Sunday Talks – Reince Priebus on FOX, CBS…

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus made the Sunday talk circuit. Here’s a couple of appearances:





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162 Responses to Sunday Talks – Reince Priebus on FOX, CBS…

  1. Okay friends, give ol’ Bluto the report. I can’t bring myself to watch this crap. Makes me too angry!


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  2. deanbrh says:

    Seems a shame to send out anyone but a natural bulldog on Sundays.

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    • janc1955 says:

      Agree. Reince is too nice. So is Conway. Miller was great last week, but he’s got better things to do that joust with the media morons. I’m up for some serious Sunday azz chewing by the Trump administration. Still waiting.

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      • deanbrh says:

        Don’t you wonder why whomever they send doesn’t counter the lies with facts? I’m shouting the counters at my TV until I remember, Oh yes, I’m boycotting this bunch of MSM idiots. My fury is wasted!


        • janc1955 says:

          Was doing the same thing this morning. Maniacally yelling at the TV and sticking my finger in Wallace’s face. My dogs think I’m nuts. As someone else here said, it ain’t worth the stress. Wish Fox Business did something worthwhile on the weekends. I put on Fox News because there’s nothing doing on Fox Business, and I invariably wind up PO’d.

          And yes, team Trump needs a whole new approach to these appearances.


          • As soon as Team Trump is anything but polite it will be replayed, out of context, on every network ad nauseum. Team Trump is succeeding because they are polite and factual. I don’t see a reason for this to change. POTUS is the one that specifically calls them out … because he can.

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            • janc1955 says:

              I disagree. Team Trump will never win with the media, so imo, they need to spend less time trying to be polite and more time correcting the record in EXTREMELY aggressive fashion. I long ago gave up worrying about how the media will react. If I worried about that, I’d be in a constant state of paralysis. Team Trump is succeeding because they’re polite and factual? Succeeding with whom? Certainly not the enemedia, and from what I’ve seen of the forgotten man and woman, they’re absolutely thrilled to see anyone from the Trump admin go toe-to-toe with the lying purveyors of fake news.


              • MaineCoon says:

                Team Trump needs to go in an “EXTREMELY aggressive fashion”. Just like Miller did last week. No one else seems to have that ‘go for the jugular’ skill. Take no prisoners.

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  3. Mariposa 323 says:

    Reince was great , Chris Wallace is a dummy ! How can the media think they can ever earn our trust when they can’t even present the most basic intellectual argument for their stupid propaganda ” Russia Russia , White House chaos , blah , blah .” People are sooo tired of this cr&$&p !!!

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  4. NHVoter says:

    I thought Reince did very well.

    On a related note, I found out that my mom has the hots for Reince! She said, ‘He seems like such a sweet man and he’s very cute too.’ LOL

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  5. Humble Soul says:

    Chris Wallace is Judas the traitor(Bcoz in everyone’s eyes, he is in your camp; but not really). Jake Tapper is Pilate; everyone knows he is in opposite camp.

    BTW, here is a tidbit to remind one of his identity

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  6. I can’t bear to watch! Please report!

    ps. I knew they would not dare of Miller on again after the way he sliced through them like a hot knife through butter.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      I bet Trump will rotate Sunday spokespeople so top staffers can restore some Sundays.

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      • wondering999 says:

        I hope so. Everybody deserves a Day of Rest, especially Team Trump, having to plow through all the clods and h8trs all the time.


    • janc1955 says:

      I’ve never seen Bannon do one of these Sunday gigs. He seems like a straight shooter utterly unimpressed with the enemedia. Maybe he’d be a good one to put the ground and pound on Wallace and the gang some sunny Sunday morning?


    • Fe says:

      Dave, Wallace is an a$$, that is all. Don’t watch.


      • darcy says:

        Like some others here, Fe, I can’t bring myself to watch; a body can take only so much anger and frustration before it begins to take its toll. I can’t describe it, but it’s like the life being drained out of one, listening to the red dragons in the media with their blatant disregard for truth and obvious nefarious intent.

