Anne Patterson ?? What Could Possibly Make Secretary Mattis Think That’s a Good Idea…

When we first saw the news reports that Defense Secretary Mattis was considering former Obama appointee Anne Patterson for undersecretary of policy we thought it was simply fake news.  However, apparently it is not.

Anne Patterson is a severely toxic entity and was considered the epicenter of dangerous political policy because she gave legitimacy to the extremists within the Muslim Brotherhood.  Specifically due to her role in supporting the Brotherhood’s former candidate turned President, Mohammed Morsi in Egypt, Anne Patterson should forever be dispatched into the waste-bin of failed mid-east policy.

No single appointment could bring more political and diplomatic damage to President Trump”s policy and diplomatic agenda around Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Libya and Syria than putting Anne Patterson into a leadership and policy role in the current defense department.   Good grief, what the heck is Mattis thinking?

(Via Washington Free Beacon) Opposition is mounting on Capitol Hill and in conservative foreign policy circles over Defense Secretary James Mattis’s efforts to hire a former Obama administration official who lobbied in favor of engagement with the Muslim Brotherhood and spearheaded efforts to criticize Israeli counter-terrorism efforts, according to multiple sources close to the Trump administration.

Mattis is lobbying to hire former diplomat Anne Patterson as undersecretary of defense for policy, according to multiple reports, a position that would make her the third most powerful voice at the Defense Department.

Multiple sources on Capitol Hill and those close to the Trump foreign policy teams are voicing concerns about the pick, warning that Patterson would seek to continue some of the former Obama administration’s most controversial foreign policies, such as conducting outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Patterson, who served as U.S. ambassador to Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power, advocated in favor of negotiating with the terror group. Her efforts drew outrage in the Egyptian reformist community, which still views Patterson as working to legitimize the Muslim Brotherhood.  (Read More)

Nothing could divide President Trump from Egyptian President Fattah Abdel el-Sisi, or Jordan’s King Abdullah III than such a toxic appointment.  There has to be some mistake in these reports.

Defense Secretary Mattis might just as well put Valerie Jarrett into this position, they are one in the same ideologically.

Seriously.  Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot ?

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254 Responses to Anne Patterson ?? What Could Possibly Make Secretary Mattis Think That’s a Good Idea…

  1. Iron Lady says:

    My dear Sundance- I am actually encouraged by this article. We all love President Trump AND our country. There have been many things deserving of great praise, but when criticism is called for we must raise our voices and pray that someone in the administration is paying attention. Truth has no agenda. (Read that somewhere.)

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      Has “mad dog Mattis” gone mad ?? Surely he could find a better choice out of a whole country of qualified people who would LOVE to serve Our President. …. makes me wonder now, Why her ?? I agree with Sundance, what is he thinking ??

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      • MIKE says:

        I am hoping the response to Sundances’ RT response to “whiskey tango foxtrot” is NOT “Be advised, Six, we got zips in the wire down here, over?”
        anyway, liked the comment.


  2. This is the risk inherent in appointing military officers to decision-making positions. By definition, any officer with a rank above Colonel/Captian (0-6) is a politician. Every senior military officer is tainted by having served neoconservatism in order to rise in rank. Career officers have served under Clinton, Bush, Jr., and Obama. Simply put, there are no untainted military officers to choose from. President Trump, in my humble opinion, would do well to steer clear of them.

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  3. No disrespect meant to anyone for my following comment:

    Battered Conservative Syndrome is a B*itch.

    The CTH is a cure, and faith in the Almighty is the delivery vehicle.

    We are here to support each other and DJT. Never forget. Keep the faith! Chins up! We are winning!

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  4. Finalage says:

    I’ve been saying to keep an eye on Mattis. Something is up there. Glad Sundance is calling a spade a spade here.

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  5. David R. Graham says:

    On the face of it, it looks gawdawful. Maybe some decent reason for it? I do not know. Maybe some indecent reason for it. I do not know. In any case, at this point it time it would be very difficult, I surmise, to find someone for DSecDef #4 who is not a NeoCon or a Leftie/AirHead. I am glad Flournoy is not in that slot. With luck she will not be offered another. Petraeus would be good for the job but at 4 stars he’s probably considered over-qualified. Next on my list would be a ground combat O5 or O6 with 5-10 deployments to MENA in the last 15 years. But no one is asking me, understandably. Our host Sundance would be excellent for DSecDef #4.

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  6. OverWatch says:

    Sundance, you sly dog.

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  7. Bull Durham says:

    Fiona HIll, Putin hater and Russophobe, was added to the NSC for Europe and Russia expertise.
    A think tank darling, Hill’s major work is a hit job on Putin.

    So the neocons are massing in the WH to direct Foreign Policy that is fed directly to the President.

    Find just one person who isn’t a Russophobe. I keep looking.

