Tucker Carlson Interviews Glenn Beck…

Sketchy fellow Glenn Beck appeared, quite swollen, on the premier of Tucker Carlson’s new 9:00pm Fox TV show, and for the first time faces direct questioning about some of the previously exhibited odd Cheeto-ism.

Tucker Carlson began the program with Glenn Beck, and right away it got pretty interesting.  The level of sketchy Beck’s inherent oxymoron discomfort is palpable.  Fortunately, Carlson has a great sense for knowing when to just be quiet as he watches his guests lay on the couch.

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  1. KBR says:

    Beck was 15 when his mother drowned, May 15, 1979.
    His father had run a bakery in Skagit County, Washington but the children lived with their mother in
    Pierce County, Washington by the time she (and a different man) drowned in a boating accident, (some, including Glenn, claim was a suicide.)

    Within months, of her death, he was getting high every day, as Beck once stated he was high every day for 15 years, until he went to AA Nov 1994.

    1994-1979=15 years
    [and May 15 1979 to Feb 10 1980 (Beck’s 16th birthday) less than 8 months]

    He started drug/alcohol abuse at an early age. It takes its toll on the brain and body systems. There is a very very high rate of “falling off the wagon” after treatment or AA.

    This is said as a warning to persons young or old: drugs are not the “helpers” you need to face tragedy.

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  2. Someone, please tell me why he has 2 suit coats on?

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  3. squid2112 says:

    I honestly feel a bit sad for Glenn Beck. I used to be a big fan of his. Watching him religiously on HSN and then on Fox. He really took the big dive shortly after creating “The Blaze”. Now he is nothing short of “completely nuts”.

    Best advice for Beck, drop everything and become a Mormon televangelist. He really has become worth nothing more.

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    • I used to watch him with a passion, but when he went whole hog for Ted Cruz (A non-natural born citizen) and against Trump I did not understand him any longer, then he so attacked Mr. Trump it was beyond, beyond. I remember Mr. Beck stating that we needed and he was looking for a George Washington, and I felt that Mr. Trump was similar to George Washington (rising against all odds, had his faults and quirks etc.) but of humble heart and strong convictions. With that said, I do like Tucker and kinda glad he gave Mr. Beck a chance, but Mr. Beck seems to be covering up (making excuses?) for his fau paus (spelling-sorry) I do not wish Mr. Beck ill, I do wish he would jump on the Trump train and am so sorry that he was so blinded to what we saw in Trump from the beginning. And yes no man is perfect.

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    • flawesttexas says:

      There is no money in being a Mormon pastor…those positions are unpaid. Why you do not see Mormon Televangelists. Beck can’t make $ that way


    • watching glenn last night i was saddened – his fatal addiction was the smell of the footlights, the roar of the crowd – his “man in the moon” extravaganza marked a huge turning point from prophet to profligate.
      good news is the money i used to send to the blaze (from day one) as a monthly subscription is now going to sundance and the treehouse.
      much better value, and besides – cash is the most sincere compliment…. thank you sundance.

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    • toomanykats says:

      We stopped watching him when he was wrong about the Bundy Ranch and then decided to welcome all the illegal children coming over the border..enough of Beck.

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    • BebeTarget says:

      I feel sad for him as well. I thought he did a great job on FOX, teaching us about about Van Jones, the Tides Foundation and the rest of of the Progressives and their agenda and how they were going to implement it. He was the only one giving out that information, and he was proved to be right. His behavior during the campaign was shocking on many levels. HE liked Cruz so he believed God did as well (as any Christian knows, God’s way is not necessarily our way. But when things do not turn out the way WE want them to, Christians know that God is always in control and that however things turn out, it is His way). When the ’12 election took place it was beyond discouraging, yet looking back, it had to be that way to make a path for Trump. By 2016 we, as Christians, believed God was in control and He would either forsake us (plenty of reasons to do THAT) or He would save us. We constantly prayed for Him to save us, looked for and saw His little miracles that encouraged us and worked for Mr. Trump because he was the only one to save our country. Had it been a candidate we didn’t like, we believed that was God’s will. Man has to step aside and let God do His work . . .Glenn Beck did not do that.

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    • Beck lost me when he apologized for calling Obama a racist.


