Piers Morgan Making Sense Great Again…

This is the third time someone claiming to be Piers Morgan has appeared on television making more than a marginal amount of sense.  Rumors swirl that it’s actually a cognitive stunt double, an imposter.  Implying the real Moonbat version of Morgan, that Americans are accustomed to seeing, is vacationing in the Caribbean.

Imposter Morgan making common sense great again.  Watch:


Is that Piers Morgan, or an imposter from a parallel universe?…

Duuuude OMG

I know right?…

It was only tomorrow we discovered time travel is real…. or, wait, was that discovery yesterday?

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162 Responses to Piers Morgan Making Sense Great Again…

  1. Bartsmydog says:

    I think the Russians have hacked Piers!

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  2. Thanks for the laugh, Sundance! I love the English, even when I’m mad at them! And now I’m not mad at that sensible guy pretending to be Piers Morgan.

    Here’s the sad part about this – there SHOULD be a wall between media and government. The only thing is that the media should be scrupulous about telling the absolute truth – no nuance, no innuendo, just pure unvarnished truth!

    The good news? The Internet will soon be free again with a pro-freedom Ajit Pai now heading the FCC! Yay!


  3. Michael says:

    Piers is pretty decent aside from his supremely retarded views on the 2A.


  4. jefcool64 says:

    Piers Morgan needs to come out of the closet and admit he’s a closet Trump supporter. Do it! Start the movement Piers.


  5. MIKE says:

    Honestly, I believe Piers Morgan can read the writing on the wall. He might be gunning to be the new administrations’ trusted media go-to, if not here, at least abroad.


  6. joe murrell says:

    Trump and Morgan have a true and long-lasting friendship.


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