Deutsche Bank Predicts Trump Economy Will More Than Double U.S. GDP Growth…

Yup,… Still Walking in A Winner Wonderland

Interesting to see Duetsche Bank attempting to quantify a new economic dimension.  They also identify the construct of the two U.S. economies, Wall Street and Main Street, and present the following forward analysis:

[…]  “This policy will be successful in moving the U.S. economy away from low-growth secular stagnation towards significantly more buoyant performance. We would not be taken by surprise by a doubling of the growth rate of real GDP in the U.S. over the next two years, nor by a further significant move up of equity valuations and a material further appreciation of the dollar.”

~  David Folkerts-Landau, Chief Economist, Deutsche Bank

trump convention 2

Interestingly, heck, surprisingly, the Deutsche Bank analysis rebukes several years of global economic advocacy and theory. “This approach should produce a new order that will ultimately be more stable in the sense that ‘good fences make good neighbors,'” Folkers-Landau said.

The impact may not be felt immediately, but once the new agenda kicks in it will serve as a “game changer for the U.S. economy,” Folkerts-Landau added.  In raw numbers, that would push 2017 growth to 2.4 percent and 2018 up to 3.6 percent.

[…]  U.S. growth will bleed into the world economy, according to Deutsche, which pushed its 2017 global GDP forecast from 3 percent to 3.4 percent. (link)

Well, lookie there.  A reinvigorated U.S. economy actually driving the total of all global GDP forecasts higher by 14% over previous forecasts (GDP 3.0 -vs- GDP 3.4). This admission by Deutsche Bank is rather startling.

If the talking points behind globalist economic theory were accurate, it would be impossible for a nationalist economy to impact global GDP in isolation.

According to “the globalists” like NYT Krugman, moving manufacturing from one country to another doesn’t increase production (value), it simply shifts its location.   This DB projection is a tacit admission that rebukes much more than Obamanomics.

However, all of that said – these predictions are based on analysis of historic trends.  As we have outlined, Trump’s economic nationalism has never been done before in the modern era.  As such, quantifying growth is almost impossible unless you actually accept the full scope of possibility from President Trump’s economic magic wand….


…And when you do fully accept we are in uncharted territory, you also begin to realize the growth potential is well beyond 3.6%.  Steve Forbes has previously said a reasonable outlook, only estimating U.S. GDP, may well be 7% or higher.

Oh my !


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248 Responses to Deutsche Bank Predicts Trump Economy Will More Than Double U.S. GDP Growth…

  1. freepetta says:

    Well that is a most wonderful prediction. DJT is going to take us where we have never been before.

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  2. The analysis doesn’t surprise me but the source?!?!? Didn’t see that coming in a million years! #MoreWinning 😀

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  3. Toronto Tonto says:

    Deutsch Bank better hope so for its sake.

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    • That is my reaction as well. Not that I don’t think this is reasonable analysis, but it’s interesting that it’s DB putting it out there now.

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    • LP says:

      I am somewhat cynical about Deutsche bank now jumping on the bandwagon, not about the prediction (that may be verified from a wide and varied number of of economists). Mr Trump does not need them, they need Mr Trump.

      They are still under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, the New York State Department of Financial Services, and financial regulators in the U.K for ‘mirror trades’ essentially money laundering for Russian oligarchs to the tune of 10 billion USD.

      Since 2008, the bank has paid more than nine billion dollars in fines and settlements for such improprieties as conspiring to manipulate the price of gold and silver, defrauding mortgage companies, and violating U.S. sanctions by trading in Iran, Syria, Libya, Myanmar, and Sudan.

      Deutsche Bank was ordered to pay regulators in the U.S. and the U.K. two and a half billion dollars, and to dismiss seven employees, for its role in manipulating the London Interbank Offered Rate, or libor, which is the interest rate banks charge one another. The Financial Conduct Authority, in Britain, chastised Deutsche Bank not only for its manipulation of libor but also for its subsequent lack of candor. “Deutsche Bank’s failings were compounded by them repeatedly misleading us,” Georgina Philippou, of the F.C.A., declared. “The bank took far too long to produce vital documents and it moved far too slowly to fix relevant systems.”