      • olderwiser21 says:

        Beck was way harder on Trump and more vicious than he ever was with Obama. His behavior was disgusting and I would hope he is sorry for it now. He lost many, many previous fans because of this – me included….


  4. doit4atlas says:

    Almost turned Tucker off when I saw Beck, but decided to see what the idiot had to say. Mostly meh, Tucker did a nice job, but did give Beck a chance to soften his anti Trump message. It was a true olive branch, and Tucker was quite charitable in offer it to Beck on his first prime time show.

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    • redlegleader68 says:

      Thanks for taking one for the Team. When I heard that Beck was on, I passed on the show + football was on!!

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      • doit4atlas says:

        Ha ha, you are quite welcome. I felt that supporting Tucker was my main goal so that I did. If I ever see him on the show again, however, I will change the channel.

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    • deanbrh says:

      I was startled that Beck looked and sounded so sane, since last time I watched him he was trying to find someone to assassinate Trump. He got a visit from the Secret Service because of that segment. In those days he was a yelping, screaming, rabid promoter of Cruz who, by the way, was not much less insane with his ranting against Trump.

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      • doit4atlas says:

        I knew this was coming. You see they are all after the same audience; Beck lost his and is trying to get back in our good graces. Ain’t gonna work.


    • olderwiser21 says:

      Tucker was VERY charitable in my opinion – so many ways he could have nailed Beck on previous comments – he let Beck by with a few minor corrections and explanations, but I don’t think he should have….Beck was vicious and out of control in regards to Trump and someone should call him on it, but then again, who really cares what Glenn thinks anymore? Not me……


  5. Martin says:

    There simply is no rescuing Beck, even if Tucker so subtly tried. There is only an estimation of his whacked irrelevance – which he has imposed on himself.

    One can only hope for Tucker’s sake that he does not waste such time on his program habitually.

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    • it was a learning experience.
      tucker picked beck’s crazy extraordinary brain.
      carlson will not make the beck mistakes.

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    • JunieG says:

      To me, it revealed more about Tucker Carlson’s talent then Beck. Beck is someone we all wonder about what went wrong, and it seems to have been profound and deep.

      Carlson let Beck reveal himself, and did not lead him tn any direction. He let it unfold, and it was fascinating. He did not defend or mock Beck, but let him speak, and in doing so, he delivered the raw truth. It was a great interview. I look forward to more such interviews, and sincerely hope Fox will give the intelligent and thoughtful Carlson the opportunity to interview major figures, like Trump, Putin, Merkel, le Pen.

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    • marierogers says:

      why rescue him? let him be, he made his bed!
      tucker can do better than present this has been to a wide audience!

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  6. davidspuria says:

    Notice when Beck is pressed on the things he said about Cruz he becomes very uncomfortable and defensive. He tells Tucker that he doesn’t speak for God yet I remember him constantly talking about his own ability to predict events and he over and over he sold Ted as God’s chosen. Beck is good at backtracking. He is going to have to do a lot more to make anyone care. That is why he and Samantha Bee are hooking up. The conservative well is dry and Glenn sees money to the left.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Beck was very condemning and heavy handed with his religious warnings – that voting for Trump was a SIN.

      Beck doesn’t speak for GOD.

      Fact is – Mormonism is an outlier religion and has some heretical beliefs. It is a concoction of religions, Islam, Masonry, Christianity, Judaism, etc. by Jos. Smith and several friends who claim to have found golden tablets and seen an angel.

      Their movement came out of the Burned Over district of NY state as did many other sects, spiritualists, movements and denominations after a rise of revivalism and religious fervor. Do your research. Look up Burned Over District, The Great Disappointment, etc. Don’t stop with just one article.

      Joseph Smith was chased out of towns and territories for bank fraud, cons, blasphemy and philandering/seducing vulnerable women. Smith was killed by an outraged posse.

      Mr. Beck has Jos. Smith’s con game down pat.

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      • Kevin Sherlock says:

        from the book “Ellis Island: When America Did Immigration Right” by Kevin Sherlock

        The emptiness of the American West had drawn other members of Protestant America – the Mormons — westward in the 1840s. The Mormons were industrious, thrifty, and well-organized, on paper the perfect WASPs. However, their acquisitiveness and their perceived oddball beliefs led many Americans to loathe them.

