Key Interview – Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Talks To Neil Cavuto…

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin gives Fox Business News’ Neil Cavuto an interview to discuss President Trump’s timeline for the ObamaCare repeal, budget and tax reform.

The interview is interesting because Secretary Mnuchin outlines the speed of action anticipated with the implementation of the Trump ‘America First’ agenda.  This ain’t the traditional political pace that people are used to; this is Trump speed – Trump work ethic.

Remember, the key aspects to Trump’s agenda revolve around three congressional deliverables:  •Budget, •ObamaCare Repeal/Replace and •Tax Reform.  With those three key legislative elements in place many of the remaining policy initiatives are security and enforcement actions which are already within the authority of the White House.

This interview, containing a very optimistic outlook, is what sent the stock market soaring today.


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107 Responses to Key Interview – Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Talks To Neil Cavuto…

  1. rf121 says:

    Eddie Munster just does not want to accept the expression “we can do this”. He needs to stick to his Saturday morning show where he talks over his guests for 30 minutes.

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  2. toriangirl says:

    I’ve typed it before. I will type it again. Mnuchin has the whole Clark Kent thing going on with those black framed glasses.

    The government working as hard and as speedy as the public sector? Inconceivable! Conceivable in President Trump’s America. We all know why business men and women have never run Washington, but it still boggles the mind that they haven’t. Thank God (literally), that President Trump is operating as if in the civilian business world – you have to produce, period.

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  3. wjb105 says:

    PDJT is going to set a benchmark for every future president. All important laws – like the ACA – are being drafted along with people and institutions who know the business. It means it will be a good law and there will be support among those who are going to be part of it.

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  4. SoCal Patriot says:

    Excellent interview…encouraging to see that the Administration is working jointly with the House and Senate.

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  5. R-C says:

    Cavuto seems utterly incapable of realizing that there is more than one way to accomplish a task. He’s (thank you, LTG Honore) “stuck on stupid”; can’t understand that he’s not dealing with ‘just another moribund administration’ these days.

    Cavuto seems SO tied to the belief that “What IS, Now, Will Always Be”.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      Cavoto represents old school linear thinking with the “blinders on”. Trump is an “outside the box” synergizer that will pick the best solutions/ideas and take the path of least resistance to repeal and replace.

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      • joshua says:

        Cavuto was the kid that sat in the back of the Economics lecture hall and snoozed, then copied the lecture notes from some nerd lover of his…..not a girl.


      • Exactly, Trump is a creative thinker which is why the linear thinkers think he is chaotic. Trump goes all over the place with his thinking but at the end he has a plan and gets it done.

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    • Comrade Terry says:

      Thumbs up on your LTG Honore reference!

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    • kittymyers says:

      I haven’t watched Cavuto in a long time, not since before the election when I got the impression that he wasn’t sold on Trump. Was my impression correct?

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      • mimbler says:

        I find him to be relentlessly passive-aggressive against Trump, and always seems to be interviewing a person who is blatantly against Trump. I enjoyed him before Trump came on the scene, but count him as the opposition now,

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      • dbobway says:

        Nothing Trump says or does makes Neil happy.

        He still bitches.

        Like a lot of Fox folks, they all seem to be stuck in the same rut.

        I can’t believe it’s not orchestrated, which is sad.

        We are completely losing any network news telling people what is really going on.

        The ‘shock and awe’ of all the networks giving Trump about an hour of credit, for a very good speech. I figure it’s about the 50th good speech I’ve heard the President do.

        I have never been in this place in my 62 years, of a war being fought to recover our country from the depths of immoral tyranny.

        How did we come to this?

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      • LCS mom says:

        It’s the whiny voice and the negative spin he puts on everything that annoys me. He’s so curmudgeonly. Loved it when he was off the air having heart surgery and Trish and Charles were all over the place.

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        • spren says:

          That was exactly how I described him during this interview. He kept trying to bait Mnuchin into saying something that would make headlines, or would be contrary to what Trump says. One attempt after another. I don’t wish anyone ill, but I also was sorry when he returned to the air. Charles and Trish are great. Have you also noticed how Cavuto is now regularly bringing in guest from Politico? What’s up with that.


      • R-C says:

        It seems so, judging by this clip.


    • SpanglishKC says:

      Oh he’s very capable. Don’t forget he’s in tight with the CoC as Sundance has pointed out. He’s part of the swamp. Playing dumb is all. Doing his part to damage Trump or slow things down while trying to keep his audience believing otherwise.

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  6. flova says:

    Gosh it would have been nice if Cavuto and his flunkies would have attacked Obama for those shovel ready jobs we never got from his $787 billion stimulus package or that huge jump start to the economy that never materialized.

    Cavuto is one huge pain in the behind and a freakin’ coward. Axts all smirky when questioning Mnuchin but hid underneath his blankie when he should have gone after Obama.

