The Struggle is Real…



Remember Wisconsin?

This is the same opposition.

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280 Responses to The Struggle is Real…

  1. boogywstew says:

    I had heard of the mysterious double butted people but I didn’t think they were real. Mind boggelling … a butt in the front and a butt in the back!

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  2. moe ham head says:

    i just threw up


  3. Southern Son says:

    Pussyhats (2male,2FEmale), were in front of our motel, before we left Alexandria Sat am.
    One beta male sitting on the curb, was asking
    the Alpha FEmale (leader), how to frame their protest.
    (one sign said “Nasty Women Remember”)
    “Do we say LGBT rights, Immigrant rights, Black rights, Abortion rights, Women rights?”
    He actually said, “I am not an Artist, so I dont know!”
    They noticed my Trump hat, when I took a selfie over my shoulder, and Vanished!
    Inside the Lobby, I took another with my wife, while another Beta MaLe was at the counter.
    He was wearing what was Obviously his little sisters Pink sweater.
    When He saw me taking the selfie, he quickly pulled on the hoodie to hide. This exposed about four inches of his belly, and made him look even More ridiculous!
    They are Our Enemies, and they are Cowards.
    While they are capable of Situational bravery, we should Never mistake it for Courage.
    If in a situation involving them, consider their numbers, but do Not Fear them.
    My wife dicouraged me from questioning them, although I initially turned my hat around, and got one in.
    Are Y’all Bernie Voters?
    Oh! NO!! We didn’t Vote!
    I share this encounter, to discourage anyone from taking these people too seriously.
    They are Intellectually, and Morally Hollow.
    Confrontation enMass, with Violence, is all they have.
    Our Law and Order President, is going to Shut This Down.
    With Intellectual Honesty.
    With Courage and Determination.
    And Finally with the Law.


  4. jubilee says:

    the one in black needs a girdle and a dress on… Leggings are a no no until she loses weight


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