January 30th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #11

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Sean Spicer Twitter @PressSec

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1,384 Responses to January 30th – 2017 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #11

  1. Pam says:


  2. daughnworks247 says:

    I can’t WAIT until Trump nominates a conservative for SCOTUS and withdraws from Paris Climate Accords!!!
    Poor lefties.

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  3. sunnydaze says:

    Dem Congresscritters on steps of Capitol now. MSNBC has it, FBN sais they’d have it too.

    Pelosi up first.

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  4. psadie says:

    The Freedom Caucus needs to do to Ryan what they did to John Boehner…he needs to be BOEHNERED once and for all! He is a globalist weasel!

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  5. TrumpTransition update on today’s votes or lack thereof

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  6. Ad rem says:

    Maybe we should go back to the way the Clinton administration handled immigration…

     photo elian-rescatado-de-miami_zpspk9zgym0.jpg

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  7. burnett044 says:

    Trump will save her…

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  8. WhyNot132 says:

    Today MIT officially joined the fight against Trump with this crap:

    To the members of the MIT community,

    For those of you who have been following the developments at MIT since Friday, I was hoping to write to you today with some uplifting news. Yet, as I write, we continue to push hard to bring back to MIT those members of our community, including two undergraduates, who were barred from the US because of the January 27 Executive Order on immigration. We are working personally with all the affected individuals we are aware of. If you know of other students, faculty or staff who are directly affected, please inform us immediately so we can try to help:

    International Students Office, David Elwell [international-students@mit.edu]
    International Scholars Office, Penny Rosser [international-scholars@mit.edu]

    Over and over since the order was issued, I have been moved by the outpouring of support from hundreds across our community. I could not be more proud, and I am certain that you join me in thanking everyone inside and outside of MIT whose extraordinary efforts have helped us address this difficult situation. We hope we can welcome everyone back to MIT very soon.

    MIT, the nation and the world
    I found the events of the past few days deeply disturbing. The difficulty we have encountered in seeking to help the individuals from our community heightens our overall sense of concern. I would like to reflect on the situation we find ourselves in, as an institution and as a country.

    MIT is profoundly American. The Institute was founded deliberately to accelerate the nation’s industrial revolution. With classic American ingenuity and drive, our graduates have invented fundamental technologies, launched new industries and created millions of American jobs. Our history of national service stretches back to World War I; especially through the work of Lincoln Lab, we are engaged every day in keeping America safe. We embody the American passion for boldness, big ideas, hard work and hands-on problem-solving. Our students come to us from every faith, culture and background and from all fifty states. And, like other institutions rooted in science and engineering, we are proud that, for many of our students, MIT supplies their ladder to the middle class, and sometimes beyond. We are as American as the flag on the Moon.

    At the same time, and without the slightest sense of contradiction, MIT is profoundly global. Like the United States, and thanks to the United States, MIT gains tremendous strength by being a magnet for talent from around the world. More than 40% of our faculty, 40% of our graduate students and 10% of our undergraduates are international. Faculty, students, post-docs and staff from 134 other nations join us here because they love our mission, our values and our community. And – as I have – a great many stay in this country for life, repaying the American promise of freedom with their energy and their ideas. Together, through teaching, research, and innovation, MIT’s magnificently global, absolutely American community pursues its mission of service to the nation and the world.

    What the moment demands of us
    The Executive Order on Friday appeared to me a stunning violation of our deepest American values, the values of a nation of immigrants: fairness, equality, openness, generosity, courage. The Statue of Liberty is the “Mother of Exiles”; how can we slam the door on desperate refugees? Religious liberty is a founding American value; how can our government discriminate against people of any religion? In a nation made rich by immigrants, why would we signal to the world that we no longer welcome new talent? In a nation of laws, how can we reject students and others who have established legal rights to be here? And if we accept this injustice, where will it end? Which group will be singled out for suspicion tomorrow?

