President Trump Weekly Address – February 25th, 2017

President Donald Trump weekly address.


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64 Responses to President Trump Weekly Address – February 25th, 2017

  1. President Trump has ANOTHER card to play in taking down the BIG CLUB (Uniparty Politicians, Global Corporations and USCOC):
    [Repost from Presidential thread]

    BRAND them RACIST against Black & Hispanic Citizens!
    • Exporting Factories to REPLACE Minority Citizen Jobs with cheaper Foreign Labor
    • Importing Immigrants & Visa Holders to DISPLACE Minority Citizen Jobs
    • Delaying ObamaCare Repeal & Replace to END Corporate Health Care Costs and REPLACE Union Health Care Commitments by FLEECING Citizens
    • Obstructing job-funding Corporate Tax Cuts and life-improving Individual Tax Cuts to FUND DONOR-DRAFTED TAX BREAKS and MONOPOLY-ENABLING REGULATION

    NO level of Pay-to-Play Donations can recover these VOTES!

    President Trump’s Weekly Address gives us an early “hint”:

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  2. I think Trump will knit 3 parallel Initiatives for Citizens & Cities (benefiting all communities, classes and ethnicities):
    • 1 – Transition from Welfare to Workfare, eliminating Fatherless-Family and Dependent-Children incentives (unifying families at affordable sizes), converting to Time-Limited Welfare (covering all government payouts, to end the ability to make it a way of life), and introducing a Retraining Program jointly-funded by government and industry (transitioning people who lose their Jobs or consume their Welfare)
    • 2 – Creation of School Choice with Funds-that-Follow the Student to use for Non-Public and Religious Schools that are rated for Graduation Rates, Employment Rates and Non-Criminal Rates (reflecting Instilled Values)
    • 3 – Crack-Down on Crime, Drugs, Gangs and Cartels with Frill-Free and Work-Required Incarceration (productive skills, incomes for premium food and phone time, and eventual work ethics), followed by Rehabilitation (e.g., Vo-Tech training and Apprenticeships)

    These initiatives will combine with State-City-Corporate Economic Development Incentives to attract Employers to safer communities with educated and employable workers

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    • The Devilbat says:

      Well said. You should apply for a job as presidential advisor. I like your ideas and I truly hope that President Trump is on the same track.

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      • School “choice” is one of those “sounds really nice” programs. Can anyone think of a better way to get federal dollars into our private school system? Can anyone think this is a good idea given that thought?
        Better idea is to get out of the education business totally! This is the one department that with a stoke of the pen could be gone and everyone would benefit immediately.

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        • jdvalk says:

          Agreed. Look at how many Gulen Islamic educatIon centers are around, and who knows where the money will end up if fed dollars and majorly funneled to such things.

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          • jdvalk says:

            “if fed dollars ARE funneled to such things.”


          • Deb says:

            Most school choice programs are run by the individual states and school districts.

            The biggest change Trump brings is that he is not beholden to the NEA. He won’t stand in the way of “school choice” being implemented in places like DC and NYC like the Democrats do.


        • WSB says:

          There should be no Federal dollars; however, there are public charter schools as well as private. This is another mine field that must be negotiated. Shell games are shell games and must be shut down.


          • Buzzybee says:

            Absolutely correct. Federal dollars are the camel’s nose under the tent and always but always come with strings attached. Tax credits and leaving it to the states is the best way to go IMO. There has long been far too much power hungry elitism going on usurping the rights of families to raise their own children as they see fit without the power of the state poking its nose in every time a child screams over a popped balloon. The legislative power of social engineering has got to be nipped in the bud. So we can breathe.


        • Aparition42 says:

          Unfortunately the Department of Education was created by congressional law, not executive order, so it really can’t be completely gotten rid of without congress repealing the law. As great as he is, President Trump really can’t do it alone.


        • Aparition42 says:

          A lot of small towns only have one school within an hour of the child’s home. What good is this “choice” going to do them? Conservatives need to take over the education system from the inside out starting with the universities where new teachers are taught. Until that happens though, home school is the only way to be 100% sure what your children are learning.

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        • dalethorn says:

          Somebody has to set standards of some kind, if for no other reason than we do NOT want entire school systems teaching radical Leftist stuff to ANY student.


