Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – February 3rd 2017 (Video)…

President Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer delivers the daily press briefing from the White House:


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122 Responses to Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – February 3rd 2017 (Video)…

  1. lurker99 says:

    Very glad Spicer is doing Skype questions….

    Today I heard one of the local elites ask about DJT’s actions which DJT already explained yesterday… (Asking something like ” Is this as far as actions go against IRAN………….”

    This elite press core is so stupid, most any of us (whom followed CTH for awhile) could ask more intelligent questions ……….

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    • fleporeblog says:

      I love how the guy from Alabama slapped them all in the face with his comment about the reporters living in the DC bubble. His question was also exciting because Sean shared that more immigration reform will be taking place in a week or two. Smart not to tackle any of it right now with Sessions not yet appointed.Once that occurs next week, the real fireworks will be unleashed.

      You think the riots were bad these past 2 weeks, there may not be enough popcorn for what we will see in a week or two. SD was absolutely right about us having to be patient and understand the long game.

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    • Oldschool says:

      My 8 yr old grandson can ask more intelligent questions.

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    • maga2016 says:

      their job isnt to ask intelligent questions, they are propagandists for the globalists

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    • maiingankwe says:

      I’ve thought along the same lines that we could ask far better questions, especially when we seem to be more informed than they are.

      In addition, a few days ago as I was walking past the tv I thought, aw, bloody heck, I could give a more informed answer than the pundit that was on, after a pause I realized I could’ve done better than all three of them. I then had a wishful thought, if small time journalists could get in the press room why couldn’t we small timers get on tv? I would think the ratings would be good having someone like us once a week to straighten these loony pundits out. America would love to see their representation giving it to the old boys and holding our own.

      Just a thought and a dream with a bit of wishful thinking.

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      • How about turning your wish into a family game? Some members can be the pundits and some can be family like you to straighten them out. Then switch, they answer and your ask the questions. You’ll be surprised at how hard it actually is! But it really good practice a learning how to formulate a complex question on the fly!!!
        In my family, we used to have the loser do the dinner dishes!

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    • Neural says:

      It is important that while it is easy, and fun, to call them stupid, these people are anything but stupid. Their questions and methods are carefully crafted with the end goal in mind of destroying this country and bringing about complete globalist control.
      They badger Sean about certain things under the facade that they are “just trying to get the facts” when what they are really doing is attempting to get him to make a yes or no comment to a question that is designed, by nature, to be used against the President in the future.
      “event: Jesus walks on water. Headlines next day: Jesus can’t swim!”. It is an old joke, but the truth behind it is the evil of the news media. They will “edit” video/audio to fit their narrative, and are professionals when it comes to twisting words around. Most of these so-called “journalists” that they allow into the white house are sociopaths at best.

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      • lurker99 says:

        Good point Neural, (but I still think some of them are stupid too…), I guess the final media jading for me was when Katie stood up on a chair to ask questions after the conclusion of a conference…. I just have no tolerance for the Washington types… I like the local area questions (no one asking about the epa coal regs today either..)

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    • Bruce says:

      They are not media, they are propagandists. They are paid just like the anarchist protesters that destroy property and steal our free speech rights. The democrats own both groups. If you know any demos in your neighborhood, shove this stuff right back in their faces when you talk to them. Ask them if they like being associated with liars and thieves?
      Ask them why they support the party of death and destruction. Take it to them.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:



    • filia.aurea says:

      The purpose of W.H. reporters is becoming clearer on a daily basis. They have orders to focus on news items having the most potential to be divisive. The copy is mostly written, they just need to fill in the blanks.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    That moron wants to site some BS CBS poll showing our President’s approval rating at 40%. Are they out of their minds (I know the answer :)). Wish Sean would have provided the updated % from today’s Rasmussen Poll which shows the approval rating at 54% versus the 51% he said.