    Hey, Neilie, Mnuchin knows we taxpayers don’t mind shelling out money if we get something in return besides 94 million out of work and veterans with no healthcare. With Obama and Bush we got nothin but dead heroes and $6 trillion spent on a war.

    Mnuchin is one tough minded dude. Good pick to watch our money.

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  7. Bubba says:

    At the end of the interview, Mnuchin states, “We’ll figure it out.” Yes, they will. Love that attitude.

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  8. Joan says:

    And now a Mexican cement company is offering to supply the cement for the wall:

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  9. angryduc says:

    Mnuchin is impressive. Total confidence.

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    • judyw says:

      “Total confidence” built on a depth of experience on the big stage he’s been playing on successfully for a very long time. Can you just imagine the patience it takes those guys to speak on the level most of those interviewing them frame their questions?

      It really is a much different conversation than they have with each other. I recall an offside comment Trump made one time during the campaign where he said to the small group he was speaking with that most in the room probably had no ability to truly understand what he had just said. It was said seriously and in a way that no one was offended because they knew they didn’t know. Don’t remember the subject but that statement really stood out to me because it was what I was seeing with a lot of Trump’s ideas coming from the “big picture” view of where we are and how we got here.

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  10. Wend says:

    Man versus Boy.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      All of the MSM interviewers are out of their league with any of the cabinet members. The haughty, arrogant interviews put themselves on equally footing with the interviewee when they aren’t as they aren’t specialized in their filed.

      Only the humble, respectful ones ask question which are sincere and they truly seem to want to know the answers, like F&F w/President Trump yesterday. Even if some questions might Seem simplistic, they are presented in good faith and ones their audience is interested in also. No one is pretending to be on equal footing.

      Mnuchin is great, but I repeat myself. All of them are!

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  11. whoseyore says:

    “Trump Speed” – I like that! “You had better get yourself in here…..’Trump Speed’!”

    Cavuto ticked me off when he interviewed the senator from Virginia – Mark Warner, talking about Russia. Why on earth does Cavuto allow this man to go off on his own delusions? He gave so many false statements and wasn’t called on one of them. Then they both smile and say their goodbyes like all is well and truth was told.

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  12. duchess01 says:

    Cavulsion has to hit the negative narrative right off the bat – and Mnuchin stops him dead in his tracks with positive acumen – listen who he uses to attack – the dopes-on-a-rope group who are definitely not on the side of the American people – Cavulsion obviously does not understand finances – he just does not get how it works – he doesn’t even know how to ask logical questions because he is too confused concerning how President Trump will accomplish his goals – this is foreign ground to him – he references others who are whining – Mnuchin handles this dork well!

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  13. Ds says:

    US Chamber of Commerce is a large lobbying organization

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  14. wheatietoo says:

    Neil Cavuto is an insufferable weasel.

    He hates Trump…always has…and he hates it that the stock market is soaring.
    I can’t stand to watch him.

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  15. amwick says:

    WR SD, futures were up last night. Today’s rally should also be credited to our President’s terrific speech, yesterday.

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  16. I really like the Secretary. He’s calm, he’s cool, he’s smart and confident.

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  17. woohoowee says:

    Sec Mnuchin re: Trump45: “…Negotiator In Chief…”

    I like it 🙂

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  18. cjzak says:

    Mnuchin seems very, very competent and intelligent. What a contrast to the people Obama had working in his cabinet. Wow.

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  19. Finalage says:

    Could you imagine Dow 30000? This Trump economy could make the 1990s look like child’s play! MAGA!!

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  20. Finalage says:

    Such a great optimism in the land!

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  21. trapper says:

    Perhaps someone can enlighten me. My whole life, having worked in the private sector, I have never been able to figure out what Senators and Congressmen do all day. Each one with half a dozen or more staff, looking at the meager amount of legislation generated in a year, what in the world do they do all day? Committee meetings on stuff we don’t need legislation on?

    Now, with the Trump agenda of repeal/replace and tax reform, why aren’t Ryan and McConnell camped out at the White House, taking short naps between 3 and 4 am, working non-stop day and night hammering out legislation with the President’s people, working without breaks until it’s done? THAT is how deals get done in business.

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    • Dindosit says:

      They spend most of their time calling donors.

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    • Sedanka says:

      They’re not business people like you or I, let alone like Trump. They’re politicians. Their entire lives are “public service” – doing either nothing and expecting applause, or damaging citizens and expecting applause.

      Our current situation in Washington is like Trump doing a hostile takeover of a failing corporation full of little personal agendas and incompetent executives and employees, and being forced by the purchase contract to turn the company around while keeping most of the same terrible personnel who destroyed the company in the first place.

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      • LCS mom says:

        You are so right with that analogy. They are the awful employees that would never be successful in the real business world of competition and deadlines and profit and loss.

