Portland Police Crack Down on Anarchist Left-Wing Protesters, Crowd Cheers…

Times, they are a’ changing...  The moonbats continued “protesting” in Portland Oregon, today; blocking traffic and generally causing mayhem.  Only this time the police had enough and begin enforcing the rule of law.

Tweets from Kelsey Watts show the story as the crowd cheers the arrest of the loons:


Oregon AP – […] Protesters had announced they would take to Portland streets Wednesday to voice concerns about police tactics used Friday during protests against President Donald Trump.


One protester carried a sign reading “Fire Marshman, Coward Wheeler,” referring to the city’s Police Chief Mike Marshman and Mayor Ted Wheeler.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports (https://goo.gl/tGlv8J) that protesters had said they planned to stage small, scattered demonstrations throughout Wednesday.

Jacob Bureros, an activist with Direct Action Alliance and one of the organizers of Friday’s protest, called the plan a response to police shooting tear gas, flash-bang and sting-ball grenades at protesters.

Six people were arrested at the Friday demonstration.  A Portland Police Bureau spokesman said police were aware of potential Wednesday events and were “preparing accordingly for a variety of scenarios.”  (read more)


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228 Responses to Portland Police Crack Down on Anarchist Left-Wing Protesters, Crowd Cheers…

  1. leebelieu says:

    Low Lives Scatter!

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  2. carterzest says:

    This really was the maraschino on top of an epic day.

    Is there any more joy one could experience in one 24 hour period?

    Hugs to my Portland peeps and family.


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  3. Drewby Doo says:

    I have a feeling we are gonna be seeing more of this as the Trump Train keeps gaining steam. People feel the ownership we should have as citizens again. I am liking!

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  4. Kep says:

    I’m all for peaceful protesting. What is frustrating is calling this and other recent riots “protests” when it is anything but. You can’t block traffic, damage other peoples property or physically harm them and expect to treated the same as actual peaceful protesters. American had enough of that bullshit and law and order is here now.

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  5. coltlending says:

    I attended the UofO in Eugene in the late 70’s and the early 80’s.

    There were a lot of pro lefties and communists then, but they demonstrated responsibly. It’s weird, left loved Russia then.

    They did not shut down access, destroy property or impeed peoples ability to get from one place to another.

    Unable to establish any significant support over the last 30 years and 8 years of a leftist adminstration, they are now ratcheting things up.

    They need to be stopped. Law and order.

    Evedently, Soros is financing a lot of this. Something has to be done about him.

    I use to go back to Eugene, Portland and San Francisco where I also went to school in Menlo Park. I don’t go any more because of the cesspool they have become, especially PDX and SFO.

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      Has the departure of Freightliner jobs from Portland to Mexico had very much of an impact – of course, I think that was back in the 1990’s, in conjunction with NAFTA – any possibility of some of those jobs returning?


    • fuzzi says:

      In the 1970s and 80s Russia was a Communist state, the USSR. Perhaps now that they’re a non-Communist country, the left no longer loves them.

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  6. ZC says:

    It’s about time the anarchists start going to jail en masse.

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  7. shirley49 says:

    It is so great watching the Police being able to do their jobs again. Long jail time and hefty fines is what is called “CONSEQUENCES”.

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  8. UKExpat says:

    They are just out to prove to us once and for all that LEFTISM is a MENTAL ILLNESS

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  9. wodiej says:

    I knew as soon as President Trump took over, that it would hit the fan and law enforcement would reign again. God bless the President and all of our law enforcement and first responders including police and the fire department.


  10. Ken Watson says:

    Trumpism trickles down to the street as Obamaism did. The cops are back on the beat. The criminals, in most places, are on their heels. And it’s only Day 3 if we do not count weekends. #Winning

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  11. mollyp1776 says:

    Great step in the right direction…especially for Portland. Would love to have seen the crowd stop filming on their smartphones and begin chanting USA!!


  12. webgirlpdx says:

    The Police charging around the Tri-Met bus (with the bystanders pointing) was Epic!

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  13. From the looks of these terror tots ages (19-20s?), they’ve probably spent most of their formative years growing up in LAWLESSNESS from the past 9 years in the administration of The Lawless One. I say 9 instead of 8 because when that maniac Obama was running for president this crapola started and only escalated to this and other worse riots.

    The DAYCARE GENERATION. Dropped off and raised in daycare and leftist propaganda. It must be quite “shocking” for them to finally LEARN for the first time possibly about LAW & ORDER. Never too late to learn. I have to wonder about their parents though, perhaps they are Hillary brainwashed in Obama too. Simple respect of others who are traveling to and from work or going to the store for groceries and these kids don’t understand simple respect. That poor lady they surrounded her car probably gave her an anxiety attack or maybe she was disabled or sick or had a child in the care. In any case their parents did NOT teach them simple respect, let alone manners.

    Thank you President Trump for reinstalling law and order. Would’ve been good to see this during the past 2 years. So many were hurt due to the Lawless ObamaLand.

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  14. dreadnok89 says:

    Lolololo how bad these progressive anarchists that average citizens are cheering that they are taking down. Lololol

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  15. John Denney says:

    Being a protester does not endow one with the Right to deprive others of their Liberty, or the Right to destroy the Property of others.

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  16. ackbarsays says:

    When are people going to stop allowing people massing in the street to stop them from going about their business? Every state needs to implement a law that says you can continue driving if protesters are blocking the road.

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    • Southern Son says:

      My 2500HD does not brake for trash in the road.
      At close to four tons, with 35″ tires, they better take that into consideration.
      It ain’t a Prious!

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      I’ve been blocked from getting home from work because of Anarchist protest blocking the road. After you’ve worked all day these yahoos gotta’ get in your face.

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  17. MIKE says:

    More wood shampoos, please!


  18. dginga says:

    I thought it was quite revealing when the young Millennial snowflake commented, “The police just kicked his ass,” when all they did was push the masked slacker to the ground and handcuff him. Clearly that girl has never seen a righteous ass-kicking. Maybe her dad should have tried some ass whooping when she was a kid.


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