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    • Correct, but then again there is only so much he can do. I am sure he wanted to laugh, but then scream at the same time (I know I did) for that very question. There is so much going on so much this meeting./press conference gave in such a short amount of time. Why would they ask a question like that, I bet you wanted to scream at them as well. I also agree I love that they are doing SYPE questions, it proves that they do want to be transparent, that they DO want the American public to not just, well, be in the know, but to give so many a chance and not just the big leagues. It was such a refreshing conference he did go all around the room in answering questions from the back of the room to sidelines and much was indeed covered, but there is a better decorum and seems to be some respect growing there, wow, so refreshing,
      Thank you Sundance for sharing so that I was able to witness this. I am home sick today and am actually able to read all my emails and of course come to you as much as I can. You have helped me so much in these trying times, I have a daughter that goes to Columbia University and she is just so mad at me for supporting this administration-this split between me and her is ever so hurtful, so you help me in convincing me that I am not wrong in my unending support that I have for our President Trump. Even though I could never convince my daughter (I guess I’ll have to wait until she is 40 years old right?) You have convinced me and give me my daily affirmations, Thank you again Sundance and thank you friends that post your comments after each and every blog that is here ! I read and appreciate them all!

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      • maiingankwe says:

        I hope you feel real better soon and the weekend will help in your recovery.

        As a daughter, I didn’t get along with my Mom when I was a young adult. We clashed on more than the a few important issues. Heck, we didn’t get along in my late teens either. And then I grew up, and low and behold, I found my Mom to be right in most cases. It took a bit of time, but my Mom and I grew very close. We talked all the time and helped each other too. She became the person I looked to for advice on so many important things and even the trivial.

        Now it’s hard for me to understand where we went wrong and why with how we had gotten along so well later in life. We made a great team and the love and respect for my Mom was off the charts, still is.

        I pray the same will happen with you and your daughter. Please don’t give up, and know it hurts your daughter as well even though she may not admit it to you. I carried a deep emptiness when I was separated from my Mom, and a lot of hurt. So of course I blamed her. I don’t now, it was both of us and mostly me.

        Now that I am a Mother, I know the pain I put my Mom through, the same pain you are feeling right now. I am ever so sorry for both of you. It’s not right and it’s not fair, especially with all you have done for your girl throughout all of her years and all you have sacrificed to get her where she is. I’m sure you’re more than likely paying for her education. I paid for my own, but then I didn’t go to Columbus or any university close to that.

        Anyways, have faith you two will come back and become stronger than ever. She still needs some growing up to do, and all you can do is be patient and let her know the door is always open for her. I pray that you two will have the relationship my Mom and I eventually had. I will keep you on my prayers for as long as it takes.

        Stay strong, get well, have faith it will all work out, and know you are loved,


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      • TheseTruths says:

        You are not wrong in your support for Pres. Trump, and we are all in that basket of Deplorables with you! Sometimes people have to get into the real world to realize that liberal policies don’t work. It helps if they pay quarterly taxes instead of having them deducted from a paycheck. It also helps to own a business. I think the immigration issue is a little trickier for that generation because they grew up in a “multicultural” society wth no realization of the changes it was wreaking on our culture.

        This is too extreme, but just a thought: Either tell her you will no longer lock your doors (home, car, etc.) or tell her you no longer want her to lock hers (I know, impossible to tell her that!). Just open your arms and let everyone in. You have taught her to have boundaries, and a country has to have them as well.

        Hang in there!

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      • Tonawanda says:

        Tell her to read, contemplate and understand the names on Butler Library. If she does that her closed mind will open.


    • If you look at the chart at Rasmussen, Trump has not fallen below 51% in approval ratings since the inauguration…Rasmussen does them daily. At one point he was at 59. Started dropping on Jan 27, bottomed out at 51% on the 31st, and is now on the way up.

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    • Like we would believe a cbs poll (no caps on purpose) Riiiiiiiight

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  3. In AZ says:

    The Liberal Progressive Socialist Fascist Communist CEO’s and other business leaders who refused to meet with President Trump will, unfortunately, benefit from economic growth thanks to President Trump.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      I know Disney was one of them. Do we have names somewhere?


      • Deb says:

        I’m currently boycotting (for various political reasons):

        The NFL (thanks to the halftime show)
        Disney (I have kids, this one is hard)
        Penzey’s Spices
        Uber (backed out of the meeting)
        The PGA
        Hollywood, (I won’t be going to the movie theatres or watching any movies made before the year 2007)
        Amazon, (I am now only using Amazon to buy books or goods from third party vendors, nothing directly from Amazon, when my prime account runs out I won’t renew)
        I already cut the cable cord years ago

        I’m sure there are plenty that I should be boycotting that I’m missing.

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        • aqua says:

          This is a good list. I’m still happily boycotting Target, too.