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        • Orygun says:

          Watching the fake news types go after Trump is infuriating with their condescending ways. I think that is why President Trump had a rally to kind of recharge our batteries for the next onslaught. He is some kinda guy our President!


  7. Mr. Morris says:

    Chris Wallace was agitated this morning. Did somebody put a frog in his pants or was he feeling guilty because he is almost as biased as his media comrades?

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  8. HBD says:

    Speaking of “fake news” I noticed for nearly the last year Bush was in office, the nightly news was mostly footage of military war reports from the Middle East. Obama takes office and you’d think we no longer had troops in conflicts on the other side of the world, when actually we do. Now it seems that the MSN has began to show clips of war zones again. Is this just me, or is this part of the news organizations psy-ops to put something out there that none of us like (but at times necessary) in order to make President Trump look bad?

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  9. Humble Soul says:

    Those who come for Sunday talk shows, should come out much more prepared.

    Miller would have been much better.

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  10. rumpole2 says:

    Something I noticed in passing, and have sen elsewhere.
    The “bad press” that Hillary got over emails etc is mentioned as if it is some sort of “moral equivalent” to the “Bad press” that trump gets now from #FakeNews media.

    That of course completely misses the point that there was CLEAR evidence of serious CRIME by Hillary and the Clinton crime organization which the media only mentioned because they could not avoid it, and in the process, explained excused and and enabled Hillary.

    It is my belief that Hillary and the Clinton gang MUST be pursued… investigated, indicted, imprisoned. If not then then the same old same old… too big to be subject to the law… persists.
    There is already a hint of portraying Hillary as some sort of “victim” of (Alt-right) made up stories about her REAL crimes. Hillary needs to be held to account not just for the sake of holding her personally accountable, but for the sake of justice generally.

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  11. snaggletooths says:

    Fake news, Media outlets that continously lie are the enemy of the people no doubt about it . Reince did fine. I don’t see how anyone can watch MSM that is not journalism

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    • Joe says:

      Someone has to do it I suppose. I gave it up long ago with the exception of brief selected bits that had some special significance of some sort. Life is too short. Stress kills. Being reduced to a raving, angry, homicidal lunatic is bad for my health so I just read accounts of what was said–which is bad enough.

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  12. markstoval says:

    The left-wing mainstream media is trying to pretend that THEY are the “press” and the only press. No, they are corporate whores pretending to be real reporters. The real press is found at sites like this one, Drudge, Breitbart, and many other places on the internet.

    The real reporting is coming from the alternate press while only propaganda comes from what these whores call the “press”. CNN is not the press. (nor MSNBC, nor ABC, and so on)

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    • NoeliCannoli says:

      They believe that they are our “betters;” and think that we need them to set the agenda, control the narrative and tell us the approved way to think. Pathetic.

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  13. Priebus is mentioned in the President Trump Thread as possibly being linked to the leak in the white house, there is an ongoing investigation.

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  14. Nettles18 says:

    It is the White House who decides who will appear on the Sunday shows.

    Apparently, Jake Tapper, is ‘unhinged’ that no representative from the White House was offered to his Sunday show (although I read, even Tapper didn’t show up, his show had a guest host) but Tapper tweeted:

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  15. Good lord does this insufferable fool ever shut up? To coin a line from a classic Prince tune Wallace is “…talkin’ more s**t than a b**ch”

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  16. Susan says:

    Chris Wallace is unwatchable. Is he the least bit interested in the many accomplishments of the first month? At all? He is proving the President’s point.

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  17. rumpole2 says:

    We have got “Mad Dog” as secretary of defense.

    As Trump is considering names for National Security advisor, I just wonder if there is anybody out there with a nick name like “A$$ Kicker”

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  18. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    These guys remind me of the bunghole shoppers that squeeze the loaf of bread too hard then leave it for someone else at the grocery store. They profess they are just ‘testing’ the bread, but they are ruining it for the next person. They are NOT reporting news, they are trying to direct policy and influence behavior. President Trump nailed it yet again – the press is our enemy…the Don Lemming thread yesterday is case in point. The only news was the cost and time spent, the rest is opinion. The three windbags were pontificating and orating about this and that when the 4th guy said the story was fake news ginned up to influence opinion. Never before have I been as interested as I am now in the lengths the media goes to manipulate a desired outcome.

