Intel Announces $7 Billion Arizona Investment with 3,000 U.S. Jobs…

(Via CNBC) Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday, where the company announced it will invest $7 billion in a factory employing up to 3,000 people.

The factory will be in Chandler, Arizona, the company said, and over 10,000 people in the Arizona area will support the factory. Krzanich confirmed to CNBC that the investment over the next three to four years would be to complete a previous plant, Fab 42, that was started and then left vacant.

The 7 nanometer chips will be produced there will be “the most powerful computer chips on the planet,” Krzanich said in the Oval Office with the Trump administration. Most Intel manufacturing happens in the U.S., Krzanich said. (read more)



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70 Responses to Intel Announces $7 Billion Arizona Investment with 3,000 U.S. Jobs…

  1. cosmo221 says:

    Winning. And also first

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    • Matt Musson says:

      Will make it much harder for Chinese to hack out computer chips.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        Chinese just set the world record for supercomputers. With their own chips. We blocked our chips when they built the prior fastest computer. So they designed their own.

        When you stop trading with big nations like China and Russia and Iran, they build their own technologies.

        In fact, if you look at recent patents in the US, names on them are more and more Chinese who live, study and work here. Chinese are very brilliant.

        And in the pace of patents filled in the world, China is number one by an increasingly wide margin.

        But they don’t touch us in frappacinos. We are light years ahead.

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        • Rob says:

          Where did the information that the chips were “their own design” come from?

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        • Coldeadhands says:

          So there is not an issue with intellectual property theft in the global market place…since when?

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        • Bob says:

          They don’t build anything…they just add more spies and rip us off, or get a dufus like Bill Clinton to give away the technology like he did on several occasions while office.

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        • aguila2011 says:

          Bull, you are full of it!
          The Chinese have gotten to where they are because of the US. Whether purchased, traded or stolen, it is due to the US. And, many components go into making a “super computer” so how many of those did they make or was it just the CPU? Wouldn’t matter if they didn’t have the memories and pipelines and other logic required to handle the output of the CPU.
          Go take your China adoration somewhere else! It won’t sell here.

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  2. Charles says:

    Wow! Winning with a “B”
    Bringing back the chip foundry’s and fab plants is Yuge, really really Yuge. This will reverbrate and echo and multiply.

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    • The CEO made clear, this is NOT “bringing back” the jobs, but is creating NEW jobs. Hence, some other country or state is not losing as a result of this expansion. However, Intel did lay off 5,700 mostly older workers in Oregon, where they have a huge investment in R&D and mfg.
      BTW, I bet the CEO is an engineer. In addition to Intel tradition of hiring tech guys, he was the most awkward CEO I’ve seen so far. Other CEOs are usually from sales/marketing, accounting or legal sides of corporations.

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      • kalbren2r1 says:

        Yes, and on the Lars Larson radio program today he interviewed or took calls from people affected by this lay off. They were mainly long term employees, native Oregonians or Oregon residents and they were replaced with younger foreign workers who are here on the HV1 (? correct nomenclature) visas. Intel is thought to support the stopping of Trump’s EO on visas so they can continue to get the cheaper, not specialized labor, according to what I heard on Lars Larson today. So hopefully, it will be American citizens that get these jobs in the AZ plant.


        • kalbren2r1 says:

          HB1 visas sorry for the typo.


        • not2worryluv says:

          I couldn’t agree more! Congress needs to pass legislation that gives jobs to Americans First!

          Obama is in the British Virgin Islands Kite Surfing! Wonder if he understands the BVI Immigration Laws?

          In the BVI the government requires that all jobs be filled with Belongers (people born of British Virgin Islanders). The employer is required to advertise the job opening in the BVI Beacon (the local newspaper) for three weeks. If he cannot find a Belonger to fill the job the employer must then petition the BVI Government proving that they cannot find a qualified local to fill the position. The employer can then go outside the BVI citizen baseto fill the job. HOWEVER, the employer is required to register the employee and become the sponsor for the employee. A green card is issued for 6 months and the job then needs to be re-offered to its citizens. The sponsor is also legally responsible for the actions of their green card carrying employee. This has been the law for some 20 years and it works.

          To own property in the BVI you need to apply for a Non-Belongers License. This license can take any where from 6 months to 18 months or longer to obtain. They do a thorough vetting – criminal background, financial and personal reference documentation required. Once you obtain a license your license is subject to the provision that you will not work on the island. Ergo only folks financially independent are allowed to own property.

          As recently as 10 years ago you could not even visit the islands if you had any type of dreadlocks or braids. This was a privilege granted only to Belongers and even then it was frown upon by the Government. When we left the Island homosexuality was a crime – don’t know if that has changed or not.

          We loved the BVIs – it’s one of the last places in this world where law and order prevail.

