French Presidential Candidate Francois Fillon Anticipated To Make Noon (Local Time) Announcement….

French Presidential candidate, Francois Fillon, has called for a 12:00pm (local time – 6:00am U.S. Eastern Time zone) press conference.  This comes a day after he cancelled a trip to the annual Paris Agricultural Fair.   My hunch is Fillon may be ending his bid for the French presidency.

update-1  UPDATE 8:00am EST  Fillon is staying in –  French presidential candidate Francois Fillon will remain in the race, saying he won’t quit, even as judges plan to charge him with misuse of public funds. Bloomberg’s Caroline Connan reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


[L-R: Emmanuel Macron (2nd place in polling), Francois Fillon (3rd place in current polling), and Marine Le Pen (current first round polling leader)]

Within French presidential politics the Paris Agricultural Fair is similar in political tradition to the Iowa State Fair during U.S .Presidential election years.  Marine Le Pen was there over the past weekend.

Fillon’s campaign has been backsliding ever since a toxic corruption scandal broke exposing he may have paid his wife a parliamentary salary without her actually doing any work.  Francois Fillon denies the accusations but an investigation is ongoing.

If Fillon drops out, this actually shows a larger concern within French political circles, known for their internal parliamentary style deal-making, that Marin Le Pen is growing too large in her base of support and her opposition needs to unite to eliminate the threat that her nationalistic campaign represents.

Fillon is currently polling in third place; prior to the scandal with his wife he was in second.   The preferred “establishment globalist” candidate is now the independent candidate Emmanuel Macron who has moved into second place – with Marine Le Pen still polling as the leader in the first round of elections.

In the past two weeks almost all of the primary political establishment elites have moved their support into the Macron column.  This has helped him to surge in the polls as a Jeb Bush type squish for the political establishment.  [Yes, there are remarkable parallels – albeit divergent ideologies]

Emmanuel Macron is self-identified as an “independent” in a smart tactical effort to help him avoid being defined by his opposition.  However, those who have been following French politics have seen that both Francois Fillon and Emmanuel Macron are various shades of the same center-right party. [Essentially, Sarkozy-lite]

Due to the rise of nationalism -a direct outcome from terrorist and immigration issues- the far left has no chance in this election.   Hollande is not even trying to win re-election. Socialist Benoit Hamon and hard-left Jean-Luc Melenchon, are both stuck polling 13.5 percent and 11.5 percent respectively (LINK), not near enough to qualify for a round two runoff between the top two candidates.

Therefore the real threat to the EU is only Marine Le Pen who has announced her intention to provide a Frexit referendum if she were to win the election.

Both Macron and Fillon are pro-EU and reflect no intention to withdraw from the European Union.  (Hamon and Melenchon are obviously pro-EU).

This latest move, if indeed Fillon drops out, would indicate a power maneuver of pressure within the larger French political structures to form a coalition against the continued rise of Marine Le Pen.   The thinking would be that most of Fillon’s supporters will go with Macron and therefore put him solidly in the lead.

In essence this would be like a reverse splitter strategy.  Get above Le Pen’s polling ceiling and possibly end the election in round #1.  If a single candidate can gain over 50% there is no round #2 vote – the presidential election is over.

This looks like the political strategy of the power elites within France.  We’ll know with certainty if Francois Fillon does indeed drop out today.


Stay tuned…

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102 Responses to French Presidential Candidate Francois Fillon Anticipated To Make Noon (Local Time) Announcement….

  1. Sa_Bi says:

    Macron would, in my opinion, be even worse than Fillon and, of course, than Le Pen for the anti-globalist cause and the English-speaking people.

    He is a committed Europhile, a 39-years old Trudeau-esque naive poster boy who would get played by the German government, and he used a visit to London to mock the British and promised that he would try to damage and exploit the British economy.

    Just like in the case of Merkel and her outlandish challenger Schulz, things can go from bad to worse.

    However, I’m happy that Le Pen is now polling around 45% in polls for the second round. Even if the polls don’t underestimate her support, a small change, maybe a boost after winning the first round, will push her over the finish line – and the EU over the cliff.

    But currently it is indeed wise to focus on the first round and the threat of an establishment candidate winning more than 50%. I hope it will backfire like Colorado backfired for Cruz. But let’s see what Fillon has to say today.