        Congress is like a company that is rotten from the top on down to the receptionist.


    • Aparition42 says:

      Most Republican politicians only care about elections. They’re schmoozing donors and prepping campaigns. They spend their entire term making sure the get elected again. Their definition of “conservative” is keeping whatever we already have so they never actually have to do anything other than oppose change.

      Most Democrat politicians care about their agenda. Sure they schmooze and campaign too, but they also constantly craft new legislation because they truly believe there ought to be a law for every single aspect of your life. The ACA wasn’t written after Obama was inaugurated. That thing had been written and ready to go for years just waiting for the right opportunity to pass it. I guarantee you that right now in between protests and press conferences the liberals are already writing all the great socialist laws they want to pass the next time they trick the country into giving them power. Back when they honestly thought Hillary would win and give them congress too, they already had a giant stack of new oppressive laws and EOs ready to go, and they haven’t thrown any of them away.

      This is why so many Republicans seemed scared of Donald Trump winning the general election. PDJT has empirically proven that the congressional Republicans have been all talk for the last eight years. They lied and said they were ready to repeal the ACA back when Mitt Romney ran. The house passed six different repeal bills. Were those bills no good? Why did they hold a show-vote over a fake repeal bill? Why not write a bill that you can actually stand behind and explain to the voters before you had control over the entire federal government? The fact is, they thought they could pretend to resist Obama and give a bunch of lip service to their constituents and they’d spend the next whole term saying “We can’t because Hillary” just like they spent the last eight years saying “We can’t because Obama.”

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    • rashamon says:

      I want them to spend their time weeding out all the excess people who will no longer be necessary when all the useless rules and regulations are cut. Then they can cut another 10% just for the heck of it.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      Martini lunches with donors – or in McKain situation lunch with Linda.


  22. El_Flaco says:

    Cavuto probably hangs out with Charlie GasbagRINO.

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  23. drdeb says:

    What a refreshing interview! I too am optimistic about the economy when I listen to him. He appears to be loyal to WTP’s President and I loved when he recognized the fact that President Trump is the Negotiator! Thanks so much Sundance for posting this.

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  24. Bill Brown says:

    Unbelievably it seems the debt markets are going to cheer further massive deficit spending with enthusiasm. Makes sense if you’re Lockheed Martin but when the money markets cry enough, which they must eventually, this decade or next, the roosting chickens of unpayable US$ debt will not be a pretty sight.
    If Donald can get the govt out of my life he will have done all I need, with thanks.
    A President is not my leader, he is a manager I employ.


    • spren says:

      The only way we have a chance to handle our massive debt is with sustained and significant economic growth. Government doesn’t create jobs but it can sure generate an environment that stifles job creation. Trump and his administration are trying to get government out of the way so American Exceptionalism can be unleashed.

      Reagan did this and at first we had large deficits. Art Laffer had said we would grow our way out the deficits and that is what happened in the 90s. We didn’t get into this situation overnight, and we’re not going to reverse it overnight either. But without economic growth with its multiplier effect, we have no chance at all.

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      • Bill Brown says:

        Now figure out a way to control the coming (further) deregulation of the money centre banks whose gearing of rubbish housing derivatives caused 2008. If the Donald has the guts to let them fail, all will eventually be well. But they know he “can’t” let them fail. The biggest of the big can do whatever they want and they know the taxpayer has their back. Japan is in a 25 year stagnation because it refused to let major banks fail. We never learn.

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        • Zeej says:

          Thank you. The market cheerleading is absurd.

          Trump said it was a massive bubble because it is. To invite people into it now, who possibly don’t know the state of underlying dynamics is dangerous. Admittedly asset prices remaining high are just a function of the NY Feds trading desk, the BOJ, SNB, ECB, etc continuing to step in in whenever the bid goes away… in addition to the continuation of record breaking levels of corporate accounting manipulations to enable rampant exec friendly speculation on cheap credit.

          The Bannons, Mercers etc understand that we cannot get off the zerobound and stay off without deflationary bust and resetting of debt burdens is impossible without it or inflation.

          Problem with inflation is containing it in right channels.

          Have heard nothing about glass stegall reinstatement or auditing the fed, two promises of trump.


  25. toriangirl says:

    I had a very unusual call from an affiliate commercial real estate broker in Mexico whose Mexican national client is looking to invest in property in the U.S. Was surprised! It’s a 180 from what typically happens since I’ve been in the business.

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    • Aparition42 says:

      Interesting. May I ask if they were looking specifically for properties zoned for a particular use? Say industrial vice residential?

      Despite the fact that I’m now locked into a mortgage, I still think residential property prices would be better off falling a bit to encourage home ownership because prices still haven’t gone down to pre-bubble inflation adjusted levels. At least, not where I live.

