Incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer Discusses Today’s “Fake News” Reporting…

The phrase:

“When media reports, on media reports, the concentric circles of self-serving narratives expand to the infinite horizon of nothingness”…

…never held more validity than what was witnessed over the last 24 hours between CNN and Buzzfeed.

In an NBC interview with Chuck Todd earlier today Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith stated: “the only reason we published the 35 page dossier was because CNN was reporting on it” – SEE HERE

In an attempt to obfuscate, CNN’s Jake Tapper attempted to create distance between their action, and the action of Buzzfeed –SEE HERE


Both the CNN report and the Buzzfeed report have now been proven to be entirely false, as earlier stated by the Trump team and verified by NBC News –SEE HERE

Via NBC […]  the senior official told NBC News that the briefing was oral and no actual documents were left with the Trump team in New York. During the briefing, the president-elect was not briefed on the contents of the summary .

“Intel and law enforcement officials agree that none of the investigations have found any conclusive or direct link between Trump and the Russian government period,” the senior official said.

According to the senior official, the two-page summary about the unsubstantiated material made available to the briefers was to provide context, should they need it, to draw the distinction for Trump between analyzed intelligence and unvetted “disinformation.” (read more)

trump standing in gap

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250 Responses to Incoming Press Secretary Sean Spicer Discusses Today’s “Fake News” Reporting…

  1. kimosaabe says:

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    • mike says:

      …but,,,but what if they have little or no ethics, or are illegitimate ?

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    • UKExpat says:

      Acosta is not a Journalist he is a FANTASIST and he works for an organization CNN which is the PROPAGANDA ARM of the DemoncRAT Party his Press accreditation should be withdrawn along with all of CNN and the BBC amongst others,


  2. Katherine McCoun says:

    Good interview. PE Trump has hired/appointed some excellent people. I an impressed with how involved PE Trump is at every step of the process and how detailed he is so I am not surprised when a hire turns out well. It us a pleasure to watch the team coming together.

    By the way, I was impressed with the attention to detail PE a Trump showed about this fake news scandal. He wanted to see Cohen’s passport personally to confirm that he was not involved. I appreciate that PE Atrump holds people accountable and is thinking on his feet and being aware of all those around him. Lord, Please keep him safe!

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    • texasmama6 says:

      I agree! I was laughing when he revealed he had performed a test for leaks with a meeting with intelligence. He picks good people, trusts them and is loyal to them, but he is no fool. He trusts but verifies! And it left the intelligence chiefs with egg on their faces!

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  3. justfactsplz says:

    Sean Spicer and President Elect Trump knocked this presser out of the park today. I had so much winning fun watching them ream Acosta a new one. He had Trump getting after his rump coming. Spicer has been doing a fantastic job against these media hacks on the Sunday talk shows too. He is just one more manifestation of Trump’s excellent team picks. Trump knows how to hire the best of the best for each position.

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  4. carnan43 says:

    We should all pray for President elect Trump and his team. The left will stop at nothing. As Mark Levin has stated this is about building a case for impeachment. Our history should at least suggest that anyone that threaten’s the global elites, and that certainly includes the left and the left media will be in jeopardy. A good read is Russ Baker’s “Family Of Secrets”. There are many other good books but this one should make most patriotic Americans stop and think. One thing for sure parties lines are misleading and purposely meant to be. There is no difference for the most part.

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  5. Keln says:

    “Intel and law enforcement officials agree that none of the investigations have found any conclusive or direct link between Trump and the Russian government period,” the senior official said.

    I find it utterly ridiculous that any such investigations into connections between Trump and Russia might have taken place, given that the entire Russia thing was made up in the first place by the political opposition, based solely on a comment Trump made about Putin. Abusive waste of resources.

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