          They also have tort reform – sue me and if you lose you pay my attorney fees and damages!

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    • Smplyamsd says:

      Intel builds its fabs for its processors in the US already. This fab was never going to be built anywhere else but the US so any idea that this is bringing back jobs is nonsense. I walked by an office area recently and realized that EVERY single person was Indian (find an all white group in big blue ? – you can’t) and almost certainly all of them had come here initially on H1B’s. It is also a certainty (given the role of that group) that none of them have skills or knowledge that meet the requirements for being given H1B’s (not high skilled or highly educated ) .


  3. annieoakley says:

    I really want to believe this will happen. AZ is the capitol of HB-1 visas so I am skeptical.

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    • gettherejustassoon says:

      A healthy skepticism is a good thing. It helps to prevent arrogance, something the Left has too much of, if not about the only thing they have besides anger and hostility.

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    • Steve in Lewes says:

      Call me skeptical as well. Need to make sure that there are no “undocumented” workers available. Make e-verify happen.

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    • In AZ says:

      I concur. Every time we are in Phoenix or Tucson, nothing but foreigners everywhere. They are especially noticeable in Costco and Sam’s Club.


    • aguila2011 says:

      Your skepticism is valid. When I hear AZ, I think McCain, the RINO in our government. The bought and paid for traitor of globalists. Maybe … maybe he as was hero in Vietnam but what has he done for America lately? Scumbag!


    • Fe says:

      Annie Oakley me too. I hope it happens but you make a great point about the HB-1 Visas. Intel is one of the companies fighting the President’s travel pause EO from those 7 lovely Islamic countries, because they depend on migrant workers.


    • Smplyamsd says:

      it will happen, because it was always going to happen. Intel does not build its processor fabs outside of the US. This is for many reasons (proximity to the designers, protection of intellectual property, etc…). Just FYI, before the election, Intel scheduled a visit by Trump but had to cancel it because the leftist employees had a fit. In most of Intel, you would put your job and career in serious jeopardy if you were revealed to be a Trump supporter. Intel is full leftist.


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  5. gettherejustassoon says:

    Put another nickel in and let’s dance, dance, dance!

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  6. Pam says:

    We need so many more plants like this making their new technology here in the US. Hopefully, this will be a good start.

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  7. MrE says:

    Still not sick of WINNING!!

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  8. NJF says:

    Love how Intel CEO answered condescending questions from reporter.

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  9. Sentient says:

    Probably could have opened the factory in Nevada (closer to Santa Clara), but unfortunately… Nevada chose to vote for Hillary.

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    • Monadnock says:

      I was thinking that AZ if probably happy it went for DJT now 🙂

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    • chojun says:

      In terms of the size of their economy and the number of people in (and out) of the workforce and local regulatory climate, Nevada can’t hold a candle to Arizona. AZ has a very strong economy. It makes a lot more sense to put this plant in AZ than anywhere else.

      BTW 30 years ago Intel would’ve been announcing this plant in California. Food for thought.

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      • DGinGA says:

        Plus the CEO said that Intel already has two other factories in AZ, and are the largest employer in AZ, so it makes sense to locate this factory there. Hmmm, maybe depending on the tax and regulatory environment in California it would make sense to move their HQ to AZ. Other than company history, don’t know why they would want to stay in Taxifornia.


  10. Monadnock says:

    Congratulations Mr President, well done!

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  11. kinthenorthwest says:

    Shared–TY Sundance.
    That makes how many more jobs, in not even a month?

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  12. DavidDavid says:

    This was great news. It’s happening!

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  13. Desert Transplant says:

    I look askance at anything Intel has to say or show. Hundreds of layoffs last year impacted the impoverished state of New Mexico. Workers were likely replaced by H1B visa workers.

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    • cardinalmike says:

      I’m in New Mexico and I am really nagative about my state but our education system is pitiful so I don’t blame companies like Intel for building a new plant in Arizona or any other state. I think New Mexico is 49th in education just ahead of Mississippi. And, for good measure, our politics stinks, as well.

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      • cardinalmike says:

        “negative” not “nagative”.

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      • Sentient says:

        #1 in mobile homes, though. 😉


      • In AZ says:

        I was born in Texas, raised in New Mexico, and live in Arizona. New Mexico and Texas are home to me. My husband and myself will be buried in my hometown in New Mexico. We purchased the plots 27 years ago. I still own land near Albuquerque.
        It makes me very discouraged to see the state politicians so messed up.
        Arizona politics are going down also, so many libtards moving in to conservative areas and states and destroying them.

        I love the entire United States. The Southwest is where my heart is.
        I had lost hope for my country until President Trump.

