President Trump Declines Invitation To Media Correspondents Dinner…

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner actually has nothing to do with the White House.  It is an annual dinner the Washington DC Media host to praise themselves, and over the past several years has devolved into a vulgar display of elitism, snobbery and pontificating disconnect. Presidents’ are invited to attend, President Trump has declined:

trump-tweet-whca-3While not a campaign promise, the decision not to attend is another indication that President Trump is listening to the people.  The WHCA snowflake elitism and their ideological alignment with their Hollywood invited guests personifies the DC disconnect.



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407 Responses to President Trump Declines Invitation To Media Correspondents Dinner…

  1. Billydunn says:

    Drain the swamp Mr President, drain the swamp !
    Every government employee you can get rid of is a victory for America.
    Put as many of those American hating O’Bamaites in the soup line as possible, and the country will be a better place.
    Openly working to undermine our President CANNOT be tolerated any longer.
    PLEASE, PLEASE make their heads roll.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      This is great news! Ignore the fools. There is no good reason for Trump to waste his time & energy going into the vipers’ den. Let the media horde of anti-American scum have their sordid little riffraff circus, No one cares about that event, really. _If a journ0list falls in the woods does it make a noise?_

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  2. Truthfilter says:

    If I was 25 years younger, I’d organize a protest against the MSM on the night of this event. We’d descend on D.C. wearing Giant red MAGA caps. We’d block traffic, scream and holler at everybody, set fire to giant hay bales out of hard copies of the NYT and WAPO, burn a few effigies of Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, etc……photoshop images of the protesters and tweet them out claiming that 2 million protesters were there……….

    Nahhhh. I’d be too busy working. I’d simply stop watching or reading their programs and come straight to the Treehouse for my news.

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  3. DGinGA says:

    Isn’t this correspondents’ dinner also an event where everyone roasts the President, and then the President is expected to get up and roast himself? I don’t know why other Presidents ever went, except the ones who were in bed with the media. That’s like asking a Republican President to go to the Oscars.

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    • LCSmom says:

      The media and entertainment leftys love to have these events where they celebrate themselves.

      “Aren’t we wonderful and clever?” they say to each other. What a bunch of elitist losers inside their pretend world where everything revolves around them.

      I hope they continue on in their own bubble while the rest of us get on with the business of MAGA.


    • Mariainohio says:

      I worry that the media will invite Obama, Hillary or both to take his place. It could be the biggest Trump bashing event in history. The Dems could use the event to give much needed enthusiasm to their cause. I have noticed that the media has not said who the keynote speaker will be and that has me a bit worried. Just a thought.


  4. Twin Cities Daydrunk, Deplorable Division says:

    Perfect move by PDT- he was only going to get skewered by all the dweebs at their nerd prom, why go there to be a live target?

    Also, by ignoring the dorkfest, he helps deligitimize their claims of importance and relevancy.


  5. Scarlet says:

    I am very proud of him for not attending. I feel so insulted each year, watching these anti Americans feed their faces with the finest foods and drink, while insulting the very people who work hard to provide the tax money that pays for their indulgent party. Then, they all have the nerve to insult over 50% of the population. I despise them.

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    • marcyo13 says:

      I’m not only proud of Trump for not attending, I think it’s another win for our side. As you say, so sick of watching people who are paid shills of globalists live off the fat of the land, while the rest of us work four jobs to try to get by. Screw them. Why dignify those who are the enemies of the hard working taxpayers who elected Trump?

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  6. QuiteContrary says:

    I’m a big Trump supporter, but I think he should adjust his approach to the media. As it is now, his message is being drowned out by accusations that he’s muzzling the press. Nevermind that Obama wiretapped Fox’s James Rosen, about 20 Associated Press reporters, and one NYT scribe. Let’s not mention that Obama denied the most FOIA requests of any president.

    If Trump is to overcome the media’s propaganda push, he needs to calmly point out and publicize their false statements and questionable “reports” without attacking them personally. They love it when Trump says things like they’re enemies of the people. It gives them cover and allows them to posture about how they stand for press freedom even though they didn’t oppose Obama’s outrageous abuse of the free press. A calm, precise, sustained iteration of the errors and irresponsible reporting given by Trump, Spicer, and the rest of his team will get him much more traction with the American people who don’t pay close attention and so are fooled by the garbage that passes for “reporting” on President Trump.


