Sean Spicer Hosts Office Press Gaggle – The Uninvited MSM Members Go Bananas…

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer held an impromptu press gaggle in his office earlier today, not a “briefing”.  Uninvited MSM tender sensibilities jump immediately into full-offended mode and plot revenge coverage as counter attack.

Washington Post editor Marty Baron’s pearl-clutching statement:


Exiled media gather around Washington Post editor Marty Baron


trump smile 3

…”Oh, they’re going to throw me in the briar patch again”…


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304 Responses to Sean Spicer Hosts Office Press Gaggle – The Uninvited MSM Members Go Bananas…

  1. jetstream says:

    President Trump has had enough of the traitorous media and their publishing of classified national security leaks…

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  2. gary says:

    So we have the presidency, the senate, the house … can’t they come up with interesting ways to take down CNN, Washington Post, and other Corrupt Media organizations.

    Maybe make it known who owns these companies, how they direct editors and how they slant coverage, and find out if they take in money from foreign governments .

    They should make stricter libel/slander rules (MSM can say whatever they want, but they can be sued if it harms people when story was proven false in court of law and show damages (make MSM pay for it like gawker case)

    Now is the time to have the government step in to set up congressional hearings on collusion between media and Dem party and foreign involvement in media slant.

    If President/Senate/House doesn’t act now when they have the majority it will be too late 2-4 years from now, when MSM will double up on FAKE NEWS in trying to influence public to vote Liberal with 24/7 Fake NEWS.

    Go Trump Go
    Drain the swamp

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    • MVW says:

      Yes, cut the government purse strings to CNN. Simple. Watch the tears flood. Watch the CIA Black Hats cry. Best way to find them.

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      • Ghostrider says:

        I could be mistaken but I remember reading somewhere once where the US State Dept subsidizes CNN to broadcast its programming in the nation’s airports, train stations etc. if true, start there. Cut the funding off.

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      • Oldschool says:

        If the media’s job is truly to hold government accountable and be a watchdog, how on earth is taking money from them not a conflict of interest? It would be in most other industries and situations.

        Any company that cannot produce a profitable bottom line simply does not survive. Why subsidize any company?

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        • Davey says:

          Same thing going on here in Canada. The CBC is gov funded…..but very liberal. The previous Conservative gov was cutting some of their funding, but as soon as the Liberals got in power their budget was greatly increased.

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    • mw says:

      They’re self-destructing. He’s gaslighting them and they’re lapping it up like milk. All he’s gotta do is give them enough rope… Funny how, the mere speaking of the truth causes liars to soil themselves, scream, and run into oncoming traffic, then blame cars for hitting them. Hahahahaha

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    • JAS says:

      It’s difficult. CNN is owned by a maze of LLCs and corps. It really is incredible how they have set that up. I have never seen such a convoluted structure in all my years of looking at that kind of “out in the open” company.

      Track CNN down through Bloomberg and you will be amazed.

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    • average Joe says:

      Allow a la carte cable channels.

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    • Smplyamsd says:

      Why do we have a system where we all fund the existence of CNN, MSNBC, etc… with our cable bills ??? They are a linchpin in the MSM, and without their biased manipulation of culture the radical left would fade back into the insane asylums that their leaders came from. Yet by paying for video media “entertainment”, that is bundled with these News/propaganda channels, I am subsidizing the radical leftist Democratic party. I pay the salary of Rachel Maddow, and Jake Tapper and I sort of haven’t much of a choice about this for many years ! I remember an effort a few years back to force A’la cart cable TV which allowed you to only pay for the channels you watch. This effort seemed to fade away…. Were Ryan, Mitch, and McCain at work with the CoC, MSM, and Uniparty to make that go away ??? I wonder if A’la Carte Cable could find its way onto the new Administrations agenda ? Sure would put a dent in the budgets of CNN, and the rest.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        What a novel idea. I like it. I would love to pay only for what I watch which is very little t.v.

