect for this job. I’ll bet he’s fun to hang out with after work.

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    • musicdoc2020 says:

      The left loves to deliver their agenda through denigration and mockery as evidenced by all the stupid late night shows like Colbert and all the others. To have someone on our side throw it back at them in spades is just a joy to watch.
      It’s also awesome that the Sean Spicer “show” is giving all the daytime soap operas and shows a run for their money:)

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  20. Beryl Bomb says:

    I had a dream that there was a WH press conference and one “journalist” stood at the front of the room with 50 Treepers and Deporables asking the questions.
    If we did this every day for 90 days the only “journalists” left would be real journalists. Birds would sing, flowers would blossom, and a new day would begin.

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  21. andi lee says:

    Heads up!

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  22. With a press like this who needs enemies ?

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  23. It will be most interesting to see who has better inside sources when/if the Ryancare vote happens later today. The White House (via Spicer) says, “No plan B. There will be a vote, and it will pass.” The media’s position is that there are still (as of 2:45pm) nearly 30 GOP who say they will vote no without further changes to the bill. Some concessions made to the Freedom Caucus created new objections from other House members. Ryan will have an announcement in about half an hour. The President has been putting on the pressure, but we haven’t seen if he has the influence to guarantee the outcome of this legislation. This is quite the poker game.

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  24. navysquid says:

    and he has a SEAL background…Bravo Zulu!

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  25. navysquid says:

    It’s great to know there is a fellow squid representing the POTUS…

    reposting- idk what happened to my other comment??

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  26. MVW says:

    Trump still has not shown his cards on the ‘wire tapping’. This is from the House’s investigation panel. Trump still has the option to shed even more light on how extensive the wire tap was. And the FBI might still get tar and feathers from this inquiry.

    One thing that has happened is that the muh Russians narrative is in tatters. And the narrative that Trump needs to give us what he knows has stopped.

    Funny how donkeys braying sounds a lot like dogs barking, and the blood hounds have lost the scent and are now chasing their own tails. Comical.

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    • Kathy says:

      I would expect President Trump to stay quiet until after Monday’s hearing — maybe beyond Monday if additional hearings are scheduled.


  27. nhgardengram says:

    Someone needs to tweet Sean Spicer and let him know we look forward to his press conferences every day! He is NEVER a disappointment and knows how to keep the press in line. I LOVE the comment that he implores, even begs that the MSM do INVESTIGATIVE reporting!!! Oh, he wants SUBSTANCE? over process and show? They look like fools, and we are all getting a good laugh! If I were as ignorant (or bought) as MSM, I wouldn’t dare show my face on television! Go Sean, we love you!!

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  28. Southern Son says:

    I read many comments here before adding mine.
    It is Great!, to see so many Positive comments now.
    And I do not insinuate that Anyone here today, has Ever dissed Sean.
    But we have All read the Concerned, Dismissive, and downright Negative opinions of the Press Secretary here, especially recently.
    He has Grown into this Important Position of Representing Our President.
    Kelly Anne, Sessions, and many others, have also been Criticized daily.
    This Movement, needs All Hands on deck, at Battle Stations, At All Times!
    President Trump has said he will Never Give up on Us.
    Yet, he too, has been heavily Criticized,
    too often.
    Now that the Sun comes out, WhoopEee!!
    He needs Us Now, and from Now on, to be Vigilant, Patient, and Determined, to MAGA!
    It is a good thing, that they(the Real Patriots),
    have until now, Ignored the Friendly Fire.

    Press ON!

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  29. fangdog says:

    I have yet to learn anything new from these press briefings other than 99% of these liberals are as stupid as a pile of rocks. It is totally an entertainment motive I watch them. I see it as a total waste of time and other than a job for Spice,r I see no need for them at all.

    Just looking at the faces of these “useful idiots”, tells me Liberals are of a different breed of cat.

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    • I think you are ignoring the fact that Spicer is engaging the American public and getting them accustomed to following the political process. The press conferences allow the Trump administration to present unaltered real time information about the process, the aims, reasons and plans of the President’s administration. I find them invaluable. How would we ever cut through the MSM lies without his direct input?


    • Katherine McCoun says:

      I love watching them so I can hear the answers for myself without the media spin. I also like to hear what questions are being asked by the media employees so I can better understand the answers


  30. Is that pure hate I see in the eyes of some of these White House Correspondents?


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