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    • Nope2GOPe says:

      I sure hope that our President reverses the handover of control of the internet, as we may not have a lifeline such as CTH in the future for 2020 onwards… Has anyone heard any information on whether or not President Tump will reverse Obama’s legislation on this?

      I love that President Trump is bypassing them all together using social media, but I expect that this source of information shall also be under attack by the left, and the MSM propaganda outlets in the not too distant future…

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    • wondering999 says:

      “Fourth guy” has a name: Paris Dennard.
      Want to be sure that anybody who stands up for Prez gets rewarded: Mr. Huber, Joy Villa, Paris Dennard etc.

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  19. Glenn Stehle says:

    The unholy alliance between the corporate media and the criminal deep state poses an enormous threat to our republican form of government.

    And look how the Financial Times is spinning it. (I am posting the entire article because it is behind a paywall.) Obama is cast as the great crusader againt illegal leaks, but we know from a previous post on this blog that Obama did everything in his power to exacerbate illegal leaks in the ultimate hours of his presidency.

    Trump turns against leakers as disclosures undermine White House
    Obama bequeathed tools for crackdown but new team faces obstacles

    Donald Trump used to love leaks. Now, not so much.

    During his presidential campaign, Mr Trump revelled in the publication of Democratic party emails that fuelled damaging stories about his opponent, Hillary Clinton. “Boy, I love reading those WikiLeaks,” he told an Ohio crowd just before election day. 

    This week, Mr Trump vowed to punish the “low-life leakers” who have added to the turbulence of his first weeks in office. 

    Leaks bedevil all presidents, but the latest deluge of stories has the president demanding action. “I’ve actually called the justice department to look into the leaks,” Mr Trump said at a freewheeling press conference on Thursday. “Those are criminal leaks.”

    The trigger for his outrage were news stories reporting that US intelligence agencies eavesdropping on the Russian ambassador had overheard Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, discussing the prospect of relaxing US sanctions on Russia. 

    Like all presidents before him, Mr Trump does not exactly have a zero-tolerance policy toward leaks. Among the candidates to replace Mr Flynn is former General David Petraeus, who has his own history of leaking classified information. 

    Mr Petraeus pleaded guilty in 2015 to two counts of mishandling government secrets, was sentenced to two years probation and fined $100,000. The former Central Intelligence Agency director admitted that he had given Paula Broadwell, his former mistress and biographer, eight notebooks containing code words for secret operations along with the names of covert US operatives. 

    But nor would Mr Trump be the first president to crack down on leakers. Barack Obama used the Espionage Act for more anti-leak prosecutions than all previous presidents combined, as he dealt with the fallout from massive leaks of classified material circulated by WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor.

    “The Obama legacy is mixed,” says David Pozen, a professor at Columbia Law School. “On the one hand, there was an increase in the number of enforcement actions against suspected leakers. On the other, that increase in enforcement caused a major backlash from both parties.” 

    In his second term, Mr Obama’s Department of Justice brought fewer such cases and modified its guidelines for subpoenaing reporters in leak cases. Now prosecutors can demand the identity of a journalist’s confidential source only as a last resort and only with the attorney-general’s personal authorisation.

    Technology is making it easier to track interactions between government officials and reporters. Investigators used mobile phone data and electronic entry-and-exit records at the State Department to make a 2014 case against Stephen Kim, a department contractor, for sharing a classified document on North Korea’s nuclear programme with a Fox News reporter. 

    Disclosure of the most sensitive information, such as the intercepts of the Russian ambassador’s phone calls with Mr Flynn, is forbidden by statute. “If the leaker could be identified, he or she could be subject to a 10-year jail term for each instance of leaking such information,” says Steven Aftergood, a secrecy policy expert at the Federation of American Scientists.

    Other disclosures, such as revealing summaries of the president’s phone calls with world leaders are not explicitly prohibited by law. But if the details are classified, someone leaking such information could be fired or have their security clearance revoked. The president has made clear his irritation over leaks about his calls to the leaders of Mexico and Australia.