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      • Nan says:

        Believe it or not, I’ve been asking telecom service reps about this for the last decade. Most of the time they feed you a line of bullshit, but every once in a while, when you actually have an American on the line, you get the real answer:

        The media companies force the cable providers to sell channels in a packaged format. Cable companies have zero leeway. The entire business construct is dictated from the top down. Probably because they damn well know many channels can’t survive in a competitive marketplace.

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      • paulraven1 says:

        John Nolte has been writing about this for some time. It’s a cause with him.

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      • mdt123 says:

        It is very frustrating to pay for these toxic propaganda channels when all I want to watch is FoodNetwork, HGTV, CSpan and a bit of FBN

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    • Watcher says:

      Globalist corporations/financial institutions own them.
      Wake up and quite complaining commercials are lobbying.
      Who owns them and pays politicians.

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    • SpanglishKC says:

      All “we” have is the Presidency. There is no “we” in Uniparty

      Hope that clears it up


  3. Sandra says:

    I swear on Fox Business this afternoon they said Fox Business was also shut out. I’m looking for confirmation.

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  4. roy1982blog says:

    Um, we all have MANY places to find news… thanks though. You can watch itge briefings at every day and write on that.

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  5. Jeffrey Coley says:

    It was a gathering for serious journalists only.

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  6. Lol!

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  7. LCPUSA says:

    Trump be like…. Everyday I’m triggering triggering

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  8. entagor says:

    How to decide who to invite. Any billionaire can buy a news service. Who died and made them king?

    We ought to have a lottery. I will enter. If my name is drawn, I will take a bus to DC, rent a room via AAA, and spend my pension on sandwiches and coffee. I promise to jump up and down and yell ‘Pick Me Pick Me’

    I will even buy an appropriate business suit as required. That suit will last at least a year. If Trump picks me, I will graciously let everyone else in the room report his response in their news venue

    If Trump asked me to set up a meeting with the Black Caucus, I will take a taxi to House and ask

    I am small but feisty. If the other reporters elbow me, this senior will fight until I am dragged out of the WH which would produce better copy than the lame eye rolling and snarc snorts of the MSM which was old in Junior High

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    • Shadrach says:

      If that happens, I will buy that pensioner a beer and a dinner to go along w/ the sandwich and coffee 🙂
      You crack me up..

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      • Lack is not all says:

        Entagor I will give you a toothpick so you look like John Roberts, the Fox News star. He only has a toothpick in my mind but I promise you to give you a real one.


    • justfactsplz says:

      I wish serious citizen journalists and bloggers could be part of the press briefings. We would come up with a lot more meaty substance questions. I vote for you to be the first. You sound like you could really get the job done on behalf of we the people since the msm really hates us.

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      • janc1955 says:

        Also, Spicer needs to stop humoring the idiots at these briefings and their idiotic questions. I think at this point he’s being wayyyy too nice.

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        • justfactsplz says:

          True. In the beginning they were supposed to only ask one question. Then it became two and now more. He needs to get better control over them. All in all though I think Sean has done a good job in that den of vipers.

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          • janc1955 says:

            I agree. Sean’s doing his best. I just think it’s time to turn the whole process on its head. Spicer has better things to do than answer the same half-dozen questions over and over and over, and make nice-nice with April Ryan and the like. It’s boring and predictable, and if the “press” thinks this is “informing the American people” … please! They’re just throwing out stupid gotcha questions every day. The American people are learning nothing from these briefings. Total waste of time. Spicer could be more productive doing something else.

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            • justfactsplz says:

              True. We don’t need the msm. President Trump brings the news straight to the people through his rallies and social media. It’s time to teach Fake News outlets a long hard lesson.

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      • Gail says:

        We did! Gateway Pundit had their reporter Lucian Wintrich at a press conference and his question was substantive and informed. It was so refreshing to hear something other than a gotcha question. I looked for the article and clip but couldn’t find it, sorry.

        I know that Jerome Corsi from WND has aligned with Infowars as a press correspondent. They are waiting for their credentials.

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    • annieoakley says:



  9. quintrillion says:

    Media just decoded the message….and awhh it was a commercial. They got Trumped again, Spicey!