    On Sunday, many members of our campus community joined a protest in Boston to make plain their rejection of these policies and their support for our Muslim friends and colleagues. As an immigrant and the child of refugees, I join them, with deep feeling, in believing that the policies announced Friday tear at the very fabric of our society.

    I encourage anyone who shares that view to work constructively to improve the situation. Institutionally, though we may not be vocal in every instance, you can be confident we are paying attention; as we strive to protect our community, sustain our mission and advance our shared values, we will speak and act when and where we judge we can be most effective.

    Yet I would like us to think seriously about the fact that both within the MIT community and the nation at large, there are people of goodwill who see the measures in the Executive Order as a reasonable path to make the country safer. We would all like our nation to be safe. I am convinced that the Executive Order will make us less safe. Yet all of us, across the spectrum of opinion, are Americans.

    In this heated moment, I urge every one of us to avoid with all our might the forces that are driving America into two camps. If we love America, and if we believe in America, we cannot allow those divisions to grow worse. We need to imagine a shared future together, if we hope to have one. I am certain our community can help work on this great problem, too, by starting right here at home.


    L. Rafael Reif



  9. Wiggyky says:

    Is there ANY reporter that has the ethics, integrity and GUTS to ask Pelosi and Schumer on LIVE TV why this is unconstitutional now but was not unconstitutional when Obama did the exact same thing? Second, have them show where the word Muslim is in any of the Documents. They need to resign immediately before someone throws a stink bomb in their houses. /s

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  10. Dale says:

    Get with the program or go! White House’s ultimatum to more than 100 foreign service officers as they sign scathing complaint about travel ban
    State Department employees harboring anger about President Donald Trump’s travel ban are welcome to find a new place to work, the White House said Monday.

    The 100 signatories of a dissent memo that’s circulating at State ‘should either get with the program or they can go,’ White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer declared.

    ‘At some point if they have a big problem with the policies that he’s instituting to keep the country safe, then that’s up to them to question whether or not they want to stay or not,’ Spicer told reporters during his daily briefing.

    Shades of air traffic controllers…

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  11. peace says:

    Obama is now back from vacation and is working as a community organizer. His goal, I suspect, will be to get rid of Trump. Full story over at Drudge.

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  12. Eric Kennedy says:

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    • Dale says:

      Start impeaching judges… they’re not gods!

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    • G3 says:

      Please don’t limited a fair trial to just men. All cases brought forth in that courtroom should have grounds of dismissal.That’s a Nasty Judge.

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      • sunnydaze says:

        hell yeah, I wouldn’t trust her with anybody or anything. Man, woman, child.

        Waaay too much of a dooofus. No way to take this peep seriously or trust her with anything important. Yikers.


    • theoldbear says:

      This may be one of the most reprehensible and disrespectful things I have seen by a member of the judiciary as it relates to their position and the rule of law ! Shows bias to all in the court and the nation ! Impeachment proceedings need to start now!!!!!!

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    • sahm2016 says:

      From what I can tell, Trump can fire Yates and promote the Number 3 person at the DOJ. Trump will go through the leadership hiehierarchy at the Justice Department and can fire attorneys at will if they won’t defend Trump’s EO. Trump then finds the highest ranking person who will defend his EO and appoint them as acting AG. This is a great opportunity to clean house.

      I hope the backstabbing Republicans in the Senate won’t decide not to vote for Sessions because they are afraid of public opinion.

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    • Ken Lawson says:

      Of course you couldn’t expect to have a fair trial, but frankly, I’ve seen enough over the years to say that you can’t expect one anyway. The system is way too corrupt.


      • It’s Travis County…where Sheriff Sally Hernandez told Governor Abbott that he could shove his no-sanctuary-city policy.

        It’s nut-cuttin’ time!


        • Look…look…! She surfing the net instead of doing her job…just sitting there on her puter…having fun with her vulva hat.


          • HEY, does THREE liberal females refusing to follow the new president’s edicts identify a pattern?

