Incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Gives Local Media Interview…

Sean Spicer, a native of Barrington Rhode Island, sits down with local Eyewitness News reporter Kim Kalunian to discuss his new position, how he entered into politics, and what President-elect Donald Trump is like in person.

The biggest story the media will skip during their annual recap of 2016 will be any admission of how their profession collapsed under the weight of their unbridled bias.

Donald Trump, almost single-handedly, tore down the corporate curtain and revealed to the entire world just how absurd the media’s Potemkin village actually was.  However, learning absolutely nothing, the MSM response so far has been even more insufferable.

Not a single mainstream media outlet, on the left or the right side of the political continuum, has looked internally, admitted their inherent faults and committed to any change in management, approach or journalistic personnel.  Exactly the opposite, they’ve quadrupled down on the same old – same old.

With the Potemkin Village fully exposed corporate media have simply hired a new brand of journo-construction workers, given them “fake news” uniforms, with a crash course in stucco repair….

Which brings us back to a question we asked a few weeks ago. Ultimately you are the customer in this equation. Against the backdrop of an entrenched media apparatus unwilling to change their ideological approach, what suggestions would you provide to a Trump administration to deliver a communications product?


My personal suggestions:

♦ Keep using twitter daily, or as determined. Keep using social media, and/or any alternate communications platforms to communicate with the American People.

♦ Establish dress code for credentialed media. No casual days, ever. 100% business professional, 100% of the time.

♦ Discontinue the live-feed broadcast of the Daily White House briefing. Stop allowing a press briefing to be the daily news lede ‘in-and-unto-itself’. Only conduct the WH press briefing when POTUS is actually in the White House. Set an earlier time for the press briefing – ex. 7:30am daily, for a set amount of time, ex. 1hr. Deliver the day’s bullet-pointed news as it pertains to the White House and current events, answer questions and be done.

♦ Ten hour work days. 7am to 5pm. Use TWO Continuous, Alternating, Press Secretaries, not just one.

♦ Have a quarterly lottery for press briefing media attendees. Equal opportunity participation. Seating = first come first seated, general seating, every day.

♦ Drop the traveling Presidential press pool completely. Give the press a daily schedule, and then make media use their own resources to cover the events therein as they deem needed. Equal access without preferential treatment. This also includes foreign travel.

♦ When POTUS, V-POTUS, or cabinet officials travel give first preference to local media, not national. Allow local reporters to ask questions pertaining to their community perspective on the event or engagement.

♦ Drop the insufferable White House Correspondent’s dinner fiasco. It’s a ridiculous bubble event with no inherent value for the country. It’s a grotesque exhibition of disconnected indulgence. There’s too much work to be done, just go about doing it.

♦ Engage the legacy media as a communications unit. Deliver the Trump message as a communications unit. Have a self-broadcasted roundtable meeting of communications officials with a rotating group of media invited to attend. Maybe every other Sunday etc.

♦ Have POTUS give monthly EVENING press conferences; with part of the presser containing an ongoing and established outline to share progress on agenda. Perhaps half for ongoing efforts, half for current events.

♦ Re-establish a media work ethic by setting high standards, high expectations and a zero tolerance for laziness.

What suggestions do you have?


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125 Responses to Incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Gives Local Media Interview…

  1. UKExpat says:

    America’s pathetically biased Lame Stream EneMedia is the laughing stock of the world and they are so far up themselves and up OBOZO’s ass that they can’t see it.


  2. micscottmd says:

    Invite One America News to WH Events, Trump should give them interviews.


  3. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Exhume gal correspondent Helen Thomas and deliver the corpse to a taxidermist. She can occupy the NYT seat for eternity. Don’t forget the red lipstick.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Peter G. says:

    SD, From your key board to Trump’s ears.


  5. Peter G. says:

    You know the most interesting irony here, is that the MSM intensively sucked up to Obozo, in order to maintain their privileged access. Now, because of that, they are TOAST, and they are so blinded by their vanity, that they haven’t a clue. It really is delicious.


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