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  10. Angry Dumbo says:

    Call this the faking of fake news or the ultimate in false flag operations? (from the people who brought you Lucy Ramirez.) : ))

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  11. Alison says:

    Sean used the invitee list approved by the Russians. After all, CNN proved who REALLY runs the WH.

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  12. SeekerOfTruth says:

    let the whining begin CNN (all weekend I suppose) – alternative facts presented FYI.

    However, as the New York Times itself reported in 2015, President Barack Obama met privately with liberal reporters and columnists frequently throughout his tenure in office — “more than a dozen” times. And although he occasionally invited conservative columnists, “Liberal-leaning columnists from newspapers tend to dominate at Mr. Obama’s secret sessions.”

    Obama’s private briefings for liberal members of the media, which excluded conservatives, were well-documented. A few:

    1) December 2012: Several journalists reported that MSNBC hosts were meeting privately with President Obama to discuss the impending “fiscal cliff” fight.
    2) May 2013: NPR’s Ari Shapiro reported that President Obama was meeting privately with “lefty columnists,” but hastened to add that there was “nothing nefarious” about it.
    3) November 2013: President Obama met again with liberal journalists, as Obamacare struggled with the failure of and other problems.
    4) March 2015: Politico’s media reporter, Hadas Gold, reported that “a group of journalists and columnists,” all on the left, met privately with President Obama, but the White House refused to say “who else was at the meeting or what was discussed.”

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  13. aprilyn43 says:

    I’ve been waiting for Trump to do this since he took office!
    The Liberal Propaganda News Media has been taken to wood shed .. GOOD!
    A presidential White House press conference is a privelege, NOT a RIGHT! And for too long the “Fake News” has believed it was their right – They just got a rude awaking – Reality just hit!
    Let them cry & stew in it!! No ones stopping them from making up the “Fake News” they just get to start it earlier!

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  14. benifranlkin says:

    Remember when the WH was going to move the main press conference room to a bigger room in an annex building? I see that on the horizon…and no more meetings in Spicer’s office.

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  15. SeekerOfTruth says:

    White House invite-only briefing focused on ‘inaccurate’ NYT, CNN reports
    —Washington Examiner was at this press gaggle discussion.

    White House press secretary Sean Spicer slammed the media during an invite-only briefing on Friday that excluded several major news outlets, and claimed that various news outlets botched their coverage of a series of recent exchanges between Reince Priebus and deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

    ==> Most of the 40-minute briefing between Spicer and a dozen outlets, including the Washington Examiner, focused on what the White House has deemed “inaccurate” reports by the New York Times and CNN. Citing anonymous sources, both outlets ran stories that said the administration wrongfully asked FBI officials to set reporters straight on President Trump’s relationship with Russia.
    ==> Spicer also blasted reporters for failing to publish separate stories after the Times’ story was “disproven.”

    ==> “You’ve got this story that comes out from the New York Times with unnamed sources [and] at some point, isn’t the story that the accusations that came out have been disputed?” he asked one reporter in the room. He noted that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif. “came out and said the [Times] story is demonstrably false.”

    ==> The top White House spokesman said that going forward, reporters should refrain from making “serious allegations” unless they have someone doing so on the record.

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  16. quintrillion says:

    “Oh, they’re going to throw me in the briar patch again.”

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  17. Wayne Robinson says:

    Every thinking informed American is aware of the false media crap, even non us citizens are aware of it. I’m encouraged President Trump is making a stand I hope he enlarges it to include more of the enemedia. These globalist and RINO lovers must learn it Mr Trump not chump f___ em all . I hope everyone of them go broke and God raises up citizen reporters that actually love America and truth over lies . I’m just like you MAGA 2020 and beyond you betcha

    (Comment edited by Admin…)

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  18. When you can invent 10 stories a day about total nonsense and claim unnamed sources, but cannot accurately print the truth about what is actually happening then you need to be locked out.

