The People’s President – Thousands Attend Coast to Coast “March For Trump” Events…


In multiple cities, in multiple states today there are various March For Trump events showing support for President Donald Trump, the peoples president.   Twitter Followers can find multiple videos and pictures from the Hashtag #March4Trump

This is what real grassroots organizing, not astroturf, looks like:



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111 Responses to The People’s President – Thousands Attend Coast to Coast “March For Trump” Events…

  1. Piper says:

    Can’t figure out how to add my pics from my phone to this post but the Nashville rally was great! Beautiful day and people. State troopers did a phenomenal job of keeping us safe!👍🏻

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  2. citizen817 says:

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  3. auntiefran413 says:

    My best guess — and I’m not very good at this — is about 400 people from across the state at the capitol, Jefferson City, MO. Our numbers were probably diluted by the fact that there were several “local” events across the state; I know my daughter went to the one in Ballwin (a St. Louis suburb).

    No matter, it was a wonderful opportunity to share tales — good and bad — with friends with common interests. I renewed old friendships with people across the state and actually met some FaceBook friends who had only been names.

    I’m looking at all these people in coats, making me realize that God truly blessed those of us in Missouri with temps in the 70s. (Al Gore would love to hear that!)

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    • sulli159 says:

      I was so upset seems Dana Loesch and the never trumpeters in St. Louis managed to get the one here canceled they wouldn’t invite Jim Hoft so he went to Nashville although they apologized later and invited. This is just sick. Andrew would probably be shaking his shame on you at Dana. She was one of our first TP speaker 2009 shame on her

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      • churchmouse says:

        There are a few possibilities behind this.

        Perhaps it is because she a) left the St Louis Tea Party in 2011, b) hosts shows for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and c) endorsed Ted Cruz in 2016?


        • auntiefran413 says:

          Sorry about the double start, but the Dana Loesch/Bill Hennessy brou-ha-ha over 1) who was going to be the SLTP leader and/or 2) Hennessy’s focus on the Ed Martin campaign(s) was the beginning of the demise of the SLTP. It had been a very active and viable group until those two locked horns. Sad…sad indeed.


      • auntiefran413 says:

        The Dana Loesch/Bill Hennessy brou-ha-ha over 1) leadership/support of


  4. Update: Cody, Wyoming (pop. 8,900). located 50 miles east of Yellowstone National Park
    Support our President Rally. A friend counted 325 Americans braved the 45 mph gusts of wind to show some love for our President and our

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  5. sulli159 says:

    St Louis: Jim Hoft (gateway pundit). Said he was dis invited by Dana Loesch and the #never trumpeters had taken over the St Louis rally by Dana & Co. I was going to go but someone said it was cancelled. Jim was invited again but said no thanks and went to Nashville. This is really really inappropiate


  6. sulli159 says:

    The Dana loesch never trumpeters managed to get the one in St. Louis cancelled. Sick

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  7. Guy Mudge says:

    Not a libtard in sight! 🙂


  8. Oldtradesman says:

    Nazi like levels of dehumanization? Looks more Leninesque, Trostkyesque, and Stalinesque to me.

    “On the scene today in #Berkeley, where a Trump rally turned into a bloody confrontation between differing ideologies, plus anarchists.”

    “Police confiscated bats, metal pipes, bricks & an illegal dagger.”

    “The police have been watching the fighting from across the street. They just made one of the first arrests.”

    Continue on down the thread for more shots and videos of unprepared or law-abiding Trumpers getting thumped by young Black Bloc anarchists in full view of police.

    People need to understand that going into the enemy’s lair is not a freakin’ tea party or chat session.

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  9. Oldtradesman says:

    The lack of preparation of pro-Trump people, especially in the lions’ den, appalls me. These are not rallies for obsequious, truckling Bushes, Mittens, or even Ronnie. People need to study the Left’s mentality and gain full knowledge of what they are going up against.

    Relevant passages from the LA Times:

    They dressed “like ninjas” and marched onto UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza like a paramilitary force armed with bats, steel rods, fireworks and Molotov cocktails, officials say.

    Within minutes, the group of 100 to 150 agitators had smashed half a dozen windows with barricades, launched fireworks at police and toppled a diesel-powered klieg light, which caused it to burst into flames.

    “They didn’t come to lock arms and sing ‘Kumbaya,’” said Dan Mogulof, assistant vice chancellor and spokesman for the UC Berkeley. “They came to [mess stuff] up,” he said, using stronger language.

    Moving officers into Wednesday night’s melee, would have created “a lethal, horror situation,” said campus Police Chief Margo Bennett.

    “We have to do exactly what we did last night: to show tremendous restraint,” she said.

    UC Berkeley officials are now talking with federal and local law enforcement agencies about how to address black bloc tactics, which first appeared in Europe in the 1980s but have grown increasingly common in the United States in recent years.

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    • Evocati says:

      Translation: We’re ok with Trump people getting beaten half to death but we don’t want to be sued for stepping on a rioter’s toe while we arrest him for doing the beating.

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  10. Lauren says:

    THANK YOU for posting these. I live in California and I think Trump supporters are afraid to reveal themselves. I love the USA and I LOVE President Trump!!!

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