Eating With The Enemy – President Trump Lunches With Press…

Keeping with a recent tradition, on the afternoon of the State of the Union speech, the President invites some of the media for lunch.  Today President Trump ate lunch with reporters including: Jake Tapper (CNN), Chris Wallace (Fox) George Stephanopoulos (ABC), Chuck Todd (NBC), Lester Holt (CBS) and Bret Baier (Fox)



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218 Responses to Eating With The Enemy – President Trump Lunches With Press…

  1. Rick says:

    Looks like the President roasted the media for lunch.

    The time honored WH Correspondent’s Dinner has been replaced by this shot across the bow. Guaranteed to give indigestion and heartburn to those in attendance. This to make his speech tonight before Congress even more uncomfortable for them. (BTW-Congress is a group of chimpanzees)

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  2. The Raven says:

    Ahh…that’s my President.

    Unafraid to look them in the eye and tell them to squeal like a pig…


  3. The Demon Slick says:

    He picked out all reporters that hate him. I wonder what he’s up to. He was very nice to that pickle weasel McCaulife too. Curiouser and curiouser.

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  4. Put all the comments here together and we have a pretty good picture of how the luncheon went today! Hilarious! Thanks guys!

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  5. Phil aka Felipe says:

    A line of skunks were seen walking down the White House driveway.

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  6. feralcatsblog says:

    “How to Serve the Press”.

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  7. FH says:

    Bret Baier looks awful.

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  8. Sunshine says:

    I hope he served them a choice of either ‘urine-soaked fertilized’ tuna salad or mega-hormone chicken.


    • Sunshine says:

      Forgot to mention ‘Chinese urine-soaked’ because that is what China uses as tuna fertilizer as well as various excrements.


      • JJ...the first one says:

        Which is why I refuse mushrooms from China.


        • Sunshine says:

          When you buy them in the can, you can almost smell it.
          Always buy fresh mushrooms and do it yourself. Never buy anything in a can labeled ‘product of China’.
          And the same with the fish, either fresh or canned. Animal leather is scalped alive dog or other mammals. The list is long of what we’ve had to endure.
          I can’t wait for that label: Made in America.

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  9. oneofthecrazies says:

    Sundance, you outdid yourself on this blog. Reading all the comments have made me laugh.


  10. louche9 says:

    I listened to some of “The Five” on the way home, and was getting angry hearing some of them bang on about Trump’s hinted immigration reform, the possibility of which Dana Perino, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel all eagerly anticipate, although Perino admitted President Trump could be playing his media lunch invitees.

    By the way, what the hell is Beckel’s problem? He comes across as a surly, unhinged drunk. IMO, it was a mistake to bring him back. He’s past his sell-by date.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      Yes I was furious too. These bozos including Bolling who wants more immigration for some reason and Guilfoyle went right along with the phony speculation. “Reports say…sources inside White House…” No audio, nothing that can be directly attributed to Potus Trump.

      John Roberts said that he couldn’t give any excerpts because they were changing things around but he ran with the open to pathway BS. Fox just won’t stop trying to drive a wedge between us and President Trump.

      Bluto aka Fluffy Dog on Twitter tweeted out a nice reminder about how POTUS was supposedly going soft right before the August AZ immigration speech.

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      • Marc says:

        They all work for globalist, open borders supporting Rupert Murdoch so they have to push the agenda. They all likely see more legal immigration as a good thing probably due to familial ties and/or ideology. Bob is a liberal, Dana is a globalist RINO, Gutfeld still believes in some aspects of Libertarianism like open borders and legalization of all drugs plus he has an immigrant wife, Juan and Kimberly are Hispanic, and Eric does what the bosses tell him to do.

        You will never hear Fox anchors/pundits speak against free trade, our current immigration level, or abortion. Those are precious to the Uniparty.


    • Prostitution and drug withdrawing will put one in a bad place……


  11. texastrumper says:

    If President Trump had laced their meal with Viagra, he could have watched them all get taller!

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  12. bulwarker says:

    “Pssst Bret,.. Bret, dont drink the coffee I had ex-lax put in it…”
    “Sure thing Mr President.”


  13. SharonKinDC says:

    While this press luncheon gets the press attention, I find the ‘off the record’ meeting and dinner w/ POTUS last night to be far more fascinating. A top Iowa local reporter did post 4 pics: dining room set for dinner and mingling reporters, a meeting room set up for a presentation style event, and what appeared to be outdoor tent thingies set up w/ lights… for taping segments re an OTR events? Can’t recall subject of 4th pic.

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  14. kellyseamus says:

    No doubt certain media got the exlax spiked chocolate dessert.

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  15. Billydunn says:

    Is the immigration sellout about to begin?
    Please Lord don’t let what i am hearing be true.

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  16. gary says:

    I sort of think Trump has a LONG TERM GOAL for ridding the country of ALL Illegals , but, it will have to be done in small steps. Trump has 8 years to trim it back, year by year. As people get to see the positive things Trump does, and he can Educate Americans to see that illegals are taking benefits/jobs/(jobs for your teenagers, daughters, etc)… people will change how they see immigration in new light, and Trump Team can show who really benefits from illegal immigration and it is NOT USA citizens.

    We have to Trust Trump on this, think LONG TERM, but he is making concrete changes immediately and has started the TRUMP-Train Steam-engine and loading the train with illegals and shipping them back to their country of origin, starting with the REALLY BAD ONES.


  17. georgiafl says:

    TRUMP MEDIA UPDATE – 2/28 – 7pm

    1) Yesterday, I thought there was a big surge – but it was only a big typo/error.
    2) On top of that – one site (Twitter @Transition2017) closed suddenly yesterday causing loss of 182,983 followers.
    3) If the Twitter @TrumpInaugural site with 143,215 followers closes soon, that could put the numbers back in the high 97 million category.
    4) Total followers finally hit 98 Million today – the HARD way!

    Original Personal – 4 sites: 54,222,640
    Official Presidential – 11 sites – 43,824,962
    GRAND TOTAL: 98,047,602 (+103,765 – 24 hrs – 4,323.54 per hr.)

    Original Twitter @realDonaldTrump: 25,758,601 (+50,198 – 24 hrs – 2,091.58 per hr.)

    If the pattern holds, there could be a large increase after President Trump’s speech to Congress tonight.

    Let’s hope Mr. Trump doesn’t back down or equivocate, but keeps his PROMISES and will….



    “LOCK HER UP!”

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  18. TheFightingMan says:

    Stephy is wearing a purple tie. Talk about ‘in your face’!

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  19. Horsesoldier says:

    Georgie appears to be playing pocket ball, but cannot seem to find them. Little big man.


  20. TwoLaine says:

    I like them leaving much better than coming.

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  21. Your Tour Guide says:

    Chris Wallace has a smug look. His thoughts:

    “I just farted, and nobody knows it.”

    Bret’s expression says otherwise.

    Nobody mentioned the persistently godawful Roland Martin, either.


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