Jaw-Dropping, Massive “Miles Long” Crowd of Thousands For President Trump Melbourne FL Rally…

…”Oh My, There are Deplorables As Far As The Eye Can See”…

The crowd began as early as 5am this morning, and the line was building throughout the day.  At approximately 1:00pm the massive line is well over 3 miles long and consists of thousands upon thousands of Trump Supporters.  The event starts at 5:00pm

HOLY CATS !!  The line of people is so long, it is now actually “lapping” around (meaning completely encircling ) the entire airport property boundary.  It’s insane !

[ Twitter Search Term “Melbourne” ]





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384 Responses to Jaw-Dropping, Massive “Miles Long” Crowd of Thousands For President Trump Melbourne FL Rally…

  1. Sayit2016 says:

    Oh nooooooes President Trump has massive support even with ” a chaotic-administration,- scandal plagued cabinet pick process- an-out-of- touch- administration- who- is- obviously- a Russian sympathizer-and-what-is-worse-all-Trump- and- his- supporters- are- obviously-every –kind-of-phobic- you- can- come- up- with.. oh noooooes ! Can you hear the people sing?

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  2. Karen Redman says:

    I would love to have been here!!! LOve Trump ❤️

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  3. truth is hard to take says:

    less people there than at the anti trump rally .. just sayin

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  4. History Teaches says:

    The silent majority is not silent with their votes or their unflappable support. This should not be an isolated rally but just the beginning with a new modern form of engagement that bypasses the old media.

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  5. Reality Wins says:

    Anyone else notice that all along the miles of Trump supporters there is not one bit of trash that has been discarded? Why is it anytime the leftists gather the area needs to be declared an EPA toxic Superfund site?

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  6. Stephanie Sheets says:

    This is AWESOME!! So Wish I could be there!!

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  7. Celebrating! says:

    Joe Seales of RSBN did a short video last week …. RSBN is in big trouble. Donations are waaaaaay down. He has paid for the huge shortfall out of his own savings for the last two months. Joe sounded very down. Please donate and please could someone find that video and put it forward. Thanks!

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  8. Celebrating! says:

    RSBN is having serious financial woes … donations are down and Joe Seales has been covering shortfall out of his own savings for past two months. Obviously this is not sustainable. Please pray, Treepers, and please donate if you can.


  9. MIchelle says:

    No anger, pushing, trashing the ground, lots of patriotic Americans there ON THEIR DIME (not being paid) and to be POSITIVE. I LOVE my fellow DEPLORABLES!!!!

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  10. Anita Carter says:

    Praise God…for Deplorables turning out in masses in Melbourne to show our President he is loved and supported…thank you Melbourne !

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  11. christinewjc says:

    This is so great!! Made me smile and so happy today!!

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  12. Sandy Culbertson says:

    TRUMP SUPPORTERS! There will be pro-Trump rallies all over America on the same date and time 3/4/17. To find your state venue go to this link:


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  13. DT says:

    Give President Trump time, after all the inauguration was only one month ago. Consider all the damage the last administration did and that was over eight years tacked onto the earlier damage by the same side.

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  14. DT says:

    Ever heard of a new world order and plan for one world government? No more US or any other self governing sovereign nation, a world with no borders? Well that’s the aim of the leftists, the worldwide web of socialists who gather at the United Nations they hijacked and use as their headquarters, man-made global warming climate change fraudulent scare campaigns part of their weaponry. Thankfully President Trump is not one of them and has already started to counter them and refuses to continue to fund their activities.

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  15. mari says:

    Let the President know what’s on your mind. I contact him often to let him know we support him.

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  16. Just_me says:

    I was there. Got there around 12 and the line was long already. MASSIVE crowd. #MAGA

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  17. Jeffrey Leyerle says:

    Climate change is real. The “business climate” is heating up. Stock market up. Optimism up. Companies coming back. Love you President Trump!

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  18. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    CNN will report that there was about 200 people and FOX news will parrot it.

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  19. dn421 says:

    I am so thankful to see this. Would Jeb have this kind of crowd if he’d been elected? McCain? Romney? Rubio? Christie? No. We needed this desperately to start to change the narrative, especially with young people.


  20. John Sand says:

    I was there! The crowd was massive I waited 3 hours to get in and I couldn’t see the end of the line behind me. There were maybe 100 protesters and all the media was at their location talking to them.I never saw one reporter talking to a Trump supporter.

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    • Sean says:

      “I couldn’t see the end of the line behind me. There were maybe 100 protesters and all the media was at their location talking to them.I never saw one reporter talking to a Trump supporter.”

      I was home and saw many supporters being interviewed on TV and through a web site. Maybe the line was too long for you to see them.

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    • Thanks for this update, and for being there!

      Trump bolsters us, our crowds bolster him, and together we will take down the MSM!


  21. Sandy says:

    President Trump gave the best speech ever! It was so awesome and amazing! WOW!

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  22. Mike says:

    I was flipping fake news channels before my President arrived… One stated only 2,000 folks showed up to see POTUS. Like Mr Trumps stated, “Very Fake News”.

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  23. Jim says:

    And no riots!

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  24. Shiggz says:

    There are only “I’s” in movement.


  25. Matamoros says:

    President Trump needs a strong grass roots permanent organization that people can join and be part of to push the Americanist agenda and completely bypass the fake news MSM.


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