Bizarre Interview – Tucker Carlson -vs- Kurt Eichenwald (Newsweek Editor)…

A rather bizarre interview between Fox News Tucker Carlson and a seemingly unstable Senior Editor for Newsweek Kurt Eichenwald.

At the conclusion of the interview Eichenwald went on a sketchy twitter rant defending his preposterous claims.  And then things got even more weird. –SEE HERE

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215 Responses to Bizarre Interview – Tucker Carlson -vs- Kurt Eichenwald (Newsweek Editor)…

  1. MK Wood says:

    The left is proving the fact that liberalism is a mental disorder.

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  2. Joe says:

    When you think about it, it is utterly astounding that these fraud journalists are exposed – and so nakedly – by Social Media outlets that were created by avowed leftists. The Eichenwalds of the world can no longer hide and their great undoing – and it IS historic – is a byproduct of the left.

    They literally act like flying monkeys when backed into a corner.

    Even low-fos get it.

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  3. This was the last time I will ever follow a link to some twitter war. Incomprehensible gibberish.

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  4. Pam says:

    This man is an absolute liar. Roger Stone already had stated months ago that Trump won’t as much take an aspirin for pain. I don’t know how in the world Tucker put up with that idiot for nine minutes

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    • paulraven1 says:

      ” I don’t know how in the world Tucker put up with that idiot for nine minutes…”

      That’s the issue. Tucker Carlson didn’t “destroy” him at all. We need a better strategy for dealing with these people.

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      • Sandra says:

        Totally agree. Inviting them onto shows to blast out their nutty propaganda does no good. Why can’t Tucker have some educated guests to discuss real issues? Like exactly how Obamacare can be replaced?

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        • notstuckonstupid says:

          Disagree. I think its doing a great deal of good. Tucker Carlson is marching these toxic, deluded leftists our from our universities and media outlets, one-by-one, to shine the light of day on them to the viewers. The sheer extent and depth of their insanity is now being placed on full display for Americans to behold for themselves. There is no glossing over them or yelling over them a-la O’Reilly, Kelly or Hannity, so for the first time, we get to see it all. I never cared for Jennifer Rubin, but was shocked when I watched her on Carlson’s show last week. I never realized she was THAT bad! Look at the twitter firestorm of realization over Eichenwald last night! This is an educational, and very beneficial exercise going on right now.

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          • yy4u says:

            I agree, notstuck…. I turned it off because I’m of an age now that I do not suffer fools gladly, but not before Tucker had asked him a yes or no question three or four times which then sent him into his canned rehearsed speech about Trump. By allowing him to rave on that way, Tucker exposed more than any argument possibly could have, that the man is an intellectual midget and is only engaging in character assassination. This makes any fair minded liberal (and there are a few) take stock on how much s/he can believe what s/he reads in “Newsweek”. We all caught on a long time ago, but there was a time when we were the useful idiots of the media — for me it was 1980 when I believed Reagan would start WWIII, would turn back civil rights and women’s rights to the 1950’s–and so I voted for Carter knowing full well what a disaster he was.

            Instead of doing what the media said he’d do, Reagan defeated the USSR without firing a shot and blacks and women enjoyed their greatest advances during his administration. I voted Reagan in 1984 and have never believed a thing the media has said since (probably even when they (rarely) tell the truth). There will be others like me who will reassess whether they can trust magazines like “Newsweek” when they have editors like this moron “reporting” the news.

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            • piper567 says:

              one of the folks on The-Donald posted as a Q: How long I waited for a Yes or No answer from Eichenwald…and sitting, and watching was a skeleton.
              So, I did not wach it. Many thanks to those of you who did.

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          • doit4atlas says:

            Agree with you 100%. Tucker is doing a tremendous service by simply pushing back…not the fake bully crap that O’Reilly does. Remember O’Reilly and Obama? That was total BS…O’Reilly pretending to be tough but not really pressing him at all. That’s O’Reilly’s schtick…act like a tough guy but really do nothing against these idiots. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes O’Reilly gets it right; his Christmas defense, his Kate’s law stuff, and he did destroy Barney Frank. BUT for the big guys, like Obama etc. he lets them get away. Tucker has none of that!

