President Trump Issues Three Additional Executive Actions: Lobbying Ban, Restructure of NSC, Joint Chiefs ISIS Strategy…

President Donald Trump initiates three more campaign promises today via executive action:

♦  A five year ban on lobbying for all White House officials. An order banning administration officials from ever lobbying the U.S. on behalf of a foreign government and imposing a separate five-year ban on other lobbying.

♦  An order to begin restructuring the White House National Security Council. Aides said the changes would help the council better adapt to cyber, digital, terrorist and other modern-day threats.

♦  A request for the Department of Defense, via the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to deliver a preliminary strategy to defeat ISIS within 30 days to the President.



WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump acted Saturday to fulfill a key portion of his pledge to “drain the swamp” in Washington, banning administration officials from ever lobbying the U.S. on behalf of a foreign government and imposing a separate five-year ban on other lobbying.

Trump has said individuals who want to aid him in his quest to “Make America Great Again” should focus on the jobs they will be doing to help the American people, and not thinking about the future income they could rake in by peddling their influence after serving in government.  (read more)


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66 Responses to President Trump Issues Three Additional Executive Actions: Lobbying Ban, Restructure of NSC, Joint Chiefs ISIS Strategy…

  1. furtive says:

    Mandatory viewing, but have your Barf bag available.

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  2. Pam says:

    I never get tired of seeing our president wanting to make sure he has true transparency in the white house by holding up those executive orders for the lying MSM to take notice of.

    This is still too much winning but I’m not tired of it yet. 😀

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      Trump is just hitting these executive actions like a machine gun… 1,2,3,4,5 reload. This is a dizzying pace in my opinion and I absolutely LOVE it. Whatever the libs scream the loudest about that is next on the agenda ; )

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  3. Stringy theory says:

    Haass is a perfect example of why this country has no viable foreign policy.

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  4. annied9393 says:

    our president – the man of action.

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  5. adoubledot says:

    I haven’t looked forward to Saturday addresses to the nation since Reagan. It’s great to be beaming with pride and hanging on each word again, instead of cringing or refusing to listen.

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  6. MrE says:


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  7. Budman says:

    More Mexicans have left America than come in? Please! The barf bag us full, I need another one

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  8. Budman says:

    Next interview Haass will recommend a wall be built by Mexico to keep Mexicans from leaving the U.S. Stay tuned

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  9. Smith Jones says:

    I love Trump!!! A true American, a true leader!!

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  10. fedback says:

    So many campaign promises honored already and we are just into the first week. Unreal

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  11. Bull Durham says:

    To the point, no excuses or apologies, America first, Americans first.
    I love it.

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    • M33 says:

      Hear! Hear!

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    • So true Bull D American’s first always!

      American’s first forever!

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    • victoryintruth says:

      Why would our president NOT put his people FIRST, as any other country would/should do?

      I hear the morons repeating that DJT has no experience, blah, blah….NONE of the presidents have experience at first because none of them have ever been president. This guy is a dynamo–makes the squatter who just left look like a lump of poop. He has looked presidential since the very beginning–actually before he was even sworn in; a class act.

      The people who SHOULD be running for president should be common, ordinary people who have brains, integrity, honesty and a love for our country and its Constitution. A recognition that they answer to God and that they are NOT God is a great thing as well.

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  12. Trumppin says:

    Cleaning up the voter rolls , exposing voter fraud (national voter ID to come) — no more 35 yr career leeches in congress or “selected” presidents.
    NSC cleaned out and will install state of the art cyber security (no more open back door channels for the globalists to hide passing NWO info and coordination)

    this is MAGA but it is also “Keep America Great” ..Trump- always 100 steps ahead on the 3D chess board!

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  13. TrueNorthSeeker says:

    We interupt this program for this important message….I LOVE OUR NEW PRESIDENT !!
    We will now return to our regular programming.

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  14. M33 says:

    Never in my life have I seen a person enter the political realm and keep their campaign promises the way Trump has delivered.

