December 24th – 2016 Presidential Victory – Open Discussion

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Trump/Pence presidential victory.


Transition Website HERE

This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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576 Responses to December 24th – 2016 Presidential Victory – Open Discussion

  1. sandraopines says:

    Sundance needs this picture. A tree full of bald eagles. Fits Treehouse bigly!

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  2. Ron says:

    Hilariously, I was just watching something on youtube and it played a commercial from Dan Rather. He said that after the 2016 presidential election, he’s convinced MORE THAN EVER that we definitely need to focus on “Journalistic Integrity”, and he’s teaching a course to tell you how to “Learn to ask the right questions and tell captivating stories” LOL

    Can you believe the idiocy of some of these jerks? Here’s a link to the ‘course’ that popped up on the ad. I clicked the ad and watched the whole thing to make sure it would charge him whatever fee Youtube charges for that sort of advertising.

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    • jefcool64 says:

      “You must travel the the forgotten states of America, In it’s heartland where abandoned buildings and saddened people lurk you will hear rumors of a monster. This monster, Madusa-Hillary must be slain. Beware the beast, do not be seduced by it’s promises of riches and power. You must slay this beast and take it’s head to the holy swampland of Washington D.C.

      There you must lift the shroud of evil from the land once and for all. You are outnumbered but the denizens that live there are weak and timid. Hold the head of the beast high above the land and show them your resolve. They will see your conquest and call you president”

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      • Cee says:

        We traveled on a long trip today to visit with family on I-70 and every toll both operator wished us an enthusiastic “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” I felt like we had finally returned home to our US again, after being in the Twilight Zone for the past 8 years.


        • SteveInCO says:

          As someone who has driven every inch of I-70, that would be PA or KS, and I’m guessing PA, because KS only has one automated toll booth to hand you the ticket, and another one at your exit.


  3. Wiggy says:

    Daughter and I went to Walmart last night to get a couple of things for ourselves (not Christmas). As others have stated here, we found everyone smiling, bustling around the store, many saying Merry Christmas as they passed by us, and patiently waiting in lines to check up. Didn’t see any smart alecs, no fights, just as I described above. I had on my Retired Air Force ball cap and the cashier not only wished us a Merry Christmas but also said “Thank you for your service”. Wow.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to Sundance and all the TREEPERS.

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