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  2. Esperanza says:

    Interesting discussion. However. It is not possible to win in round one. Even de Gaulle didn’t do that.

    No idea how Fillon’s vote would move. I was discussing it yesterday with two Fillonist contacts. One might vote Macron, she isn’t that anti open borders. I and the other women would never vote Macron. Or in ten years it’s Huellebecq Submission time. That just leaves Le Pen, but I would never vote for a National Socialist either, Socialism is what got us into this mess. Total mess. No idea what will happen. This is the worst possible outcome. It’s looking like Macron will be the next president. He is openly touting for the Bobo and Islamic vote. Has said France has no culture.

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    • yohio says:

      “He is openly touting fir Bobo and Islamic vote” Then why would you vote Macron over Le Pen

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      • Esperanza says:

        Read what I posted.


        • Kristin says:

          Indeed. A vote for Macron is the end. If you decide to sit out this election, the universe will do it for you and you will regret bigly.
          Vote Le Pen.

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        • Esperanza says:

          First of all I’m not a French citizen therefore cannot vote. Secondly I do not understand why Americans want us to to vote for a Socialist. Socialism is the problem not the answer. Without socialism we can have legal immigration because people who fail go home. Trump is as far from a Socialist as I can imagine.


          • asawasa says:

            the answer is Frexit is why people want Le Pen. Down with the EU. it should be very simple even for a socialist like her to make the case (and she has) if the French people want Frexit then she will be elected, if not then they will vote in the EU puppet.

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          • Black_Knight_Rides says:

            American patriots are “Anti-Globalist”: We would never surrender self-rule and sovereignty.

            Curiously you have cited ZERO positions of Le Pen’s, not to mention why you would agree/disagree with them, other than mentioning she favors FREXIT … which leaves us to infer that oppose it.

            Labeling her “Socialist” is useless, since self-claimed socialists can claim widely-divergent policies and positions.

            Since you’re ineligible to vote in France, it would be far more useful to learn what “improvements/positions” you’re FOR rather than who you’re AGAINST.

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          • Aparition42 says:

            That is big conundrum. It comes down to a form of soft disenfranchisement similar to what lead to America electing PDJT. For decades neither major party was offering border security and reindustrialization so those of us who felt that was a priority were forced to vote for the least bad between two candidates that didn’t really represent our wants. When PDJT came along he was the first one offering those things in a generation. A lot of soft socialists voted for the evil capitalist businessman and evangelicals voted for the twice-divorced “womanizer” that supports gay marriage because the other issues were just more important.

            If no one else is offering FREXIT, then the election becomes a proxy referendum on FREXIT. The question is whether her socialist policies will do more harm over her term than the good that may be done by abandoning the EU. There’s also the question of whether Le Pen even could make FREXIT happen, or at least whether enough people believe that she could.

            I think a lot of Americans are only looking at the dissolution of the EU because frankly, France is already pretty socialist and we don’t have to live with whatever increased socialism Le Pen may herald. As relatively unaffected non-French people, we kind of can’t help but look at the issue in an over-simplified manner. In the end, I think the long-game is what has to matter most. If you look at a multi-term time scale, If you vote for FREXIT this time, will you be able to get a capitalist President next time? Or if you vote against socialism this time, will you be able to get FREXIT next time? What are the people of France most willing to put off till later?


        • LEET says:

          I would argue it is ALREADY TOO LATE for much of the EU. A vote for LePen will merely slow the inevitable muslim invasion and muslim majority . The birth replacement rate is already too low for the native population of the EU.


          • Summer says:

            Been saying that for several years. Western Europe is done for regardless of who they elect. It is sad to watch the death throes of a great civilization.


            • Deb says:

              Miracles can and do happen. You can’t count Europe out just yet. Prayer and people with courage starting to fight can turn things around quickly. Look at Spain 520 years ago.


    • Frank says:

      If it truly comes down to Macron vs. Le Pen – globalism vs. national socialism – I think I would hold my nose and go for the national socialist. I agree that socialism is a bad deal, but in my mind, it still beats what the globalists are doing to France. And who knows? In the next election cycle, there may be a more republican or capitalist candidate to displace Le Pen.

