Social Just-us Warriors Convene In Arizona For DNC Leadership Debate…

Social, Economic and Climate Just-us Warriors convened the first of four regional forums in Arizona to discuss who will lead the Democrat Party.  The top two Justice Warrior (DNC) candidates are representative Keith Ellison and Labor Secretary Tom Perez:

Team Bernie want Ellison – Team Hillary want Perez

keith-ellisonTom perez and Eric Holder

When asked to give an example of their qualifications for the post their responses were:

♦ Keith Ellison – […] “There are no statewide Republicans in Minnesota,” said Ellison, who in 2006 became the first Muslim elected to Congress. “And the reason why is because I had turned out the vote and turnout in the 5th Congressional District. I used to have the lowest turnout in the state of Minnesota; now my congressional district has the highest.”

♦ Tom Perez – […]  “We need a DNC chair who can take the fight to Donald Trump, who can communicate a very powerful message of economic opportunity and inclusion,” Perez told The Republic. “Who can speak to every stakeholder group in our big tent and who can really implement a 50-state strategy where we’re building, from the bottom up, parties that can field candidates from school board to senator and help us take back statehouses and Congress.”  (read more)

They haz plans.


democrat-logo-1-2clinton-javitzclinton-javitz-3clinton-javitz-2clinton-javitz-5clinton-javitz-6Official Seal of Democratic Party

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255 Responses to Social Just-us Warriors Convene In Arizona For DNC Leadership Debate…

  1. JohnPaulJohnes says:

    The DNC is still picking their candidate?
    They could follow Colorado GOP’s lead and save lots of money.


    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Methinks they are just acting.

      Imo Ellison has been dictated by moslem Obama to be DNC chair.

      Remember they were just acting when Bernie was pretending to be Democrat last year.

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  2. yy4u says:

    The Democrats are well on their way to becoming a party in which whites need not apply for any position of real influence.

    We are watching that play out in living color–no pun intended with only minorities in contention for
    the chairmanship of the DNC. President Obama has been masterful in consolidating power in this group. The Democrats might well run an Elizabeth Warren in the future, but any white would only be a figurehead. The real power is with Barack and Michelle Obama for the foreseeable future.

    This is not a criticism, only an observation.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Some think Barry will stick in Moochie to run in 2020.


    • says:

      You can look at history to see how it will turn out – past and recent. There isn’t any predominately black country that is not in third world status. The last eight years in America was an experiment in black leadership, where did it bring us – on our way to the brink of banana republic third world status.

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  3. Watcher says:

    Booker and Warren will be able to communicate secretly.

    From Wikipedia:

    One of Booker’s maternal great-grandfathers was white, and Booker also has other European and Native American ancestry.


  4. JBrickley says:

    My hope is that the economy will come roaring back (and it’s already begun) with a vengeance never before seen. An enormous turnaround of epic proportions. If you think it’s big now wait till the rest of the pieces come together. Remove the regulations, replace the ACA with a system that works and actually reduces costs for all people. Then go after all the disability fraud and welfare cheats. In order to climb out of the ditch, err make that, cliffside we need the economy to be booming YUGE. Then solve some of the social problems like public education. No federal funds until an audit can reveal where the money went. I think you will find the money has eaten by the unions and overpaid bureaucrats in the administration of the education system. There is no other explanation for spending more than ever before and always receiving negative returns on investment. The money is being skimmed and wasted.

    Just stripping out the B.S. and simplifying the regulations everywhere with common sense including checks and balances to keep everyone honest then lock it into law will keep things humming for 100 years. Now is the time to get things done.

    So to summarize, it is time for the GOP to kick @$$ and take names and to solve the problems the Left has been claiming to solve while actually making it worse. Then you need to come right out and take the credit for solving the problems once it’s clear the solutions are working.

    When the Left attacks, laugh at them openly. When they ask their SJW questions just look at them like Tucker Carlson and cock your head and say “Seriously?” “Ha hah hah ha ha, next question please? Better make it a good one”. Don’t give them a leg to stand on.