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  19. gary says:

    This is so cool. Trump is going after the MSM the same way he went after the 17 other candidates in the primary. They didn’t see it coming , media didn’t see it coming. Crushed everyone of them.

    Listen MSM, Trump is coming after you, keep acting like he is not going to win, like the 17 other candidates did in the primary. Trump took down Macy’s and they are still trying to recover. I’m sure Trumps lawyers are amassing a large folder with all the things MSM lied about, maybe even interviewing others that were destroyed by MSM, to get class action against Dishonest FAKE NEWS ( 1,000 time bigger than gawker settlement). 🙂

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    • litlbit2 says:

      Bout time! IMHO, a time for the brightest in law school to be famous and rich! Many business people have raped the American taxpayer for years by stacking the deck against competition! Examples come to mind, coal, railroad vs pipeline, costly energy production, green environment which can not survive without taxpayer benefits!

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  20. Patriot 1 says:

    Considering the MSM is an arm of the DNC what difference does it make to Trump? We already know they are going to criticize him and praise the Marxist Obama. Anyway, a packed room full of journalists aren’t good optics for trying to sell the American public on “anti-media”.

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  21. mw says:

    OK, I’ve been in the swamp people! Went over to Huffpo and Salon to watch heads explode. You can pay me with popcorn. Per usual, Trump is playing the media like a violin. Associated Press and Time boycotted, Wall Street Journal will boycott next time if any outlets are excluded. You do see where this is going? The whole swamp media will boycott ‘in solidarity’. The funniest part? They think this will hurt Trump cause he wants attention. Hahahaha!! Chess!! Soon, only real reporters will be covering the white house. The rest will be blocking bicycle lanes wearing pink pussy hats and eating raspberry slushies on their high chairs. More winning! It is a GREAT time to be alive!!!?

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  22. aredtailblog says:

    “How dare the White House excludes BUZZFEED.”

    How dare they, indeed. Excluding top notch news sites like Buzzfeed.

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  23. Gov Jay says:

    Sundance… the exiled media graphic above is priceless!… excellent choice…

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  24. Joe Knuckles says:

    Chris Wallace filling in for BOR. What a jerk! He clearly has an agenda.


  25. tvollrath66 says:

    I think I would just go on and move them to the place that they were going to use in the first place. Keep as much evil out of the whitehouse that I could.

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  26. janc1955 says:

    Definition of a “briefing” is a meeting for GIVING information or instructions. Nothing about taking questions in that definition.

    Here’s what I’d do if I were PDJT/Spicer. Have a daily press BRIEFING, and take no questions. None. Zip. Nada.

    Let the enemedia submit questions in writing, and Spicer can pick a few to answer during his press BRIEFING.

    If the enemedia gets rowdy, do the BRIEFINGS without them in the room.

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  27. Ace says:

    “restricting the public’s access to information” lol
    Talk about being stuck in the 20th century!
    …no, he didn’t invite a few of the thousands of media outlets.

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  28. R-C says:

    Dear MSM, yer mighty purdy when yer angry. 🙂

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  29. James F says:

    Huffington Post should be permanently banned.

    Can you imagine the uproar if a Breitbart reporter waved a Mexican or Sauid flag and did a horrible bigoted, stereotypical accent at a Dem event?

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  30. gary says:

    Maybe the President, Congress can pass a law that allows equal time to opposing viewpoint from a representative of person they are reporting on. Where they are given equal space under story-news story where MSM can not comment on. So the MSM can state their viewpoint, and right under-neath it person being talked about can state their position. He said- She said type thing. FAIR and Balanced in the true sense of the word type thing.

    So re-rebuttal view equal space, equal time.


    • gary says:

      added twist on the idea. MSM states their case against person, then person has equal space to go after the NEWS organization and anchor and speak his mind about what he thinks about the story. Since MSM went after the person, the person should have equal time to go after the Network or face DAY IN COURT, where equal time was NOT given to person being dis-credited.