    It is stunning my wife, even… and she is about as apolitical as they come!

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  15. MW says:

    You, I do believe I am starting to understand that I am not dreaming, that Trump IS my President, As the shock wears off, I find I am adapting better to the relentless winning, LOL!

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  16. The hits just keep on coming!

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  17. Msher says:

    Question asked as a lawyer: can the prez limit future post-gov’t activities of employees? Isn’t that a legislative function? And how far can the gov’t, whether prez or Congress, restrict post-gov’t activities of former gov’t employees? There is a First Amendment question. I don’t know which people are covered by the Executive Order and how it is worded and legal basis on which it is based

    Re stop of immigration from the 7 Muslim countries. I think this has been unneccessarily clumsily done. Those already on an airplane in flight shouldn’t be held, assuming they had proper paperwork/visas and we have no adverse info about them. Given how many potential terrorists are already here, it seems (even to me who abhors Islam) a very awkward and clumsy action.

    I post this comment as a Trump supporter who likes most of what Trump has done this week.


    • Just the way the cookie crumbles. Gotta start somewhere, they knew Obama was on the way out. Procrastinated too long. New sheriff in town.

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      • Coldeadhands says:

        “A very awkward and clumsy action” Seriously?!! Ok, see how this stacks up… ” if you like your plan you can keep your plan, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”
        And what about the thousands of people in mid treatment when this outrage became law with no participation from the “loyal” opposition?
        How would you compare them to people having to return to their country of origin? Just a little inconvenient and oh let’s see….awkward…clumsy.


    • Rejuvenated says:

      I think those on planes fall under the re-vetting of those already granted refugee status under a broken system, but I’m not a lawyer 😕


    • Dave says:

      I look at this being similar to when an employer makes it a requirement for new employees to sign “no compete” agreements upon hiring on. You can’t leave the company and join the competition until an agreed upon length of time expires first. You see this happen in your local TV market when newsperson leaves channel A to go to channel B. Cannot go directly over for one or two years, so he or she leaves that market to work elsewhere, then returns to market after agreement expires at channel B. In this case, employer is executive branch, and competition is foreign govt.

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    • The legal answer is that, yes he can limit his employees…..He hires them, not the legislative branch……One can even do this in the business world…..In fact, non-compete contracts and so forth are very common…..If one does not want to sign the contract, then they do not have to work there.

      He issued the executive order that this is to happen…….Now his employees will make it happen via contracts……

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    • victoryintruth says:

      I think they had to start SOMEwhere and am hoping that these unintended difficulties will be sorted out as quickly as possible.


  18. muffyroberts says:

    I would just like to know, why Judge Janine, has not already taken over Oreilly’s time spot? On prime time?

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  19. wodiej says:

    I am so proud that we elected a real leader in President Trump. It’s been a long time coming. Thank you God.

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  20. suejeanne1 says:

    I loved the way President Trump said today – while getting ready to sign that Exec Order – you can still get out – there’s still time – and I LOVE saying this: “President Trump” – praise the Lord!

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  21. Joan says:

    President Trump, among other things, is showing people what it means to work. The man is a dynamo.

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  22. ZurichMike says:

    I love how he shows the signed order, holding it up like he’s showing us the Ten Commandments.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      I like the summary also…and how he pauses to scan it. Shows he really is a biz/contract guy. Shows also his respect for the people… offering ‘proof’ of the deal. Also new is posting the EO’s online so quickly, iirc.

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  23. Hey! The “press”is on it they are up to Tuesday Afternoon ….. They’re going to nail him on… Uh…. Hang on…..


  24. ZZZ says:

    A five year ban on lobbying for all White House officials. An order banning administration officials from ever lobbying the U.S. on behalf of a foreign government and imposing a separate five-year ban on other lobbying.

    I wonder how many congressmen will NOT seek re-election now.
    There are other jobs that pay way better…


  25. Can’t watch the video. It says the youtube account has been terminated.
    Anybody knows what is going on ?


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