The Classic First Couple

Wow, just wow…. The Optics.  President-elect Trump looks good, but First Lady Melania is simply stunning.   Incredible classic style, beauty and grace.



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176 Responses to The Classic First Couple

  1. libraryg says:

    Melania looks stunning in powder blue. I am a straight lady, totally girl crushin’ on our new First Lady!

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    • mike says:

      Just to replace the wookie made DJT an easy choice…
      not to mention the basic presidential issues


    • So true!

      Look how sick the world has gotten, esp. under the [now departed, thank you Lord!] impostor aka Obama. I mean we ladies never had to post, ‘I’m straight’, when admiring another lady’s lovely appearance and style!

      Hopefully a LOT of this sickness will be rolled back under the wonderful President Trump.


  2. daughnworks247 says:

    The MOMENT Melania stepped out of Blair House, this morning, I could hear the heads dropping into their bloody marys of every “designer who didn’t want to dress her”.
    There was a moment in “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts comes back to the dress shop, which previously would NOT sell her anything and Julia Roberts has gobs of packages in her arms, and Julia says, “You remember me….. yeah…… You work on commission, right?…… Big mistake”.

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  3. Cymrygirl says:

    I love the whole outfit she’s wearing, but I think the coup de grace is the GLOVES!! They’re not just cold-weather gloves, they are proper, formal GLOVES. When was the last time we saw a First Lady wear proper gloves? I can’t remember the details of every inauguration (in my lifetime, at least), but they were unique enough accessories for me to take special note.

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    • Cymrygirl says:

      Okay, I’ve looked at several pictures from past inaugurations, and several First Ladies did wear gloves, even up to and including Nancy Reagan. It was definitely part of the wardrobe for the Inaugural Balls for many of them. A few did not, including Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama. I don’t know why it stood out to me today that Melania Trump wore gloves. Maybe it’s because they go so well with the rest of her classic look.

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    • betseyross says:

      She is a lady, a beautiful one at that.


  4. Just got off work so I’m playing catch-up here…

    Something I noticed early on, but kept forgetting to mention. I love how President Trump and the First Lady always hold hands when they are walking together. I don’t think I’ve seen even one picture which shows them walking side by side and not holding hands. That little gesture has such a huge positive impact on my personal opinion of these two people and their relationship.

    The First Lady is lovely beyond words. And my president, President Trump, I don’t have the words right now to describe my feelings about him and all the positive things he will be accomplishing for our Country.

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  5. severance23 says:

    Melania looked stunning all day today, but what’s that huge thing behind Michelle’s… oh, it’s her arse.


  6. jengancworld says:

    I see with that very last picture that Melania is going to take up protecting African wildlife as a 1st lady project!!!!! Too much?


  7. 3x1 says:

    She’s stunning… at 46

    True beauty ages well.

    I’ve got a hunch the press will follow her around, much as the UK does with Kate. Probably OK with Trump, less time babysitting the press = more time fixing stuff that needs fixed.

    Any bets that when young women see young men responding positively to an attractive, classy, intelligent woman, they start to emulate her?

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  8. justfactsplz says:

    I knew Melania would be stunning, classic, elegant, and poised. She did not disappoint me. The powder blue jacket dress, gloves, and spike pumps were Cinderella blue. She was gorgeous in that color. Her style reminds me of that of Jackie Kennedy but better. Young women all across America will be emulating her style. Melania put the lady back in First Lady. She handled her role today with such grace.

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    • Yes she did Just! That’s it exactly.

      But I can see, she’s worried about Barron. Who can blame her?

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      • justfactsplz says:

        She was particularly worried about Barron when they were walking the parade route if he got too far from her. I was worried right along with her. Melania has her work cut out for her protecting Barron from the media. It should be hands off when it comes to the children. President Trump has such lovely children and grandchildren. This is going to better than Camelot.

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  9. Cathy F. says:

    May I just add… That is the way high-heeled shoes should fit!

    (It drives me nuts to see photos of famous people wearing shoes that leave gaps around their heels. So unattractive!)


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