Tom Cotton Thwacks Chuck Todd On Noggin With Silver Spoon…

Senator Tom Cotton was recruited by Deep State as leverage against The Big Club. However, that reality accepted, there are times when the Deep State operatives can be useful against Swamp Media.


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80 Responses to Tom Cotton Thwacks Chuck Todd On Noggin With Silver Spoon…

  1. wolfmoon1776 says:

    The insufferable Chuck Toad.

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  2. Disgusted says:

    As far as I know, this idiotic (on both sides) non- news nothingness was televised on February 26, 2017. Can this nonsense about “investigating” Trump and Russian interference in the election STILL be carrying on by BOTH sides? I see no appropriate outrage from Cotton. Why did he sit there and allow it to continue? He was NOT helpful. Not of any use at all. Wish he’d get speech therapy and learn how to pronounce “Washington” correctly, also. Thanks.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      “I see no appropriate outrage from Cotton [or fill-in-the-blank]. Why did he sit there and allow it to continue?”

      Ah, the question I’ve been asking for 20 years.

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    • Sue in MT says:

      Wasn’t Cotton at the infamous NeverTrump meeting a while back? Nuff said.

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      • Summer says:

        Yes, and so was Price, who is now in charge of “healthcare” in the Trump Administration.

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      • Americat says:

        At those Never-Trump meetings (Sea Island, Colorado, North Eastern Lodge) that Tom Cotton attended, we wonder if Cotton was appointed to be a Psychological Tool to woo Trump voters, replace him in 2020, and then proceed to do the Globalists’ bidding. To us, Cotton’s wild antics and political positions, perfectly timed to parrot Pres/Candidate Trump, are suspect.

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    • Howie says:

      He is Uniparty. They are going to use every procedure, technicality, obscure regulation, anything at all, they can muster up to take our president out. Cotton is what I call a ‘smiling cobra.’ i don’t believe a word he say.

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    • PNWLifer says:

      Given how little we trust our elected, officials outrage from any is suspect. We don’t really take it seriously, do we? So what would Cotton’s outrage accomplish except to create a story about his outrage? But aside from that what I liked was Cotton essentially saying about #veryfakenew CNN “well let’s take the story at face value” (which he said twice) the FBI told the White House there wasn’t anything to the Russian story, then of course Reince asked for help getting that word out there and wouldn’t that be a normal thing to do? Doesn’t sound nefarious then, does it?

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  3. Howie says:

    Globaloney. Two shills shilling. Declass all this pap.

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  4. jmclever says:

    I truly enjoy someone who does not let the gaslighting liberal media walk all over them.

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    • Howie says:

      This to me is absurd. Babbling about what? Classified baloney, that should not be classed, that can not be openly discussed, only left hanging in the wind for their own ulterior motives.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Yes, he didn’t whack Cheek Toad in the face enough with that one. He gave him a few love snaps, but nothing like he could have.

        I think Toad was fishing for the edges of classified info, and I appreciate Cotton not letting himself get “Ivanka-ed” like KAC did with Mindy McTreason, but still – Cotton could have excoriated the press just a we bit at several points where he RINO-retreated.

        My sense it that Issa and Cotton are of the “we had our turn with fake hearings – it’s only fair that the Democrats get their fake hearings, too” mindset.


  5. quintrillion says:

    the whole terminology is misinformation.
    It is not health care.
    It is costly insurance for treatment of illness or accidents.

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  6. Sloth1963 says:

    Q: How much longer is Chuckles going to keep up with the Russia crap?

    A: As long as the guy with his arm up Chuckles’ back side wants him to.

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  7. paulraven1 says:

    To quote another steel-spined, fire-breathing Republican… “why, it’s almost like McCarthyism.”

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  8. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Gruber me once…

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  9. ZurichMike says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah . . . . . . Chuck kept being knocked off balance and changed the subject, which didn’t lead to any kind of understanding. At the end of the clip, I have really no idea what he asked, why he asked, why he thought it was important, or what the “next steps” are.

    I give it a 20-second open-mouth yawn on the “Who cares?” scale.

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  10. Howie says:

    Our intel committees are stacked with globalist shills. They will do the bidding of their masters.

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  11. Sandra-VA says:

    I thought Cotton did a good job politely shutting Chucky up. If you pay attention, he even says there is nothing there to indicate there was contact between the campaign and putin. So, let them investigate… I have a feeling they might find that the “contact” was actually on the other side of the aisle 😉

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  12. andi lee says:

    Apparently, Senator Cotton has ties to Senator McCain’s NGO “International Republican Institute.”

    Canada grants IRI $8M annual, if I’m reading link right.

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  13. willvecchio says:

    Is the IRI a mini Clinton Foundation?