            Sheriff Sally Hernandez – refusing to adhere to Abbott’s and Trump’s edicts regarding sanctuary cities
            Acting AG Sally Yates – refusing to follow the directives of a sitting president
            Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt – supporting Hernandez’s position and refusing to issue warrants as directed by Governor Abbott

            I don’t think this is an accident. What judge thinks that he or she can expose themselves as biased about a political party, a race, a gender, by nationality…and be unbiased?

            Unhinged and corrupt. They’ve lost their minds. This is a tweet from the judge in the vulva hat, showing the world that she stands in defiance against Americans…and with illegal aliens.


    • sunnydaze says:

      OMG, I really hope this is photoshopped.

      But if it’s not, how could anyone possibly take this woman seriously?

      On anything?

      What a fool.


  13. Dora says:

    We Need Sessions!


  14. psadie says:

    Wow get a load of President Trump in this video interview with David Brody…great interview and Mr. President has “graying temples” and he looks statesman-like and VERY SEXY!!!
    Video is January 30, 2017.

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    • Shirley Goodwin says:

      Sexy? Are you serious? Can we please not not go on and on about how someone looks? That’s what the left does. I don’t care if he’s just plain ugly if he keeps doing what he’s doing. We wanted a leader and the last time I checked “sexy” wasn’t in any definition of leader that I’ve ever read.


      • psadie says:

        Oh stop it…President Trump looks FABULOUS and in this interview he has NEVER looked better. He looks incredibly SEXY whether you agree or not his look has evolved and it is great!!!

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  15. fedback says:

    Drudge has Obama as the headline with a nice picture

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  16. Americans are so sick and tired of the protests and the fighting. We thought once the election was over, it would stop. They need to stop this nonsense … it’s losing its effectiveness.

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    • FofBW says:

      One would think by now that they would have learned this through the election cycle.
      The more they try to destroy President Trump the stronger he becomes and his supporter base grows exponentially. So take heart with all this BS

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      • camulla says:

        I think we need to have peaceful protests outside the Capitol until the nominees are confirmed, and we need to spread awareness of Democrat propaganda so that Americans don’t think Democrats sound reasonable.

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        • SharonKinDC says:

          No need. The loony left aka the troika of Trotskites/Anarchists/GlobalistsInDisguse are doing plenty to undermine themselves EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Our side can NEVER have the same, sustained show of people on the streets. We’re not paid. So why play on their field? IMO, the Social Media presence we continue to show, plus daily efforts to explain things to those willing to at least listen are the biggest enhancements for our side.

          Once AmericaFirstPolicies.org is up and running, they’ll provide the signals and support to aid us in getting the word out, initiative by initiative Trump sets up.

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    • fedback says:

      It’s not going to stop. Protest is what they do best

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  17. Howie says:

    Weather Kooks strike again.
    Snowiest January In A Century At Chama, New Mexico

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  18. Andrew E. says:

    I’m hearing mixed things about all three of the rumored frontrunners for SCOTUS: Prior, Gorusch and Hardiman.

    Apparently there’s still some uncertainty from some on the right that these three would not in fact drift towards the center over time. Coulter doesn’t like Hardiman and an article at Business Insider describes him as between Alito and Edwards in philosophy. How did anyone make Trump’s list of 21 who isn’t with or to the right of Scalia and Thomas?


    • Howie says:

      In ten days he has already upset the applecart and is driving the entire Uniparty apparatus inside the beltway insane. It is just amazing to behold. He won’t stop. They are losing it quickly. Now they will have to switch to protesting SCOTUS.

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      • Shanna Gruen says:

        And I’m betting that McCain and Graham will join the Democrats to stand against Trump’s choices.


        • Howie says:

          He will leave them no choice. Any GOP who stands with the democrats now will be run out of town on a rail. His days of reaching across the aisle are over with the appointment of Jeff Sessions. Bet the ranch.

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  19. camulla says:

    We need a major organized social network and contact campaign to Congress to stop letting Democrats set priorities, dictate votes, and set the narrative. I don’t fault President Trump at all and think McConnell is doing an awful job. I think we are responsible here to mobilize major contact campaigns to senators to help the new administration.

