More Hollywood Fail – Lowest Rated Oscars Since 2008 Broadcast…

(Via TVLine) […]  ABC’s presentation of the 89th annual Academy Awards delivered 32.9 million total viewers and a 9.1 demo rating, down 4 and 13 percent from last year’s Chris Rock-hosted outing, which recorded eight-year lows.

Time Magazine - Obama photoshopped to look like he has won an Acoscars-2

You’d have to go back to 2008’s Jon Stewart-hosted Oscars, where No Country for Old Men won best Picture, to find a smaller audience (32 million).  (read more)

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295 Responses to More Hollywood Fail – Lowest Rated Oscars Since 2008 Broadcast…

  1. O how the arrogant are brought down low! THIS same thing happened at the Miss Universe Contest, Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Blooper announcing the wrong winner and even spelling her name wrong. Including a week of bagging and mocking Donald Trump prior to the fiasco.

    As for the Oscars, I knew there was a problem when The BAD OMEN happened a few hours before it started with the prop set crashing down. What followed hours later was a complete disaster and break of momentum, and when Warren Beatty announced the wrong winner (LaLa Land) and no one noticed nor corrected it until AFTER a long applause and worse, AFTER each person accepted and got up and each spoke at the mic, one even going on and on thanking their mom and all that stuff you say when you win, including tears of joy and a lot of hugging and smiles. OOPS! tURNS OUT THE REAL WINNER WAS “MOONLIGHT.” By the time they got wind of this, Warren Beatty was so confused that the false winners actually had to take over as MC and announce the winner was NOT them, but MOONLIGHT instead.

    Another fiasco was when they ran ‘In Memoriam’ Segment but instead of showing the deceased person, show a still-alive producer’s photo instead! They should’ve easily spotting this mistake since the very much alive producer JAN CHAPMAN because she is very well known and was nominated 4 times in the past.

    All in all a VERY creative and wondrous display of God’s great sense of humor to bring down the evil arrogance of false idols who wasted so much time being vindictive and plotting traps for Trump that they fell into themselves. I have no doubt that Jimmy Kimmel, their ringleader, who took the blame knew EXACTLY why it happened. All amount of playing it off like clowns didn’t help one bit. Humiliation was theirs.

    WHEN WILL THE OPPOSITION EVER LEARN? Trump is Teflon Don for a reason: he was chosen and anointed to lead America into the new era. As it is written: “Do not touch My anointed ones, or harm My prophets” [Psalms 105:15]

    Thousands, perhaps millions of us were praying and taking authority over this evil in the Name of Jesus that they would fall in their trap so it is extra delightful to see the arrogant fall.


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    • dayallaxeded says:

      Thanks for letting us know about this crazy bs. I could not watch it. I don’t ascribe anointed status to anyone and the Bible contains the totality of all prohecy, so there are no more true prophets, apostles, or priests. POTUS Trump is a good man in the right place at the right time. If there’s a biblical analog, I think that would be David – far from perfect, but always devoted to the one God. I pray that POTUS Trump will stay true and within God’s protection and blessings! The incompetence of the left is a self generated gift that keeps on giving.

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    • andi lee says:


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    • indiana08 says:

      I didn’t watch the Oscars but my BFF and I were texting about the Beatty flub. She said “you have to see it” because I had only heard it on the radio. It was hysterical!! The Lord does have a sense of humor. First, the Grammys get hijacked by Joy Villa’s MAGA/Trump dress and her sales skyrocket. Next, the Oscars get hijacked by Warren Beatty’s flub that humiliated a ton of virtue signaling jerks. Then, Pres. Trump and we the people get the last laugh.

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      • trshack says:

        The flub was not actually Beatty’s. He was given the wrong envelope. That’s why he hesitated before handing it off to Faye, who read the wrong winner.

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        • DGinGA says:

          I saw a close-up of the red envelope and right on the front it said Best Actress. The card inside that both Beatty and Dunaway were reading from said Emma Stone with La La Land printed beneath it. You would think that with both actors having a chance to look at it before announcing at least one of them would be sober enough to realize they had the wrong envelope. Apparently they were not.

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    • Fe says:

      Bravo MoniQue! The best part of your report is this: “Trump is Teflon Don for a reason: he was chosen and anointed to lead America into the new era. As it is written: “Do not touch My anointed ones, or harm My prophets” [Psalms 105:15]”

      Amen and Amen!!!!!