          • buzzybee says:

            The whole public education system is a tangled mess. It’s true that Trump cannot fix things alone. REAL school choice (where parents may have a choice as to where their kids attend school) is one option, but not the only one. Homeschooling and private schooling are choices, but should not be linked to federal dollars IMO. Tax credits, where the feds cannot dictate to home schoolers or private schools is the safest IMO. Tax reform in general is a good start. Tax relief will hopefully naturally give families sufficient relief, at least in some instances, to be able to choose better schools. In our state, administrators get golden parachutes and public school districts are top heavy. Now the left is crying for more tax dollars to improve academic quality. Fat chance. Not in Oregon. We don’t need more federal or state nannies to tell us how to raise our kids. And we don’t need more admin getting rich off us serfs. We need regulatory relief and tax relief. And true scholastic integrity/academic quality. Unfortunately a big ship turns verrrry slowly.


    • pyromancer76 says:

      Both posts above, BlackKnightRides, are right on. Please send them to President Trump.

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    • That sounds awesome!

      Reality is going to be so far below that, it will be depressing.

      Can you imagine the African-American, 450 lb mother of 12, from 12 baby daddies, that has never worked a day in her life, did not graduate 5th grade, without an attitude, being able to fill out an application, pass a BG check, speak proper English, show respect, and show up to work? If you can, you have never been to a Motor Vehicles Division office, or a Post Office, or any other place where AA is enforced.

      This is expected in America, with white people, but to expect that AA people will follow through with the social contract is waaayyycist!! Not going to happen, ever.

      The cool part of Trump saying and doing these things, is that after 4 more years of subsidizing the AA community to the tune of another $500B or so of tax payer money, the AA community will finally be out of excuses as to why they can’t get their collective crap together and make something of themselves.

      And before any one wants to tear into me….I don’t care about your Virtue Signalling. ZFG.
      The future of our Country is at stake.

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  3. It’s totally awesome being an American Citizen who voted for our President Donald Trump! VERY PROUD OF HIM!

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  4. tampa2 says:

    Mohammed Ali, Frederick Douglas, Martin Luther King… Oops… Forgot Obama?

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  5. Stephan says:

    It’s Perez


  6. lin says:

    This was one of his most inspiring Addresses. Just love the President. He will do what he says he will do and he needs the support of all of us because of the blocking being done by the Democratic Slave Owners…..who enslave everyone.
    This is to Black History Month – thank you for the contributions.

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  7. Disgusted says:

    Haven’t we done this over and over and over about “Black Contributors, Black History”? If I were black I’d be pretty upset, thinking “Why do you all keep this up? Why aren’t we just like everyone else, and if you thought we were, you’d stop dragging the same four names from the last 100 years into the conversation. Why doesn’t this happen for whites, asian, etc. LIke you all think it is so AMAZING a few black people stood up and did something. STOP making our children think there have only been a few of us!” O.K. That’s just me,and don’t even get me started about Affirmative Action! The biggest insult to a race of perfectly capable human beings ever! NOW let’s hear about Ben Carson for a bit. Let’s get him approved and let him start working like the superstar he is!

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    • Even the bastion of phake liberal insanity himself, Morgan Freeman, is sick of “black” history month and all the “black” everything else. It seriously makes no sense whatsoever, not to mention there would be hell to pay if we started up “white” colleges, a “white” congressional caucus, etc.

      If we are going to end the madness, let’s actually end the madness.

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      • Not going to happen. My dear friend, a Native American, just told me that her grandson will be attending a so-called “heritage school”, i.e., school for Native American kids only. Every minority victim wants the option for an All-(minority) education.

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      • And we come full circle. Segregation. This time desired by the “oppressed”. If only it were not already against the law! So much for all the Civil Rights fought against the Evil Whitey!

        I am of the inclination to not interfere with my enemies when they are making mistakes. We shall see how far this can go and how far this leads shortly. I FULLY support safe space for the snowflakes. Oh, as long as they no longer qualify for ANY public assistance.

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    • wtd says:

      Yes, this was done stated by prior administrations many times. The difference being, this is President Trump stating it while actually working towards fulfilling his promises.
      True, this plays into identity politics. However, if played right, President Trump’s efforts could neuter the need for it.

