Chaz Bono’s Mexican Houskeeper Has an Illegal Alien Butler…

Put this in the ‘you-can’t-make-this-up‘ file.   Taking the concept of limo-liberalism to new stratospheric heights of modernity, Chaz Bono’s housekeeper has an illegal “helper”.

We have now reached a period of exponential Fabian Socialism where the carefully designed “underclass” are so enlightened they actually have their own secondary “underclass” of conscripted illegal alien assistants.

OK. I know, take a minute, let that sink in.


Sorry, I cannot yet write an accurate context for the concentric circle of sub-headings necessary to frame the discussion.  Talk among yourselves.

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234 Responses to Chaz Bono’s Mexican Houskeeper Has an Illegal Alien Butler…

  1. justfactsplz says:

    Ms. Bono didn’t get the memo that President Trump is serious about enforcing existing immigration laws that are already on the books. She is breaking the law herself by hiring illegals. People who hire the illegals and don’t pay taxes on them should be rounded up and arrested at the same time they deport their hired help. Ms. Bono is just like Hildabeast in thinking the law doesn’t pertain to her. Her governor cannot trump federal law.

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    • Sharon says:

      Are you sure her governor cannot trump federal law? Governors all over the country are doing it all the time, as are police departments.

      Last week I read the press release put out by the police chief in a small town near me in which he carefully explained to the illegals in the midst of the town’s population that they did not need to worry about being targeted by local law enforcement because they did not consider themselves responsibility to enforce federal law.

      By the way, the county in which this police chief serves went for Trump all the way in the election, AS DID MOST COUNTIES IN OREGON.

      Enforcing the law has become optional, at all levels. Jerry Brown will do whatever Jerry Brown thinks suits his purposes. For the same reason that California has sanctuary cities.

      He does and can, indeed, trump federal law any time it suits him.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      Now she is a Bill-da-Beast.

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    • Indimex says:

      I believe that it is the employee of her housekeeper, that was arrested. Not the woman that she employs. It sounds like Chaz’s employee is legal. Who knows? But, yes, if her housekeeper knowingly hired an illegal, she should be punished too.

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      • trialbytruth says:

        This is the same technique low skilled manufacturers and food processors use By using an intermediary hiring agency they resolve themselves from consequence the hiring agent claims innocence and if that doesn’t work an a new agency takes over and we start again. Slavery exists and the new slavers use the same excuse the old slavers use….without me they would starve. Democrats will always be democrats. Some


      • trialbytruth says:

        This is the same technique low skilled manufacturers and food processors use By using an intermediary hiring agency they resolve themselves from consequence the hiring agent claims innocence and if that doesn’t work an a new agency takes over and we start again. Slavery exists and the new slavers use the same excuse the old slavers use….without me they would starve. Democrats will always be democrats. Some


    • Bailey02 says:

      Chaz: we can help you by moving you to live in Mexico and take all your housekeeper and assistants with you. And ICE can’t across the border to arrest them. Good solution, eh! I heard that your mother claimed that she will leave the USA if President Trump was elected, why you and your mama still here…go…That ugly woman said the same thing since President G.W. Bush and damn! she still here..ugh!

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    • WSB says:

      Hold it…I thought she was now a he?


    • US says:

      Jerry Brown trumps Trump because he is offering completely free Obamacare for millions of illegal aliens here in California. The Federal Government pays 95% of this Medicaid expansion, the illegals pay nothing and American citizens pay enormous deductibles. But of course you can get your abortion, contraception and sex change mutilation entirely Freeee!

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    • dilonsfo says:

      I’t like to know what can be done about this. My boss has hired a person here in the US on a student vise…although he only takes one class. He pays that person in cash so know taxes are paid. If the man was a kid I would say he was just giving him a break but…”the student” is 30 years old and works full time. This way he doesn’t have to pay social security, payroll tax or health insurance (in Hawaii the employer has to pay health insurance for any employee working a 40 hour work week) or any other taxes. What really cripes me is that job could go to a US citizen. The “student” is from Canada. I have called the labor board in Hawaii and the State….no one has done a thing. Maybe the IRS?

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      • Jenny R. says:

        Happens quite a lot: foreign students come into the country and basically take as few classes as it takes to keep their visa requirements up; the colleges have job search resources, and they are encouraged to go to them to help with job placement, which they often get over American students; they are also encouraged and helped with filing for financial aid as well. The colleges in turn get money both from here and the foreign students are usually on a scholarship, so whatever country they are coming from. And the countries they come from usually demand special latitudes for their students because ESL (like waiving the senior or graduate thesis requirements — this is not across the board, the Asian students never opt out of requirements).
        It’s a win-win for guys like your boss, politicians who get donations, and the college (at least the Int’l. Studies Dept. and some of the int’l. professors…some other profs have found themselves on the wrong side of this because they have been refusing entry into programs to foreign students who refuse to fulfill the requirements asked of American students). It’s a losing proposition for American taxpayers and American students (and the college profs who have found themselves on the wrong side of this: they tend to get “broken”).

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      • squidward says:

        You ain’t gonna get shit done with that fool Ige in the Big Square Building. And Chinn wasting $150,000 of our taxpayer money on his stupid suit (that is going to end up costing us Fed funds).
        Try calling Action Line or Civil Beat. You are going to have to name your employer though.
        It’s disgusting. The state even had the gall to admit they know local employers are hiring illegals (even as locals can’t find jobs) in their reasoning for the suit. The useless, non-existent GOPe party here hasn’t even brought that gem up.