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Dunaway and Beatty looked about as bad as Bonnie and Clyde at the end of that movie.
      I guess the Russians ruined the Oscars this year.
      It heard that it was confirmed by an anonymous source.
      So it must be true.

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    • Scarlet says:

      It’s all too beautiful…the arrogance, the entitlement, the holier than though , the smugness….but…no…now they’re chastised…reaffirmed that they’re dispensable. Ordinary, uneducated and overpaid . I cannot lose memory of them fast enough. Loses…pretenders…charades….all of them. Dispensable. Irrelevant.

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      • olderwiser21 says:

        It really is incredible what great opinions they all have of themselves. You’d think they would have figured out by now that none of us care what they think. After all, their public service messages against our President Trump were soooooooooo effective. Ordinary, uneducated, IMMORAL and overpaid – perfect descriptions of the Hollywood weirdos.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      A few weeks ago i did tell someone that the winners would probably have a lot to do with black actors &/or directors.

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    • I never watched the Oscars or other red carpet award events (Golden Globes, ets). But I used to traditionally tune in for Joan and Melissa Rivers follow-on mockery of the best and worst dressed. Amazing, this year its as though those two never existed.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Very very good analysis. I didn’t watch it. Thank you for the excellent report. Indeed, God acts in strange ways.


  2. All publicity is good publicity right? Lol


  3. History Teaches says:

    The Golden Age of American film (20s thru 40s approx ) were very often highly patriotic. The “studio moguls” were all essentially (legal according to the laws at the turn of the 19th century) immigrants. They valued America and idealized the moral and cultural backbone of their new country. Especially compared to the horrors (especially anti-Semitic) that they left behind. Those values permeated into the movies resonated like no era since. Many Hollywood executives were deeply involved in politics, mostly Republican. Some was for personal and business interests but the patriotic sentiment was genuine.

    The link below is an hour documentary highlighting the book of the same name. The book is much more substantive but the video is also instructive.


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    • fuzzi says:

      Oh, that’s nice, an anti-Semitic video entitled “Empire of Their Own – Jews and Hollywood” posted by “RadicalAyran? I’ll pass.


  4. Trump's Aussie Mates says:

    How long before someone (like Don Lemon or Jake Tapper) accuses Russians of hacking the Oscars under direction of WH?

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  5. NHVoter says:

    Love this.

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  6. james23 says:

    If Horrywood disappeared overnight tonight, would anyone care? My life would be no worse off, and the nation would prosper by their absence.

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  7. R-C says:

    Dear Hollywood Crazies,

    Your entire industry is irrelevant. YOU are irrelevant–each and every one of you. You are paid exorbitant amounts of money to read words written by others in a convincing manner. That minor skill does not make you an ‘expert’ on anything, other than reading the words written by others in a convincing manner. Just be happy that somebody, somewhere, considers your ability to read the words written by others in a convincing manner to be worth the millions upon millions you are paid, and call it ‘good’. (I don’t consider your ‘skills’ to be worth all that much. Be glad I’m not writing your paychecks.)

    We, the People, neither need, nor want your counsel.

    To paraphrase the great Laura Ingraham, “Shut Up and Act!”

    Signed, The American People

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  8. andi lee says:

    The best picture goes to…Kelvin!

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  9. Bonitabaycane says:

    The Oscars: Very Fake Awards. 🙂

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  10. sagatel says:

    mutual a–s kissing

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  11. muffyroberts says:

    Poor old Hollywood.
    Albuquerque is the new film capital of the world.
    The beauty of it is, no one living in Albuquerque cares.

    The “movie stars” are going to be hard pressed, to find someone who wants their autograph here, especially in Taos.

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  12. lbmomblog says:

    Oscars? … Just another opportunity for me to exercise the Power of My Remote. I love the awesome power with a push of a button, at any given moment I can “Flip” someone off…just like that. And, I do.

    I flip it every time a commercial comes on I don’t like, I flip it when a preview of a show or a news segment I don’t like, I flip it at any given moment and I love it.

    🙂 Happy Flippin Treeper 🙂

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  13. jbrickley says:

    You know, actors and musicians never used to be taken so seriously. Once enormous sums of money came into play and the glamour and glitz then the populous became enamored. But it wasn’t the person they liked it was the characters they portrayed on the silver screen or the songs.