      The Kushner brothers are also in debt to the bank for some of their real estate investments.
      Caveat emptor.

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      • Lanna says:

        And where is their gold? Something’s going on, looks like more paper than gold to back it, crazy ‘explanation’ as to why they wouldn’t produce it when paper was presented.


        • MaineCoon says:

          We wouldn’t return their gold, upon request. Doling it out to them over many years, if they ever get it back from NY Fed Reserve. OOps.


  4. aprilyn43 says:

    That is what the Christian prophecies on Trump say.
    Keep praying people … 12-days and counting until Trump and Pence take the oath of office !!

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  5. Marygrace Powers says:

    HOLY TOLEDO! “If you are going to THINK, THINK BIG”/Trump

    Against The Tyranny Of The So-Called Experts/

    by Tyler Durden
    Jan 9, 2017 7:30 PM
    Submitted by Kurt Schlichter via,/

    “America’s elite – that collection of puffed up mediocrities who until recently held the undisputed command of the heights of our politics and culture – is in crisis. Its unbroken track record of failure has finally stirred the rest of America from its coma. The normals are now hella woke, and the elitists are being hella rejected. Unused to accountability, the elite is in a tizzy over the way people are not only blaming it for its myriad failures but are taking concrete steps to restrict its power. It’s not just electing Donald Trump. It’s ignoring the media, ignoring Hollywood stars, and ignoring the cabal of “experts” who presume to tell us how to live.”

    And it’s about time./

    THANK GOD/ THANK TRUMP/ In for the ride of our lives/

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  6. Well beyond 3.6%..
    To the Moon Alice
    WINNING !!!

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  7. Fe says:

    This is awesome winning!

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  8. paulraven1 says:

    More reason for Obama to start WWIII before Trump takes office.

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  9. darththulhu says:

    Title incorrectly says that Deutsche predicts a doubling of GDP under Trump (which would be from $18 trillion to $36 trillion), which no one predicts. Deutsche instead predicts a doubling of GDP-growth-rate, something else entirely (a shift from 2% each year to 4% each year).

    “According to “the globalists” like NYT Krugman, moving manufacturing from one country to another doesn’t increase production (value), it simply shifts its location.”

    Even if Krugman is accurate on the scale of “all economic activity on planet Earth”, it matters rather a lot to the actual people on the surface of this planet as to where that production is located. If 0% of the production was in the US and Europe and China, while 20% of the production was in each of Egypt and Brazil and Thailand … then the US and Europe and China would all be basket cases, and Egypt and Brazil and Thailand would be planet-striding economic superpowers. Even if the “total planetary production” was completely unchanged.

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    • SteveInCO says:

      Trump, in speaking at debates and rallies would often refer to “GDP” where he clearly meant “GDP growth”

      Incidentally the title is correct on this page. Maybe not on the main page.

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    • rashamon says:

      Krugman wouldn’t know innovation if it fell on him. A stable world of proud nations will lead to healthy competition for developing new products and improving manufacturing methods for those both old and new. If global manipulations and government gets out of the way, we’ll be surprised how much pent up interest exists focusing on some of the science now on the drawing boards and ready to be put to use.

      DJT’s election is just the thwack on the side of the head necessary to unleash this dynamics. The daily parade of expertise riding up the elevator at the Trump Tower celebrates the potential of this movement.

      Now if we could just get rid of the media and Hollywoood drama queens so there is room for the real message of 2017…MAGA.

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Yeah. Freddie Krueger…………… Krugman is a bought and paid for Globalist tool. He’s bought but an uneducated man.


  10. I bet Larry “The Elite” Summers is having a sploody head moment right after this was announced.

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  11. Give it time says:

    If you take Forbes 7 and this 3.4 mix in the deflationary impact of retiring boomers you get about 4-4.5% gdp growth. Combine this with the other changes and we have a real shot at avoiding the collapse set up by the last 12 years of insanity. The key lies in the millenials get them out of student loan debt (or earning enough that it doesn’t matter) and consumption growth can renew.

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  12. wizzum says:

    ‘good fences make good neighbors,’ I’ve been waiting since Trump announced his candidacy for someone to say that – Love it!