    Apparently, we are going to be at the cusp of war all around the Eurasian landmass for the indeterminate future. The US will use NATO in the West of Russia, ISIS and AQ in Central Asia and South Asia, Japan in the Far East and the US Navy in South China and Indian Ocean.

    And 24/7 MSM demonizing Putin and the RF.

    John McCain’s foreign policy.


  8. rsanchez1990 says:

    Let’s hope el-Sisi and King Abdullah phone in some discontent to President Trump. The reformist Saudi crown prince is coming to Washington on Thursday, hopefully he tells President Trump to override the Mad Dog.

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  9. Sam says:

    I could understand if Mattis wanted someone to supply views from the other side in policy discussions. If that were the case hiring a consultant would work. But hiring someone like that for the number 4 job at the Defense Department is a big problem. Anne Patterson is toxic.

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  10. Daniel says:

    It’s beginning to look as if Trump’s admiration of all things military has reduced his ability to see the truth. I completely understand it though. “As a group” military folks are some of the best people. I’m a wartime veteran. (Not a combat vet to be clear… I believe there is a distinction to be made there… I was on a war ship) But to apply group characteristics to individuals? As evidenced by Michael Flynn, it leads to problems. If this Patterson connection works out, there is more reason for concern.

    And before anyone blasts me for concern trolling, this whole article is an expression of concern over this direction. So unless your position is that only Sundance is allowed to have concerns or to express them, I’m going to agree with him on this point and expand upon it.

    I have no doubt that Trump is a fantastic judge of character in general. But if, in his mind, he just sees images of legendary military leaders in all of them, I worry and I hope I’m wrong but now we’re seeing two of Trump’s top choices go wrong.

    And from my perspective and experience, military leadership is ALL political. I know first hand that it is not merit which allows a person to go from E6 to E7 (senior level enlisted leadership) but a board which doesn’t care about individual merit or achievement, but politics of whether someone fits in.

    At the officer level, I can tell you it gets far worse. My brother has related all manner of experience to me on this and how his wife became the destruction of his career in the military. Officer’s wives are often their doom I can tell you.

    All of this is to point out that the leadership of the military is all incredibly political and the present level of internal destruction of the miliary as politics has gotten FAR worse than I have witnessed, I would have to recommend no WW2 era glamorous depictions of generals should be applied to military generals today. “Real men” don’t make it into leadership any longer. They are politically held back in favor of in-crowd group-think echo-chamber-ism.

    That’s not to say that none manage to get through. It’s to point out how the climate isn’t what it once was — one based on the admiration of intelligence, strategy and being a bad-ass in general.

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    • churchmouse says:

      Thank you very much for this insider’s perspective.

      ‘I would have to recommend no WW2 era glamorous depictions of generals should be applied to military generals today. “Real men” don’t make it into leadership any longer. They are politically held back in favor of in-crowd group-think echo-chamber-ism.’

      I have long suspected this. Thank you for confirming it.


    • aguila2011 says:

      I’ve always suspected as much. Which is why I thought the best approach would be to go after those officers who were driven out by the Obama Administration. They are probably the type of people who have more what we need. The people still around during Obama’s time are “tainted.”

      I always wondered why people like Col. Allen West didn’t wind up with a role in the WH?

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    • truthandjustice says:

      Yes, agree and from my own experience as ex-military wife. Found that out when we were in there many years ago. Sadly, too many don’t know this and I think Pres. Trump doesn’t either. Hope some Vets, whom he greatly admires also will inform him – along with how strategies are not like WWII scenarios either. Foreign policy is so important and is heading the wrong way.


  11. streetparade says:

    So Mad Dog has been demoted?


  12. shirley49 says:

    Trump is on Twitter. Everyone Tweet him and ask him why.


  13. jeans2nd says:

    Y’all are forgetting the mind of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.

    Put Anne Patterson in there. Allow Little Orphan Annie to try the Muslim Brotherhood outreach again.

    When the Muslim Brotherhood and/or the Egyptians run Little Orphan Annie out of town on a rail – and they will – the Obama/Clinton/McCain/Graham/Muslim Brotherhood foreign policy is completely discredited. A win/win. imo

    And if we complain enough and Little Orphan Annie is dropped from consideration, we still win.

    Whichever the scenario, the Trump Economic Plan continues as planned, which is where the real action is.

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  14. trapper says:

    Patterson is bait. The question is, what prey is she being dangled in front of to lure them out? If I knew, I wouldn’t say. Don’t give the game away.

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    • smiley says:

      maybe this is just a matter of ego’s…highly-decorated generals like Mattis don’t like to have their authority questioned…and he’s worked with Patterson before…which may or may not be troubling….but it could be a reason for his tapping her.