    A lot of people just like to look at the rich and famous and admire their lives and lifestyle. The characters are created by writers but no one pays any attention to the writers. The songs are often times written by someone else rather than the performer. The public falls in love with the songs and the characters portrayed by actors. But they know nothing of the real person behind it. A vast number of these performers are actually manufactured by the industry. Did you notice that your musical tastes haven’t changed since young adulthood and that you just don’t buy music like you used to? It’s that demographic of the young that the music industry pursues because that’s who is buying the music. Same with movie theater tickets. The older you are the more likely you’ll just wait to watch the movie at home.

    I have a lot more respect and admiration for a hard working person who succeeds in life. One who excels in success, in raising a family and successful happy children. I don’t consider actors, musicians, or sports stars to be heroes. They are just people who are vastly overpaid yet entertaining. I could give too hoots about their political opinion or their world view. I still like the characters they portray and the music they perform. America was so great in the past that we have immense leisure time for entertainment. It started out as a brief escape from reality but it’s progressed to an outright obsession for some. American’s rarely ate at restaurants and when they did, they dressed for dinner as it was a special occasion. The Greatest Generation was too busy working hard and struggling every day for decades to provide for their families. My great grandfather dropped out of school at age 12 to help support his eight siblings and his alcoholic mother after his father abandoned the family. He struggled his whole life but was very successful despite his disadvantages. He was far from stupid, the man taught himself calculus and trigonometry. He built his own ham radios. He became an electrician. He was able to have a comfortable retirement and spent time keeping himself busy with projects. Can anyone today imagine the struggles someone like that must have endured, including the Great Depression and WWII?

    As of late, I am just turning off the picture box, appreciating instrumental music, while sipping an aged single malt scotch and curling up with a good book and a warm beagle sleeping in my lap. The Oscars that I never watched not having an impact at all on me whatsoever. Excuse me, the beagle needs me to scratch an itch behind her ear.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      This is so interesting. The culture is so out of whack praising actors who do not write and singers who don’t compose. Hollywood means very little to me, too. Real life goes on.

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      • DGinGA says:

        These days a lot of the singers can’t even sing. They have to use electronic microphones that automatically correct the pitch of the singer’s voice before it comes out of the speakers.

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  14. teaforall says:

    Hollywood can not even put together a Award show without flopping. No wonder the movies crash and burn. Oh what a night for Hollywood. BURN BABY BURN

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    • 2x4x8 says:

      you are close

      how “it goes” is Trump does or says something, then he gets attacked, then something happens that supports Trump

      example: Trump announces Presidential run and says Mexicans crossing the border are rapist and murders, a couple weeks later Kate Steinle is killed by one


      last month at the Golden Globes Awards, Meryl Streep trasahed Trump, at the Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel recognizes Meryl Streep, then the Best Picture award gets messed up

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  15. Wolfgang says:

    I believe we should all make the firm resolution to boycott all Hollywood movie and TV programming. It is all trash. Even the “best” of it tends to rot the Christian soul.

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  16. bulwarker says:

    Whats so hard about not making it political? Get a classy host who knows boundaries, (like Michael Jordan understood and once said “Republicans buy sneakers too”). Better yet, if you wanna inject politics, why not have a liberal and conservative hosting to play off each other?

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  17. amanda4321 says:

    Al-Qaeda Gets An Oscar

    One of this years prices went to a fake “documentary” about a fake “rescuer” group which makes and distributes fake videos, staged photos and fake victims of the war on Syria. These al-Qaeda propaganda sidekicks, the White Helmets, are a British disinformation operation that is financed by more than $100 million of U.S. and UK taxpayer money. Its general task is to convince the “western” public that the war on Syria is justified because of the “cruelty of the Syrian government” which the fakes intend to establish in the mind of its consumers.

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  18. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    All of you Liberal Democrats will go down in history as the most evil party ever formed. You will
    never regain power again after these evil acts towards the Republican President Donald J. Trump.

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  19. In Az says:

    I never watched the Oscars, ever. Or any award garbage put on by Hollywierd.

    The one thing I did enjoy watching regarding the Oscars was Joan Rivers on the Red Carpet, interviewing the hack actors, and talking about the designer dresses and tuxedos worn by the hack actors. Joan Rivers was hilarious.

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  20. Sandra says:

    down 4 and 13 percent from last year’s Chris Rock-hosted outing, which recorded eight-year lows.

    So maybe this year it was a 10 year low? I sure hope so. I boycotted all awards shows, including the Oscars. I hope most of the rest of you did too. I understand if some of you are big film buffs and have a hard time boycotting. But I think if most of us boycotted then we had a good effect.