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  13. “Winner Wonderland” Dang SD & team, how do you keep hitting it out of the park: catchy sayings, awesome pics, videos, enlightenment. Dang this place is AWESOME in its’ AWESOMENESS!! Thanks for the fun!

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  14. RP says:

    Twitter users please retweet this…

    Never, ever let these chumps forget their words.

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  15. RedBallExpress says:

    What good is a weak U.S.? In reference to importing Ebola patients and importing beef from foot and mouth infected countries (Brazil) Obama actually said we have to share the plight of poor countries. Trump MAGA will help raise up poor countries!

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    • Lucille says:

      We’re still waiting for BHO to personally volunteer “to share the plight of poor countries” and enjoy the median income of, say, Haiti.

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    • Grace Anne says:

      A strong America does raise up the poor world-wide. I was outraged when we flew in Ebola patients. Not that I didn’t want them to get care… but to stop a disease you must put the lid on the petri dish. Our government betrayed us yet again.

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      • wondering999 says:

        It was idiocy. What our inept clueless “leaders” could have done would have been to support Firestone et al.
        “How a Liberian Rubber Plant Prevented Ebola Spread”
        Instead they just focused on turning the misery into an epidemic. Thank God they didn’t get their way

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      • Under Trump’s Agenda and leadership, America will become the world’s greatest magnet for investment.

        The DB change in outlook leaves others to rethink their projections (joining the Trump Train) or risk becoming the village idiots. As more board the Train, investor confidence in America will skyrocket.

        As Trump Drains the Swamp, we’ll have a YUGE advantage by converting waste, fraud and abuse to lower tax rates and fully-funded Social Security.

        Suddenly other countries will find themselves in a sink-or-swim environment, racing to reach bilateral trade deals with America. They may try reining in their welfare states, their single-payor healthcare and even their waste, fraud and abuse.

        But they’ll never catch us, because no country on earth has a leader remotely comparable to Trump. America just blasted out of the starting gate, while the rest of the world is still in the paddocks.

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  16. I can’t fathom. the change one man has had on the world in 18 months, and more recently the last two months. We are truly living in a once in a lifetime phenomenon. Pray for Trump and all America.

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  17. gamecock123 says:

    Trump has the Midas touch.

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  18. sunnydaze says:

    “Winner Wonderland”. LOL. Now that was GOOD!

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  19. JoeS says:

    Quote: “According to “the globalists” like NYT Krugman, moving manufacturing from one country to another doesn’t increase production (value), it simply shifts its location.” This is a mother straw man argument. That is not the only thing that Trump is doing. More fake news!

    Krugman is a moron.

    Trump is removing regulation, lowering taxes, and thereby expanding energy output amongst other things. Naturally, these moves outwardly expand the production possibilities through the expansion of available inputs.

    Obama and his loony tune policies combined with looney tune world cohorts have had their boots on economic growth in favor of insane environmental and climate change policies.

    Excessive taxes mis-allocate valuable production possibilities. The same is true with causing energy shortages and higher prices.

    Just wait until Trump builds supporting electrical and other important infrastructure.

    Foreign investment in the US economy is already beginning, and when US companies bring back investment-BOOM. We are going to roar.

    The US economy is so large that it has enormous impact on the world economy. Countries are going to be fighting to get here.

    The above points are only scratching the surface. Wait until Trump begins to rebuild our cities and brings jobs to them. We will have an awesome labor force. People in the rust belt are DYING for opportunity in manufacturing.

    We need to manufacture again.

    Winning! And we are just getting started!

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    • Working under fear and oppression is NOT the same as working freely using one’s God-given talents.
      While other countries may exist where people are free to create, none are as large and contain the sizable workforce as the US.
      Krugman, maybe you can get a job as a janitor. It would do you some good.

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    • Paco Loco says:

      Trump is already setting the “spirits” of capitalism loose on a world that has been tied up in a socialist knot for fifty years. BREXIT was the Brits cutting the knot with the socialist EU, opting for free trade without hand cuffs.
      Hold on for an economic boom like WWII. The trick will be to keep inflation in check. The Trillions in debt hangs over the US like the sword of Damocles as do the interest payments on it.

