Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – March 7th, 2017 (Live Stream)…

White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, will be delivering the latest press briefing today at approximately 1:30pm.  Live Stream LinkAlternate Live stream #1Alternate #2

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180 Responses to Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – March 7th, 2017 (Live Stream)…

  1. Pam says:

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  2. C. Lowell says:

    Seeing how Langley is the agency most closely associated with Obama,

    It only makes sense that it is also the most inept, incompetent, and traitorous…

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  3. Educated Citizen says:

    May be O was a Langley created manchurian candidate

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  4. Good news! Wikileaks says all is fixable. Not so for CIA who are in deep sh**
    But for us can be fixed:

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  5. Disgusted says:

    OMG, they’ve gotten to our guys. Now it’s Pence standing in a circle of concern faced politicians trying to get their faces on camera just as the democrats always do. And this clip wears the label Trumpcare! How did this happen! What a fool I was to totally buy into believing he was never gonna be like them, and never join them. It was up to THEM to fall in line with HIM, not the other way around!


    • OMG; Disgusted, calm down. This is the beginning of the process to get rid of Obamacare that has tentacles everywhere in government.
      The Pres. and his leaders in Congress are just starting the negotiations.
      There is going to be grandstanding, statements to the public, saber-rattling, vote threats, hubris, etc. but in the end it will get done And it will be to the benefit of the American people.
      I trust Pres. Trump, he is a man of his word.

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    • Nationalist says:

      Your CONCERN is duly noted. [rolls eyes]


    • muffyroberts says:

      You mother called looking for you. She is doing the laundry today and she can’t find your dirty under pants.

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    • JC says:

      It’s certainly your choice to look at it that way, Disgusted. You are also free to give yourself a break and give it a bit of time.

      If I may, I’d like to share my take on this:
      President Trump courageously and repeatedly made many stunning promises to millions of Americans desperate for relief from a spoiled and evil little dictator, his minions and the toxic globalism that put them into power. HRC was waiting in the wings and would have continued the BHO debacle, which would have been beyond tragic.

      President Trump could have “played the RINO game”, possibly have won and at least averted the catastrophic alternative of HRC, but he gave up everything, including a salary, to MAGA. So far, he has promptly kept many more promises than I could ever have hoped for, and then some. We’ve never seen a President like this, and it’s a privilege to be alive to see positive history being made every day.

      President Trump is, among many things, a *listener*. He welcomes our input, makes many avenues of communication available to us, and regularly emails us with surveys and requests for suggestions. He will be on this Healthcare/Insurance process like white on rice, and he will hear us. He has stood firm in all he’s accomplished so far, and he will stand firm in this.

      Let’s not panic over the pre-, pre-, pre- rollout of this thing. Let’s wait to see how it develops. If President Trump cannot make this the best Healthcare/Insurance reform it can be, no one can. We will invest our time, energy and input to do our part; it will not be shoved down our throats by fiat in the middle of the night like OCare was. President Trump is abiding by the rule of law to repeal and replace; let’s hold steady with him.

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    • Venus says:

      Your concern is:

      [X] Noted
      [ ] Not noted

      Follow up:
      [X] Disregarded
      [ ] Under review

      [X] Get a grip
      [ ] Light you hair on fire

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  6. RTUT says:

    Michael Medved, Seattle, question? What an arrogant, ignorant arse.


  7. Rainy says:

    I really like this Spicer guy.


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