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      • Esperanza says:

        This is why I supported Fillon, he’s quite solid on borders, and is also not Socialist. Hoping he would hold the line until Trump turns the US around and inspires new faces here. He was a decent prime minister. Now who knows? Le Pen has her own corruption problems. She also has financing from the Maghréb. I refuse to vote for corrupt people and socialists. Enough already. However the Le Pen vote would at least be F***k you. Non of the above has never been more appealing.

        The US is so lucky to have Trump. He’s amazing.

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        • mireilleg says:

          You seem a little all other the place with your opinions. Including citing innacurate information. For example that noone has ever won on the first round. if you are not a citizen, what is your status in France? Clearly you cannot vote, and more than likely you cannot be politically active either.

          As a French citizen (although American now, it is impossible to lose one’s French citizenship unless you are stripped of it) I favor not only strong borders but also the return of all illegals to their own countries. LePen whom you call a socialist is the only hope France has of getting off the globalism merry-go-round. France is basically a socialist country anyway, and anyone running now will have to carry through with social programs for quite a while before real change can take place, or they will no make it.

          Real change would come, but sharia law will shock you even more than LePen will.

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    • mireilleg says:

      It is possible, Napoléon Bonaparte did with 74% of the votes. But since the 5th Republic, DeGaulle did win in the first round in 1958 with 78.5% of the votes.Élection_présidentielle_française_de_1958#R.C3.A9sultats

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    • Nick says:

      I don’t see France becoming some sort of center-right or libertarian-economic conservative nation anytime soon. If people don’t vote for a nationalist now, they are going to end with an Islamicist in the future.


  3. sundance says:

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  4. maga2016 says:

    I so hope that Le Pen wins or France will turn into one giant banlieue with invaders destroying everything generations built over centuries.

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  5. sundance says:


  6. sundance says:

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  7. sundance says:

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    • Sunshine says:

      It seems to me the fix is in for Macron (aka Hollande) to win the second round and, as usual, the media is complicit. Everybody knows Fillon has no chance of victory.
      The wheels of justice are turning too fast. Normally a judiciary summons for the run-of-the-mill citizen can take many months, sometimes over one year, exception made for terrorism issues.

      FLASHBACK: One week ago, police raided Marine Le Pen’s office. Police provided no information on what the raid yielded.

      Hypothesis: Regardless of what happens to Fillon, the next on the list to be summoned is Marine Le Pen. This will occur at a very inconvenient timing, it will take up all air time, and will be enough to derail her campaign. Fillon’s votes will go to Macron, ensuring him the Presidency.

      Meanwhile, Macron has highly questionable financial issues (unexplained Millions of $) and all is being ignored.

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      • Sunshine says:

        Forgot to mention that charges against Marine Le Pen will be bogus.

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      • Sunshine says:

        I was just reading that a summons before a judge normally takes two to four years after the investigation is completed.

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      • Black_Knight_Rides says:

        Anyone smell SOROS?


        • Sunshine says:

          YES. The first round will be on April 23.
          I think Fillon is towing the line to prevent a 50% Le Pen majority – aka fractioning the vote – that would give her the Presidency on the first voting round should there be only two contenders.
          Expect a Marine Le Pen summons before a judge shortly after the 23rd where police will lay out alleged charges against her. And this is where Macron will win the Presidency on the second and last round, May 07.


    • georgiafl says:

      Another Crooked Clinton Couple?

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  8. c’mon LePen! the winning playbook is already there for you!
    c’mon, you people of France! do your homework, dump PC in the trash bin and save yourselves and your country!

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  9. sagatel says:

    Macron is gerontophile plus there were persistent rumors about him being gay….well French public likes all this amore business….Their present President The Village Idiot Hollande has several mistresses and he is Merkel’s French poodle.

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  10. Paul Killinger says:

    Thank you for the update, Sundance. I had two thoughts upon reading this…

    Historically, when times get tough the French are known for changing Govts like they change their shirts. They literally elected dozens of them between the World Wars.

    And every time I hear about the EU’s politics I thank God our Founders rejected the idea of our having a Parlimentary Govt, and chose a Republic instead.

    It’s not an accident that there are “gas stations” with five types of fuels to fill up their cars in Germany. It is a direct result of the crazy political coalitions there and across their Continent.