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        • Desert Transplant says:

          George Soros interfered in Albuquerque’s state’s attorney race to the tune of $107K. Soros has done this in at least 5 other municipalities nationwide. We need all the help we can get here. Crime is at an all time high and a new drug cartel has just set up shop in ABQ. They come into your homes at 6 in the evening and shoot if they are confronted. They use drone and other technologies to steal cars, open garages and on and on. You can often find your items on a Juarez FB page with a day or two.

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      • highdezertgator says:

        Here is why the so called Progressive union thinking stifles innovation and results!!!
        Legislation putting moratorium on Charter schools 2017 House Bill HB46
        …. SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) – A lawmaker wants to put a moratorium on opening new charter schools in New Mexico for at least two and a half years so the state can evaluate the schools and find ways to ensure they’re delivering high-quality education.
        The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that Democratic Rep. Christine Trujillo of Albuquerque has introduced a bill that would halt approval of new charter applications between June 2017 and January 2020.
        Many charter schools in New Mexico also have been under scrutiny in the past year for their financial management practices.
        Trujillo says the state has been moving so fast on this front that it doesn’t have enough time to oversee how they are functioning.
        Charter school advocates oppose her bill.


    • Bull Durham says:

      High technology sector has short product lifetimes. Anyone working in manufacturing has to understand robotics, trends, currency rates impact rapidly any jobs. You compete or you die. Intel has had some hard times. They are trying to come back.

      What would be good is if Apple would get back with Intel and work on their chips together.
      They did for a short time after Motorola, but couldn’t stick it out.

      They really need to be given special low corporate tax rates. Why treat all industries as if they were the same. It is clear high tech is not the same as making a refrigerator or a rocking chair. Different tax rates could keep them manufacturing in the US.

      Tax the product not the producer. (relatively). Break out of the ideological way of thinking.
      All other nations coddle their high tech industries as SOEs. We could level the playing field with tax schedules that encourage them domiciling here.

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  14. KBR says:

    80% is exported. Maybe as the USA starts making more here, a greater % will be utilized here by computer companies here!

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    • Aparition42 says:

      To be fair, though, only about 5% of the worlds population is in the United States, so 20% of their products being used domestically isn’t necessarily a negative. Money recirculating within our economy is less beneficial than money coming in to our country from outside. That’s why the Trade Deficit is such a big deal. More money is leaving than is coming in.

      The real goal is to increase the international customer base so that more products that are made in America our sold outside of America while Americans are able to buy products manufactured here almost exclusively. With that in mind, if the percentage of their goods that is exported goes up while the total quantity sold is also going up, that’s a sign of improvement, not a problem.

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  15. kinthenorthwest says:

    Can see why Americans are behind him…
    The poll I bet the left doesn’t want Americans to see

    New Poll Finds Americans Support Trump’s Temporary Immigration Ban By Large Margin

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  16. andymilken says:

    Private jobs versus government “jobs,” what a difference? Need to drain some more swamp. Here is an example of your “well-spent” tax dollars- How ironic? Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Protecting the “small people” from the big bad “wolves,” but we can “rob” you “legally.”


  17. In AZ says:

    Monday I saw my family doctor. We started talking Obamacare and politics. I never saw him angry, but when he spoke of Obamacare the anger and disgust came out. He said that people who want to save the country have some time to fight back, hopefully 8 years, thanks to President Trump. So happy my doctor supported President Trump.
    He said other things I was glad to hear a doctor say.

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  18. Jimmy Jack says:

    I’m blown away anew daily by Trump’s move to build the economy. Amazing. Thank God. And it’s good to see these technocrats get on board.

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  19. Nchadwick says:

    Not sure if anyone is local to the area, This is HUGE news for that community. When I watched the press conference, I remember the plant they were talking about…. and when it was being built, it was all anyone on this side of town were talking about. Wanted to make sure my memory was correct.

    The area, runs along Price road/parallel to the Loop 101. Not sure on specific dates but the Loop 101 was built I believe to about Pecos road.

    “In late 2000, Loop 101 was extended south to Pecos Road. East Valley Partnership President Roc Arnett said the freeway extension was funded via Proposition 303, but was supposed to be executed in the mid 2000s.
    “Early on, we worked very hard with legislators and others to put in place legislation that would allow Chandler, in effect, to accelerate the building of … the freeway,” said Arnett, who sat on the State Transportation Board at the time.”

    The area built up quick with the addition of the “Price Corridor” extension to the LOOP 101. Very nice “Chandler Fashion Square” build fast, and shopping/dining extended all around. Then business extended it further. Went from 20 to 90. Intel was the biggest announcements. Housing developments were being advertised “close to intel”..

    “Intel’s $5 billion Fab 42 facility was finished late last year, but is sitting empty due to changes in the global semiconductor market.”