      The US government has to stop reckless spending, eliminate the vast welfare programs set up by the socialists and get the illegals out. No doubt there will be pain for the welfare receipients, but with a booming economy there will be jobs and they can work for a living like the rest of us have.

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    • Grace Anne says:

      Awesome post and Krugman is a moron. No doubt about that. We are making MAGA!

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  20. NJF says:


    Yea no “I ain’t in no ways tired yet!”

    Obozzo is likely scribbling away on his speech, inserting many declarations of “I did it, it’s bc of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

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  21. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Capitalism trumps politics every time, because one makes money; and the other takes it.

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  22. Bull Durham says:

    When Trump got very detailed with Tax numbers, with regulations cuts, I ran a set of numbers with growth of $40,000/yr. jobs as the mean. It gave the US 8% GDP. It might take 5-6 years, but the dynamics of the tax policy, the repatriation of 2 Trillion dollars, the cut of cheap labor by eliminating 10 million illegals across the nation, the infrastructure project set at $500 Billion (half of the intended $1 Trillion), and credit going from Wall Street to Main Street via new local and regional banking the growth is explosive.

    Job creation in construction of housing alone will add 3% GDP.
    The return of jobs at higher levels, $60,000+ would certainly assure prosperity for fifteen years.

    These income numbers existed in the 80’s. It is reasonable to think if Trump creates 25,000,000 jobs, at least one-third would be $80,000-100,000. Those incomes are great stimulants for deeper and wider growth of service jobs. So the manufacturing and construction trades will create a secondary wave of growth and prosperity. GDP would have to hit 7-9% unless we got hit by a meteor.

    Two terms of Trump would mean 50,000,000 jobs. 80% full time, and 75% of them long duration employment. The boom of rebuilding America will go on for 15-20 years if we stay out of stupid wars.


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  23. dianeax says:

    Does this mean Deutschebank will repay the US taxpayers for the bailout?

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  24. Howie says:

    America will become Debamatized on the 20th. Debamatization will unleash American Ingenuity. A good President will make it so.

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  25. thesavvyinvester says:

    “And when you do fully accept that you are in uncharted territory, you also begin to realize the growth potential is well beyond 3.6%. Steve Forbes has previously said a reasonable outlook, only estimating U.S. GDP, may well be 7% or higher”That is more like it. In the last months of the Clinton Admin, a great article by a PHD type in Barron’s noted WJC’s real growth might have been 5 to 6%. Add the total positive effects of this virtuous Tornado, with the components being: A 15% Corp Tax, EPA trimmed back, that is the key, Repatriation of external capital, Capital that has been sitting since 2012 waiting for Obama to be GONE, and unleashing our Energy Industry ( Fracking ), and the Elimination of Obama’s work Rules. And that isn’t even considering eliminating the FDA bottleneck for possible drugs some of which maybe game changers. So… If the GDP under Clinton was 3.7% and a DOW up +225% then what would 7% per annum growth do under Trump? Anthony Ruiz over at has said Dow 28,000 is not out of the question ( Dr David Janda’s radio show 1/8/17 ) Do I dare ask, are we looking @ Dow 40,000 w/ 8 years of DJT? think about it, The Trump years will have a better energy, tax and medical revolution(s) than Clinton did, not to mention the autonomous revolution and If 10% DOW growth becomes the norm, with the rule of 72’s you could double your money in 7.2 years. This is not Investment Advice but a series of questions as to the great what if’s that we are facing that are all good!

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  26. I really hope the twitterverse is tweeking 😉 (yep, meant the spelling) O-hasbeen saying “well you know O, President Trump says…..” Dont you know O-hasbeens ego and haughtiness would result in, yep, that door kicking video! He would be sooooo freakin’ irked at President Trump being called President Trump to him b4 Pres T is even sworn in !😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  27. aredtailblog says:

    Imagine that could be some really stable stock options with a yield well over 5%!