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      The Tankstellen here in Germany typically have four nozzles, two for Diesel, and two for gasoline. Gas comes in Super, E10, and sometimes “V-Power” (or similar) which is designed to relieve the hapless driver of his or her money. Likewise, Diesel comes in regular and occasionally “V-Power”, which is 19 cents more per litre, but only marginally worthy of the name “V-Power”.

      Finally, there are sometimes pumps for LP gas, or truck diesel. But they’re separate from the others.

      It’s more marketing than political; on the other hand, what is politics other than an overabundance of marketing hype. And what is marketing, other than political manipulation…..

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  11. rsanchez1990 says:

    Fillon is defiantly staying in the race. He reminds me of Hillary Clinton. I’m sure she paid her spouse with government funds and wanted to pretend that was OK too.

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  12. TheTorch says:

    Looking at the way the French Presedential Election is shaping up. I think it is looking bleak for Le Pen.

    The globalists have clearly decided to go all for Macron who is masquerading as a Centre Right politician when he is nothing of the kind.

    Fillon is being targeted by the establishment as he has thatcherite tendencies so he is seen as more of a threat than some people think.

    Le Pen is clearly their worst nightmare so they are trying to reduce any chance of success for her. In fact the EU has changed a rule recently which could result in Le Pen possibly facing prosecution for a trivial error.

    The establishment is panicked and unfortunately succeeding in protecting Macron. They are circling the wagons.

    We also have to bear in mind that Le Pen is no Trump. She is the closest they have, but Trump is in a league of his own.

    In all likelyhood Le Pen will win first round with Macron in 2nd place and Fillon 3rd.

    Final round run off Le Pen and Macron. The left and some on Centre right will back Macron so Le Pen will likely lose by 10 points or even more. I can’t see how she wins this thing due to the way the others will coalesce against her in the final round.

    Macron will be a disaster for France because he is young, no experience and will be simply a puppet of the globalist establishment.

    But that could then lead to a sea change in French politics, resulting in a Le Pen victory in a future election. That may be the silver lining.

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    • Howie says:

      Add Ten…to LePen.

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    • Finalage says:

      She will win this election. Book it. Macron is a fraud. He’s a socialist in sheep’s clothing.

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    • churchill says:


      Excellent summary.

      *We also have to bear in mind that Le Pen is no Trump. She is the closest they have, but Trump is in a league of his own.*

      My thoughts exactly. There’s only one Trump – and he’s in the Super-League, all by himself.

      *Macron will be a disaster for France because he is young, no experience and will be simply a puppet of the globalist establishment.
      But that could then lead to a sea change in French politics, resulting in a Le Pen victory in a future election. That may be the silver lining.*

      The conclusion you reached is inevitable and rational. France needs to suffer “an Obama” before it wakes up. People need to see the bottom of the abyss before the penny drops.

      Give it time. It will happen.

      For this election, remember, there’s two months to go and a game-changing event can yet occur. Radical Islam will always overreach.

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      Things are looking bad, they’re targeting her in way more overt ways than Trump was attacked during the campaign. I wouldn’t count her out just yet though. Remember, all the polls were “wrong” (lied) about Trump, they’re likely doing the same with Le Pen.


    • TheTorch says:

      The problem with them targeting Le Pen, may not be quite what you think.

      They are concerned in that if she is in the final round then if there was an attack or something that it might give her a boost which would get her close to the finish line.

      So in a way, what they are doing by targeting her now is kind of an insurance policy, try and damage her enough before the final round, so even in that eventuality she won’t overcome.

      The problem that people need to understand is that, France is not where America or Britain is on the security and refugee issues. What I mean by that is that the French people seem to be rather brainwashed or in a state of malaise that they can’t quite see the seriousness of the situation they are facing, even though you have had some horrific events and a truly abysmal leader in Hollande.

      But it just does not seem to register with them to the extent that you would think. This is why I strongly believe she will get creamed in the final round, by double digits, especially with the political forces on the left and some on the center right falling in behind Macron to stop her.

      At the moment I fear that Le Pen is a bridge too far for the French. I could be wrong, but I very much doubt it.


      • Esperanza says:

        I disagree the French know exactly what’s happening. The problem is Le Pen is a Socialist. There is no good candidate.


      • TheTorch says:

        I do agree with what people are saying here about Macron though. He is a fraud and in many ways reminds me of a French version of Tony Blair!