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  20. WSB says:

    Starbucks’ just desserts. They threatened to hire only Syrian refugees. Then found out it was against the law…idiots:


    It’s a good thing their coffee is s!$&t. Don’t waste your money.

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  21. Patriot1783 says:

    Lou Dobbs going after McCain & Graham “joined at the hip” 😄

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  22. mw says:

    Any idea where I can watch Trump’s Scotus announcement at 8, Livestream online?


  23. Dale says:

    McConnell needs to get in touch with his inner Harry Reid… Reid would already have this done!

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  24. aplusresumes says:

    Al Franklin you ugly pos, I hope you come to the mn state fair this year for another “meet and greet” Ill have my sign rdy

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  25. Pam says:

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  26. Eric Kennedy says:


  27. Howie says:

    During the Inauguration I looked at past Presidents addresses. I found the one by Polk to be so amazing. I am posting it here in case anyone is interested in it.

    The Constitution itself, plainly written as it is, the safeguard of our federative compact, the offspring of concession and compromise, binding together in the bonds of peace and union this great and increasing family of free and independent States, will be the chart by which I shall be directed.

    To the Government of the United States has been intrusted the exclusive management of our foreign affairs. Beyond that it wields a few general enumerated powers. It does not force reform on the States. It leaves individuals, over whom it casts its protecting influence, entirely free to improve their own condition by the legitimate exercise of all their mental and physical powers.


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    • Howie says:

      This most admirable and wisest system of well-regulated self-government among men ever devised by human minds has been tested by its successful operation for more than half a century, and if preserved from the usurpations of the Federal Government on the one hand and the exercise by the States of powers not reserved to them on the other, will, I fervently hope and believe, endure for ages to come and dispense the blessings of civil and religious liberty to distant generations.

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    • Howie says:

      It is a source of deep regret that in some sections of our country misguided persons have occasionally indulged in schemes and agitations whose object is the destruction of domestic institutions existing in other sections—institutions which existed at the adoption of the Constitution and were recognized and protected by it. All must see that if it were possible for them to be successful in attaining their object the dissolution of the Union and the consequent destruction of our happy form of government must speedily follow.

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  28. Oldskool says:

    Social Media has almost the same appeal to me as getting a driverless car, which is none. That being said, could some of you folks that do those mediums let the Whitehouse know that our representatives are not answering their phones. President Trump is supposed to be in charge of the Republican Party now, so it’s time for some sunlight on those unresponsive bums.

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  29. StormyeyesC says:

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  30. muffyroberts says:

    Tucker is on now. Good; I am in a sarcastic mood.

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  31. JustScott says:

    Note to self: cancel Netflix tonight, and remind dear wife to get coffee at Duncan’s tomorrow, not SB.

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    • Just Scott says:

      After I pressed “1” for English, and explained why I am upset to the nice girl in “SE Asia,” she sent a message to Netflix’s executive office, and said that I should expect a response by email tomorrow. She then confided in me that “she watches the news, understands why the American people are upset, but can’t understand why some people are attacking him (President Trump) when he has only been on the job for a week. Why don’t they give him a chance?” — I didn’t see that coming.

      If anyone else feels like venting on Netflix, 1-866-579-7172, press “1” for English.


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      • Katherine McCoun says:

        Well, I have been thinking about Netflix all day. We don’t have cable or satellite so Netflix is our primary source of videos. We have had an account for many years but after today we just shut down the account and it felt good!

        Just Scott: thanks for your post and including the phone number. I made up my mind after reading your account and then went to my husband and son, asked them to pause what they were doing and told them we needed to talk about something serious. I told them the CEO of Netflix had come out against President Trump, against the immigrants from certain countries Pause (not a ban – fake news!) and was making political statements.