        Joseph Smith started the Mormon religion in upstate New York in 1830. He claimed he dug golden tablets from the ground, deciphered them, and determined they said one of the lost tribes of Israel migrated to America. Some people believed him and followed him. Smith led his followers to Missouri, where they alienated the locals by discriminating against non-Mormons. They also befriended free blacks in this slave state, but held slaves themselves. The locals ran the Mormons out of Missouri; they eventually started a settlement in Nauvoo, Illinois.

        Smith decided to exclude blacks from the Mormon hierarchy, possibly to curry favor with the locals. However, he openly started to preach in favor of polygamy. This truly angered other Christians against the Mormons. Non-Mormons considered polygamy, along with slavery, one of the “relics of barbarism.”

        Smith and other elders had been practicing polygamy secretly before he made his desires, errr, doctrine public. Dr. John Bennett allegedly helped cover up the sexual use of many of the publicly single females in Nauvoo who were privately in polygamous setups with Smith and other Mormon elders by performing abortions on them. Smith ran out Bennett after they quarreled over who would get possession of a 19-year-old cutie named Nancy Rigdon.

        In 1844, Smith tried to destroy the printing press of an opponent who exposed the sect’s polygamy. Lawmen arrested Smith and his brother and held them in a nearby jail. Vigilantes, angered at the grasping ways of the Mormons in mammon and mates, broke into the jail and killed them.

        After the death of Joseph Smith, the leaders of this now-openly polygamous sect sought to build a state away from other Americans, who hated them. Most Mormons, under the lead of Brigham Young, decided to head west. Using U.S. Army maps, good scouting, and solid planning, they moved to present-day Utah in the late 1840s. Brigham Young started the settlement in the Salt Lake area in the summer of 1847. This took place during the Mexican War; Utah went from nominal Mexican control to nominal American control and definite Mormon control.

        Other Mormons in a rival sect led by James Strang (which by now included reputed abortionist John Bennett) didn’t go west but instead headed north. They first settled in Wisconsin, but then took over Beaver Island – an aptly named place for the practice of polygamy – in Lake Michigan in 1848. When they became a majority, the Mormons took control of local government and looted the county treasury for “tithes”, tried to beat (literally) tithes out of the Irish-American fishermen and their families who were already living on the island, and eventually forbade non-Mormons from fishing in the waters around the island. They ran the non-Mormons off of the island in a couple of years, and tried to spread their tentacles to the mainland of Michigan.

        Strang had himself crowned “king” of Beaver Island. The Mormons under his leadership committed the federal crimes of timber theft, mail interference, and counterfeiting to supplement their earlier state crimes of land theft, fishing rights theft, assault and battery, and tax money theft (not to mention polygamy), but federal prosecutors as inept as some of those today could not win any convictions on the federal charges they brought against the Strangites.

        When the government fails to protect the people, the people have to protect themselves. And in the 1850s, they weren’t afraid to do so. So the people who Strang and his followers had abused planned to evict them from Beaver Island in 1856. Their plans were aided by a fatal row over females among some of the Strangite menfolk just before the non-Mormons attacked.

        One of the disgruntled Strangites was a man who couldn’t get enough action even in a cult that allowed polygamy. So he committed old-fashioned adultery and Strang ordered him whipped for his sin. Another had married a girl who Strang evidently got the hots for. (There were also insinuations this girl had a crush on one of Strang’s “plural wives.”) The young husband feared losing his pretty young wife and being castrated at Strang’s orders. (Mormon elders under Joseph Smith and Brigham Young who wanted pretty young wives from time to time resorted to ordering their followers to castrate young men who would not give up their cute sweethearts.) So the vengeful adulterer and the man afraid of losing his wife and his manhood shot and beat Strang and left him for dead.

        Within days, anti-Catholic journalists of the day noted, “a mob” of “drunken vigilantes” from Mackinac Island (code words for the Irish-American fishermen, some of them distant relatives of the author) drove the Mormons off of Beaver Island. Strang died of his wounds in Wisconsin shortly after the Irish-Americans repossessed the island and the fisheries he and his followers had stolen from them. His five wives, four of whom were pregnant at the time of his demise, eventually hooked up with other men, some of whom were non-Mormons.