  13. NHVoter says:

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  14. majorstar says:

    Marine is so quintessentially French to me. Just look at her face. It screams “Vive la France! Vive la revolution!” She absolutely must win.

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  15. Finalage says:

    Macron is a fraud and Le Pen will expose him. She has already been toying with him. Fillon was their best bet against Le Pen. A one on one match up of Le Pen vs Macron in the 2nd round will lead to a Le Pen presidency. Vive Le Pen!!

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  16. DebbieUK says:

    I hope to be proved wrong I very much want a Le pen win but as I’ve said before I don’t think the French are ready to embrace the idea of breaking with the EU. Too many vested interests and subsidies at stake.They will need to hit rock bottom before a huge change can happen .Hope Im wrong.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      I agree, Debbie.

      Or they’ll be some last minute switch , like what happened in Austria a couple months back with that Exit vote, wether voting fraud or not. Don’y think Le Pen will win………and REALLY hope I am WRONG about that.

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  17. Beenthere says:

    If Fillon bows out then the French people will a have clear choice to make for their future, much the same way as the USA did this past November.


  18. Paco Loco says:

    The French are already in their national surrender mode. Paris is no longer the City of Light. The Islamic enclaves have over flowed into “street camps” in central Paris and the authorities have little control. Unless the North African immigration is stopped, in ten years, France will become an Islamic state. I don’t see the National will to be strong enough to change the course and elect a nationalist like Le Pen. The curse of moslem migration is the scourge of all of Europe. Unless stopped, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Italy will enter a new Dark Age under Sharia law.

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    • Even if all migration stopped, France’s natural population’s low birthrate and high level of abortions guarantee Muslim state. In the video it says muslim birthrate is 8-10 children per family. But the minimum for a natural population to sustain itself is at least 3 per family. France is under that already. This video does the math and it is eye opening.

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  19. jackk says:

    Hardest judges have ever worked to expedite a case, total political assassination. He’s was dumb to say he would withdraw if he faced charges. Besides that I’m very disapointed by Bayrou whom I always thought was an honest man above petty political deals.


  20. JohnPaulJohnes says:

    Don’t have time to read comments now but believe it is to give Macron a huge boost and rally supporters of other candidates around Macron.

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  21. toriangirl says:

    A little O/T. Try saying Francois Fillon five times fast. Almost impossible.


  22. truthandjustice says:

    Well, I feel like this is analogous, like Brexit, to our situation here with Pres. Trump vs. the Globalists. Think she will win and again, as it was with us, God is behind it and will intervene and then they’ll leave the EU. No, nothing I can prove, just my “spiritual” views, musings.
    I just feel these are His plans for this time in history, setting everything up, which includes these nations, along with Russia, being “rescued”, restored enough to take on the scenario coming up re fighting against Islam in the MidEastern nations mentioned in the Bible. Many in Christendom now believe the biblical antichrist/beast is the Islamic Caliphate. But…… they always say…..I could be wrong —- we shall see.

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  23. georgiafl says:

    Très Bien!!!

    Mais Oui! Veuillez abandonner !


  24. Rick S says:

    Withdrawing to make room for Obama.

    Can we send him to France. Can we can we can we – huh huh huh?


    • yy4u says:

      Now THAT is an offshoring of jobs I can get behind. Obama to France. YES! It’s their turn to support his golf outings. They can afford it since they don’t have to pay for their own national defense.

      Another offshoring of jobs we should all get behind is the offshoring of Hollywood to Europe, China or India.

      I read an article a few days ago that pointed out that at least half or maybe more of H’wood’s revenue comes from foreign markets and that American revenues are falling while foreign revenues are increasing. So since we Trumpsters are incensed that American jobs have been shipped overseas and the products sent back without tariff even as American products are taxed by other countries, why can’t we show our good faith and ship our entire film industry to Baghdad, Nairobi or Peking? Even Bollywood or Paris would be okay with me although I think after the performance they gave Sunday night, Tehran, Iran, would be the best place for them. So let’s not be hypocrites. Let’s get behind showing our good faith to the rest of the world. We’ll take televisions being made in the USA by American workers and you can have films made in Tehran by Globalists who want to teach the world to sing.