    “It’s supposed to be either confidential or classified,” he complained on Thursday. “All of a sudden, people are finding out exactly what took place.”

    As uproar continues over his campaign’s alleged Russia ties, Mr Trump’s effort to change the subject to leaks has won support from influential Republicans. The chairmen of the House oversight and judiciary committees wrote to the DoJ’s inspector-general this week requesting an “immediate investigation” of how classified information ended up in news stories published by The Washington Post and the BBC. 

    The anti-leak initiative could also pose an early test for Jeff Sessions, the new attorney-general. He could be called upon to decide whether to pursue charges against Mr Flynn for making a false statement to FBI agents investigating his conversations with the Russian ambassador. 

    Nor will it be easy for the president to end unauthorised disclosures. His own White House aides routinely talk to reporters on a not-for-quotation basis. 

    “They make a lot of noise about leaking,” said Lucy Dalglish, dean of the University of Maryland’s journalism school. “But as they say, the ship of state leaks from the top.”


  20. On FOX Priebus said senior intelligence community officials have told him the allegations that the Trump campaign had “constant contact” with Russian operatives are completely false. The problem is Priebus could not name the officials “because he didn’t have permission” (this one day after Priebus complained of unnamed sources in news stories).

    To me this is an example of how Priebus is not up to the job of Chief of Staff. If senior IC officials have assured him that the Russian allegations are without foundation why hasn’t the White House put out a formal statement to this effect NAMING the senior officials? Instead this Russian nonsense will continue to fester because Priebus is either too incompetent for the job OR he is actually trying to sabotage his boss. The later wouldn’t surprise me.

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  21. 4bleu says:

    Wallace caught in the act again, Trump tweets enemy of the people is: MSM. Wallace twists it instantly to all free press. MSM is NOT a synonym for ‘free press.’ Wallace knows this.
    Also using the opening statement to color the entire Q&A – ‘punching back’ in an ‘extraordinary rally.’ What’s so ‘extraordinary’ about a president making himself available to the people who voted him in? Heads of State do it all the time. ALL the time.

    There are several attacks out there showing up in various places. To provide cover for the nasty organizing to harass DeVoes, prompting the need for Ed Sec Betsy DeVoes to have totally justified and sensible assigned security is criticized in the vacuum of omission of the real circumstances and the omission of the background of the perps physically intimidating her with more infiltrated in the paid union crowd at her first school visit.

    Also, a multi-level-whatever-sticks poo fling at Kellyanne, including a laugh-out-loud-catty-mean-girls-b*-attack by the current president of her old alma mater. Meanwhile, Melania ‘slams critics’. Geez, like in dodge foozball. But they’re running the mean girls act, snippy about the ‘pretty one’ who gets ‘good grades.’

    Media monopoly needs to be busted. The magazine racks at the supermarket, the freebies they hand out in airplanes, the magazine subscription bundles, the cable subscription bundles, the networks 24/7 hogging screens in public spaces. They monopolize slots denying new print media to reach customers, they deny anyone remotely conservative a seat at the bidding table to buy failing brands. They smear and ding-down new publications/books/blogs/papers/channels to turn off the public from trying them.


    • yy4u says:

      Boycott! Including Wallace and the advertisers on his Sunday show.


    • maga2016 says:

      msms is the corporate gloablist media


    • Nope2GOPe says:

      With rights, come responsibility. Donald Trump mentioned opening up the Media to libel lawsuits while on the campaign trail. I would love to see him adopt legislation geared toward bringing truth, and integrity back to media news stories in doing so.

      Hit em’ in their pocketbooks!…


      • KitKat says:

        Nope2GOPe, 4:30 pm, “Donald Trump mentioned opening up the Media to libel lawsuits while on the campaign trail.” –As I recall, he wants Sullivan vs The [Failing] New York Times reversed, as did Justice Scalia.


  22. Summer says:

    If anyone need a good example of how the ENEMY operates, watch these two clips.

    Thank you, President Trump for identifying the media — the ENEMY.