        Meanwhile, Mormons in Utah were safe from federal justice and other Americans for awhile, because there were very few Americans settled around them for awhile. This didn’t mean Americans respected them. Many Americans viewed the Mormons in Utah as freaks of nature. Mormon leader Brigham Young, virtually a dictator over the lives of his flock, had 27 or 28 “wives” but who’s counting? Non-Mormons nicknamed him “Bring ‘em in Young” for his lechery. The one “wife” who sued Young for divorce wrote an exposé about him titled “Wife No. 19.” Young won the suit because the U.S. government didn’t recognize the polygamous “marriage.” Federal authorities essentially considered her and Young’s other “wives” to be concubines and Young to be a whoremonger.

        Many other members of the Mormon hierarchy also had “plural wives”. Most Mormons had only one wife, but the wealthy Mormons took several. This meant there would be a very high proportion of unmarried young men in Utah unless the church leaders could get females from outside Utah. Church agents even actively “hunted” female game in Britain and Scandinavia to convince them to embrace the Latter Day lifestyle.

        The Mormons did make the desert bloom by their hard work, and they made good money selling supplies at high prices to the settlers heading to California. No one has ever denied their energy or their discipline. However, they did harass the non-Mormons heading west through Utah, which made them criminals.

        The most brutal incident took place in 1857, when Mormons in southern Utah – probably with the connivance of Brigham Young himself – butchered the men, women, and older children of a wagon train headed to California. They also looted the pilgrims of all their possessions and money. Young’s adopted son John Lee – who had close to a score of “plural wives” himself — commanded the Mormon militiamen who committed the mass murders. Two teenage sisters begged for mercy as about 120 of their fellow wagon train members lay dead; the Mormons raped and murdered them. They escaped punishment for the mass murders (called the Mountain Meadows Massacre) for a number of years by blaming the atrocity on Ute Indians.

        The Mormons kidnaped and raised the 17 surviving small children, who were all seven years old or younger, thinking they would be too young to remember the shootings and dismemberments of their parents and older siblings. In 1859, a government agent, two noted frontiersmen, and U.S. Army troops took the 17 surviving children from their Mormon kidnapers and returned them to relatives in Arkansas. One younger child would later testify he saw a Mormon woman wearing the dress of his mother, after another Mormon had stripped her hatcheted corpse of the garment. Other children would recount the horror of watching the Mormons butcher their parents and older brothers and sisters.

        The Mormons confronted and threatened federal troops and law enforcement officials many times from the 1850s through the 1880s. The Mormons tried to colonize Southern California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, and Colorado. Brigham Young advocated slavery and at the same time said it wouldn’t be profitable in Utah. The Mormons stayed neutral during the Civil War. Young used his militia to murder Mormon separatists during the Civil War.

        The Mormons escaped justice during the Civil War because Abraham Lincoln had bigger problems to deal with than a group of deviants who most Americans of that era considered were hiding behind a religion with no more perceived credibility than what Scientology has today. But the Mormons in effect had seceded from the Union and were just as quick to interfere with or threaten federal officers as the Southerners were. Besides, they committed other crimes against the social order besides polygamy …. the worst were the murders of non-Mormons and their own dissidents and their own womenfolk who got too friendly with non-Mormons. Justice demanded a penalty for the Mormons similar to what the Union Army had inflicted on the people of the Confederacy.

        After the Civil War, Generals Sherman and Sheridan wanted to crush the Mormons like they had done to the Southerners, because of the Mormons’ defiance of laws, their cheating of non-Mormons passing through Utah, and the murders they committed. Mormons shot, stabbed, or beat to death some non-Mormon men who they had legal difficulties with, or who were consorting with Mormon women. Also, Mormons had beheaded some Mormon women, apparently for the “crime” of getting too friendly with American soldiers stationed in Utah. (Soldiers testified to finding two of these women’s severed heads.) It made little sense to bring these crypto-jihadists and “honor killers” before a jury of their Mormon peers because Mormon jurymen essentially refused to convict their own when they victimized non-Mormons or Mormons who strayed.

        General Sherman sent Young a telegram threatening to allow his soldiers to avenge non-Mormon victims, but received no orders to make good on that threat. General Sheridan set up a base near Provo, Utah, but received no orders to proceed against the Mormons. Neither Andrew Johnson, nor Ulysses Grant, who succeeded Johnson as president, would unleash Sherman and Sheridan on the Mormons. However, neither president would allow Utah to become a state because of polygamy and because of Brigham Young’s cultlike control of his followers.

