Piers Morgan: Media fueling “crazy hysteria” Against Trump…

That guy who claims he is Piers Morgan appeared on Sean Hannity’s television show last night to discuss the current ridiculous media narrative.


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155 Responses to Piers Morgan: Media fueling “crazy hysteria” Against Trump…

  1. tappin52 says:

    Piers speaking truth and honesty. I hope it catches on.

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    • Abster says:

      It was good to hear PM speak out on this lunacy. The Daily Mail however prints some very questionable articles. I wish at least one network and paper would get back to good, old fashioned journalism.

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      • And Breitbart is any better?


        • Breitbart is not perfect; but it is better. Much better.

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          • drsipmac says:

            I began to visit Breitbart since its very beginning, and when they embraced Trump, it seemed the most natural thing to me. Andrew said that Trump was no conservative, but I’m sure he would have evolved and supported him in this yuge maga adventure.

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        • Mac says:

          I would wager anything you’re a left-winger pretending to be conservative. Your screen name is a dead giveaway, and your post attacked Breitbart. No conservative dislikes Breitbart, because they basically tell the truth and correct the lies and fake news told by the corrupt globalist left-wing media. However, everyone knows that liberals are in a snit and having a temper tantrum about Breitbart, because Breitbart helped stop Hillary, thank God.

          Go collect your money from David Brock and George Soros.

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        • Canada for Trump!!!! says:

          Thanks for Correcting The Record.

          ^Leftoid shill detected^

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        • thefrankproject says:

          Much, much better. Either you’ve never seriously read it or you’re being very dishonest. Great journalism at Breitbart and here at CTH and others. I don’t think anybody minds a pro or con argument provided it’s fair and truthful. I’m happy to read critical articles about the administration, but they are extremely hard to find that aren’t filled with made up crap, hyperbolic insinuations, or fear mongering hysteria.

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    • JAS says:

      Being honest is refreshing. I recognized the skyline behind him, worked there for a short while. What’s he doing in Tampa, FL?

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      • nimrodman says:

        I found the 2nd half of the interview even more compelling, starting at 4:39.

        Joe DeGenova very succinctly lays out that a “very small number of people” have access to the signals intelligence and phone intercepts that were fed to news organizations and “other parties” “who are NOT authorized to receive them.”

        He goes on to say that Attorney General should convene a grand jury and issue subpoenas ,,, and FBI investigators should be able to trace the leaking through their phone accounts, emails, and other means to identify exactly who and how the leaks were done.

        Oh, and he says the leaks very definitely constitute felonies.

        Here’s the link with time code starting at 4:39 – if the video below doesn’t start at 4:39, cut and paste, removing the leading star

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        • nimrodman says:

          ok, looks like the embedded video starts at the right time (4:39)

          at 5:09 Hannity finishes his question and deGenova starts to speak. Very direct and succinct.

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        • Howie says:

          He may already be on it. This is going to be The Mother of all Leak investigations. Hit job journos who have published classified information harmful to the USA from unnamed intel sources are getting ‘Letters” if my guess is correct. It puts them in legal jeopardy.

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          • redlegleader68 says:

            From your lips to God’s ears, Howie! I’ve remarked, yesterday I think, that Sessions has been awfully quiet of late. I know him as a very serious man, uncomputable, and hopefully working this case. But, my BS meter is going Ding-Dong quite loudly given that It thinks Comey might be involved in the “investigation.” Please tell me I’m wrong.

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          • MaineCoon says:

            Is there any way a network, CNN, could be totally held responsible for jounos actions? I think so. How about getting FCC to withdrawl their airwaves license for illegal activity/sedition, etc. Go after the big fish.

            This is a serious question and would like to hear thoughts, legal aspect, etc. Thx.

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        • amanda4321 says:

          Thanks so much for posting! I saw it last night and missed the guy’s name.

          And, right on cue, today’s editorial in my crappy paper is about how impeachment talk now has teeth. I can’t believe they are talking about impeachment for Trump, the first man for the people, who actually takes campaign promises seriously, but nothing was done about 8-years of Kenyan born Obama.