    • QuiteContrary says:

      Trump could even make a game of it through his twitter account. He could have his Media Boner Award which he bestows upon the most baseless and/or error-ridden report. This could be fleshed out by Spicer, Conway, Priebus, etc., in terms of the specifics. He shouldn’t get mad but instead have a controlled, sustained push to point out the bias and errors. Alternatively, Spokesman Spicer could do this through his twitter, which Trump could retweet. It does them no favors to get angry or exclude the major media from things. That works against them. Trump, like all presidents, can give optional interviews to whomever he wants, but the major players in the White House Press Corps shouldn’t be kept out of the room. It doesn’t help his cause.

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    • we300 says:

      Um, he did overcome the media using his own tactics and bypassing them, speaking directly to us. That’s why he’s president, not The Hag. He doesn’t need the MSM, they’re idiotic, anti-American poisonous snakes. We don’t need them, either. Just because they make a lot of noise doesn’t make them important. They’ll never be on our side, so eff them.

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    • Mac says:

      I have to disagree. I believe that Trump is taking exactly the right tack with the press.

      The press is ideologically hostile to the Trump agenda and to Trump, personally. They will never willingly report accurately on him and his actions, unless such reporting will harm him. The media is unarguably his enemy. And it would be a mistake to treat them as though they were not. The only purpose of the press is to provide the public with accurate information upon which the public may make an informed decision. When it does not do that it is, at best, useless, and, at worst, dangerous to the well being of the public.And, Trump is doing what the press refuses to do; provide accurate information to the public, when he points out their inaccurate reports.

      The Trump goal is to force the press to disseminate accurate reports about his administration or to marginalize them to the point where they will not be believed. Just as no one believes the known burglar when he is caught leaving someone’s house with their jewelry in his pockets, pretty soon no one will believe the reports of the MSM. And, Trump really does not need the press to “sell” his agenda to the people. He can do what little selling is necessary through social media, if the press attempts to commit career suicide by not covering his announcements and speeches. We’ll have to wait and see just how smart the media is.


      • QuiteContrary says:

        If Trump adjusted his tactics as I described, I believe he would do better with those outside his base. That’s important, too. He would also leave the media with little cover for their inaccuracies and biased reporting. They loved it when he called him the “enemy of the people.”


        • QuiteContrary says:

          Should be “he called them.”


        • Mac says:

          I have to disagree. I believe that the media was infuriated when Trump called them “the enemy of the people”. It threatened their position with the public. At the moment, public trust in the media is at an all time low and it sinks lower every time Trump points out their inaccuracies. He is putting them on the defensive. Now, the trust in the media is at an all time low. And, unless the press changes its reporting style to one which has more verifiable information and less innuendo and inaccurate facts, it will slip even lower. The public KNOWS that the media reporting is biased. And, by demonizing them for it, Trump makes it harder for them to retain any relevance or credibility.

          Trump does not need to convince those outside of his base of anything. He has been very clear as to his agenda and intentions and is carrying those out. And, it is doubtful that he would secure the support of very many people outside of his current base by allowing the press to run wild.

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    • He didn’t say that, he said fake news was the enemy of the people. See, they got you too!

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      • QuiteContrary says:

        coveyouthband: It is a losing proposition for Trump to call any segment of the media an enemy of the people. We all know that most of the major media has chosen sides and produces propaganda if not outright inaccurate stories. He should concentrate on pointing out the bias and falsehoods rather than engaging in the personal attacks. That would leave them no avenue through which to slime Trump. They couldn’t deny that factual errors were okay. Then they’d be left with refuting the bias, which is a problem in and of itself.

        Trump is stepping on his own lines by adding things like enemy of the people. He should be more careful about how he fights the dishonest media because he is giving them ammo with which to attack him. It doesn’t have to be that way.


  7. LULU says:

    I love that photo of the joyful, loving Trumps…

    And this was a terrific decision.