        Federal authorities indicted Young and other Mormon leaders on polygamy charges in 1871, but the Supreme Court voided all verdicts against Mormons decided by juries with no Mormon members. Mormons vastly outnumbered non-Mormons in Utah, so the justices ruled a jury in Utah without Mormons would be a violation of the right to jury in front of peers. So the Feds dropped the case against Young and his underlings in 1872, because they knew no Mormon would vote to convict them.

        The Supreme Court has always had its share of knucklehead political lawyers. The Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson, and Roe v. Wade decisions are just some of their best-known idiotic rulings. Since the Mormons were essentially an organized group of outlaws who could justify committing violent crimes and crimes of dishonesty against those not of their own kind, and who also advocated a degenerate lifestyle (polygamy) that violated the law of the land, none of them should have been seated on a jury trying people for violating a law they agreed should be violated.

        It would be like trying a planter after the Civil War for resuming the practice of slavery; his wealthy Southern peers would not vote to convict him either. It would be like trying a Mob boss before a jury of other organized criminals; they wouldn’t convict one of their own. It would be like trying a Saudi national for “honor killing” his daughter in front of a jury of Arabs who believe in that damnable practice; they would acquit him in a heartbeat.

        Despite the Supreme Court ruling, some federal officials kept up the pressure on Young and the Mormons. Young essentially gave up his boy John Lee to appease those who were calling for his death for leading the Mountain Meadows Massacre two decades earlier. Authorities shot Lee to death at the scene of his great crime in 1877 after he was convicted. Brigham Young died later in 1877.

        Federal lawmakers in 1882 finally passed an anti-polygamy law – the Edmunds Act – that the Supreme Court couldn’t overturn. Federal marshals descended upon Utah, located polygamous families, and had the “husbands” prosecuted and sent to prison. The Mormons tried to shield these families, but their willingness to protect their polygamous brethren – who were usually the richest Mormons – weakened as the Feds applied pressure to whole communities. Why should working stiff Mormons who got by honorably with one wife cover for richer elders who kept multiple Mormon mamas?

        Eventually Mormon leaders had the “revelation” that polygamy was not essential to their religion. After making the Mormons wait a couple of years to ensure the leaders wouldn’t backslide into polygamy again, American officials allowed Utah into the Union in 1896. Mormons – who certainly deserve credit for much hard work in settling Utah in the American style – have dominated this state ever since.(14)

        History repeated itself in a macabre way in 2001. Mormon officials, led by Brigham Young’s adopted son, perpetrated the Mountain Meadows Massacre on September 11, 1857. An exact gross of years to the day later, jihadists perpetrated the 9/11 murders. Unlike Brigham Young, the al-Qaeda vermin cheerfully claimed responsibility for the murders their scum committed. Young professed astonishment that his many sermons and directives and other verbal and written orders preaching “blood atonement” and violence against non-Mormons were acted upon by scum under his command like his adopted son. Mormon apologists for Young today admit he ordered his people not to sell food to non-Mormon travelers like the massacre victims that year, and they admit Mormons committed the murders, instead of blaming it on “Injuns.”

        The reason we are discussing the problems the Mormons posed to the rest of America in the 1800s in a book about immigration is not to make fun of the Mormons today. The reason is to inform the American people of their right to restrict or deport those who import anti-American practices into the country and define these evil acts as part of their religion in order to practice them.

        The Mormons learned their lesson. Since the 1890s, when their leaders sued for peace with America and agreed to live under American laws, many Mormons have served this country in war and in peace with honor like those of the Catholic, Orthodox Christian, Jewish, and other Protestant faiths.

        Our lawyers and judges seem to work on precedent more than they seem to work on common sense, so at least We The People have a great precedent to present (the treatment of the Mormons) in prosecuting the criminals among us who act according to the dictates of their twisted consciences.

        No individual or group has the right to practice crimes like polygamy, honor killings, clitorectomies on little girls, slavery, or jihadist murders of non-Moslems and claim these execrable practices are Moslem practices protected by the freedom of religion clause of the U.S. Constitution. Nor do Hindus have the right to impose a caste system, sacrifice screaming children to false goddesses, or commit dowry murders just because they can get away with it in India. Our public officials understood this in the 1800s and acted accordingly. We need to make the current crop of lowlifes in high places act in similar fashion.

