Spicer On Trump’s Use of Twitter – ‘Get used to it, Trump isn’t changing’…

Incoming Press Secretary for President Donald Trump, Sean Spicer, gave two interesting interviews for Sunday broadcast.  One of the interesting aspects is Spicer explaining how President Trump has no plans on changing his use of Twitter and social media to transmit his message and opinions on political events.

The first interview was with Howie Kurtz of Fox’s “Media Buzz”. Refreshingly the topic of the vast Russian conspiracy was not part of the overall discussion.  Spicer discusses the potential changes to the White House press pool, and some of the recommendations noted by you and President Trump supporters.

The second interview was a casual interview with local New England media WMUR, and again structured around the communications strategy to be expected from the incoming administration.

Best part of Interview #2 – Predicting President Trump’s approach at openly challenging congress, and members of both parties, in real time -via Twitter- as specific issues of legislative importance are debated.   Oh boy, this should be fun.



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240 Responses to Spicer On Trump’s Use of Twitter – ‘Get used to it, Trump isn’t changing’…

  1. Concerned says:

    What would Teddy Roosevelt have been like in this era? I suspect he would have been equally outspoken and on twitter being frank with the citizens.


  2. Mr.Right says:

    What is also clear, and no one can deny. The media is geared toward dividing Americans.
    Its never a debate about how to reconciliation or find solutions, its “I’m right, you are wrong”

    Its the strategy, and its working. As we see the result from social based crimes skyrocketing.

    Trump indeed must bypass the media filter if he want to convey the truth to Americans.

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  3. fedback says:

    So nice to see two interviews where the interviewers weren’t hostile.
    More of that please

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    • heldnmut says:

      Yes! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if interviews were conducted to solicit information so the public could learn the positions, plans and policies of the Administration?


  4. Boudica says:

    My friend made a little music video about this:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsOpXNAnWzE

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