    Free, independent press my ass. Bought and paid for PRESSTITUTES operating on behalf of the deep state and the DNC. No, we did not forget their incestuous relationship revealed by the Wikileaks. We did not forget how the presstitutes behaved during the election season, how they insulted our leader and us, his supporters, how they cried when Crooked Hillary lost and how they incited riots. We did not forget how the presstitutes were posting tweets about Trump assassination.


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  23. Ficklefinger says:

    That Priebus himself is NOT the target of savage media attacks is significant. Everyone in the media must know something about what Priebus is doing they like.

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  24. Owlen Rose says:

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  25. Priebus handled both hostile interviewers very well. I think Priebus supports Trump 100% and this is coming from someone who didn’t like him during the primary/general elections. I was also very disappointed when he joined Trump’s administration but now I’m actually starting to like him, he has turned out to be a fighter like Trump.

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  26. satmfs says:

    It sounds like Wallass should be put at the top of the ‘Do Not Talk’ To list.

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  27. psadie says:

    The Russian hacking didn’t work so the these fools are onto the 25th Amendment…so sick of all of them “knock them out in 2018.”


  28. Ace says:

    The arrogance of these handful of media outlets calling themselves “the press”.
    CTH is as much the press as they are. They’re having a tough time coming to grips with the new reality.

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  29. Glenn Stehle says:

    There seems to be quite a love affair going on between the corporate media and hearsay, distortions, partial truths, outright lies and the criminal deep state.

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  30. paulraven1 says:

    So we’re back to B-team Priebus now? One week of Stephen Miller was enough? What a waste.

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    • janc1955 says:

      Yep. If not Miller, then surely there’s someone on team Trump who can fearlessly take on the media on Sunday mornings and make sure they REMEMBER THEIR PLACE.

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  31. Ono says:

    Wallace …

    “but ,but, but ,but…” Butt

    “So does what you said means this????…right???..”

    Just like your sensationalist (Very fake news ) father, Chrissy

    Bring a fact instead of personal position or opinion to the news room,


  32. Bob Thoms says:

    Gateway Pundit is reporting that WH Kate Walsh is under suspicion as being the leaker…..Walsh was Preibus’s right hand man at the RNC during the campaign.

    She’s a NeverTrumper.


  33. vinchenzer says:

    Priebus did well again. The Media is the enemy of the American People; they are Anti-Trump for sure. Wallace was being a big baby and kinda blew off the fact that the WSJ and the NYT stories were complete lies. And Wallace acted as if they were just mistakes. Ridiculous. They don’t even realize how non-credible they are anymore. Good luck to the Mainstream Morons.


  34. Bull Durham says:

    No press credentials for Fake News purveyors.
    No Administration spokespeople on Sunday talk shows. Kill the genre. Cripple their income.

    Simple game of FU.

    Remember that photo (last time I posted it, folks complained)

    Trump’s photo with “Trump. Because FU, that’s why!”

    It was attitude that got us victory.

    Stiff the Fake News Shows. They will spin into oblivion.

    Make stars out of OAN, CBN, RSBN.

    Control Messaging. Starve the beast.

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  35. No more watching Chris Wallace for me. He’s such an ass. One day, I will watch zero political TV and I will truly be free.


  36. WeThePeople2016 says:

    We had taped the interview this morning and watched after we got home from church. I had to keep stopping it to take a breather because I wanted to slap Wallace upside the head. He chastises Trump for harping on Fake News, yet, all of Wallace’s questions were based off of Fake News! Did you catch Wallace saying he doesn’t tell us what to do? I wish Priebus would have countered with that they were not going to tolerate the lies that come from the media 24/7.

    I think Priebus did much better with Dickerson than with Wallace. I also think that KAC does a better job in quickly turning the question around and answering it the way she wants to answer it. She re-frames the question. Priebus spent too much time answering Wallace’s stupid questions especially on Russia.


    • If you still have it on your record list would you see if Reince asked Wallace “How do you know what’s on the tape.” I’m pretty sure they edited it out.