    I live in the East Valley – Chandler/Mesa border… This is huge for the East Valley – they have talked about making the closed Fiesta Mall area (which has totally taken a turn for the ghetto – and it is right across the freeway from our home), into a “tech center” – and the area has sat empty and desolate for awhile now.

    THIS IS HUGE FOR CHANDLER, EAST VALLEY, ARIZONA… Found a brochure for some Continuum Project… but it has a great map of the area – the last page has it blown back – to see how accessible it is from central /west valley


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  20. Nchadwick says:


    Fab 42 was supposed to be a $5 billion-plus facility employing thousands in the Chandler area and it had been heralded as a poster child for keeping high-tech manufacturing jobs in the United States. At the beginning of 2012, President Barack Obama gave a speech calling for more domestic manufacturing from the then-unfinished factory site.

    The chip giant received $3.3 million in state tax credits from Arizona for creating about 1,000 new permanent jobs with Fab 42, the Arizona Republic noted in a report breaking the news that the facility has been put on permanent hiatus.

    Intel has in fact kept its end of that deal, adding more than 1,000 new workers to its payroll in the state—they just work at other Intel manufacturing facilities in the area, according to Mulloy.

    Intel is painting its decision not to open Fab 42 as a simple matter of finding a more efficient means of getting to 14nm production at existing facilities. But it’s hard not to see the impact of a slumping PC market on this development—Gartner recently characterized the double-digit drop in PC shipments in 2013 as the “worst decline in PC market history.”,2817,2429600,00.asp

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  21. Nchadwick says:

    WOW, funny little video I found of people of Chandler Arizona not happy when Obama gave the 2012 speech …

    You can not tell me that there was not huge voter fraud in Arizona – we have never been a swing state before.. and read some of those signs – regarding Joe Arpaio and impeaching Obama – no way were were that close for voting for HRC

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  22. Nchadwick says:

    Wow, I don’t have words… what a fing jerk!


    • Nchadwick says:

      He used Intel as an example for why the tax system needs to be changed, because companies that choose to outsource to other countries receive tax breaks, while companies like Intel, which mostly employ Americans, pay high tax rates.

      Obama urged those present to tell their representatives to send him a bill for tax reform, which he said he would sign immediately.

      “We live in a global economy,” Obama said. “If a company wants to do business overseas, of course it’s their right, but we shouldn’t subsidize it.”

      Instead, Obama proposed subsidizing and giving tax breaks to companies that invest in the American economy.

      Along with corporate taxes, he discussed the “Buffett Rule,” named after billionaire Warren Buffett.

      The rule advocates higher tax rates for the wealthy.

      Obama said people like him and Buffett do not need to pay less in taxes than Buffett’s secretary, who he met at the State of the Union address Tuesday evening.

      He said individuals with an annual income of more than $1 million should pay a tax rate of at least 30 percent, while the majority of Americans who make less than $250,000 a year should not see their taxes rise.

      Obama said the proposed change to the tax system does not come from a place of envy toward the wealthy. Instead, he said everyone should strive for financial success.

      “I want everybody here to be rich,” Obama said.


    • Wendyfarrier says:

      Thank God our Trump can talk to people, when Obama was here years ago he put so many damn restrictions that Intel decided to finish the project. Now our AZ can have a second chance for jobs now all we need is BUILD THE WALL

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  23. AZmama says:


    First time poster here..

    I live in the Chandler AZ area and my husband, a legal immigrant from Edmonton, works at Intel. He sent me an article from azcentral about this but also that Intel was against Trump’s executive order. Also, they are huge on diversity, and they are open about hiring women and minorities first. Unfortunately, that means even if they are less skilled.

    I am glad for the investment by Intel, but it seems they are playing both sides.

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  24. Wendyfarrier says:

    Years ago when Obummer was here in AZ he put so many regulations on Intel that they stopped the building. I believe our Trump has reduced the regulations so jobs can be brought back. People forget President Trump can not do everything by his-self we MUST STAND BY HIM after all Rome was not built in a day and it will take a lot of days to repair what Obama has done to our America. By the way I am in Globe, AZ travel through Chandler a lot bought a bunch of horses there in that area.

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  25. Cupcake says:

    I live in Chandler AZ! Winning!!

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  26. deplorable says:

    Hoping this pans out but I’m skeptical of Intel.

    Intel is known for its mass layoffs while at the same time lobbying Congress to allow the importing of even more foreign workers via H-1B visas, OPT program, and the old “staple a green card to a diploma” meme.

    I really hope there were no back room deals involving more H-1B visas or green cards in exchange for this investment.


  27. Sang Pejuang says:

    I knew about this on TV last night, there are so many technocrates actively get on board…..3000 U.S. jobs are amazing!


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