President Trump Announces a Rally in Melbourne Florida – Saturday February 18th 5:00pm..

Back to the People…. The Trump Team have announced a supporters rally event in Melbourne Florida this coming Saturday, February 18th at 5:00pm.  Tickets Available HERE.

trump im with you

The venue is the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport AeroMod International Hangar
100 Aerospace Drive Unit 6, Melbourne, Florida, 32901  Time: 5:00pm EST.

Given current events, and given the chosen locale, my spidey senses lead me to believe this event will be for President Trump to deliver a speech outlining The Deep State, and the construct of the internal oppositional forces aligned against America’s interests.

{{{Spidey Sense}}} Perhaps, just perhaps, this venue is because it’s very close to the heart of the the greatest speech he ever gave – REMINDER HERE.


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313 Responses to President Trump Announces a Rally in Melbourne Florida – Saturday February 18th 5:00pm..

  1. Newman says:

    Can’t wait to hear all the CNN sucks! Chants again.

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  2. Raven says:

    In case anyone here may not have heard this already. . . which I doubt, but will post it again anyway —

    March 4th is Support President Donald J. Trump Day in Washington D.C. and across the U.S.A. If you are planning an event in your area you can post it on the website March4Trump — — and you can go there to see if an event is already set up close to where you live.

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    • kathyca says:

      I’ll be at my local march for sure!

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    • Larry Ivy says:

      I will be there exercising my 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

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    • Black Beauty says:

      Raven– That group has merged with another group called Spirit of America Rallies. They are now holding the same rallies together, nationwide. The website to go to is: They have lists of organizers by state and city. The locations will be published there, as well as times, etc. You can even contact them direct.

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    • deanbrh says:

      The only California venue is in Berkeley, meeting in a park that’s a block off the entrance to the campus. What kind of insanity would it take to wear a red hat there, much less hold a sign that says what the march is for? If you park in a public parking lot, and don’t pay The Man to “wash your windows (protection)”, you will return to a car that’s been heavily keyed and striped of anything removable. Stand Down is what the police do ALWAYS!
      Soros Paid Protesters will be at all venues, won’t they? The left is more rabid and emboldened than ever.

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      • Alleycats says:

        Perhaps, but there has always been more of us than there are of them.

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      • Doogiesblog says:

        There are a lot of us here in California who feel intimidated to attend a Trump rally.
        In San Diego, 3 out of 4 REPUBLICAN council members voted along with Democrats supporting action against Trump’s immigration Executive Order. When you vote Republican here, you get Democrat-light. (Except for ONE who actually supports his voting constituency)
        But I still have my vote and I use it!

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    • Kaco says:

      Thanks for this information. I can’t help but feel powerless in many ways, so we plan on attending one of these, depending on if we’re in the Columbus or Cleveland area. The left seems to mobilize at a drop of a hat.


  3. jefcool64 says:

    Let’s outnumber the protesters and rioters with this one!

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  4. rgf0419 says:


       Where are the "white hats"???

    Seems to me the “black hats” are in charge. ☹️

    Respectfully submitted, rgf0419

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  5. donebydesign says:

    Sundance is correct about a major speech being likely. And Pres Trump might want it recorded in hi def – from all angles. Lots of campaign video footage was shot there the last time in September.
    Not a coincidence he chose Melbourne IMO. We’ll see…

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  6. BMG says:

    Corsi says Priebus is the Oval Office Leaker-Mole:

    Yet Steve Bannon said today that Priebus is doing a great job.

    POTUS also said earlier this week that Priebus is doing a great job.

    Follow the ping-pong ball without getting dizzy.

    Which is it?

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  7. Good idea, Mr. President.

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  8. fred5678 says:

    I predicted earlier that Trump may announce his new National Security advisor at the rally, if he hasn’t done so before that time, and the new NS advisor will explain in excruciating detail how the Deep (Intelligence) State has been working against POTUS and American people.

    Deep State intelligence KNOWS EVERYTHING, and FBI and CIA have unfettered access to all of NSA’s Yuge databanks:

    Regarding Flynn’s case, Binney stated of the NSA:

    If they weren’t behind it, they certainly had the data. Now the difference here is that FBI and CIA have direct access inside the NSA databases. So, they may be able to go directly in there and see that material there. And NSA doesn’t monitor that. They don’t even monitor their own people going into databases.

