Media Columnist Michael Wolff Tells CNN’s Brian Stelter to Grow Up

When media reports on media reports of media reports, the concentric circles of self-serving sanctimony expand toward the endless horizon of nothingness… /SD

Media columnist Michael Wolff was invited on CNN’s show, “Reliable Sources,” to discuss the media and Donald Trump.  Specifically, Wolff was asked about his recent Newsweek article entitled “Why the media keeps losing to Donald Trump”, because Wolff rightly pointed out the sanctimonious nature of a pearl-clutching media consistently defending it’s own ridiculous narratives.

The resulting interview is quite funny as chief sanctimony promoter, Brian Stelter, was told to his face how ridiculous he looks clutching his pearls and hiding behind CNN’s apron.  Watch:

Here’s the Newsweek article referenced during the segment:

[…] The media strategy is to show Trump to be an inept and craven sociopath. The Trump strategy is to show that media people are hopeless prigs out of touch with the nation (e.g., CNN’s media correspondent, Brian Stelter, who turns to the camera every Sunday morning and delivers a pious sermon about Trump’s perfidiousness) and nursing personal grudges. (read more)


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166 Responses to Media Columnist Michael Wolff Tells CNN’s Brian Stelter to Grow Up

  1. I love your comment and agree with it wholeheartedly.

    However, the phrase “begs the question” doesn’t mean what you used it to mean, which is “brings to mind the question,” or “raises the question.”

    Begging the question is a logical fallacy, committed when [making] “an argument that assumes as proved the very thing one is trying to prove” (Corbett; NY Times). Other logical fallacies include “tu qoque (you, too),” argument from ignorance,” “argument from authority,” “ad hominem (personal attack), etc.

    Again, thanks for the great comment.


  2. snaggletooths says:

    “You can border on being quite a ridiculous figure”
    I think he was holding back when he said that

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  3. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Good grief. Stelter really is delusional. He cannot hear not only his voice and what he is saying, but the voices all around him and what they are saying. It is self-righteous propaganda. Perhaps the best case in point is the treatment of Steve Bannon, who is treated as if he were some repugnant troglodyte whose ignorance and bigotry should never profane the sacred halls of power. Yet when you look at his credentials (e.g., education and military experience), he is clearly extremely well-qualified for his position.
    It seems to me that what the media really hate (and I think it applies, as well, to much of the entrenched D.C. bureaucracy and to congress and its staffers) is he fact that these people are not career politicians on the make to game the system for all they can get. It makes the Trump administration so much less vulnerable to the pervasive governmental corruption. People in government fear and despise business people who are not cronies.

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  4. mailmannz says:

    The problem isn’t the media fact checking Trump…the problem is the media has been missing in action for the last 8 years and only now has it reared its ugly little head to start fact checking a sitting President.

    That smacks of a lack of class, and more importantly, a total lack of credibility.


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  5. caitlin says:

    Stelter is an insufferable bore.

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  6. HolyLoly says:

    I remember a time when even the left-leaning media had some ethical standards.

    Back in the nineties, PBS News Hour publicly informed the audience that they had to let go one of their reporters — Patty Ann Brown, I believe — because she attended a rally of some sort promoting a popular issue of the day. They made clear that she violated policy that forbid reporters from engaging in public displays of support for or against issues worthy of news coverage.

    Today, these media jerks are publicly spewing venom regarding Trump on their twitter accounts. They actually think it is their duty to do so because in their view, Trump is just that dangerous.

    Their hubris is stunning.

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  7. cozyinnewengland says:

    Michael Wolff sounds sane.
    He sees the bias and illogic of the MSM. They are completely blinded by their overwhelming hate and contempt for President Trump and his supporters. They do not report. They virtue signal.


  8. UKExpat says:

    America’s world laughing stock Lame Stream EneMedia is so Politically Biased and so profoundly STUPID that it does not even realize how STUPID it is and how much the people around the world are laughing at them.


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