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        • that’s a pretty good start! You are strong.
          Man in the house is not in agreement so my list is only half as long 😕


        • Oldskool says:

          Don’t forget about adding Hewlett Packard to your Do Not Buy List. Remember it’s CEO Meg Whitman went from anti-Trump to supporting Hillary. Got rid of my printers as did 4 clients so that will be about $95K a year in collective supplies we WILL NOT be buying from that company. A little here a little there.

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        • Try Universal Studies, believe me the children will love that, plus (depending on age) there is legoland, there are so many other parks out there for kids, there is even a fun amusement park for kids that have rides on Construction equipment in New Jersey, forgive me I forgot the name of that park. Let me tell you the other parks are way less expensive than Disney, and Disney at this point is becoming old hat. I agree and will stand with you for the exact same boycots!

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        • Soon we’ll be completely unplugged and freeing our minds and clearing up time to spend with our families, friends, and neighbors. The lack of community engendered by mass media cannot be overstated.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          Nordstrom’s just cut Ivanka’s clothing line. They denied it was the liberal group who has been harassing every company that sells any of Trump’s items. I’m sorry I can’t remember their silly name. It’s two ladies who started it, one a grandmother and the other in marketing or something close to.

          They are now celebrating on Twit and elsewhere that they succeeded through all of their hard work etc.

          So I guess Nordstrom will be on your list as well. It’s on mine, but I never really shopped there, and I don’t have one for hundreds if not thousands of miles. Lots easier for me.

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          • Deb says:

            I don’t have a Nordstroms where I live so that one is easy.

            I’ve also been boycotting Target for a few years now. That one was hard at first, it’s gotten easier.


          • Susan Hale says:

            I sent an email to Nordstrom’s executive team on Friday to inform them that due to its caving to a left wing group looking to harm any businesses owned by a Trump, and thereby eliminating Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, I will therefore close my account as well as take my extensive purchasing dollars to a competitor (i.e., Saks). BTW, fellow Treepers Neiman Marcus will no longer carry Ivanka Trump’s line so strike them from your list of no-go stores.

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        • Kay says:

          Nordstrom should be on there for caving to # GrabYourWallet .Nordstrom’s are not selling Ivanka Trumps shoes now. Two nasty women started this site, to get people to boycott any Trump business or anyone that does business with the Trumps. There goes the coat I wanted to buy from them. They need a lesson that it’s a two way street.


        • NyanCat says:

          NFL – haven’t watched a football game in over 30 years…
          Disney – I have a kid but she thinks anything Disney is immature crap…
          Starbucks – Don’t drink coffee… and wouldn’t at those “bouillon” prices
          Penzey’s – ?? (guess not…)
          Netflix – never – don’t watch TV
          Google – Startpage. com!
          Uber – I’m a country boy and drive myself
          Macy’s – See above comment
          PGA – Same as above
          CNN – used to until they forced javascript and cookies to watch over me…
          NBC – wouldn’t even know what channel that is
          Budweiser – Haven’t drunk alcohol in about twenty years
          Kelloggs – Nope, homemade cinnamon oatmeal for me
          Facebook – never have, never would.
          Hollywood – I don’t want to spend a couple of hours watching someone else’s story. I’ll make my own…
          Amazon – I don’t buy online, never had a credit card, and value my privacy.
          Cable – Looks at the old dusty CRT TV in the cabinet…

          I think I’m good!

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      • In AZ says:

        I do not have a list. There probably is one somewhere.

        Uber was another one who refused to meet with President Trump.

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  4. M33 says:

    They need to overhaul CSPAN, too.

    Their twitter feed does everything it can to undermine the administration.
    Lefties still running it.

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    • I know, but when they just live stream events, they are good. They livestream the daily press briefings, etc. I just turn the sound down or shut them down when the leftist come on. It’s a shame they aren’t more balanced.

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  5. CheeseHead says:

    You are on the wrong discussion board. Go here:

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  6. albrevin says:

    I hope Nikki Haley and all this Iran stuff…:. Hope this does not mean the atrocious neocons have gotten in Trump’s ear.


  7. So you sat around twiddeling your thumbs for 8 years and now you want Obamas hot mess fixed in a snap? This is multidimensional chess President Trump is playing with one hand and a blindfold on. Lesser men would be golfing. Let the man work and stop demanding is it fixed yet?
    Meanwhile call your senators and demand they adjust their work ethic to get the cabinet approved. Then start working to ensure Pres Trump wins more seats in 2018.

