Secretary Mattis Withdraws Anne Patterson as Pentagon Nominee…

Sanity prevails I guess.  It still doesn’t make a lick of sense how her name was even in consideration in the first place. Oh well.

(Via Fox)  Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has withdrawn his nominee for the Pentagon’s top civilian job after opposition from lawmakers concerned about her close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

A senior official confirmed to Fox News that Mattis pulled the nomination of former Ambassador Anne Patterson to be undersecretary of defense for policy. The move was first reported by the Washington Post.

Patterson was U.S. ambassador to Egypt between 2011 and 2013, when that country’s president, Mohamed Morsi, was overthrown by the military. Critics opposed her selection by Mattis on the grounds that she was too accommodating to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood during her tenure in Cairo.  (read more)

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75 Responses to Secretary Mattis Withdraws Anne Patterson as Pentagon Nominee…

  1. A2 says:

    A correction. Gen Mattis worked with her when he was in CENTCOM. I truly believe he did not understand the political consequences of considering her nomination. He is ‘old school’ trust that anyone serving could be possibly dis-serving.

    He has also had a difficult time in staffing. Many of the people military and otherwise that were vetted have withdrawn, mostly because they have to consider that they cannot be lobbyists if they accept the appointments. Good riddance, but most do not have the ‘calling’ and the where-with-all to serve without the expectation of future remunerations.

    Conclusion: Good riddance.

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    • Oldschool says:

      If Mattis missed the political complications of this pick, I certainly question him in this position. This was not some obscure relationship Paterson had and it seems that our relationship with Egypt going forward, with Israel and Jordan, is the hub of an alliance. That’s a big flag to miss.

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      • eagledriver50 says:

        Gen Mattis is Military…sometimes mistakes can be made, HOWEVER, I expect him to be more cognizant of future implications of his choices. Give the devil his due…

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        • Dept of Defense and associated military attachments are the deepest and rankest portion of the DC Swamp! Anybody who has had even the slightest connection to DoD procurement practices (in both senses) knows what I mean.

          I really think Allen West should have a civilian position there. He said years ago he knew where to cut the budget, and I believe him.

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        I’m sure he knows more than we know about her.

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        • moondrops says:

          There was a brief piece of video on the news of Mattis and Patterson walking down a hallway together. Her body language made me instantly think, she’s his main squeeze. Just hit me funny.

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        • JSBachLover says:

          I know a lot about her. She and her husband, aLso retired career diplomat ( who worked mostly in the Middle East), are people my husband and I personally know. (They’re not Democrats, BTW.) But we haven’t talked with them in some time. She was an excellent ambassador everywhere she worked: careful, precise — until Egypt, apparently. I’m still not sure what happened in Egypt. What the news reported about her was not the person I knew. She either changed a lot, and quickly, or alot of weird stuff changed her. (And I very seriously doubt she and Mattis are an item. She’s just the type to do that.)


      • Please says:

        Agreed. I suspect there might have been other motives, like throwing the ‘other side’ a bone, knowing the choice would be found unworthy. Another possibility is that whomever is nominated, gets investigated. Maybe someone was hoping for something unsavory to be uncovered to expose AP as an insider or antiTrump or globalist.

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      • mopar2016 says:

        I don’t know a lot about Mattis, but nominating a muslim brotherhood supporter for a very powerful Pentagon position is outrageous.

        It really makes me question his judgement.

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    • jackphatz says:

      Interesting that there appears to be only two careers in DC, working for the government or working for a lobbyist.
      Drain DC, bring back the swamp.

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  2. Esperanza says:

    I wonder to what extent this kind of thing is a feature not a bug. They know they will lose some nominees so why not make them easy to pick out? Takes the heat off the others.

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  3. kltk1 says:

    This is good news… I hope Mattis comes around and thinks deep on his next nominee…

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  4. vexedmi says:

    Patterson’s name has been withdrawn for a Pentagon post. Good! That one that has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and more than likely was a former Obama “yes” woman, should never have been nominated in the first place. Patterson would have been nothing more than an Obama mole.

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  5. shirley49 says:

    At least he did the right thing.

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  6. cmscarpa says:

    Is there more here than meets the eye? What made her so special, that he nominated her in the first place?

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    • WSB says:

      I am beginning to wonder the same thing. The WAPO story has these two paragraphs in it, The Fox story left them out. Sourced from the original WAPO piece:

      “Although Patterson was said to be supported by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.) and was seen as likely to have garnered a majority of votes from Republicans and Democrats, the Trump administration has voiced strong support for Sissi as a strong counterterrorism ally and largely dismissed criticism of his repression of human and civil rights.