      • WeThePeople2016 says:

        Are you talking about what Flynn supposedly said to the Russians? If so, Wallace acted like he knew what Flynn said, and Priebus corrected him and said we don’t know that he said that.


  37. Arjun says:

    Reince and Conway exude polite and nice. It was good during the campaign to soften Trump’s image, as Trump was on offense every day. But now, Trump needs surrogates that are super sharp, to the point and shut down nonsensical conversation immediately.

    I critiqued Rush for being a coward during the election campaign and for not supporting Trump as strongly as he should have, as Rush was previously hailed as the ‘voice of the conservatives’. But he shut down the Russia crap at the get go in his interview with Wallace. Stephen Miller was good except of a few unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud.

    Wallace, Todd will not get ‘smarty pants’ when they debate some one intellectually smarter and sharper than they. With Miller and Rush, they won’t mess. They toy with Reince and Conway all day as they quickly get defensive and end up sounding whiny.

    Hopefully, Trump team can discover a few great minds that can get on TV and refocus the biased news anchors to discuss issues that actually matter to American people.

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  38. Fox News edited out Reince asking Mike Wallace “How do you know what’s in the tape” and Chris Wallace stuttering and fluttering his eyes like does when he’s been one upped by an interviewee. My husband and I both heard it and laughed. Anybody else watch this morning and hear that?

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  39. Watcher says:

    I don’t understand why any of this administration gives the Sunday morning clowns the time of day.
    Let them interview schumer, poloser, hildabeast, zero, lynch, holder, etc. Get them out from under their rocks.


  40. Today the Gateway Pundit says that WH Deputy CoS Katie Walsh is the source of WH leaks. She was Rinse Prewash’s CoS at the RNC. The AP story about 100,000 National Guardsmen to round up illegals was a Canary Trap (AKA Barium Meal or Blue Dye Test) to pinpoint the leaker. The story would be placed at 5 or 6 different suspected leakers with a small change for each suspect. One would be 50,000 National Guardsnen, another 60,000, etc. The one that ends up in the MSM points to the guilty party. The question is, was Rinse Prewash aware?


  41. Tara says:

    It irritated me so MUCH when Chris said “You can’t tell us what to do”! But Chris, you also can’t tell the President what to do and who/what he can hit back on!!!! Chris doesn’t want to be told “what he can do”, but thinks he can tell the American people what the President can or can’t do?? Can’t have it both ways Chris!


  42. flair1239 says:

    It is funny. I always feel I should watch these interviews to stay informed and “listen to the pov of the other side”.

    I have found that I these outlets are not informative. I do not know more by watching the crap on the MSM or reading the NYT and Wapo.

    Typically I read Zero Hedge, here, Gateway Pundit, Lifezette, and Breitbart. According to the MSM I am a moron who lives in bubble.

    However, I can argue the Lefts side of the issue, better than most leftists. Despite my one sided reading and watching… I am much more informed than someone who gets their news from the mainstream.

    To see Chris Matthews talking about journalism makes me laugh. I agree that proper journalism is important. I mean Project Veritas proves that. Wikileaks proves it everyday. The rise of citizen journalism has also been a godsend. But people like Matthews, Tapper, Cooper, Blitqzer, and whoever the broadcast networks are trotting out these days are not journalists.

    At Best the above people are pundits, but most of the time they are political operatives/propagandists with an agenda.

    I find it very insulting that they pretend otherwise. I love Hannity and Anderson Cooper, but I would never make the argument they are impartial. I guess that is the difference.


  43. “Mad dog” Mattis was asked if he agreed with President Trump that the media is the enemy of the American people and instead of supporting his President – Mattis said “I don’t have a problem with the press”. How can he make this statement? The media is lying every day about his boss and he doesn’t have a problem with the media?


  44. kenneth altwies says:

    Trump needs to keep this idiot away from the media. Send Miller out to talk to these wakos.


  45. freepetta says:

    My question is and maybe Sundance can answer this:
    Who hired that never Trump assistant to Reince? I believe her first name is Katie. I’ve read several reports that she is the single largest cause of the Whitehouse leaks? Is Reince in on the leaks too?


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