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  8. Disgusted says:

    He doesn’t need to tag on the part about good news being a result of the Trump Presidents. We all recognize and appreciate that fact on our own. I don’t see it as necessary or correct. Imagine how over the top it would have sounded if we’d had to hear such tags from the last two geeks after their reports Ugh. Let the OTHERS draw their own conclusions and start appreciating who is in office NOW.

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  9. hrivkan says:

    Reporter: Does the administration have any intention of investigating the groups who have been rioting at conservative or pro Trump events?
    Sean Spicer: I think we know who they are, I don’t know that they need to do an investigation.

    Very interesting. Mr. Spicer quickly went to another question.
    Are they waiting for A.G. Sessions?
    Clip at 18:20

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  10. gettherejustassoon says:

    President Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer: Approximately 60 significant actions in the first two weeks of this administration. Also, weekly address by President Trump at 5pm (EST).

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  11. NYGuy54 says:

    Is the DeVos vote scheduled for Tuesday now?

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  12. paulraven1 says:

    You’re back, troll?

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  13. Jan says:

    Do-little congress barely works in a 1 month period and gets very little done. Some of these people need to be re-called by their states.

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    • CheeseHead says:

      Yesterday in an interview McConnell was already getting nervous about the Gorsuch confirmation running into their Easter break. Oh the poor babies. Congress should get as many days off for Easter as the rest of us do…ZERO. Trump should insist that congress only take two weeks off for vacation this year plus federal holidays. They have no campaigning to do this year so why can’t they work as much as the rest of us?

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      • Maybe they need to operate 24/7 until things get done. McConnell is a poor excuse for a leader…isn’t there someone more qualified?

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      • Joan says:

        Answer: They are always campaigning.

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      • I was thinking something along different lines myself CheeseHead.

        Congress should only be back in DC for a couple of weeks twice a year.

        Th rest of the year they must legally be in their districts or states available to their constituents.

        Our elected federal officials and their families should live with us.

        Their kids should go to school with ours.

        Their wives should grocery shop with ours at the local Safeway.

        No more big, fancy, gated gated homes in DC with just a few trips back to their “home” states.

        They should have a very, small CHEAP apartment somewhere in DC.

        They can stay there temporarily when Congress is briefly, very briefly in session.

        Then they will hustle right back to their families and us.

        Back to where the real work should be done, listening to what we tell them to do.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        Oh CheeseHead, they call those extra days “Home Working Week” Only a few actually do townhallls etc. If they are “home” then you should be able to contact/meet with them in their local state offices. Plan ahead with yours. Schedule a meeting with your Sen. now for Easter extra vacay. Let’s see who is really in their State offices besides staffers.


    • In AZ says:

      Every state needs laws to be able to recall Senate and Congress members. Only a few states have such laws.

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  14. Root says:

    I see Sean has smartened up a bit now. The suit he wore for his debut was a shocker !


  15. This week’s Iranaphobia is last week’s Russiaphobia.


  16. HolyLoly says:

    Love Sean’s rapid-fire, no nonsense manner in these pressers. He commands respect whether the media hoard likes it or not.

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  17. MVW says:

    Trump is not going to weaken his bargaining position ahead of his meeting with Putin, hence the Haley UN statement (also a bone thrown to the Neocons).

    Trump has countlessly disparaged the topple / regime change / nation building $6 trillion dollar boondoggle adventurous policy of the previous 3 presidents.

    As to Iranaphobia, the attack on the Saudi war ship, the detainment and mistreatment of the US sailors, the continued development of nuclear capable missiles are just a few items that show that concerns about Iran are not a phobia.

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    • Reality Wins says:

      When hit with questions regarding regime change the administration should answer: “We already did regime change. Have you noticed that Hillary Clinton is not president?”

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    • AntonyG says:

      Just more neo-con BS. Maybe a history lesson and a better understanding of current international politics would help.

      The default for humanity was always very collectivist. That changed when the British introduced classical liberalism to the world which spread throughout the Anglosphere. History has shown that the rest of the world, including Continental Europe, is a collectivist and fascist nightmare waiting to happen.

      Classical liberals decided many decades ago to implement a pro-active foreign policy whereby hostile foreign regimes would be prevented from becoming long-term threats by seeking out the best strategic alliances that would ultimately deliver the best peaceful and stable outcomes.

      Costly world wars were avoided by preventing fascist and collectivist regimes from building power and influence. This was the neo-con strategy. It worked.

      Then the policy changed.