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  25. filia.aurea says:

    The rumors are flying in France and the conservative candidate Fillon denounces probe into corruption and vows to fight on. His top aide resigned and he was summoned him to appear before investigators on March 15 to be placed under formal investigation over allegations that he paid his wife hundreds of thousands of euros of public money to do very little work. This is opening the door for Le Pen and now we have France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Greece all moving toward exiting the EU. With the ECB holding 40% of the national debts of the Eurozone countries, it looks like the Euro is on borrowed time.

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  26. Tommy Tunes says:

    This is the Organized THREAT to Liberty that our Military brave-hearts are fighting against , and its a SHAME and amazing that Treason cannot find its way back into the Judicial System to hold LAW Makers accountable for Aiding and Abetting the THREAT that Communism is to LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all in the USA !!!!

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  27. mireilleg says:

    He is not withdrawing!

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  28. I am in the dark on this too. Last time I heard Trump had struck a deal with Saudi or Jordon (can’t remember now) that they were going to create safe zones in the middle east for them and thus no longer need to come HERE.


  29. dayallaxeded says:

    Seems it would be better for Le Pen, if both of the socialickspittles/globullists remain in the race to fragment the suicidally stupid voters and so they can either attack each other or demonstrate their complicity.

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  30. yy4u says:

    For those who haven’t read Hoellebeque’s (sp) “Submission” (the book on the cover of Charlie Hedbo the day of the slaughter) — the story is set in France where a female (if I remember correctly) right winger is about to be elected president of France. To keep her from winning, the Lefties join with the Muslims to back the Muslim candidate who promises all the wonderful left things left wingers always promise, including freedom and liberty. The French (never known for their brilliance) buy the line and elect him — once elected, he begins the Sharia takeover of France. Non muslims lose their university jobs, women began weeded out of positions of equality. The hero (antihero really) is a youngish university professor who doesn’t much care who wins the election. He sort of wakes up when his Jewish girlfriend and her parents leave France, moving to Israel, but he’s so shallow he doesn’t really give a damn so long as he can find another girlfriend. I won’t tell you the end in case you want to read it, but it’s chilling.

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  31. Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

    Le Pen gives Merkel and Hollande a bit of a
    “telling off” in front of the EU parliament! She sounds like maybe she’s been taking a bit of advice from Trump.


  32. maga2016 says:

    with Fillon staying in the first round is a secure win for Marine


  33. missmarple2 says:

    The number of refugees was capped at 50,000 for the year in the EO that was negated by that stupid judge. We already have taken in quite a few, so I think only 15,000 more.

    We are still taking some in because of an agreement we made under Obama with the UN, I think.

    Welfare benefits for illegals will take a change in the law, I think. If not, I foresee another executive order soon.

    He has only been president 40 days and there is a LOT to do. You need to be a little bit patient.

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    • Mr.Right says:

      Is the EU taking any of the 30+ million refuge from central and south America ?
      Or is it only us that must take migrants from across the world ?

      Also, my understating is that more people in impoverished part of Africa die every year then in the past decade from the middle east.

      So shouldn’t Europe take and relocate 10s of million of dying African to save them?
      relocate entire tribes to Amsterdam, Madrid, Vienna, Rome, … ?

      This whole thing is SORDID, its FAKE.. its a SCAM

      The whole middle east muslim mass relocation program is solely to spread islam across the world.. and its working.


  34. vfm#7634 says:

    It’s possible that Fillon, who’s a practicing Catholic, thinks that Le Pen winning would not be the catastrophe that the globalists say it would be, and that she’s in fact preferable to Macron and the Left. By staying in, he frustrates the globalists’ “reverse splitter” (lumper) strategy.

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  35. Daniel says:

    Le Pen is apparently being charged with something by the EU after in 2015, she posted some ISIS horror photos in her twitter. They are trying to get rid of the competition by means other than a democratic election.


  36. joshua says:

    Don Lemmon comments

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  37. William Ford says:

    Fillon is pulling a Hillary. Weak candidate dogged by scandal. Opens the door for a Le Pen win.


  38. William Ford says:

    Western civilization is in huge trouble. Educated women are choosing careers over children. Happening in every western country. The population replacement level is falling. Same in USA but it’s been masked by the lower socio-economic groups reproducing at a much higher rate and illegal immigration.


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