        My son jump up, pumped his fist in the air and emphatically said to shut it down. I was taken by surprise at his decisive determination and looked at my husband who nodded in agreement. They were in the middle of a Netflix movie. Now that I had them on board I had no more excuses so made the call and shut it down.

        They did ask why and I enthusiastically and passionately told them why in no uncertain terms, adding that my husband is an immigrant, a legal immigrant, and that we support legal immigration And President Trump. I made sure to clarify that I was not angry with the customer service rep, that I hoped he did not take my passion about the subject and irritation with the CEO as me being upset with him and I hoped he had a good night.

        I was absolutely clear that that the CEO had made a poor choice in getting political and now he had to deal with the consequences. Thanks for the encouragement from multiple people today and for posting Just Scott!

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        • Katherine McCoun says:

          He has been anti Trump for a while but I think he will regret his actions/words today. One thing to speak out against a candidate and quite another to criticize legit actions by our President Trump – esp. when I firmly agree with those actions!!!!

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        • Cow wow says:

          My goodness Katherine thank you for sharing! God bless!

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        • Though it usually means having to wait about half a year for newer shows and films, I check out DVDs from the Public Library. Yes. it means I have to drive there to pick up and return them (you can reserve online), but it’s FREE. Once in a while I’ll rent something from the vending machine outside the grocery store, called “Redbox”. They have everything as soon as Netflix and Amazon do.

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        • Just Scott says:

          Wow Katherine, you take the Trump approach! GSD. Wack ‘Em before they know what hit them! You must be pretty convincing, they were in the middle of a movie! ROFLOL!

          I am taking the waterboarding approach. Tomorrow will be my third daily call, after I get a formal response from the exec office. I told them that I would not cancel my subscription if Reed Hastings resigns or is fired. So, I’ll give the board a day or two thinking about it.

          BTW: If you don’t have a Roku, GET ONE! There are lots of free movie channels in lots of different genres. Free network TV on USTVNow, OANN (!Real News!) costs $5/mo, free fake news (FNC/CNN/MSNBC) via YouTube, and free real time protestor or major event coverage from NowhereMan Periscope feeds. The cheap Roku stick is like $30, but I suggest the $50 3600. It is WiFi, radio-remote (not IR), a gum-stick plugs right into the HDMI port on your TV. And if you did want to subscribe to things like HBO/TMC/Sports, etc, you can ala-carte from several providers. The Roku also lets you click a video from a TreeHouse article and have it start playing on your TV.

          Bluto talked me into cutting the $120/mo cable, thats when I discovered Roku. We have never had a regret.

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          • Katherine McCoun says:

            Will tell my husband about it. He was already looking up a service that is like Netflix but is in Asia. The VPNs we use are European based so the Asia version of Netflix might be hard. Better off not watching at all, of course, as there are more productive things to do in life. I recommend right now media, a web site with a substantial Christain video collection tha is esp. great for children.

            By the way, I was going back and forth, cancel/not cancel. It was our son who acted immediately with utter conviction, leaving my husband and I no choice but to follow or face letting him down! He was ready to charge the political enemy for our President Trump!! Fiercely loyal and clear destination between right and wrong. We Had to do after he was able to take such a decisive stand!


  32. rsanchez1990 says:

    Absolutely brilliant video by Stefan Molyneux. If you’re not subscribed to his YouTube channel, you need to be. After watching the whole video, you’ll agree that the title of the video is not hyperbole:

    My favorite moment is at 19:54 when Stefan looks into the camera after listing Trump’s achievements for the weekend, and he looks like he is in awe when he says, “this is what he did with his Sunday.”

    You might even get tired of winning!

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  33. bessie2003 says:

    I have a request, as I cannot find it anywhere and have spent the good part of the day trying to find through various different search engines – I cannot find any Executive Order issued under the Obama Administration that speaks to holding up or scrutinizing visas for people from the seven countries that everyone seems to be saying President Trump based his Executive Order on, and I used the links from a previous post on this matter but the links provided were not to any executive order by Obama. I ask because I’ve gotten into quite a nasty give and take with a friend of mine who is livid with me because the links I referenced for her to read were from the post on the executive order that Sundance had provided at the end of that article on the subject of the people from the 7 countries being temporarily blocked – and then

    further research through the Federal Register for any executive orders on this topic – I couldn’t find any at all, only the executive order that started the whole DAPA, DARMA thing, and those are off topic.