      People with an idealistic view of the world took control and started deposing regimes. It was a complete reversal of policy supposedly by the same people. Wrong.

      So who were these people? Neo-liberals, of course. But people like to jumble everything up under the banner of American Interventionism. If you seriously cannot comprehend the difference between neo-con and neo-liberal policy then you shouldn’t be commentating on world affairs.

      FYI, everyone who is against Assad is a neo-liberal. Everyone pro-Assad is a neo-con.

      Neo-cons: Reagan, Kissinger, Trump, Putin.
      Neo-liberals: G W Bush, H Clinton, McCain, Rubio.

      And the fact that Putin is a neo-con is rather significant. Russia and many Eastern European nations have essentially defected to our side which, if true, would arguably be the biggest and most important geo-political ideological switch in human history especially given that the collectivist mob once again is rising.

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  18. MVW says:

    Congress is sandbagging on moving the tax changes towards a vote, I mean that body of blowhards should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, and I don’t buy the Wienermobile driver Ryan’s excuses.

    I don’t blame the Dhimmocrats for not wanting to confirm the cabinet picks, Trump has been an earthmover, wait until he has a full lineup, Splodie Heads and Roman Candles. Can’t wait!

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  19. NvMtnOldman says:

    Is it just me or are the members of the press dressing better. I see more suits and ties and the women are dressing nicely. They seem to have better manners each passing day.

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  20. maiingankwe says:

    I thought Spicer thoroughly enjoyed hitting that off button, and did you see that smile? I sure did, and mine followed.

    I think Spicer gets quite a bit covered by the way he speaks so quickly. He also moves pretty fast from one question to another, so more can get theirs in. At least that is how I see it.

    I sure didn’t appreciate the cackling by the hens when the radio man thanked Spicer and mentioned the bubble the main journalists live in. He spoke the truth, I guess they still feel they’ve far better than us lowly peasants.

    However, I did like the camera showing who was asking questions. Now all they need are signs of who they work for, or for Spicer to mention their affiliation. I have no idea who Linda or Sarah works for, but at least I have a face to go with for now.

    Have a great weekend fair Treepers!

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  21. Vee says:

    Who is the woman who stares questioners down and huffs and puffs with lots of eye rolling? I’d love to see a close-up and have it played over and over so I can have myself a good laugh. She looks so ridiculous, yet she is hilarious.

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  22. NHVoter says:

    Spicer should rename the press briefing to ‘Spice up your life with Sean Spicer.’

    Ok that was cheesy but he’s so adorable! 🙂

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  23. eksothen says:

    This site is spoiling me with this continous coverage of the US press conferences….

    But I don’t mind…:)


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    • TheseTruths says:

      Yes, it’s great to have them posted here so we can comment. They are also available live and on video on


      • TheseTruths says:

        Correction: They have transcripts of previous days’ press briefings, not videos. But the current day’s briefing is carried live.


  24. trumpsbamagirl says:

    Did anyone else notice the looks of absolute disgust on the faces of these presstitutes while the Japanese reporter was asking his question? NOT Tolerant!!


  25. drdeb says:

    Judging from what I could see, I am glad to see that the WH press are no longer showing up in their “clubbing gangsta ” attire.

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  26. liberty2828 says:

    The Press Pool sits just above the old indoor pool that was abandoned for an outdoor one.

    The WH should install trap doors and allow the Spicer to pull it when they get out of line.

    Drain the swamp!!!

    “In 2000, the room was rewired with 18 miles of cable. When workers opened the trap door leading to the pool to redirect the new cabling, they found the pool to be structurally intact. The deep end is located underneath the press secretary’s podium, and the shallow end is underneath the camera crews.”

    Lots of fun historical photos here.

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  27. bpk1300 says:

    The only issue that I had with this press briefing is that Sean did not answer the question as to why work permits are being given to illegals…that was part 2 of the last Skype questioner…does anyone know what the status on this is, please?

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  28. andi lee says:

    Happy again! Feeling safe. Thank you, Mr. Press Secretary Spicer. Well done, Sir!

    May I suggest the use of, “Asked and Answered” for the stubborn?

    (There is some satisfaction watching those squirming in attitude still, it shows cognitive thinking, yes? Still testing the waters. LOL! )


  29. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Milo Yiannopoulos, the conservative provocateur and Breitbart News columnist, said he was going to attend the White House press briefing on Friday. I couldn’t see him in any of the shots of the press. Maybe he was in back.


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