Sean Spicer Press Briefing – February 7th (Video)

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer gives the daily press briefing for Tuesday February 7th 2017:


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53 Responses to Sean Spicer Press Briefing – February 7th (Video)

  1. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Spicer is doing great. More professional every day. He makes it look like putting down the moonbat agenda media is easy. Very enjoyable to watch. I do hope they broaden the Skype thing, but not sure how that will all work out. I loved the Skype questions – want MOAR.

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  2. abstain says:

    I think members of the press are actually getting tired of being told that their question can’t be answered because that particular cabinet nominee is being held up in the Senate.
    Perhaps they will press the Senate to get it done?

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  3. M33 says:

    It’s like watching Sauron slaughter the army of men and elves at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring!

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  4. Summer says:

    The media starts acting civil. Great job, Spice man.

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  5. sunnydaze says:

    Looking forward to the Presspeeps asking relevant questions about real things that have already happened, instead of their stupid, irrelevant “speculation” questions.

    You know, the kind of questions that give Americans real, actual INFORMATION.

    Fingers Crossed.

    Do it Presspeeps, show us you’ve got a Brain. Prove it.

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    • Chuck says:

      sunnydaze, I hope you aren’t holding your breath for this…..

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    • 1hear2learn says:

      Like at the end when asked “Sean, Sean, Sean… did you get a chance to watch Saturday Night Live?” Yeah, that’s real important stuff there…


      • dalethorn says:

        A true spoof or satire of the president could be quite funny and entertaining, but whereas certain SNL alumni such as Dana Carvey doing Bush #1 was respected even by Bush, the difference today is not merely that they’re ratcheting up the intensity, rather, that SNL is injecting the lies of MSM into the sketches, which damages their own program and kills much of the humor potential. One thing SNL could do to give the sketches some real humor possibilities, besides removing the lies and obvious distortions, is to make Baldwin stop the facial expressions of sucking on a sour lemon, and learning a better or funny way to satirize Trump’s actual face expressions, of which there are several that would be good for comedy sketches.


        • Benson II says:

          Without some comedic quality (actual humor) the skits become nothing more then political commentary. SNL writers and comedians don’t really have a capacity for real comedy anymore. That takes effort and real ability which is lacking in almost all liberal so called comedy.


  6. NHVoter says:

    Spicer is great. And adorable. 🙂

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  7. citizen817 says:

    Not a real tweet, but could/should be.

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  8. Katherine McCoun says:

    I love the little smile he gets at the end of the press conference.

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  9. fleporeblog says:

    Right Direction or Wrong Direction (Rasmussen Poll) – From the Point DJT was elected to now

    Date – Jan 29-Feb 02 – 46% (Right Direction) / 49% (Wrong Track)

    Right Direction or Wrong Direction (Rasmussen Poll) – President Obama same time last year

    Date – Jan 31-Feb 04 – 28% (Right Direction) / 65% (Wrong Track)

    Folks this is called winning on steroids!

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  10. Mike diamond says:

    Sean Spicer is a very good press sec! The news media needs to get outa the way of the trump train,and let president trump do his job! 8 long years of Obama got us nothing!

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  11. BMG says:

    President Trump is a whirlwind. What energy! Today’s schedule is dizzyfying.

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  12. Yay! Bibi’s going to be here next week! Should be interesting.
    On the next topic, the Spice Man refuses to answer Q about Idiot Waters.

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  13. litlbit2 says:

    Press conferences among other things continues to expose the losers! The msm, others are pushing another fake news story about how the Trump supporters are becoming worried about president Trump progress with repealing Obamacare, tax reform etc.
    What the gotcha, never Trump crowd has never understood, we the folks get it! Furthermore we are taking names of many individuals and the tactics to keep President Trump from working faster in protecting the citizens of the USA and repealing Obamacare!
    They never seen it coming in 2016 and they do not see what will happen in 2108! For many, many of the dnc, msm, GOPe names these are the last two years they will be in their current positions! The daily exposure assures this to be another “oh Jesus moment”! 2018 followed by 2020, 2022.
    On another note: why are the many tax-exempt funded organizations, Soros, Union, DNC etc that promote, hire protester for chaos, public endangerment, crime, destruction allowed to continue? As the taxpayers are forced through taxes to repair the damage and incur extra law enforcement cost to protect the innocent?
    Remove the tax-exempt status, require 1099′, W-2’s, check SS#’s, citizen status, outstanding warrants, require drug testing as in real life employment at places of legal business

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  14. freeperjim says:

    SD’s video of presser not working. Here’s a new YouTube in 720HD


  15. andi lee says:

    Press Secretary Spicer bringing the heat!


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  16. Nycgal says:

    I guess I’m in the minority on Spicer as a communicator. His stop/start speaking style, rapid-fire sentences that get away from him, and occasional stuttering all take away from the import of what he’s saying IMHO. Conducting these press conferences is a performance. He has the lines, but I find he exudes little authority or gravitas in delivering them. I think Laura Ingraham would have been an alpha dream in this role.


    • dalethorn says:

      We engineers believe that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, or the line that’s straightest under the circumstances. Spicer is gold – pure gold, and gets those answer out directly, correctly, honestly, and with an extremely low irritation factor. I never imagined liking to hear press conferences, but this one amazed me.


    • Benson II says:

      Personally I think he’s impressive, in total command of the press conference and his answers are superb.


  17. dalethorn says:

    Just a couple of observations — one, the settlements question Spicer deferred for the Netanyahu visit – it might be difficult to please everyone if Netanyahu isn’t convincing enough on his end. The other observation is about the media who kept demanding to know the details of Trump’s plan in replacing Obamacare “right now” — Spicer told them more than once that the details are held up in the Senate, partly because of Democrat resistance, and partly because of how incredibly tangled that massive legislation became even before it was fully implemented.


    • Benson II says:

      The real beauty of Spicer’s answers is he doesn’t let them draw him away from his initial answer just because they ask the same question numerous times. This is difficult to do. If someone asks you the same question numerous times your reaction is usually to expand your answer which can make things more complicated or cause you to bring up unnessecary items that then give the press something else to question you on and puts you on the defensive. That’s why the press does it. It’s not because they don’t understand what you’ve said.


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