      While the administration has denounced the Muslim Brotherhood, its plans to issue an executive order designating it a terrorist organization appear to have fallen at least temporarily by the wayside as a number of Middle East experts and U.S. allies in the region have warned against such a step.”

      Is it possible these nominations are entirely set as a piece of cheese for the press to write about?

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      • Fox may be reluctant to mention McCain’s apparent tolerance for the Muslim brotherhood, due to his daughter’s employment on their show “The Five”.

        I am surprised that ANY network is reporting anything about AP’s fondness for the MB since they avoided that subject when Huma Abedin was helping Hillary as she laid waste to Libya and Egypt. Nothing like hypocrisy, eh?

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        • WSB says:

          Good points! It is interesting to see how each media company takes the original and then cuts and pastes the story to slant their own agenda, isn’t it?

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        • Marc says:

          Ms. Meghan is a regular on Outnumbered. She moonlights on The Five in place of Dana PeRINO. And I believe Meghan is only there to relay info to her Dad and keep tabs on the on-air staff. She’s why I stopped watching Outnumbered. Getting rid of Trump supporting Andrea Tantaros was a huge mistake for Fox.

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      • mztore says:

        If she was approved by McLame, I’m against her. Enough of him and his mouth.

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  7. ZZZ says:

    maybe her name was thrown in to EXPOSE.
    what was and now will NOT be.
    more multi-dimensional chess.

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    • Oldschool says:

      We have no way of knowing why her name was put forth by Mattis, but not everything is 3D chess. Sometimes it is a mistake and sometimes might be sinister. We cannot attribute every move we don’t like or cannot figure out as some master plan of 3D chess. Sometime people, even Trump, make mistakes or dumb moves. Our objectivity is essential to accountability.

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    • freddiel says:

      This is also what I am thinking. It seems like a strategy being used to expose people for what they truly support. She is not such a significant person that her exposure means much personally, but more about the administration she worked for.

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      • WSB says:

        From the same WAPO article referenced above:

        “Patterson retired from the State Department in December as assistant secretary for Near East affairs, the top official on the Middle East, with the highest rank, career ambassador. She also served as ambassador to Pakistan, Colombia and El Salvador.”

        Patterson served in hot spots. Hmmm.


  8. realcapedcrusader says:

    Me thinks the General needs to read the Tree House!

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  9. Apollo says:

    Very good news.

    The blowback on this may make Sec. Mattis more willing to accept the list of Trump DoD nominees that he has reportedly been resisting…

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  10. flair1239 says:

    Kind of a weird deal. Would have loved to hear Mattis’s thinking on this. Sends a good signal to Egypt though, demonstrates that the political climate has changed here.

    Maybe it was all just political theater for that purpose?

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  11. I sure did not understand this. Thank you, dear Lord, and good morning!

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  12. Kristin says:

    Our collective efforts here on CTH, like my mail to Potus, is working.


  13. moe ham head says:

    yay mattis found his brain

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  14. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Patterson reflected the attitude of the administration for which she worked. That is what she was paid to do. However, you pick your job, you get paid, you pay a price subsequently. That’s life.

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  15. Doug says:

    Il say this.. whoever put her name up for consideration in the first place(unless it was Mattis Alone) should be fired immediately. Their judgement cannot be trusted going forward.. whether it be because of their ineptitude or different agenda this is a big misfire to have been even considered!

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  16. Travis McGee says:

    “Bad Dog Mattis”?

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  17. dutzie60 says:

    Mattis – Strike One
    Better take ALL Muslim brotherhood out of lineup or manager gets replaced. IMHO

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  18. RedBallExpress says:

    I know I will take heat for this post. We all love military people but they are not magic and just like the rest of us they can have trouble in the real world. Some are really used to getting their way and some can’t think for themselves. I know of a corporation that thought they had discovered their answer to finding good professional managers and hired very smart retired Colonels to manage dozens of stores. Two years later they were all gone with the owner calling them the shiny shoe boys.

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    • oifoefvet1969 says:

      Mattis served as a Combatant Commander in the field, destroying enemies of the US with years of experience (not least of which, he served for years as an enlisted Marine). He is a SME regarding multi-tasking, operations, and logistics. He is perfectly suited to changing the death-spiral of the professional military and the business of war, RE: Department of Defense. The capability gap between an O6 and a CC/O-10 are so massive as to be incalculable.