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          • JJ...the first one says:

            ”’I can’t believe they are talking about impeachment for Trump, the first man for the people, who actually takes campaign promises seriously,”’

            Uh, point stated IS the reason for this talk.

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        • MaineCoon says:

          This is THE story. I will be very disappointed if AG Sessions doesn’t empanel a grand jury.

          Mr. DeGenova says it would be easy to track down the leaker(s) & relatively quickly.

          I can’t think of any reason what this wouldn’t be done – Immediately.

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        • grannysue says:

          These people want Trump to be removed from power. They are working day and night to frame him for anything they can make up. The lies, treachery, attacks will not go away because these people are owned by the globalists cabal. Men like McCain, McConnell, Rubio, Graham, Ryan, Rubio and a host of others including Cruz are owned by the globalists and may pretend to be GOP politicians but they are the uniparty working to undermine this nation and help usher in the New World Order. Trump has got to start the arrests.He knows their crimes.

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      • tampa2 says:

        Exactly my thought, JAS! Vacation, maybe? Most people don’t realize this, but half the folks that visit the Orlando theme parks fly to Tampa first to bask in the sun at the beaches, then on to Orlando where they ultimately depart on their way home. Otherwise, nothing of note happening in Tampa right now.


        • JAS says:

          Maybe took the British Airways direct flight to Tampa and will then drive to Melbourne for Trump’s rally?

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          • tampa2 says:

            I think you’re on to something… May have friends or family in the Bay area or a clandestine meeting with someone from CENTCOM before the Trump Rally?


            • MaineCoon says:

              A rally a stones throw from CENTCOM, which CIC just visited 2.6, in my mind sets the stage for rally event. Our President always preps us. Always.

              Message might entail Leaks, Complicit MSM, Illegal activity, national security.

              I believe it will be rallying the troops for exposure, tramsparency, jail time of top dogs.

              All ears.

              Now the left has something to worry about.

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      • rwilliams says:

        Believe it is the Chrysler Building on right.


      • Larry Ivy says:

        When PM says you’re crazy, you are Very crazy.


    • Old Lady says:



    • barnyardboss says:

      Drudge headlines: Trump approval is UP. The fifth column media “Cathedral” has lost control: EVERYONE knows they are LIARS and the tools of those who see their power slipping away. They more they lie, the more people turn to Trump !

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    • rare for him- he’s usually a leftist loon


    • grannysue says:

      I picked up the paper today and the front headlines of USA prints a history of ties with Russia. The globalists are trying to say this is watergate and Trump needs to be removed from office. Their deceit and treachery is reaching a fever pitch and they have lost all credibility and hint of sanity. This thing is not going to end well. They are organized, get their marching orders from the globalists, all on the same page just like they were when Trump was running they would all come out with the same words, dark speech, etc. These people need to be fired from all media, newspaper outlets, every one removed who puts out Goebbels propaganda and the Trump administration put in a place a media that is honest.These people are headed to try to remove a duly elected man from office and they are getting plenty of help from the GOP. People like McConnell, Ryan, McCAin, Graham, Rubio, Kasich, the Bushs are working feverishly in the background to get Trump removed from office.Trump needs to start the arrests and asap.


  2. Howie says:

    The MSM has gone over the edge. Not just corrupt. IMO a case can be made they have reached the tipping point where they are not covered by the 1st amendment protection of the constitution but that probable cause exists for criminal negligence. (the crime of causing injury or harm to a person or property as the result of doing something or failing to provide a proper or reasonable level of care). Remember in law there are exceptions to the enumerated rights in the Bill of Rights. Yelling fire in a crowded theatre is an old example of this.

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  3. The former Piers Morgan has been replaced by a living vegetable version of Piers Morgan; physically the same but the brain is different. Turns out Invasion of the Body Snatchers was actually a documentary.

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  4. chasingfactsblog says:

    I think the conservative news networks incldg the social networks are keeping the fake news networks alive(CNN,NBC,ABC,TIMES,etc) by quoting them everyday (even though they are refuting them) there is too much amplification of otherwise small circulation;
    why even quote the NYT- they are ridiculous, the WP as well.

    ex: all the stories on the NYT reporter offhanded slur of Melania….not that important in the big picture. Many he said, she said…attained wide circulation

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    • flova says:

      Great great point. Don’t feed them, give them no attention.