  14. Archie says:

    Cotton is very dangerous. Politics is a struggle to impose your sides’ views on the other side. Politicians are never neutral on important issues so if someone is putting on a show of being ‘fair’ like Cotton is doing then I smell a rat. He was making some good points but he was being very ‘UniParty gentlemanly’ which means he is acting. I had 35 years of false fronts being put up by the GOP and that is enough for me.

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    • Sentient says:

      I think he believes what he says. He’s just too much of a neocon for my liking.


    • maiingankwe says:

      Archie, I agree, I do not trust Cotton whatsoever, especially his ties with McCain and being the director of IRI, which unfortunately I had not known about until now.

      There was a time when I had been easily fooled by this man. Who would’ve thought a Veteran of his standing would so easily turn traitor? Wasn’t he a Green Beret? I’m sorry, but I’m not completely sure, all I know is he is a Veteran who has fought for our country. It really saddens me a person of his caliber could so easily disregard the American people for the globalist dream.

      The light turned on for me when he became a never trumper. I would’ve thought if he was who he truly claimed to be, he’d be all about President Trump during the campaign. He should’ve been whooping and hollering along with jumping up and down with a candidate like Trump, especially being a Veteran who has seen battle first hand. At least the light has shone on many of our betrayers. Otherwise, I’d still be in the dark and fooled.

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      • Americat says:

        Agree,; When Cotton surfaced as a Never Trumper…
        Our eyes were opened to his deceit!
        And now to find out linked to McCain and Director IRI… YIKES!

        Lately we have noticed Cotton is once again using old photos from his military years… he is in full military uniform.
        Years ago, that encouraged us to donate to him…
        but now we wonder if Cotton… a creature of the Uniparty / Globalists…
        is using these photos as psychological tools to gain our trust and votes.


        • LEET says:

          That makes the most sense to me. They need to walk a tightrope of obeying their globalists masters and staying electable with the people, so they go out and throw some crumbs to those who are more informed than the average person and we stop and think, wow maybe he really is on our side, maybe he really is for the American people. Haven’t we seen this scenario play out over and over and over again. SICK to death of the betrayal.


      • R-C says:

        Tom Cotton was an infantry officer, not a Green Beret. Served in the 3rd US Infantry (The Old Guard), which is the Regiment most people associate with the sentinels at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Also served as an infantry officer in Iraq.

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  15. Sentient says:

    If we’re not going to address medical monopolies, fake billing and prohibitions against pharmaceutical reimportation, we might as well not do anything about medical care. Might as well just concede that wir sind gefickt.

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  16. Summer says:

    How about a special prosecutor for Crooked Hillary?

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  17. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Unnamed sources have revealed that Chuck Todd uses the little girl’s room.


  18. Wow, you can’t believe anyone any more.


  19. Yeah it sure seems shocking that the President might be contacting the FBI. Who does he think he is anyway? The Chief Executive or something. We need to appoint an independent investigator to see if Trump has anything to do with Russians invading Korea, or Guam possibly flipping over to the B-Side.
    NBC News: more Americans trust NBC News than trust what they read on bathroom stalls at gas stations off the freeway.

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  20. Peter says:

    My problem with Cotton, Amash , Cruz, Levin, et al these perfect “conservatives” is their arrogance and idiotic ignorance of not understanding we voted 3/4 election cycles – not for the conservative brand but for the strength and ability to actually get it done.

    No “conservative” could do what trump is doing – he is so much bigger than the ideology, but they are too stuck in what they have been taught a conservative is supposed to be instead of the gift Trump has created for them…

    A movement.

    Show him some GD respect! But they can’t do that b/c he tweets or some awful insult to their ability to breath. It’s disgusting and harmful to the cause. If Jesus Christ were walking among us he would not be a perfect conservative, you fools. You just know these jackasses would be the ones yelling “crucify him!” Just dumb.

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  21. Thorfinnr says:

    Still on about the Russia is the enemy/they interfered with our elections crap. Nothing about us interfering with Ukraine’s. Staging the overthrow of the elected government there. Wikileaks revelations about the CIA and French elections has gone down the memory hole. GOPe Cotton is glad to play along. I get the feeling the President is getting squeezed REAL hard on foreign policy by characters like Cotton (I can be a friend to you in your domestic agenda if you’ll give in on our Putin is the enemy stance). Hope POTUS knows they only have one endgame, and that is war with Russia.


  22. Bob Thoms says:

    NBC; carrying the water to protect Clinton-Obama……the set up = special prosecutor against Trump for Russian connections Vs special prosecutor against Clinton-Obama for email scandal….either both or neither, a false choice.


  23. Duhders says:

    Health care affordability is an impossibility…curiously I didn’t hear that uttered before or during the failing of Obamacare. Biased much, Chuck Todd?


  24. Glenn Stehle says:

    Under the feckless bumbler Obama, and his entirely too cozy relationship with the idiotic neocons and liberal internationalists (can we say Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio?), anti-nuke zealots and leave-it-in-the-ground fanatics, Russia took names and kicked a$$ in the Middle East.