    So, they don’t monitor what CIA and FBI do. And there’s no oversight or attempted oversight by any of the committees or even the FISA court. So, any way you look at it, ultimately the NSA is responsible because they are doing the collection on everybody inside the United States. Phone calls. Emails. All of that stuff.


  9. regedit says:

    What i dont understand is why Trump doesnt fire every single one of them _it can not be that many who have top clearance and thus access to the conversations.I cant imagine there is thousands or even hundreds of agents -it has to be a dozen or two -why dont we fire them all-regardless -guilty or not

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    • Please says:

      Firing agents isn’t a cure-all. These agents have developed ‘assets’ and connections that will be retained after they are no longer employed by the CIA. Many former agents start ‘security’ firms or ‘research’ companies that the CIA will sub-contract work to. An example would be the former MI6 employee who assembled most of the ‘Trump russian hooker’ fake news.

      The ‘swamp’ may never truly be drained. but their influence and power needs to be curtailed for below what it is today.

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  10. Debra A Smith says:

    Obama creating a ‘shadow government?’
    Feb. 15, 2017 – 4:38 – New York Post columnist Paul Sperry on former President Obama and ‘shadow governments.’

    This is so worrisome…can’t the Trump administration stop this. Isn’t it illegal to train anarchists in this country?

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  11. I have tickets and I’m 40 miles away. 2 tickets, 1 person. Looking for a friend to go with me. I went to the Sanborn Orlando millionaire rally by myself. I had just moved to Florida but I had to Do this.

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  12. TimeIsNow says:

    In the corporate world, smart people would get suspicious when some would spread FUD, OR FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, AND DOUBT Sundance is light years above such nonsense!
    Sundance is a touchstone for the truth, usually in great detail.

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  13. sagatel says:

    Linda Graham was interviewed by this Stephanopolis guy and he was keep blabbering about investigating Trumps so called Russia ties and his suppose help from Russians in being elected President. During the interview he did not call Mr.Trump a President, he called him just Trump. He also mention something about his tax returns.

    Nut case McCain was on ABC claiming President Trumps administration is in disarray.

    I have said from the beginning this crazy duo is playing leading role in destroying Trumps Presidency. They are masters of regime change. President Trump should have dealt with them when they came up with that crazy dossier ”golden shower”. They are openly working against elected President with fake info….Congress should investigate them for their ties to terrorists, their regime change tricks should not be allowed in US or any other country.

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  14. redsequin4 says:

    This is exactly what the President needs to do. Draw strength from the people who love and support him. I hope he discusses the Deep State and how dangerous it is not just to the President but our country as a whole. The leakers, supposedly nine of them, must be ferreted out and treated as the seditious criminals they are.

    The President is going to need a fire hose a mile long to drain that swamp, it’s deeper than the Mariana Trench.

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  15. sagatel says:

    I just watched some old videos of President Trump being interviewed by Tom Brokaw. Mr.Trump is so articulate and smart even at a young age of 33. He already build Trump tower at that age and I wandered for a second what accomplishments Hillary and Obama had at that age.

    One can say many things about DT but one thing is undeniable he has some guts.

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  16. Libertyvibe says:

    It will be like a family reunion. I think Daddy needs a little love. He has been getting beat up pretty bad lately.

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  17. thesavvyinvester says:

    I am sort of with Sundance with this, in the fact you take it to the public. However I have a different take. What a great place to speak about the Secret Iran Deal and let all the Info out. Now that would be the place to do it…

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  18. eksothen says:

    What a President. He is an example.


  19. PatriotGalNC says:

    WHAT IF President Trump and his administration are actually testing-the-waters in finding out who they can trust and not trust as far as all this “leaking” is concerned??? Could it be they are doing this on purpose so they can draw out the cockroaches from the woodwork so they can identify the enemies of We The People? Is President Trump actually being a giant can of RAID! Hmmmm.

