Tucker Carlson -VS- DNC Senior Adviser “I’m Every Woman Argument”…

Zac Petkanas, Democrat National Committee Senior Adviser, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s TV show to explain the DNC position that a persons gender is what they say it is.

The argument is fraught with downstream impact, because if a person’s gender is what they say it is at any given moment in time – then there’s immediately no such thing as Sexism or gender driven ERA laws.   You cannot be sued for hiring all males, because some of those males can instantaneously be women, and you’re not allowed to ask about their gender when hiring…. because it’s a protected category… see where this goes.  It’s nuttery.

This is the 2017 DNC.


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422 Responses to Tucker Carlson -VS- DNC Senior Adviser “I’m Every Woman Argument”…

  1. 2x4x8 says:

    and to think just a couple months ago in this Fox News time slot, Megyn Kelly was giving #Never Trumpers air time (or did Megyn grow a pair like Piers Morgan)


  2. 2x4x8 says:

    believe Scientists on Global Warming
    don’t believe Scientist on Self Identify Gender


  3. Tyler McKinley says:

    Why does the left always send out weirdos to argue their points? Their spokesaliens always look like the beings you would see in the bar in the Star Wars movies.

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  4. DK91 says:

    WWBBD (What would Bill the Butcher do)? He’d take a knife and cut off their tallywhackers. Expedite the process.


  5. jogreggre says:

    Leftists continue to say things that are just ridiculous. I certainly feel sorry for their kids. Yes, very occasionally, there are normal healthy families, in which one of the offspring grows up to be homosexual. And normal healthy families, accept the child as he or she is. (OTOH, Families that are extremely hard left, and not in the least healthy, never mind normal, have been known to encourage their children to leap into homosexuality, before the child is even old enough to know what he or she actually is. I had some radical neighbors whose then 13 year old daughter was proudly and noisily hailed for “coming out” as a lesbian. As the young woman grew older, she realized that she was heterosexual, and was afraid to share this with her parents, knowing that they would be terribly disappointed, and shamed by all their equally whacky friends. All the young woman’s friends, especially her boyfriend, know the truth, and as far as I know, the parents are still in the dark. Maybe when she marries her young man, they’ll have to be told.)

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  6. freepetta says:

    Freak alert!!


  7. joshua says:

    CYPRESS, Texas (AP) — Mack Beggs, a 17-year-old transgender boy, has defeated his female opponent in the first round of match in the Texas state wrestling tournament.

    Controversially, Beggs is competing against girls because the state’s governing policy for athletics requires students to wrestle against the gender listed on their birth certificates.

    Beggs reached the tournament after two opponents forfeited rather than wrestle him in the regional tournament. He improved to 53-0 with the win over Taylor Latham in the 110-pound class on Friday


  8. Bob Thoms says:

    I half expect the DNC to send out notices to all their flunkies and victimhood pimps:

    ” Warning – Tucker Carlson is making us look like buffoons, don’t go on his show”

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  9. Roddy says:

    wow , just WOW – Does this guy looks himself in the mirror and says – I have HAIR


  10. Bootleg Hooch says:

    The expression on this guy’s face while Tucker questions him… reminds me of something… thinking… That’s it! …from Little Mermaid! “The Poor Unfortunate Souls!”

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  11. UKExpat says:

    LEFTARD insanity writ large. You DIE with the same male or female DNA you are born with and no amount of hormones or Chopadickoffame or Addadickontome surgery can affect that one iota. Transgenderism is a MENTAL ILLNESS and is a symptom of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and they need to have Psychiatric TREATMENT and should not be PANDERED to as that does neither them nor society any good whatsoever

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  12. UKExpat says:

    There is such a concept as MASS DELUSION and history has many examples that whole countries can be swept up in it , Pol Pots Cambodia, Hitlers Germany, Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba, Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam to name but a few. It is also worth noting that all these DELUDED people were LEFTISTS and that this seems to be a DELUSION confines to the LEFT in the USA. Oh and yes you uneducated LEFTARD MORONS the NAZIS the ‘National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party’ were LEFTISTS too.


  13. notvicchanko says:

    On the bright side at least we can stop hearing about the tiresome “Gender Pay Gap”


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