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      • Kay Emig says:

        Joseph Smith worked as an itinerant farm laborer and made extra cash dowsing for water as a young man. He was employed by an east coast English or Literature professor (don’t remember which) who was finishing up a novel about the Lost Tribes of Israel. Shortly after leaving his employment, the prof died and his manuscript was stolen. Later when JS started publicizing his “vision” the prof’s wife successfully sued him for copying the novel. This history was recounted in “No Man Knows My Name,” by an author (Mormon) who thought it best to come clean about the religious fraud and proceed from there to clear out the cultish add-ons and recover as Christians. The author was excommunicated for this. It’s been decades since I read this work; it can probably be obtained from Libraries for interested parties. The Book of Mormon is indeed beautifully written, as one would expect from an erudite author. The rest of the comments above are accurate.

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      • pinandpuller says:

        Mormon prophecy is like the weather. If you don’t like it, just wait a while and it will change.

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      • redtreesquirrel says:

        You’re absolutely right. I just watched the interview. Had it recorded. Tucker let Beck off the hook easily. Tucker opened the door so Beck could reveal himself. No assistance required. Reading the comments here, it is plain to all that we know the real Glenn Beck and have lost all respect for him because of it. Tucker Carlson did a great service by letting Mr. Beck hang himself in front of his former listeners and fans.


      • In AZ says:

        And the Mormon church has said, repeatedly, that the “prophecy” , the White Horse Prophecy, is not a prophecy.
        Beck was wrong to say what he did. Many, many Mormons complained to church authorities to shut Beck up.


    • JunieG says:

      Poor Beck! He is betting on the wrong horse yet again. The real creativity and humor are coming from the right these days. The left is so stale and unfunny.


  7. Bob Thoms says:

    beck hasn’t saud anything of importance in years.

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  8. Steve in Lewes says:

    So which Beck are we to believe; the one in this Tucker interview that seems to be willing to give Trump a chance like he claimed he did at the beginning of Obama; or this one with Samantha Bee less than a month ago where they discuss planning to “unite to fight “Trumpism””.


    Me thinks it all depends on who the audience is ! I don’t trust him…PERIOD!!!

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    • flova says:

      Beck is a phony baloney and this interview proves it. He was relentlessly against Trump and never stood with ‘we the people’–you know the ones that made him rake in all that money.

      And he did say Cruz was anointed by God to become President.

      Mormonism is a cult. I read Mikel Gilmore’s Shot Through the Heart many years ago when I knew very little about Mormonism. It creeped me out.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Beck is a hack loser, I’m surprised that he didn’t start crying again.
      And his pal Mark Levin is another anti Trump bum.


  9. Dan Patterson says:

    Beck is an addict. His behavior and conversation are telling; I too feel sorry for him and wish him the best in recovery, discovering his rudder, plying his course, etc. Once upon a time his program was entertaining and informative, but did he take himself too serously or were the old dragons of addiction just waiting to eat more of him from the inside out?
    Nicely done by Tucker.

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    • Deb says:

      Many addicts are also narcissists, the two conditions feed into each other. Beck always seemed like a narcissist to me, I watched him a few times on Fox and could tell he had a few screws loose. I was raised by narcissists, so they are easy for me to spot.

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      • redtreesquirrel says:

        So was I, Deb. I finally figured out the best thing was to get as far away from them as possible. Hope you’re okay now too.


  10. wdmiller159 says:

    This was a great interview. Beck is suffering the effects of whatever his illness is, and I think it affects some of his thinking.

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  11. repsort says:

    Shut up and go eat another Twinkie GB. Weirdo.

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  12. yardman says:

    I enjoy Tucker’s show.
    Years ago I also enjoyed both Beck and Kelly’s shows, but no longer do.
    Wonder if I’ll still like Tucker’s show in a few years?
    Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity have stayed favorites since I first watched them.

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    • doit4atlas says:

      I think Tucker is who he is…I really don’t think he will go the way of Kelly and Beck…he’s more like a Hannity or Bannon.