      The choice of Patterson was likely due to his prior service with her…right now trust/relationships are worth their weight in gold where backstabbing/leaks are the norm. Do not minimize the importance of this type of relationship. I’m just glad she was not confirmed and now a bit more research will go into her replacement.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      And as with both men and women, once the brain escapes from the skull and sinks into the crotch, all bets are off.

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    • The best city manager I ever knew refused to hire ex-military. He said they didn’t know how to work. ‘Course he was a farm boy, but still …
      Oh, and he went against his self-reported better judgement and did hire one – sergeant or similar – the guy worked out very well.


  19. dreadnok89 says:

    mattis is next to resign. he wants his own team and isnt going to get it

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  20. freddy says:

    Right after they deal a big blow to ISIS I’d say the Muslim brotherhood should be on someones list as number two……….Then Iran and our favorite Mr. Kim……Time to confront.

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  21. carnan43 says:

    To get promoted Generals and Admirals have to have political connections. They lose their soul in this process. Having a close connection to a member of Congress makes one part of the “Family”.

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  22. truthandjustice says:

    Why does it make no sense? Does to me. Mattis and Patterson are of the same political “ilk” — Neocon Islamic apologists as those in the past – “same same”:

    Diana West calls into question Mattis’s association with the sponsorship of COIN – the anti-insurgency policy used in Afghanistan that was seemingly conciliatory and Islam appeasing. From what we now know, Islam cannot be appeased because it views such as weakness that can be exploited.

    General Mattis Has Imbibed Islamic Apologetics—Not Islam

    on General Mattis Has Imbibed Islamic Apologetics—Not Islam
    Yesterday (11/29/16), in an essay published at Pajamas Media, I urged PEOTUS Trump not to name either Generals Petraeus or Mattis to his cabinet, based upon the proven failure of the see-no-real-Islam COIN doctrine these men concocted, and implemented in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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  23. I’m not impressed with Mattis. A creature of the swamp, methinks.


    • JT says:

      I was high on him at first, but some of this stuff is starting to become questionable.

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    • Marc says:

      Happens with military brass all the time. Conservative folks love our armed forces and respect them greatly so the underhanded types can creep in unbeknownst to many. Only until they start making statements and decisions antithetical to the pro-America position do they reveal themselves.

      John McCain is a perfect example of this. He’s used his imprisonment and military service as cover for his evil globalist schemes and warmongering for years.

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  24. thetrain2016 says:

    Unfortunately this whole “nominating” crap appears to be Fake News spread by the MSM. The fact is, Defense Secretaries don’t nominate Under Secretaries, that’s the President’s duty… So, if Patterson was ever nominated, it would be by President Trump. But, it never happened…

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  25. Pinkie says:

    Women don’t do well as US representatives/ambassadors to the male-dominated Middle Eastern countries. If April Glaspie had been firmer with Saddam Hussein the whole history of the region would have been different.

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    • mztore says:

      Middle Eastern countries DO NOT respect any woman. That is why (personally) I would/will never vote for a woman as president. Not while the world is in such a turmoil and most of these countries causing the turmoil don’t like or respect women (except for sex)

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  26. trapper says:

    – OK class. Time for our afternoon treat. Here it is. Broccoli juice and onions.
    -BOOOO! We HATE that!
    -OK. Well, what else do I have? How about Anchovies?
    -BOOOO! We hate anchovies too!
    -Well, what can we do here? I don’t have much left. OK. How about pastrami sandwiches and water?
    – mumble, mumble. Some of us don’t like pastrami.
    – Hmmm. Well, this is all I have left. How about turkey and American cheese on white bread with lemonade?
    – Yaaay! That’s better.

    Do any of you have kids?

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  27. Nevine Shulkami says:

    Thank God. Ding dong the witch is gone


  28. Craig says:

    I never understood Mattis’ thinking on this matter. She was so obviously the wrong choice. It makes me wonder if it was some type of 4D chess move and he never intended to install her. So now anyone who didn’t stand up against her is now on their list of those who can’t be trusted? Perhaps it was a way to further weed out internal opposition forces?


  29. jeans2nd says:

    FWIW –

    Sources: Mattis, Ricardel clashed over Pentagon appointees

    “frustrations with Mira Ricardel…at the Office of Presidential Personnel”
    “Mattis and Ricardel have directly clashed over nominees”
    “Mattis told the White House either Mira goes, or he walks. They blinked.””\

    There seems to be more to this Anne Patterson thing than at first meets the eye?


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