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    • deborah foster says:

      THIS! I totally agree. Hannity spends a lot of time on his show replaying the lies out of dem and media mouths. Quit giving them the attention and importance by giving them time to speak their lies as sound bytes on the shows!
      I brought up Hannity because it grates me on a daily basis.
      Almost every start if a new segment of his show begins with 5 minutes of giving the loonies air time which keeps the false and foul memes in the news.

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    • Howie says:

      A fake source puts out fake news. All the other fake news journos use the fake news from the fake source to spread the fake news.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      This is my biggest — biggest — concern. I don’t know the reason. Why call them fake new organizations and then send “representatives” on their shows? Why continue to talk about them or to them?

      I did have a reason — if not, many Americans would not hear the Admin side. However, it has been too long, too long with their political activism – illegal opposition to elected governance. I’m willing to continue patience, but I would like either some heads to roll (maybe the leaking can do this) or some real, serious blackout of their corporations be exercised.

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    • NebraskaFilly says:

      In addition, ALL of the news, including Fox, are using the line of “Russian hacking to influence our elections” as if it were fact, and it is NOT!!! As some Treeper already posted, the software that was used is an off-the-shelf product literally available to anyone. This is another method used to subvert the truth and I am sick to death of it. Our so-called “news” has become nothing but ethereal allegations and innuendo. Enough already! Isn’t it possible for President Trump’s FCC to pull these literal traitors’ licenses? They are ALL required to have licenses, are they not?

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      • dutzie60 says:

        Maybe the glut of Fake News on every channel is one reason Sean Spicer’s press conferences are getting such high ratings. People are sick of “news” and have decided to go to the source to get the Truth.

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      • Watcher says:

        NebFilley: didn’t zero hustle the Russian sanctions through because of the fake hacking story and Clapper/Brennan brief him and everybody else?
        Zero, hildabeast, brennan, clapper, morale, and their gangs don’t want to be charged with the crimes they committed.
        Don’t forget songbird, linda, mcmuff, waters, chuckie, cummings, huma, rice, jeh, lynch, podesta, creamer, poloser, all the msn and the money men etc etc.. I forgot some.
        This BS is organized, put in place a long time ago, and will progress until a few go to prison. Someone will squeal, keep an eye out for suicides and accidents.
        It’s what you get when intelligence and just about every agency is politicized.



    • snaggletooths says:

      People turning them on daily and watching them is what is keeping them alive, amazing how many people complain about the MSM yet refuse to turn them off.


  5. Dennis Kucinich… Piers Morgan… who’s the next moonbat to suddenly start making sense? (I got $20 on Cher)

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  6. gettherejustassoon says:

    There’s a great need for what Piers Morgan has to say: “large sway of the American people have lost their minds . . . not patriotic, un-American . . . driven by the New York Times . . . incredible partisan often nakedly abusive treatment of a new President . . . no evidence of any collusion between Donal Trump and Russia.” Moreover, Morgan properly identifies that in the beginning the media looked upon Donald Trump as a joke. They helped to fuel him and eventually became the “beast” they couldn’t control. Now, they’re trying to destroy it (him).

    Turns out the joke is own journalism and the media, not at ll, but a considerable segment. They’re not laughing.

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  7. Keln says:

    “That guy who claims he is Piers Morgan”

    LOL….I love this meme.

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  8. amwick says:

    Piers Morgan, U.S. editor-at-large Dailymail.com, I suppose he has gotten some perspective… good. I really never could stand to listen to him before.

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    • nightmare on k st says:

      you’re missing the main point or larger picture:

      the Democrat Party has been taken over by the Leftist wing Obama championed, along with Sanders and Warren, being Pro Immigration and Muslim means classical civil libertarians (liberals) white working class and Christian Western Culture have been pushed out

      “those people” (waste product) find more in common with All American Trump, more so than the GOPe

      so you have the former Democrat Presidential candidate, Jim Webb, supporting Trump, CBS anchor Sharyl Attkisson leaving, it is a historical shift

      and if Keith Ellison becomes DNC chair, the steady stream of those people will flood more than the Oroville Dam, and the crash will be awesome

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  9. mailmannz says:

    I am not a fan of Morgans by any stretch of the imagination (after what he did to the British Armed Forces in Iraq with his fake news scandal!) BUT I will give the man his dues. He is one of the FEW journalists who hasn’t actually lost his mind over Trump and calls others out about it!