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    • susiepuma says:

      I will bet that you won’t…………………..these pundit talking heads begin to believe their own publicity and think all of a sudden they are someone important……………..no…………….just bloviators who love the sound of their voices and THINK they are important

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  13. Sad. You can see that Beck knows how he caused his own downfall, but he can’t tear himself away from indulging in the self-love even now. False humility IS pride in another form. He’s got a ways to go. St. Alphonsus Ligouri, pray for us.

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  14. rsanchez1990 says:

    Looks to me like Beck is trying to make people forget how fervently against Trump he was and still is. There’s a reason people call you and Megyn Kelly traitors, Glenn.

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    • doit4atlas says:

      I’m sure his business is circling the drain right now so he needs to get us back…ain’t gonna work. I will never watch another Beck show or listen to another Beck radio show.

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      • mopar2016 says:

        Same with Mark Levin.
        These clowns are as anti Trump as they get.
        And it’s not complicated, it’s actually very simple.
        Both Levin and Beck lost a lot of their audience by cheer leading for the enemy.
        Both also have a huge ego problem.

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        • doit4atlas says:

          Exactly…I can’t even stand Levin’s voice now. I feel sorry for Michele Malkin and Mark Steyn; bot will suffer because of Levin’s pigheaded ways.


  15. SteveInCO says:

    I surprised many liberal acquaintances before the conventions by pointing out that Beck absolutely loathed Donald Trump. That made no sense to them, because they consider both Beck and Trump to be nuts and essentially peas in a pod.

    On the conservative side, of course, this piece of information was very well known. But they don’t actually look at what we’re doing or saying; it’s just one big Evil Racist Sexist Homophobic Oner Percenter Conservative Monolith to them. If they only knew.

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  16. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Wow, I almost sat through the whole interview thinking it was leading somewhere.

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  17. Wayne Robinson says:

    Pop in jay this self anointed prophet has proved himself a false prophet. The trouble with deception is thee deceived do not know they are deceived . Once the reality of their bondage is manifest to them they then assume they are free. Deception is a very real bondage and can require years to come free. This man acts like a hound dog using his tail to wipe out his footprints so no one can tell where he has been. Glenn may not be broken but he is bent. People who follow him believing he has some inside track or special revelation will end up like him , in the ditch. If you want spiritual guidance read the scripture and pray for God to give you understanding . He will lead you to where you may be assured of what spirit you are following. Beck has been deceived and has deceived others. Those who lead into captivity go in first. I think he and lying ted really enjoyed their time of self importance but it wasn’t true , in other words their hope was in lies and false prophecy period

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  18. Trumpire says:

    The first I ever heard of Glen Beck was on talk radio in the early 2000’s. I usually listen to music when I drive but I was doing so much driving back then that I switched it up a bit. He was a goofy but generally amusing radio guy. No serious stuff.

    So when out of the blue he turned up on FOX with a political show, I was like, “What?” How did this goofy radio entertainer get this gig. Seemed so incongruent.

    I was impressed with the material on his FOX show and I’d think what kind of spectacular staff he had to cover so many topics accurately (aside from the birther topic) and perceptively so. He must have a huge staff. How else could he be so on top of so many subjects daily, hot topics and history. Turns out Andrew Breitbart answered how…they were taking work and materials from bloggers without attribution.

    I did enjoy his FOX show but he lost me with the phony, hysterical crying and the trashing of ‘birthers.’ Question boldly, he’d say. Then turn around call you a ‘birther’ and stab you in the back for using common sense and questioning boldly. I had no use for him after that.

    Yep, should have just stay a goofy radio guy, an entertainer. Now he’s been revealed as a carnival barker, conman, thief, snake, liar.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. susiepuma says:

    Couldn’t listen to more than a minute or two…………………………..who cares what he has to say?? I sure don’t ………………….I worry about what Trump will say or do………………he is the President.

    ..Beck is a nobody.

    Liked by 3 people

  20. LM says:

    Had he simply offered a cogent, fact based argument to augment his beliefs during the campaign I would have been able to salvage some respect for Glenn Beck. However, he resorted to the deceitful tactics of the left….slander, lies, theater, exageration, and the “politics of personal destruction”….and extended these to President Trump’s family (Melania).

    Like many enemies of Donald Trump, Glenn Beck’s crazed hatred revealed the reality of who he (Beck) is and he has emerged from the battle diminished.

    I attribute this to the hand of God. God will not be mocked. Those who lie and deceive and claim to speak for Him will be dealt with.