  15. aguila2011 says:

    “He’s worked with her before.” That says it all. That would be like making friends with the scorpion and you, the frog, having successfully traversed a river once, with said scorpion for a ride-along, continue to tempt fate. In this world and with the talent pool available to him, I would say Mattis is being rather foolish to go for “known” quantities. He needs people with ideas and not play it safe with “yes” people who are of known, dubious, loyalties.


  16. IdahoDeplorable says:

    This has bothered me since I first heard about it. Mattis and the other generals all seem to hold a world view that is in direct opposition to our POTUS. They seem to more aligned with Obama, McCain and his girlfriend, and the NWO. Patterson and the others that Mattis is trying to put in very high positions would completely ruin President Trump’s positions in the middle east. Bannon should be all over this. I’m going to comment to the President on twitter about this.

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  17. Tim Banis says:

    “the goat herders”???
    Maybe someone isn’t paying attention, but the “goat herders” referred to in a previous comment, are now well trained, well funded, well armed and are currently infiltrated and training in the US and in countries throughout Europe.
    While it’s true it’s a monster we created, it’s without question, a monster we now must eliminate.


  18. MIKE says:

    In regard to General Mattis, how did he get the nickname “maddog” ? Seems strange for a man who reads Cicero in Latin. Call me a concern troll if you must, but I’ve gotten a weird vibe from the general from the get go. It’s probably just me.


  19. Simple Jack says:

    I trust that President Trump knows exactly who and what he’s got in General Mattis. Trump has his faults, but even his enemies acknowledge he’s an excellent judge of character. He had to be, given how he hired people in his businesses, by instinct.

    After eight years of Obama, finding a qualified candidate for SecDef who wasn’t contaminated by association with the previous administration would be a tall order. Mattis is a Marine, formerly an enlisted one. He’ll follow orders when he has to, and not embarrass his boss. Not to mention the troops love him.

    If he gives Anne Patterson such an important job, it’s because he trusts she won’t embarrass him, either. Maybe she’s that rare bird in DC who can put their personal ideology aside and just do the job?


  20. mopar2016 says:

    Mr. Trump needs to take care of this nonsense, and the sooner the better.
    Anne Patterson is pro muslim brotherhood, and she supported Mohammad Morsi.
    And you don’t just change that sort of ideology.

    If this Patterson is going to be the fourth most powerful person at the Pentagon, then our president’s judgement and credibility will take a big hit.
    Mattis will have a hard time explaining his lack of common sense.
    If he wants to have a female in that position, I have no problem with that.
    But a muslim brotherhood sympathizer?
    I don’t think so, not in this lifetime.


  21. freepetta says:

    What is so hard to understand? NO NO NO Obama holdovers!!! We just read that Obama spent 36million bucks in taxpayer money to cover his dirt. DJT has to insist Mad Dog gets rid of that traitor!!!


  22. Mickey Wasp says:

    Adam Kredo is senior writer for the Washington Free Beacon. Formerly a reporter for the Washington Jewish Week. Kredo’s work has been featured in outlets such as the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and Politico. He lives in Maryland with his comic books.
    ** Kredo is the link to this CTH article ** let that sink in for a moment …

    Seems even Sundance can do some ‘gaslighing’ also.
    “spearheaded efforts to criticize Israeli counter-terrorism efforts, according to multiple sources”
    “according to multiple reports”
    “Multiple sources on Capitol Hill”
    “Patterson also led efforts to criticize Israeli authorities”
    “Multiple sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon”
    “one senior congressional aide”
    “A second senior Republican Senate aide”
    “Insiders close to Trump’s national security team”
    “One Egyptian opposition leader who spoke to the Free Beacon”
    “Sources also raised questions about Patterson’s commitment to Trump’s foreign policy”
    “One senior Republican foreign policy adviser who has close ties to the White House told the Free Beacon”
    “said the source, who requested anonymity to speak freely about the administration”
    “the source said…. ”

    C’mon, fellow Treepers, if some swamp creature media used the “sources” diatribe – you all would be disparaging and finding fault in their narratives …


  23. M33 says:

    I think this is a situation where in order to defeat your enemies, one needs to keep the instigator with you for all the inside info and keep them on a very short leash while you make them do your bidding.

    As the old saying goes, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.


  24. jeans2nd says:

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  25. sukietawdry says:

    Is he sleeping with her?


    • CM-TX says:

      Also one of my first thoughts, reading thru the article. That, or she/her handlers had something else on him to push it.
      But now he’s withdrawn the request… so I’ll stick with 1st hunch, allegedly. And if it were remotely true- eww!


  26. SharonKinDC says:

    Hmmm. Patterson’s bio: Egypt, Pakistan, Colombia, El Salvador ALL places which were hotspots of CIA activity AND it appears she was in these nations as Ambassador when each went very hot. I think she’s a spook.

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  27. OverWatch says:

    Should have left that little worm on the hook a bit longer…


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