    Sadly he is one of a very few people doing this!

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  10. The Raven says:

    Is Trump on the ropes or is he faking them out, waiting for an opening to counter punch?

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    • The Boss says:

      Rope a dope. The classic fake. Trump has this more than anyone thinks.

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      • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

        Yes. The guy has a track record of 40 years of winning under these kinds of conditions. President Trump always says he will not telegraph his moves. What we see on the surface isn’t always what’s really going on behind the scenes.

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      • tampa2 says:

        Some have suggested, Boss, that AG Sessions hasn’t lived up to their expectations. Geez, do you think he would telegraph what he’s doing (most likely, investigating “leaks”) whilst vetting his holdover staff ? Recall Trump doesn’t want his Generals talking to the media? I expect a stunning announcement from Jeff. in the not-too-distant-future. Yes, Trump’s got this! But it needs to be surgical and bullet proof.

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  11. Angry Dumbo says:

    Morgan didn’t say it explicitly but General Flynn is the last guy Hillary and McCain want to tangle with because he knows the truth about Benghazi. The Clinton Foundation is closed for good. Mrs. Clinton is quiet for a reason.

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  12. Howie says:

    WAPO Joe the morning Shmoe fanatic is having caniption fits live on tv. My bet is that Sessions is on the job behind the scenes with some of the crooked leftist reporters. Shmoe has not gotten the message yet. He may be a target?

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  13. nightmare on k st says:


    CDC announces new Trump Contagion

    “if Leftists stand close to Donald Trump and listen to what he says, or read his Tweets and Executive Orders, it is possible you may start foaming at the mouth and having violent reactions, swelling of the fist may occur, especially at the point it comes in contact with a Trump Supporters face, there may be burning sensations of pyro-hysteria if you mix the usual medications into a Molotov Cocktail”


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  14. georgiafl says:

    We no longer have NEWS – we now have paid partisan pronouncements and proclamations -propaganda pretending to be news.

    Pundits questions have become accusations and assertions.

    All paid for by political entities and personages.

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  15. C. Lowell says:

    CK: Media fueling “crazy hysteria” Against Trump,

    Because their status, perks, and funding are threatened!

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  16. aur1640 says:

    Aliens 👽👽 from Roswell NM, abducted the nasty Piers Morgan and transplanted Lou Dobbs brain in his body. Since President Trump’s philanthropy is well documented, he helped aliens repair their spaceship 🚀. They were so grateful, they are doing their part to assist in the conservative “countercultural” movement. (SARC)


  17. VegasGuy says:

    The “righteous” arguments for a through “investigation” of Russian involvement….


    {SNIP}… “The New York Times, citing current and former U.S. officials, reported that Trump campaign aides were in contact repeatedly with senior Russian intelligence officials during the campaign. NBC News has not independently confirmed that report, which emphasized that there was no evidence of cooperation between the two sides.”

    Got that? Unnamed sources & no independent confirmation of the reports….can you say “manhfactured”?

    I see it more akin to a child proclaiming….”I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”

    Well, one doesn’t immediately go about “investigating” Mommy without first determining that there is indeed a Santa Claus.

    The “investigation” must first find that there actually is/was a Santa Claus. If so, then by all means investigate Mommy, right? If not, then it is merely an accusation that can never be proven since it is not based on any verifiable fact.

    Getting quite tired of these continuing never Trump attacks from unnamed “sources” that seem to never be verified or identified. Show me an actual verified “source”, one that would be in a position to actually know for sure, and then I’ll pay attention.

    Otherwise, it is nothing more than a manufactured narrative of the dog chasing the tail to give cover for never ending “investigations” to appease the Clinton base for her pathetic loss.

    The rest of America, those who supported & still support Pres. Trump, are not swayed in the least….Following a manufactured story based on a manufactured theory is completely illogical.