    The colossal blunders of the Uniparty over the past few decades make it all that much more important for it to cast Trump — and his alleged complicity with Putin — as the cause of Russia’s burgeoning success story.

    The hunt for scapegoats is on.

    How Russia Is Using Oil Deals To Secure Its Influence In The Middle East

    A string of oil deals between Russian oil companies and Arab petrostates have shifted the center of political gravity in the Middle East and North Africa towards Moscow – counteracting the effect of decades of American military and political involvement as U.S…..

    The…Middle East and North Africa…is brimming with proven fossil fuel reserves, and Putin has used his massive state-owned energy companies to carve out political opportunities in vulnerable and stable Arab nations….

    The continuation of President Bashar Al Assad’s regime is all but guaranteed thanks to Russian political maneuvering…and the Russian military’s contribution in the fall of several rebel strongholds in major Syrian cities.

    According to Sputnik, which quoted Dmitry Sablin, Assad told a visiting Russian delegation of lawmakers this week that neither Iran nor China has companies with a worldwide reputation in the oil and gas sector like Russia has. Therefore, Assad “sees only the work of Russian companies”, Sablin said….

    Russia doubled down on its energy investments in [Egypt], offering $25 billion to build a 1,200 MW nuclear power plant over 12 years….

    “The NPP construction project in El Dabaa near Alexandria is important in itself and it is a much more significant project in positive terms than return of Russian tourists to Egypt,” Egyptian Professor and energy strategist Tarek Heggy said in an interview with TASS this week. “The Mediterranean gas will be enough to cover national demand for the next 30-35 years; therefore it is highly important to start building the NPP now in order to provide ourselves with electric power after that.”….

    Most recently, Rosneft moved into Iraq and Libya, expanding its footprint in two Middle Eastern countries with weak domestic stability just recovering from years of civil strife.

    “We need the assistance and investment of major international oil companies to reach our production goals and stabilize our economy,” NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla said this week in an official statement….

    By taking over part of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s distribution burden, Russia is helping the semi-autonomous zone bypass potential hurdles with Baghdad… With a new ally in Russia, the KRG can devise new ways to get their oil products out without having to negotiate with the Iraqi government, buttressed by the U.S.


  25. georgiafl says:

    Cotton and Todd = Equally creepy, equally disingenuous, equally untrustworthy.

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    • woohoowee says:

      And the town halls mentioned in the clip SD posted were “organized”. We have immediate family both just a tad north and south of where Cotton held his and per them there was heavy organizing going on for that one. Also, if you watch video of Cotton’s town hall you’ll see an immigrant using her small, U.S. born daughter as both a sword and a shield to stay here. It is sickening. Disgusting. Immoral. Horrifying. You name it. I have a feeling the immigration legislation Cotton has been working on is really a front for more H1B’s and, sure enough, it was the H1B’s the histrionic freak using her own child was shrieking about.

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  26. maga2016 says:

    CNN has not one single talking head with integrity

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  27. Meatzilla says:

    Tom Cotton has turned out to be just another playah of a tool which is very disappointing, to say the least, but at least he gets some righteous digs in every now and then. I suppose.

    But, let us not forget another rousing ‘Tea-Party darling’ whom has certainly been just another playah — although this Congresscritter has been keeping a very, very low profile since the swearing in. This Congresscritter’s first official act upon swearing in was to vote for John Boehner for another term as Speaker despite his long endured by us all terrible no good case of flaming RINO-itis. This Congresscritter’s second official act hot on the heels of the first was to join the Congressional Black Caucus. Ostensibly to ‘dismantle/change the CBC from the inside out’, but quite obviously that was all just lip service [go figure]. Just another tool for bamboozling useful idiots and for diminishing the Republican party and any agenda item not deemed sanctified by the GOP’s Eye of Providence.

    Utah Rep. Mia Love described President-elect Donald Trump as “subpar” during the election season, and she proudly boasts that she didn’t vote for him. She also boycotted the Republican Convention in protest of Donald Trump — who would indeed ultimately be selected as the GOP nominee at that convention despite her outrageous act of abandonment. She’s been flying under the radar so well for so long that as a freshman Congresscritter she must be getting some valuable assistance and sage advice from folk with much experience and knowledge of the lay of the land. What do you wanna bet she’ll spring forth like a trapdoor spider at some point — when she’s the most useful tool at the most opportune moment. Never Forget!


  28. jbrickley says:

    Chucky needs to stop drooling in anticipation during interviews, it’s unbecoming. He looks like a dog in heat…


  29. artichoke says:

    Sounds like they could end up investigating the Russian contacts with Hillary Clinton. And her sale of our uranium to Russia, etc.


  30. Mike diamond says:

    Chuck tod or tod chuck,this dude is a cheerleader for the Demo-rats ! He is fake news!


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