    Is there a specific Executive Order that Obama signed specific to the one that President Trump used that I can share with my friend? If not, I believe I may have lost a loved one over this. And that hurts. Help would be appreciated, greatly. Thank you.


    • I hope this helps, bessie. Like many complex issues, this one appears to be partly true, partly not true. There is no executive order by Obama that is identical to the current one, and the one that exists was crafted and used under very different circumstances. I’m going to post the snopes.com link because I think their explanation is more concise than I could manage. (Some people in here dislike using Snopes as a source, but I think their fact-checking is peerless.)


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      • bessie2003 says:

        Thank you for this link. I don’t mind using Snopes when conversing with my liberal leaning friends and relatives because it seems to be one thing that they will accept, or at least consider reading. Everything else, no matter how true, if it comes from a Brietbart or any ‘right’ leaning source I am summarily shut down, and part of why they do this is because it keeps a person who really wants to share the truth of a thing running in circles so they can continue their games. I am just so very, very tired of the games. Thanks. I will read it and see if it will be something that my dear friend will look at.

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    • Michelle says:

      Sean spicer may have mentioned it in the press conference today, and Steven Miller talks about it in those interviews in the other post. It wasn’t an executive order, they are 7 countries determined by the Obama administration to be possible sources of terror (there may be a better term for that) and that also have no good way to document the people coming from those countries. For example, in Syria they just make up documents for anyone who wants them. Whereas someplace like Saudi Arabia has better ways of tracking their people. So this order is a continuation of that list to be sure that we have the right/strong vetting processes in place. However, at one point Obama did suspend immigration for 6 months from Iraq.

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      • bessie2003 says:

        thank you Michelle. This means that I am wrong and misread the other article that Sundance had posted. Goodness, I guess I have to apologize to my dear friend. After all, if we are to embrace and find a way to help change people back to a more balanced way of conversing (left and right of it all) it is important to embrace that “truth has no agenda” thing. Thanks.


  34. In one of Sherlock Holmes mystery, the big clue was the that the dog didn’t bark. Well Dick Morris, a close observer of all things Clinton, thinks he has detected a similar clue.

    There’s been no peep lately from any of the Clintonistas, so they must all know that they are under investigation:


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  35. SharonKinDC says:

    RE the Travel/Refugee Ban EO timing… IMO, it HAD to happen prior to that raid in Yemen. That was a high ranking dude. Anwar Al Awlaki’s youngest was there. The women/children KIA were part of the AQ cabal. Pentagon did say they obtained a lot of quality information. IMO, the ‘dirty rats’ would know the jig was going to be up for them once that raid happened… hence the Katy bar the door on those transiting from certain areas & Syrian ‘refugees’. An astute treeper posted a link from this past Sept, with Comey warning of an ISIS diaspora. No reason that wouldn’t also include AQ, Al Nursa and other charmers. We HAD to bolt down the door. Those countries in the ME not banned, will either screen out any dodgy people or find THEIR country on the ban list.

    I believe that a ‘surprise’, coordinated effort may well happen to wipe out the rats BEFORE the 30 day deadline for the Pentagon plan. (IOW, they’ve been working on it for a while)

    Time will tell.


  36. citizen817 says:


  37. Dale says:

    North Dakota wants hired pipeline protesters to pay state income taxes
    After spending more than $22 million on the Dakota Access pipeline protest, North Dakota wants to make sure any paid activists remember to submit their state income taxes.
    Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger said his office is keeping an eye out for tax forms from environmental groups that may have hired protesters to agitate against the 1,172-mile, four-state pipeline project.

    Yes! This is the way they got Al Capone — tax evasion. Love it.


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