    But, then again, we are dealing with a MSM agenda.

    We need a White Hat here to “out” the moles that are currently place. This should be Session’s top priority….. And if there are no actual “moles”, then MSM should be investigated for “creating” News with malicious intent….

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    • tampa2 says:

      Vegas, “Following a manufactured story based on a manufactured theory is completely illogical”… unless you have “unnamed sources confirm, under the condition of anonymity”… Now that’s logical! Suggesting there is a plurality of sources is confirmation of the manufactured story/theory in and of itself. That is how they collectively obfuscate.


      • VegasGuy says:

        “That is how they collectively obfuscate.”

        lol…..and the wheel goes round & round……

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        • VegasGuy says:

          And then, right on que comes this….


          {SNIP}… “The Republican chairmen of two powerful committees in the House asked the Justice Department on Wednesday to investigate a series of leaks to the media relating to Michael Flynn and communications with Russia’s ambassador to the United States.”

          As they should be doing….The leaks are the problem that, when unverified, lead to pure speculation and a continuation of a manufactured story that can’t be vetted.

          And here is the “tail chasing the horse”….

          {SNIP}… “Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, accused Chaffetz of taking “marching orders” from the president by focusing on the leaks instead of Flynn.”

          Clearly the Dems want the focus to be the object of the leaks & not the leaks themselves….LOL

          Let’s “investigate” the object of the accusations rather than the accusers themselves…..It would just be too difficult (or perhaps messy?), to “investigate” unnamed sources regarding accuracy, wouldn’t it? Why, they would then suddenly become “known sources”….LOL


  18. cjzak says:

    Well now, Pierce just articulated the issues that the media has against Pres.Trump and anything right of center in very clear terms. Color me shocked by his honesty and willingness to do so.

    Guess if we stay away from gun issues, he’s more rational, but again maybe his passion and willingness to stand up for his beliefs was actually real. Good for him and I am very impressed he was willing to really look at, and dissect, the media in such a common sense honest way. Maybe getting away from CNN helped him recover his ability to think objectively.

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  19. jefcool64 says:

    Piers Morgan and Sean Hannity in the same sentence.
    We are in the Twilight Zone

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  20. 3x1 says:

    Openly ridiculing the MSM as “fake news” really gets under their skin.

    They have delegitimized themselves in their relentless attempts to delegitimize Trump.

    If you tweet, just hit every “journalist” with a “nice fake news, does AP write everything for hou?” response, and walk away. They’ll burn time trying to defend themselves 🙂

    Also, every “news” article mentioning McStain or Grahamnesty should be immediately ridiculed, ideally with pictures. There are soooo many. Here’s one:

    Let them defend these two treasonous old creeps, while everyone else in the Twitter feed snickers and retweets the pics. ☺☺☺☺☺

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  21. Howie says:

    DDD Report: In order to offer fair and balanced information and maintain the illusion of bipartisanship I offer the following in case any Obama journos or Intel moles are reading. Hope this helps.

    As many as 90% of all criminal cases are settled by plea bargain. Why are plea bargains so popular with both prosecutors and defense attorneys? For prosecutors, it means not having to prosecute the case which saves time and resources. For defense attorneys, it means potentially saving their client from more serious charges and jail time. Finally, for defendants, it often means receiving a reduced sentence and resolving the matter quickly.

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  22. gary says:

    Someone should gather up all the Hollywood types, sports types, business types that were smeared by the media with false stories that ruined their careers.

    I’m thinking Trump and Congress should look at the Press and limit what they can say , that has destroyed countless lives of good people in the past. We see how for the last year they lied and made up stories about Trump and his team. The media was originally suppose to be neutral party and give both sides of story and report facts, not make up stuff or destroy people that don’t have the money or power of CNN, MSN, NY times. Trump has Twitter following, but think of all the people that are never heard from , that have to platform to speak from to get equal time.

    It’s time, maybe we had to see the insane behavior of MSM to get congress involved. Something should be done. If a story is found or proofed to be false, and the person lost their job, or their reputation was ruined because of it, damages should be payed to these people.


  23. Your Tour Guide says:

    Oh. My. God.