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  28. If Democrats were smart…
    Which is like saying if my aunt had balls…
    But if they were smart they would help however they could for at least the next 2 years at least and later try to take partial credit. Being so visibly obstructive to no brainer wins proves they have learned nothing. They are playing to the voters favor instead of serving them. Only a moron objects to wins. Do not be surprised if Trumpka starts to express his praise of Trump. If that happens look out.

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  29. trapper says:

    Deutsche Bank knows full well how it feels to be run into the ground and left for dead by the globalists.

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  30. Crap… more ‘splodey head gook to clean off my screen. 😉

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  31. daughnworks247 says:

    Every businessman I know has been stuck in neutral for 8 years. As soon as we put this economy in gear, Paul Krugman better get out of the way.

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  32. big bad mike says:

    Germany, Turkey, China, .Just today ..Soon all Countries will realize it is in their best interest to work with our New President. It’s a Win Win for all. Only fools will disrespect our President. They’re naming Restaurants after him in Syria for goodness sake. Winning!

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  33. Sleigh bells ring
    Are you listening
    Down the lane diamonds glisten
    What a beautiful sight
    We’re happy tonight
    Walking down the winner wonderland

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  34. In AZ says:

    The DemonCrap Communists / Imam Obama will take all the credit for job growth away from Trump.

    We are in a perpetual battle with the Pinko Commies and their destructive agenda.

    I just hope that in the next four years enough people wake up to the good Trump is doing, and that the DemonCraps lose more and more.

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    • darththulhu says:

      Nah, they’ll try to take credit for it. They’re not going to credibly succeed at it, given how much of it is dependent on his policy proposals, rather than theirs.


  35. Newman says:

    Media reaction:

    “GDP doubles under Trump as increasing melting Artic Ice threatens to wipe out coastal cities causing mass devastation.”

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  36. justfactsplz says:

    Well, President Elect Trump never said “Make American Good Again”. He said GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!

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  37. Millwright says:

    Doubling what has been a very small number only yields another small number even though the basis quite large. OTOH if the past is prologue to the future and traditional American values retain then American economic growth will stimulate growth in the more disadvantaged nations of the world even if their leadership resists it . Retrospectively, most of what economic progress the world now enjoys originated in America. We have traditionally invested our excess wealth in the future .

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  38. Sam says:

    Christians, we have prayed and asked God for a man to lead us out of the globalist wilderness and due to God’s mercy and grace he sent us Donald J. Trump. Yes, take time to rejoice and celebrate.

    But our work isn’t finished. Now we must pray for President Trump’s success and more importantly, we must pray for a spiritual renewal in our land. This means returning to the God honoring values that made us a blessed and successful nation in the first place. Be the salt and light that Christ sent his representatives out to be.

    And pray always. If necessary, use words.

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  39. The Devilbat says:

    Message to David Folkerts-Landau, Chief Economist, Duetsche Bank. You guys keep the muslims, we as proud Americans will keep putting our people back to work.

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  40. spacette55 says:

    Eyes wide open; my voting criteria was based on lifetime achievement. Having worked for a developer specializing in high-rise urban buildings, Trump was definitely on my radar. The tasks ]for erecting a high-rise include but not limited to:
    1. Identify a good piece of property (city block)
    2. Acquire for a reasonable price and arrange financing.
    3. Acquire appropriate architectural plans for construction of a new building.
    4 Have plans approved through the City Planning process and all state and federal regulations.
    5. Upon approval, put the plan up for bid to a general contractor all per plans and specs.
    Phases to include but not limited to:
    1. Demolition and removal of existing structures.
    2. Preparation of site as required.
    3. Foundation
    4. Building Envelope
    5. Electrical & Plumbing
    6. Interior Finishes.
    7, Marketing and Tenant Management

    Only one candidate demonstrated the ability to replicate success time after time, resulting in billions of dollars of value. TRUMP! MAGA!!!

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    • WSB says:

      ROI Spacette, ROI!

      I’m in hospitality design, and have had the pleasure of working at Trump Tower and for consultants to Trump’s business. You and I both know the complexities of this type of work, the long turnaround (2 to 5 years on average) and the number of experts required for infrastructure, design, build, management and continuous marketing this type of work takes. Bottom line, this escalates the tax revenue base for multiple communities wherever these projects land, worldwide.