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  8. Rick says:

    1st Amendment vs. Self-adulation.

    I find it comical that the President, again beats the press at their own game, by announcing that he would not be attending the April 29th WH Correspondent’s Dinner.

    In their attempt to embarrass, minimize and insult our President, the self-righteous media is scrambling to upright their sinking ship by saying that they will still look to honor and recognize young journalists and their accomplishments to uphold the 1st Amendment. What a crock of horse manure!

    These sanctimonious fools would have enjoyed announcing one-by-one their displeasure and disgust toward our President by protest and withdrawal over the next two months from this grandiose dinner. Making the narrative about the President denying our 1st Amendment rights was their big story. Now, POOF, Trump leaves them toasting their silly jokes to themselves without him at the dais. What fun is that? Their deaf ears won’t report what they heard from the President. We know it’s not about the media, it’s about FAKE NEWS.

    Our mainstream media has long given up their place as purveyors of the truth and being the investigative arm for the American people to expose Gov’t corruption and to keep things somewhat honest. They are nothing more than barking hounds for Globalists, working for Globalist Elites who control most of what we see and what we hear in the media. Fools, so bent on screaming out about their 1st Amendment rights, yet so quick and willing to take away our 2nd Amendment rights. Think about that?

    So, now these Libtards have a Socialist, anti-capitalist, illegal alien supporter steering the ship (Perez) along with an Anti-Semite, Muslim Brotherhood supporting, Koran-toting extremist as 2nd-in-command. (Ellison) So much for safe cities & Constitutional Law within the 2020 Democrat platform. How far has this party fallen? Trump is right. The new DNC is good for us!

    Instead of watching these meatheads from Hollywood tonight continue with the same type of self-adulation as we have been watching since the President took office, go to RedBox and rent Hacksaw Ridge and spend three drama-packed hours witnessing how the country turned out brave young men 80 years ago….and then ask yourself how do the young men of today compare? Will they stand up to Radical Islamic terror as those American boys faced the Japanese in Okinawa? Will they run to the women’s bathroom by comparison because inclusion and diversity has turned our backs on God, Liberty and Justice?

    May we pray for America as we ask for God’s blessing.

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  9. tjandersen says:

    I would have been disappointed if Trump attended. Its actually a masterstroke in his continuing diminishment of the propaganda media. Very fake news.


  10. daughnworks247 says:

    President Trump just cut off the head of the snake on this disaster.


  11. mi tormento
    elites mumble
    to the tune
    Waltz of the Darned


  12. Libertyvibe says:

    Does this mean that the White House, or Federal Tax dollars are not used to fund this party in any way? If that is the case, fine. But if WE are expected to flip the bill for any of it, than it should be cancelled. If the answer is “that it is a privately funded event”, I would love to see if the Obama’s used public funds to pay for it in the past.


  13. RuckusTom says:

    Outstanding move. Yes, the press has the freedom to say what they want, but the President also has the freedom to say “no” to their little parties.

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  14. DJT just doesn’t understand how important the “press” is…. Just ask them.

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  15. brucefdb says:

    There is nothing worse that you can do to snobs than SNUB them…..God I love this guy!

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  16. andyocoregon says:

    I’d love it if Joy Villa would wear her Trump Dress tonight.


  17. MIKE says:

    The president did the exact right move in denying the swamp media their hour of glory, and they know it. This year is the first ever I heard them complain about it being a ” fundraiser ” and how could the president not attend a fundraiser? Total dis, and deservedly so, of the enemies of the people.

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  18. Johann says:

    On the same night Trump should invite non WHCA members of the press to a sumptuous dinner inside the White House.


  19. jameswlee2014 says:

    To the White House Press Corps, here’s your take home message: The winner takes it all. The loser takes the fall. You were a long way up, and you are falling a long way down. Your screams of rage and terror as you streak toward your certain doom are sweet music in the ears of everyday American citizens. You will not be missed at all.


  20. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    All of you Liberal Democrats will go down in history as the most evil party ever formed.
    You will never regain power again after these evil acts towards the Republican President Donald
    J. Trump.


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