    Currently ( yellow banner at top )

    Yahoo News
    Live now. Katie Couric talks to Senator Rounds about possible Trump Team’s involvement with Russia.

    Why couldn’t the good MD have done us all a favor and slipped when giving Ms Perky
    her online colonoscopy?

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  24. wolfmoon1776 says:

    OMG – Trump is DESTROYING the media at his presser! OMG!!! Reading them the riot act!


    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      This is Mr. Smith Goes To Washington meets Howard Beale meets Rambo! BEAT THESE PRESS WIENIES TO A PULP!!! He’s sending the news right over their heads, and making them listen.


      LOL! Attacked the 9th Circus!!!

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  25. bolshevict says:

    “That guy who claims he is Piers Morgan….” hilarious.
    The guy who claims to be Piers Morgan keeps saying stuff to make us not believe him….

    The fact is, the Left’s lies JUST AREN’T THAT GOOD.
    If you added an unbiased media and a laugh track, we’s have a hit sitcom on our hands….

    I think Piers has learned that positions that earned him love from the fey dandies in the Leftist elite are worthless as drivers of nielson ratings. Thats probably ALL he’s learned, though….


  26. Blade says:

    Ironically Putin could almost singlehandedly fix our entire political system and Enemedia horror with one bold action.

    He should, using all his vast finances and access to legal eagles personally and individually sue all the major media outlets, their media personalities who voice these things, the random tweeters and every one of our politicians who publicly made these accusations ( not on the floor of Congress where they have immunity ) for defamation and punitive damages.

    Use our legal system, as well as international courts to get this thing out in the open. Make them have to prove [1] he is a murderer and that [2] Russia hacked the DNC and [3] Podesta emails and [4] Trump and Putin conspired. Discovery will be awesome. Trump can declassify everything pertinent ( which is really nothing unless the alphabet agencies just happened to be monitoring the DNC and Podesta and the PRIMARY campaigns ) and most of all, declassify everything from the so-called 17 agencies they mislead the media with.

    Make them have to name these senior Russian officials and Trump staffers. State when the servers were “hacked”, provide all IP addresses and other metadata.

    But make it happen in court and deliver simultaneous subpoenas. Legal costs would be a bear, but the Russian bear has deep pockets, and he will need saddlebags to store all the settlement cash he walks away with at the end of the day.

    Since the DNC and Podesta emails were both taken way back in spring 2016 primary season when $hillary was battleing Sanders, and Trump was battling Cruz, they were clearly meant to aid Bernie not Trump. Furthermore, Putin as former KGB and President multiple times knows full well the capabilities of Langley and Ft. Meade and DHS and FBI and all the IC in the all Services branches, it would be futile to hide yourself from an “enemy” USA who obviously has deeply embedded anti-Russian bigots.

    Occam’s razor cuts deep here. This is the most far fetched conspiracy theory I have ever read.


  27. bitterlyclinging says:

    The media in a Banzai Charge to save Obama’s legacy.
    Whenever the Japanese Army had used up most of their military options for victory they would opt for a Banzai Charge. Quite often their opponents would break and run in the face of this tactic, granting the Japanese Army another victory.
    The USMC dealt with the Charge by holding their ground and continuing to fire until the last Japanese soldier stopped charging.


  28. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    Democrat Bernie Goldberg, is so damn ugly. He has the nerve to insult President Donald J. Trump
    on O’Reilly’s Fox News show. Who the hell does that ugly old man think he is. He should retire and live in a nursing home. All the old people there would throw their false teeth at him and make fun of this pathetic bias old man.


  29. silverlakela says:

    Obama jeopardized National Security and the privacy of every citizen of the US.

    Days before Trump takes office, Obama expands surveillance powers
    Activists asked President Obama to limit the government’s surveillance powers before Trump takes office. Instead, the outgoing president expanded them.


  30. silverlakela says:

    CNN Zucker admits antagonism toward Trump

    CNN Chief: Antagonism Toward Trump ‘Boosting Morale’ of Network Employees


  31. professor quicksand says:

    Wouldn’t trust Piers Morgan as far as I could throw a stolen laptop. He’s come to this side of the reservation on a temporary basis in a desperate attempt to regain relevance.


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