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    • Leslie Ingersoll says:

      I have been wondering the same thing. Could he be setting a trap for the leakers, bringing them into the fold? I wasn’t too fond of Flynn and am wondering if he was leaking? Just a thought🇺🇸


  20. colddeadhandsyoudirtyape says:

    Printed my Tickets Yesterday! I couldn’t get in to the Last Melbourne Rally it was so crowded. 40 minutes away from Titusville the Space Capitol of the World.


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Plan to arrive at least six hours ahead of time. Wear your Trump Gear. Prepare for a long wait among like-minded patriots. Don’t take any signs. Keep an eye out for dopey Leftist infiltrators and crooked media. Good luck and have fun there on the Space Coast. M A G A

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  21. amanda4321 says:

    FWIW, last night Hannity had a great guest on (sorry, only caught first name Joe, with legal background) talking about what happened w/Flynn–basically said it the leaking that was done was illegal, there should be a grand Jury, and that this was an attempt at a coup and and attempt to pave way for impeachment. It was definitely worth a listen. Also, in my crappy newspaper today, sure enough, big editorial about how impeachment talk now has teeth. So, they are actually thinking about Impeaching Trump, the first man for the people in decades or even a century, but nothing was done about that Kenyan Obama?

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    • Joe diGenova : “For four years, diGenova was United States Attorney, District of Columbia, which is the largest such office, having more than 400 attorneys. He supervised complex Federal criminal and civil matters including international drug smuggling, public corruption, espionage, insider trading, tax fraud, extradition, fraud, RICO, export control and international terrorism. Many of these prosecutions involved negotiations with foreign governments. He conducted a wide-ranging probe of corruption in the D.C. government, which led to the conviction of two deputy mayors. He led the prosecution of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. He was the Principal Assistant U.S. Attorney during the prosecution of attempted Presidential assassin, John W. Hinckley.

      DiGenova has extensive experience on Capitol Hill. He was Chief Counsel and Staff Director of the Senate Rules Committee and Counsel to the Senate Judiciary, Governmental Affairs and Select Intelligence Committees. He has conducted confirmation, investigative, legislative and oversight hearings, drafted legislation and testified before both Houses of Congress. He also served as Administrative Assistant and Legislative Director to U.S. Senator Charles Mathias.”

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    • nimrodman says:

      Amanda, I found that Hannity / deGenova interview online and posted it on page 1 comments of this thread.

      Here’s a link to the video cut and paste, removing the leading star if the one below doesn’t start at 4:39


  22. amanda4321 says:

    Great speech. Thanks for the reminder.


  23. daughnworks247 says:

    The rally is all over Dem threads on social media. They are seeking a “flashpoint” and hope to turn it into a riot. They think they are so clever, getting a ticket, to take a spot from a Trump supporter.
    Don’t they KNOW it did not work in the election?


    • Unprotected Class says:

      I guess I better pickup a few hundred more rounds of 7.62×39. Glad it isn’t on a work day, I am within a few hundred feet of the hangar.


  24. daughnworks247 says:

    We need to surround our man Trump with our support and love. He’s working so hard for us.


  25. I wish I lived close enough to attend. I haven’t been able to get to any of his rallies since I truly live in REAL flyover country – 3 hours away from Omaha.


  26. Radiopatriot says:

    I’ll be there to show my support for our president. It’s the least I can do.

    “Trump: “I Take All Of These Slings And Arrows Gladly,” “So We Can Have Our Country Back”

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  27. tonyE says:

    What a real fantastic speech that was.

    I got a feeling that it will go down with JFK’s “ask what you can do for your country…” speech.

    We’ll see what happens today. A “Deep State” Speech would be up there with Eisenhower’s warning of the Military Industrial Complex.


  28. Sayit2016 says:

    As I said during the campaign… I hoped that Trump would continue the rallies, and wrote and suggested it. I think it is the best way to connect with THE PEOPLE. Plus I think Trump likes doing them…he needs our good energy and encouragement and a massive show of support. Trump is a fighter and he is fighting for US– and he has been pulling chairs off his head for weeks…


  29. deplorablegracie says:

    It would be totally awesome if Joy Villa sang “We are the Champions” at the rally with a big screen showing people at rallys and just regular people from all over the country and our favorite pics too (my favorite was a black hand and white hand stretched across a seat holding hands during a prayer before a rally). I can dream! 🇺🇸 So excited to see our Champion!!


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