      As a NYer, I was in hysterics over Wollmann Rink; I have always been following Donald Trump’s career ever since, especially after he so quickly dispatched local government and government unions. Save for a few bumps, Donald Trump found his stride and has done some great work!

      The USA will be a great project for us all, no?

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      • wondering999 says:

        I’m another one who was thrilled by the Wollman Rink. I didn’t like the idea of an overshadowing Westside apartment skyscraper, because I love my sunlight… but Trump did something amazing with the rink. It was thrilling

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        • WSB says:

          I completely understand. That is the rough and tumble of NYC development rights.

          My church is across the street from Trump Tower, and made a fortune off of air rights on their own lot (picture lovely mid 19th century steeple against hi-rise towers). The laws that man makes will never be Divine. This is why it is best to adhere to first principles and the Ten Commandments, I believe!

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      • Rinse and Repeat: “after he dispatched Global government and government unions”


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    • dn421 says:

      This was my father’s line of work as well, also in NYC on the UES. The amount of work, planning, bureaucratic nonsense, various shakedowns, and strategy that goes into it can’t be overstated.

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      • WSB says:

        It’s one of the most tedious and complex professions one can go into. Makes you want to screem sometimes.

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      • WSB says:

        You just made me recall an episode.

        I cried coming home from a meeting in AC for the casino I was design director for, years ago. After a year of staying up until 3AM almost every night, the lousy GC demanded that I change my bathroom fittings that I had worked out to the last detail, because he and the project manager had a backroom kickback from another vendor. Exhausted defeat! I’ve never forgotten that one!

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  41. Ruebacca says:

    We are going to need all the Mexicans back.

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  42. Tejas Rob says:

    Take that Hollywood!

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  43. WSB says:

    More WINNING!!!!!!!!!!! Clemson just WONNNNNNNNNNN!

    And we’re from NY!

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    • JoeS says:

      Good game to watch too!

      Very exciting!

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      • WSB says:

        Oh, my! My better half was upset when Clemson seemed to be using up too much time before that last touchdown, I was steadfast…they had discipline to understanding their internal timing, and the excellence of their on side kick with the spider web huddle at exactly 10.5 yards…great coaching and great teamwork!

        The tigers have not won in a long time…Trumpism!!!!!

        MCGA! Make Clemson Great Again!


  44. Yep – well-vetted and legal!

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  45. Trump's Aussie Mates says:

    I think what you find with all this winning is a very long queue of the world’s most skilled workers and smartest operators all wanting to participate in ‘The Big Show’. Then, once you secure your borders and establish immigration laws/processes consistent with MAGA you will be able to pick and choose the Mexicans (and any other folks) who will truly MAGA.

    How great will that be?! Totally awesome, that’s what.

    As former Australia Prime Minister John Howard once said: “We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.”

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  46. Sam says:

    I said this before, if Trump is successful and can set the standard/bar so high, all other presidency afterward will be measure by Trump. Corruption will be hard to pass and bad president will be out in one term.

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  47. paper doll says:

    His mind set is completely different from a DC type …Its set on getting something done, rather than fund raising for the next election as its focus.


  48. Paul Killinger says:

    That’s a terrific b&w photo of Donald at work you found, SD. Thank you.

    But for anyone who thinks that’s him dialing his cell phone to call a corporation to bring jobs here, I’ve got news. He has people to put in his calls for him after all.

    No, that’s Mr Trump hard at work doing what he does best – Calculating the number of new American jobs he created today on his smart phone!

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    • AMK says:

      I’m not so sure he doesn’t make the call himself! Yesterday, Rush was recounting a tale of being on the golf course and his phone kept repeatedly ringing with a 212 area code he didn’t recognize. He kept hitting decline. Then his email alert started. It was VPE Pence asking Rush to answer the phone as PE Trump wanted to speak to him. Rush said he had 5 holes of golf remaining and asked could they speak in an hour or so. VPE Pence told him that PE Trump wanted to speak to him now, not later. They then spoke.

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  49. dn421 says:

    Praise the Lord. It has been SO difficult since 2008 I don’t even have words for it.

    Thank you Mr. Trump, thank you. God bless America.

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