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    • Sandra says:

      LA Times says 9 year low. 🙂 That’s pretty good. High five everyone. 🙂

      It was the smallest Oscars audience since 2008 and the third consecutive year that ratings have dropped. Among the explanations: the lateness of the show and the high number of nominations for smaller-budget films. The promise of strong criticism of President Trump from the Oscars participants may also have put off some viewers.

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      • Sandra says:

        USA Today says “After the flub, Oscars ratings flirt with record low ratings”

        Preliminary national ratings, adjusted for time zones across the country, revealed 32.9 million viewers tuned in Sunday night to the nearly four-hour ceremony on ABC […] That’s just a shade above the record-low turnout of 32 million logged in 2008, in the middle of a writers’ strike that crippled Hollywood.


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        • 2x4x8 says:

          the “flub” reminds me a bit of the Presidential election, everyone is convinced before the vote that La La Land (Hillary) would win, then a stunned audience is informed otherwise

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    • darththulhu says:

      I’m a huge film buff … and I checked Wikipedia after the fact, then watched a YouTube of the epic botch, and that was it.

      Just because I like (some of) the films, doesn’t mean I have to support the self-serving agitprop of some overpampered mega-corporate drones.

      And it was the 2nd worst viewership *EVER*. 2008 was a worst-in-all-history low. The show regularly had viewership in the high 40+ millions throughout the 70s and 80s, back when the country’s population was significantly smaller.

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      • Sandra says:

        The media seems reluctant to point out that fact, that it was the second worst ever rating. They don’t want to admit that maybe the Trump supporter boycott actually had an effect. If it weren’t for the stupid political crap I would have watched. I usually don’t see new films but I still like to watch the awards and sometimes I will watch a film after it has been nominated or won an award.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      I boycotted all the awards shows as well – have done so for years now. I cannot stand to watch these people congratulate themselves. I think most of America is so done with them all. I don’t go to the movies much anymore either. These people hold no attraction for me now….

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  21. sagatel says:

    ”All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”…Shakespeare


  22. yardman says:

    I’m trying to think of all the different awards shows there are…… Emmys, Oscars Tonis, Grammys, Golden Globes and so on, Never watch any of them .


  23. Beverly says:

    Never heard of “Moonlight” before, so I looked it up. And it all became clear to me: Mau-mauing works, mon. Here’s a bit of the Wikipedia article about it. The Hollywood crowd checked All the Sacred Diversity boxes.

    The film’s editor, Joi McMillon, became the first black woman to be nominated for an editing Oscar (alongside co-editor Nat Sanders), and Ali became the first Muslim to win an acting Oscar. Moonlight also became both the first film with an all black cast and the first LGBT film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

    “La La Land,” OTOH, was criticized by the usual jerks for being “too white.” So they had no chance in Today’s Hollywood. Good grief. Whatever happened to merit alone?

    One other thing: no one “wins” the Oscar any more. The Oscar only “goes to” the recipient. Notice when they took “winning” out of the dialogue? they weren’t kidding. Of course, the Awards have always had a good amount of politicking, but it’s really more blatant than ever.

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    • Beverly says:

      All that said, I haven’t seen any of the movies, so maybe the black/moslem/gay movie really WAS the best picture.


    • Lulu says:

      They also added a bunch of new younger non-white academy voters


      • 2x4x8 says:

        yep, kinda like Democrat/Obama/Politics if a Red State is not voting Democrat, then need to airlift some Refugees and Illegal Aliens into their States to fix it

        Business have had to add Diversity Departments to force employment of otherwise less qualified over the more qualified


      • larry outlaw says:

        Yea, remember last year,the black actors were all upset because,they didn`t win. To much BS.


    • Sandra says:

      I’m getting tired of black films about the black “struggle”. I would watch black films if they were about normal stuff, you know? But it seems like they are always about kids from the ‘hood, drug dealers, gang bangers, prison inmates, slaves, servants, etc. Something different which just popped into my head are some TV shows like Girlfriends and Living Single. They were about blacks but none of them had that stereotypical stuff going on. They were working people, living normal lives, having fun, having relationships, etc. Girlfriends is actually a really great show because it combines comedy and serious drama and the actresses are all great.


  24. Patriot1783 says:

    Geez, was there any vetting of these “tourists” under safety measures for anyone that was there that night? 3 days just released from prison after doing 20 years for felonies?


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