      Industrial use land, however, should be rising in price if our country is about to experience large-scale growth in manufacturing and new business. It would be encouraging to see investors with their fingers in the wind making decisions that indicate they believe American reindustrialization is going to be a reality.

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      • toriangirl says:

        I work in commercial only – tenant Rep office for large companies. Also do corporate account management which sometimes includes industrial. This was for industrial which was really surprising.

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        • Aparition42 says:

          I’m no kind of insider so this is all guess work, but I’m hoping that this sort of thing is an indication that the people who only care about money and not politics think that manufacturing and other industrial processes will be growing in America’s future rather than receding as they have for the last twelve years.

          I have a lot of family members that live in the sort of towns where there was only one job and that job went away with no replacement during the last 8 years. Camp’s paper mill in Franklin VA was a prime example. A foreign company bought out the plant and then just mothballed it. They didn’t actually want the company at all, they just wanted to kill their competition so they could keep prices high.

          We really need new plants being built here.

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  26. Pam says:

    Mnuchin is seems very ready to tackle the tasks ahead of him. POTUS knew what he was doing when he selected all of these individuals for these cabinet positions.


    • rashamon says:

      Perhaps he’s looking for an EB5 visa; i.e. a program, created by Congress in 1990 to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors. Under a program initially enacted as a pilot in 1992, and regularly reauthorized since then, investors may also qualify for EB-5 classification by investing through regional centers designated by USCIS based on proposals for promoting economic growth. On December 10, 2016, President Obama signed Public Law 114-254 extending the regional center program through April 28, 2017.

      Does he have between $500,00 to $1 million? Frankly, I was just saying in an earlier thread that this bothers me for various reasons, especially now when our country has been flooded with immigrants, illegals and refugees whose cultures vary so much from our Judeo-Christian heritage, whose ideology encourages huge families, and who do not tend to integrate over the years but set up isolated communities. In the ’80s I would never have imagined the divisions facings us today.


      • Rash, I understand and share your concerns about this program, but let’s look at all sides. I my little town/state area, I have two examples, one up and one down. Each with “complicated” nuances to consider.
        1. Paper mill – this goes to you, too, aparition42! – 60+ year old paper mill, US citizen-owned for most of its life. As need declined for the kind of paper the mill made, losses piled up. Several changes of business model (different kind of paper) and ownership ensued until we ended up with an Irish! company owning the place. Another ownership change or two, and today the mill is closed and apparently in the process of being dismantled.
        2. Mass immigration to one area – back about 60 years ago, an unknown number of Russian Christians known as Old Believers moved to Oregon. Their story is too long and complex for this comment, so interested people can read further here:

        However, the point for now is that this group is mostly still in Oregon, mostly still in the same area were they started farming and operating small businesses. They pretty much do not assimilate and mostly maintain the Russian language they have spoken for the past 300+ years.

        Today, I received bids from two of them to paint my house. Another runs a siding company.and his NOTE THIS: his all-Spanish-speaking crew – just finished my house and did a great job. I suspect that all are U.S. citizens. Everyone’s English was minimal, just enough to communicate with the customer. Both Russian Old Believers and Spanish-speakers have large families.

        Now, before your hair catches fire, you need to know that assimilation is slowly occurring at the edges of both of these communities. But the process is slow and the Russians, especially, have a tendency to break off and move away from their larger group in order to continue their older practices.

        Anyone here want to write ONE law for ALL of these groups? Oh, yes, also, the Russians got lots of financial assistance from their fellow Russians who had arrived earlier in the US. To the best of my knowledge they never have received govt welfare.


  27. Doug says:

    This guy and Scott Pruitt are quickly becoming my favorite appointees so far. Not a dig on any of the other I just really like them and their demeanor.

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  28. Phil aka Felipe says:

    I like this guy, Mnuchin. Poised, calm, and confident.

    Trump and his entire cabinet have even the so-called conservative pundits’ heads spinning.

    Fun to watch and contemplate all the WINNING TO MAGA!

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  29. Stock market went sky rocketing after what Mnuchin said about taxes! It was crazy!

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  30. MIKE says:

    Buy American, build American. With this policy our President will strap the economy onto a Saturn V rocket and light the fuse. Nell Cavuto is just stuck in the previous administrations whereas Charles Payne sees the light. He’ll own that show, and that right soon.


  31. Texian says:

    I like this guy. I want him on my team. He has all the right stuff for this position.

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  32. Michael Hennessy says:

    The Republican controlled Congress is hard at work setting “parameters” for its investigation into the phantom connection between Trump and Putin.

    Crickets on Repeal and Replace

    Crickets on Tax Reform/Cuts!

    Crickets on Securing the Border!

    Crickets on Supreme Court Nomination

    The Republican controlled Congress has been in session 57 days with Zero bills passed but getting ready for a grueling 8 day work month in April!

    #nevertrumpers REJOICE!

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