      • justfactsplz says:

        If you are lucky the IRS might do something. Maybe the Department of Homeland Security.


    • dginga says:

      You know, the painting contractor who painted our house when it was being built almost lost his business ten years ago because some of his workers were illegals with very credible fake IDs, including social security numbers. His was a small business that was growing, and he did not employ day labor, but instead hired guys for his crew who were recommended by the good workers already on his crew. He required ID and social security numbers, filed all required paperwork, withheld taxes, etc, but after a few years got audited and discovered that a few of his crew were illegals. The fines were so great that he was almost bankrupted. He fired the illegals AND the crew members who recommended them, leaving only himself and two other guys who had worked with him for years. He cut way back on his business and refuses to build it back.

      My point here is that if my painting contractor can be fined up the wazoo for hiring illegals, why can’t the government do that to Chaz? Maybe if all of these people in California and elsewhere actually had to pay a substantial penalty for hiring illegals, they would think twice about hiring illegals, instead of BRAGGING about doing it.

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    • Bob says:

      Why are we giving this Bozo one line of the written word. He/she/it is so disgusting that to post anything that lends to credible should be read in the Tabloids and not in the pages of this fine publication. Ignore these Hollywood types, it wigs them out and they will all run away with their hair on fire.

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      The best part is the complete lack of self awareness. All liberals are irony deficient.

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  2. muffyroberts says:

    Wait, is Chaz Bono a man or a woman? Sorry, I just can’t keep up.

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  3. muffyroberts says:

    I like Boogie Wonderland best, of all the Earth Wind and Fire songs.

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  4. rajabear1 says:

    Freakin-a SD, crack me up sooo much. When I read about this a little bit earlier today, I had to step back and say ‘what the heck?’ and now you go and post exactly that. Too funny.
    On a serious note, the disgusted and sadly, real anger, I feel for those coming out of the self righteousness against the law because they have been allowed to break the law (and in their own mind, convinced themselves that they are compassionate by paying slave wages for their own selfishness) is unnerving.
    This has been happening long before bo, but has been normalized under him.
    Thank you Lord, for having that ‘pompous man’ ride down that golden escalator and break the bonds of PC.
    Thank you for Mr President Trump.

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    • dalethorn says:

      That hashtag of Bono’s — ICE out of California – kinda says it all. I’d cut ALL funding to California until the leadership there swears allegiance to the Constitution and all U.S. laws.


  5. Ds says:

    This is reminding me of an old joke about a very poor family

    they were all very poor

    the cook was poor the Butler was poor the chauffeur was poor The nanny was poor the housekeeper was poor

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  6. Lone Gunman says:

    Ah yes, he/she/it can get enough testosterone injections and he/she/it can grow a beard, but that “junk” he/she/it needs to be considered a REAL HE isn’t going to grow because of it and he/she/it will still have to squat to pee. They’re called “fake” men I guess!

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  7. jojo says:

    I hope President TRUMP didn’t give Brown any $$$ for the Oroville Dam. Sanctuary State=NO$$ from USA taxpayers. Correct?


  8. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    ‘Chaz’ Bono thinks he is a man and said it was so. The illegals think they are illegal and say it is so. Then reality sets in. Oops.


  9. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I remember when SHE was a cute little 5 year old girl on the stage with her parents while they were singing. I liked Sonny and Cher in those days. Can’t stand what Cher has become. I wish Sonny had never died.

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  11. freepetta says:

    Hmmmm I keep thinking about that cute little blonde baby Sonny and Cher used to carry out at the end of their show. Now she’s a big fat, bearded, short freak. Pretty sad.

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  12. beaujest says:

    How would you like this freak around your kids !


  13. satmfs says:

    I read through some of the responses to Chastity’s Twit. Shameful. How dare those people not accept her inherited Liberal Hollywood Elitist White Privilege and give her a break??? We all know how devastating it is when our Mexican housekeeper’s Undocumented Immigrant butler and family are arrested.

    LOL…. just kidding!!!

    Hopefully Chastity has read those responses and realizes how bad she looks at every level. But from her responses to Sean Hannity calling her on it, she hasn’t.

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  14. lisaginnz says:

    Should, ahem, Cher’s daughter be in legal trouble for employing an illegal? … just wondering
    …. #HeyChazDoYourOwnLaundryMissy


  15. Virgo says:

    When did things start going wrong for Chaz Bono? Being born to the Bono marriage, or was it the fake transition to being a man, but not really? She was overweight, which is stressful for a celebrity, so she became a man, who are more ok with obesity. Not having enough 1st world problems of her own, she now has to concern herself with the illegal employees of her employees. How hard it must be to be a celebrity!

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  16. thesitrep says:

    I salute Mr/s/z Chaz Bono LGBTQXYZ esq. for this great public service message to all illegals, which is:

    “we know where you are and we are going to deport you regardless of who ya work for
    So, you should be getting your affairs in order now, and it will be better for you if you sell any of your trash that you can’t carry and go home.”

    This is the takeaway message here.


  17. thesitrep says:

    She looks like a Bearded Lady from a freak show past.


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