    It is a reminder to all of us, even Donald Trump (whose words and actions tell me he knows and honors this) to stay upright and true in the face of all pressure to the contrary.

    I believe it will take true repentance and reliance on the Lord for Goenn Beck to attain any level of recovery. Until that time, for me, Glenn Beck will be forever associated with a yellow face covered with cheese.

    Liked by 2 people

    • redtreesquirrel says:

      Speaking of yellow face covered with cheese, Beck looks like he has been hitting the buffet pretty hard since last I saw him. When I stopped listening to his radio program, Beck was supposedly struck with several strange illnesses which had him on a strict diet of foods he could not eat. Looks like he’s been healed.


  21. Texmom says:

    There were soooo many odd things Beck did in the last several years of his show that I don’t know where to start (i.e., Rabbi Kula mutual adoration society). But what should have tipped me off from Day One happened during the very earliest days of his HSN show. The camera came up as close as you could get on his face and tears were rolling down his cheeks. It was so obviously planned and fake that he had to address it in his show the following night and chastise himself a bit for thinking that would fly.
    And that is Beck in a nutshell (literally).

    Liked by 1 person

  22. As someone who once suffered what was then, but is no longer is considered a childhood mental illness, because I was raised in what was then called a divided-home, I can testify that the only solution is complete surrender to your personal God.
    When working for a mental-health pharmaceutical service, some time back, I had one of the psychiatrist ask me one morning, “Jeannie, Are you always this happy.” My answer, “Yes, I am.”

    I love the photo posted here at Conservative Treehouse and captioned “You find it offensive. I find it funny…. That’s why I’m happier than you.” Stated just as succinctly in Bible terms: “Perfect peace [sometimes rendered abundant peace or great peace] have they which love Thy law and nothing shall offend them.” ~Psalms 119:165
    I have copied the photo and currently use it on the signature line of my personal e-mail. 🙂


  23. Gary says:

    What I want to know is how much longer we have to endure his BS on Sirius 125 ?
    Boot his sorry *ss and bring David Webb on 8-11A (central)

    Liked by 1 person

  24. That was… Interesting.

    Beck, just doesn’t strike me as sincere.


  25. MVW says:

    I am going to repeat the essence of my disagreement with some longtime CTH posters that I have respect for. I take offense with their above anti Mormon posts,

    Don’t use Glenn Beck’s self destruction and off the deep end behavior, speech, and actions as a vehicle to attack a religion, in this case the Mormon religion.

    I am not a Mormon, and don’t believe as they do, nevertheless I respect their religion. Also, I don’t consider Islam a religion, and don’t accept the attempt to pigeon hole Mormons with Muslims.

    So, stop with the Mormon bashing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Deb says:

      Give me a break. Everything that has been said about Mormonism here is factual. Joseph Smith was a con man. Many Mormons are good people and sincerely devout, that doesn’t make their religion less of a lie.

      Liked by 1 person

      • olderwiser21 says:

        Once again, the discussion thread was not about the Mormon church, but about Beck’s interview with Carlson. There are many, many Mormons who are embarrassed and distraught by Beck’s behavior over the last 18 months. Believe me when I say he does not represent them in thought or deed. I doubt the motives of those on CTH who used this thread to so thoroughly review the LDS Church’s “supposed” history, as written by others, when no one asked for it and it was NOT the topic of discussion. Really disappointing.

        Liked by 1 person

  26. remuda2016 says:

    This interview is about Beck’s confused and foolish issues on Trump, not Mormons or God or faith or prayer…nor really about Beck himself, his life or ‘identity’ (id / super ego). Those issues, inserted by Beck are ‘Red Herrings’ intended to cloud the real issue–his deceptiveness. When Donald began his campaign, Beck came out full force for Cruz and full bashing against Trump. That’s the issue, and it should have been pointed out that, now that Beck seems to ‘like’ much of what Trump has done, his cabinet, SCOTUS choices and other points, he and his “comedy club screamer-dreamers’ continue to bash Trump and focus on…themselves…”uh…uh…gag…stall…sniff”.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. redsequin4 says:

    I like Tucker’s show but I thought he was too easy on Beck. He allowed him to blather on and on without saying anything. Tucker’s interviews are usually pretty hard hitting but he let Beck skate.


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