Ceremonial Swearing In of Defense Secretary James Mattis (video)…

At the Pentagon Today, January 27th 2017, Vice President Mike Pence swore in Secretary of Defense James Mattis, followed by President Donald Trump signing executive actions concerning the military and immigration:


Rob O’Neil (the man who killed OBL) said of Mattis:

“General Mattis has a bear rug in his home, but it is not dead. It’s just afraid to move”.


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196 Responses to Ceremonial Swearing In of Defense Secretary James Mattis (video)…

  1. Scotty19541 says:

    When Chuck Norris goes to bed, he checks under it for Gen. Mattis…

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  2. “…Shine on shine on and let the others see you’ve got your victory…will you remember Me…”

    God bless keep the Faith, Trust always, and let the others see you have pgot your Victory, Amen

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  3. Scotty19541 says:

    When Chuck Norris goes to bed, he checks under it for Gen. Mattis…

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  4. That quote about Sec Mattis made me laugh out loud. I love the fact that we have real men defending us. Real men. I’m old. I know what real men are. And they’re not the squishy idiots that were installed by the previous administration.

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  5. Sayit2016 says:

    Honest to goodness…. President Trump is turning me into a absolute crybaby. I have never shed so many happy tears. My family has defended her for 4 generartions. I love my country with all that I am and it brings such emotion for me to see the beginning of her restoration.

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  6. I saw him speak a few years ago. Wow. He was amazing. He was still employed. I wondered how long he would remain because Obama was intolerant of Mattis and others like him. Sure enough he ‘retired’ about a year later. And others like him. Now, he’s back, more bad_@ss than before.

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  7. Trumped1 says:

    Very interesting to read the answers of jihad_watch_director Robert Spencer on reddit The_donald:
    He was banned from entering the UK by Theresa May cause he is anti islam.

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  8. Marica says:

    I Love the live bear rug in Mattis home! There is a similar rug in President Trumps house!! Its actually a Polar Bear–cuz its the White House!

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  9. zephyrbreeze says:

    I feel like I’ve been watching a Frank Capra movie this week. Capra, the great director of Americana said:

    “Someone should keep reminding Mr. Average Man that he was born free, divine, strong; uncrushable by fate, society, or hell itself; and that he is a child of God, equal heir to all the bounties of God; and that goodness is riches, kindness is power, and freedom is glory. Above all, every man is born with an inner capacity to take him as far as his imagination can dream or envision-providing he is free to dream and envision.”
    ― Frank Capra, The Name Above The Title

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  10. justfactsplz says:

    I am so happy and proud that General Mattis is now our Secretary of Defense. President Trump made the very best decision in picking him. I was talking to our Marine friend while camping last night about our new Secretary of Defense. He served under and truly respects and loves Mad Dog. He said Mad Dog has always been married only to the military. I mentioned that more young adults will be wanting to sign up to serve the country now. I found it interesting that he said quality people will be attracted to sign up. He said when the economy is bad and under Obama a lot of people signed up just to get a stable job and not all of them were quality people. Our Marine friend volunteered the day after 9/11 and served two terms and two deployments in Iraq. I always thank him for his service and it is much appreciated.


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