      That would be FUN media watching… Many of us would turn in to see Trump reps smashing the nework, and sharing juicy stories about anchors lives and secrets about network. The ratings would go through the roof. Food fight! 🙂

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    • Ace says:

      Don’t you get it? The corrupt media is HELPING Trump; they just can’t stop doing it. What he’s doing to them is so hilarious, I don’t want them to change one little bit!

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    • Nope. That would invite “opposing viewpoints” that are just propaganda. That’s not what fair and balanced means. FOX always has this charade going on. They take someone sane and intelligent then they pit them against someone mentally deranged who makes no sense and they battle it out as if that is somehow fair and balanced. Opposing viewpoints are great, but THAT is not what we have with political agenda and propaganda reporters.

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    • fuzzi says:

      No, they already passed “the fairness doctrine”.

      We dun need no more stinkin’ laws, we have too many as it is.


  31. Chewbarkah says:

    Seems like only last year when the same clowns cut out of this press gaggle were having private dinners at the homes of Hillary’s top campaign managers, getting all organized to promote her candidacy. Obama was correct about one thing — elections have consequences. What these crybabies still don’t get is that Trump’s approval goes up whenever he crushes them out like a stale stoogie. So sad…

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    • In Az says:

      Not only were the Liberal Communist Left propaganda media having private dinners with Clinton and her ilk, many outlets met privately with Obama at the White House many, many, many times during the Obama fraud administration. Only certain outlets were invited to these private meetings with Obama. At that time Fox News was never invited and called the enemy by Obama.

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  32. ZC says:

    Oh! the monkeys on the post is a g o o d o n e. 😂

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  33. Political Reviewer says:

    The fake news media still doesn’t understand and refuses to acknowledge that sites such as our beloved Conservative Treehouse are the new media and we Treepers carry its message far and wide around the world. There are more of us than there are of them, and we will not be silenced any longer. We not only have the power of our combined voices to spread the truth, we also have the power of our.wallets to break the financial backs of those who lie about and defame our President Donald J. Trump. They can huff and puff but they will not win this war.

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    • New media, old media, blue media, red media, pizza media, hot dog media…

      Constitution acknowledges and protects FREE PRESS.

      Fundamentally, that referred to citizens, publishing on their own behalf, reporting facts, opinions and the newly-invented political cartoon (an invention of Ben Franklin). The free press relies on the free market place of ideas for natural competition to reward quality.

      Nothing about the lapdog media resembles any part of the free market free press idea.

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  34. gary says:

    So we have MSM that stay in POWER no matter what party gets into office.

    MSM have the freedom to print and say anything they want, whenever they want, and unless MSM gives the president and others air-time, MSM can control the message. (Until Trump came along with Twitter and Rallies).

    Who owns the MSM and what is their agenda?

    This should be investigated by Special Probe, and arrests made.

    We are only seeing on TV or reading in the paper what MSM want us to see and hear, who are these people that control the MSM?

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  35. Aqua says:

    Press Secretary Spicer can hold the next briefing at the border, with border agents there, too, to laugh at the stupid questions asked by the press. The briefing after that, in an entry to a military base near the parade grounds. Next one: Fort Leavenworth, where Spicer can fill them in on examples of what happens to leakers and liars.

    Pretty sure we could find a few more examples: say, Sweden. Paris. Detroit. Chicago.

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  36. In the last century FAKE NEWS was called TABLOIDS. Today they are known as CNN, Politico, NY Slimes, Buzzfeed, WaPo, LA Slimes, MSNBC, HuffingtonPoo, all the other usual MSM. Besides their obvious political propaganda, their far out bizarre stories and daily preposterous headlines like “Russian hacked the election” are equivalent BAR NONE to these stories and as Sundance wrote in a past article, should be laughed at and held in RIDICULE:


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  37. Lars says:

    Look at the shiny news object, no Trump would not troll the pwess.


  38. ZZZ says:

    This is an undemocratic path…

    Seriously? And what is democratic about lying, libel, and slander?


  39. The Raven says:

    What kind of response can they offer? Write another fake hit piece?

    LMAO! Been there…done that!


  40. Scarlet says:

    That monkey gif made me laugh out loud!


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