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  5. JBrickley says:

    I would not put it past him but I can see BHO creating a new political party. So watch out folks, the enemy is at its most dangerous when it’s wounded and licking its wounds.

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    • singingsoul says:

      The DNC seems to want to create the party for all non white people because they bought into the fallacy that Mexicans and Muslims and African Americans vote as a block.
      They believe because whites who do not seem to want many children that in near future the white will be minority and they can be the permanent party. I believe they have so much hate they are in a pay back mode.
      Obama and Michelle both seem to hold on to slavery anger. No matter what the government tried to do it has never been enough. The only people getting rich have been the civil rights leaders . The money never trickled down to the poor black community. Keeping hate going in any group or person keeps people down. Hate destroys a person and group. All energy is funnel into hate instead of education work ethic and a better life.
      My wish for the African American people is that they accept the love that is within them and find true healing of the past to move forward for a better life. I hope they realize in their heart and soul that they too are the beloved.
      Sad thing is Obama has held them back for his benefit. He brought no healing.

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      • JBrickley says:

        African Americans have been held back since they started voting Democrat. The crimes committed against the Black community over the last 50+ years boggles the mind. Some of them are finally starting to wake up.


  6. furtive says:

    “The neoliberal ruling classes have no intention of giving up control of the global capitalist pseudo-empire they’ve been working to establish these last sixty years. They’re going to delegitimize and stigmatize Trump (and any other symbol of nationalist backlash or resistance to transnational Capitalism), bide their time for the next four years, and then install another of their loyal servants … after which life will go back to “normal,” and liberals will do their best to forget this unfortunate period where they pretended to believe this insipid neo-McCarthyite nonsense.


  7. Frank_O'Pinion says:

    Keith Allison – Sharia Diarrhea at Large.

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  8. zucccchini says:

    There are Democrats out there that did not vote all..because of the left swing of their party. They will continue to opt out and not participate even though they, perhaps, do not like Trump. If Elliston takes control of the DNC it will drive away more ‘on the fence’ Dems. It will continue to create havoc with local elections. As long as the insanity rages on, only the little kids and people on entitlements will continue to be Left wing Obamacrats. So, rage on children. GOP will gladly take on the few seats left and held by the Obamacrats.

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  9. hugofitch1 says:

    “Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth.”

    Mike Tyson

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  10. All American Snowflake says:

    Social Just-us Warriors won’t talk to you or continue to be your friend if you speak any word contrary to their belief system. In order to not lose a certain friend I must confine my communications to weather, sports, or any topic other than Donald Trump. I would very willingly listen to his side of the facts and let’s talk it over…. but no, for him “it’s my way or the highway,” i.e., ridged, inflexible, politically correct speech. Politically Correct speech being defined as when the philosopher holds up four fingers and the only correct response from the interlocutor is to say he sees five fingers — in other words a denial of reality.

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  11. Sandhill says:

    Love that spelling of the SJW, Social Just-Us Warrior. Beautiful and so TRUE.
    Also love those county by county election maps. Lets just let the blue counties secede from the USA and let them have fun surviving without any agriculture and energy businesses.

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  12. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Looking bad, folks. Pussy-wagon en-route to pick you mofos up.

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  13. Mike diamond says:

    The Demo– rats have lost their way ! They. Believe their own lies !!


  14. James O'Malley says:

    Please take these fools seriously. First, they’re not above cheating to get elected, as we saw during the general. Second, many Americans still buy into whatever the media tells them without question, meaning the Democrats can rely on them to push a solidly pro-Democrat/anti-Trump narrative, especially when it comes to things like the economy. Third, they own the cities. If it’s true that more and more people are moving to major cities nationwide, then that means they have the means to claw back power in Republican-leaning states by using them to outweigh the rural vote in key states like Ohio, Texas, Florida, etc.


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