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  8. Bill Brown says:

    Black History Month is the racism of low expectations.

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  9. markstoval says:

    “mporting Immigrants & Visa Holders to DISPLACE Minority Citizen Jobs”

    This is an important issue. The blacks have been voting Democratic since LBJ bought their votes and they are worse off as a group than they were then according to many economists. (not to mention the black family was totally destroyed)

    But there is more. Even the people coming in to do the jobs cheap want their own children and grandchildren to have “the good life” with good jobs. So if the cheap labor keeps coming, even the children of the those cheap laborers are screwed. It is a Ponzi scheme to keep ALL people down.

    People of all kinds are losing out in this crazy globalist scheme to enrich the already filthy rich. Trump needs to communicate that to the black community — possibly though the black churches that he has had some luck with in the past. And he needs to tell the Latino community also.

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  10. Bill Brown says:

    Interesting, my comments on two threads going into moderation. Is it something I said?

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  11. youme says:

    House Democrats plan to troll Trump at big speech
    Lawmakers are inviting ‘Dreamers,’ Muslim-Americans and others to his joint address before Congress on Tuesday.

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    • Paul Killinger says:

      Good. After they run their mindless mouths for a bit to show themselves as the fools they are, the Sergeant at Arms can remove them from the gallery.

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      • benifranlkin says:

        Yup..that’ll be the best part of the evening…even better if they drag out Maxine Scumbag Waters, Sheila The Hat Jackson-Lee and Congressman Star Trek with them……wonder if the Khan man “I get a finders fee for getting illegal immigrants housing” will be there

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Interesting. Since the Maxine Waters gang in Congress considers President Trump and his Cabinet ‘a bunch of scumbags’ it’s amazing they’d want their dear little Dreamers exposed, including those ‘children’ that slipped over the border but who are in their 20’s and 30’s. As usual, the Democrat Party uses people as pawns and sadly, we have people willing to be used or to have their children used.

      I hope President Trump has a large contingent of parents and families from The Remembrance Project as guests and introduces them, ignoring the Dem’s and their commitment to illegal behavior. Maybe if they’d pay attention with an open mind and get off their incessant impeachment kick they’d know that the so-called Dreamers aren’t going to be deported.

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    • filia.aurea says:

      Typical behavior, designed to deceive. How many people know “dreamer” status was extended to 30 yr. old adults? I don’t imagine we’ll see any of them.

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  12. Thorfinnr says:

    A great many African-Americans in the South are socially conservative. President Trump appears to be going for the strategic throat, something GOPe candidates dedicated to playing the management vs labor, good cop/bad cop game are incapable of. Helps that the Hollywood left is so completely committed to every moral offense possible.

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  13. ScarletPimpernel says:

    I like these weekly addresses to the American People. Very Presidential.

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  14. Maquis says:

    Listening to President Trump is as comforting, inspiring, and uplifting, as listening to President Ronald Reagan. I never thought such a thing possible. Simply amazing.

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  15. Disgusted says:

    It’s almost midnight, or The Witching Hour, when I LOVE shouting this statement out into the universe, the only way I can, from this perch on a branch of the Treehouse tree: SHE isn’t THE PRESIDENT! She isn’t! We got rid of her (we hope) forever!!! SHE ISN’T OUR PRESIDENT! WHOOOOO!

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  16. justfactsplz says:

    I look forward to these weekly addresses where my president talks directly to me about the previous weeks activity. Just to see his face makes me smile. Can you imagine Hildabeast doing that? Thank you God for President Trump.

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  17. Another brilliant move by Trump is nominating Ben Carson to HUD.

    After Trumps first term, when the AA community still has not made a lick of progress to improve their lot in life, despite tons cash, and employment opportunities due to fewer Illegal Aliens stealing jobs, housing, and other opportunities, good Ol’ Dr. Ben will get to explain to all us rubes why. There will be no PC answers available, and Trump will not be to blame. Dr. Carson will have been in control of dispersing AA persons throughout affluent, successful, peaceful white communities for the past 4 years and will have nothing to show for it except the always present property devaluations, rising crime rates, and white flight that has existed since the Great Civil Rights movement.

    This is not racism, this is reality.


  18. Mike diamond says:

    president trump is taking care of business!!! Right on!


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