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        • Jackson says:

          I disagree. Tucker is masterful. He’s deconstructing the legacy media. He is bringing them on asking them incredibly simple and fair questions.

          The left is becoming more and more deranged in their response to him as the number of scalps his interview tomahawk has taken continues to increase. This guy came with a prop and an attitude and just came off as almost psychotic.

          THIS is Newsweek’s idea of a Senior Editor. So – can we take Newsweek seriously anymore? Even normies (who watch this) will be appalled by this kind of thing.

          Tucker is a real hero right now.

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        • Deb says:

          This guest is “educated,” he’s a senior editor at Newsweek. That’s the problem, educated idiots.

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      • Jason says:

        Seems that Tucker allowed Kurt to destroy himself and IMHO it seems to be a rather effective strategy for dealing with these types. I might be a slight bit biased, but hard to believe any objective observer came away from that segment believing Kurt was a credible source of news.

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  5. paulraven1 says:

    The narrative assault on Trump is becoming too saturating. I don’t think making nice about Obama at the rallies can continue. It doesn’t strike me as a tenable strategy in view of what is going on.

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  6. Sandra says:

    Tucker Carson, Maria Bartiromo, and so many of the other media figures who we have found acceptable need to stop feeding the damned trolls.

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    • Sandra says:

      Where is the intelligent conversation on TV? Must we be forced to watch Springer-like battles? Eichenberg and Pelosi’s b daughter, anyone from WaPo, anyone from NYT, etc, are all going to spew useless garbage. Why invite them on the shows? We are intelligent people but we can’t find intelligent conversation on TV. How sad.

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      • I was just posting a similar comment. Springer-like battles. Very juvenile. I would love to hear an interview with interesting people who have something to TEACH the American people, things to learn and ponder, to grow as a society, enrichment. People are literally STARVING for knowledge and intelligent conversation. This is a waste of Tucker Carlson’s talent as well. This guest is grade school silliness. Tucker lowers himself and his talent giving them exposure. We really don’t need a political Springer TV show. Actually, we don’t need NEWS to be “shows” at all.


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        • graphiclucidity says:

          The advertising-ratings model of American TV tends to encourage this sort of thing.
          There also seems to be a fixation on the supposed short attention span of the average American media consumer.

          So with those two factors what you tend to see during any live interview/debate shows is a lot of arguing in short segments on one or multiple topics. The focus point is always conflict & controversy over conversations.

          This can be blamed, somewhat, on the educational system not teaching critical or logical thinking skills. To be honest, millions of adults in this nation simply cant comprehend anything deeper than a shouting match over basic issues of ethics and morality – who’s right, who’s wrong; he said, she said; who’s lying, who’s honest; who’s better, who’s best.

          It’s sad, yes, but this isn’t just an American problem.
          People are purposely being dumbed down by their governments all over the world.

          It is a lot easier to control the peons who aren’t even equipped intellectualy to question the status quo, much less do anything about it if they could recognize the lies and propaganda they’re being fed.

          They want people fat, stupid, and happily entertained, not intelligent enough to question their motives, much less their policies.

          Stefan Molyneux and Dave Rubin both have very good shows of the type you just described on YouTube. I highly recommend both of these guys if you want more intelligent conversation and less circus.


      • R-C says:

        Nobody is forcing you to watch it.

        I watched enough of this particular clip above to recognize this is an unhinged lunatic throwing bombshell allegations, while filibustering the interview and amateurishly acting as though the opposite were true.

        This is just like all the other shows that I used to see. Hannity’s interviews often go like that–he has on some inveterate lunatic leftist, and they scream at each other simultaneously for 5 minutes, after which you are no smarter than when the charade started. What’s the point?

        This, in addition to the high costs, is why I CUT THE CABLE, years ago. Speaking strictly for myself, I have no time to waste watching this sort of freak show when cogent, sober, and informative facts are readily available elsewhere.

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        • cjzak says:

          Tucker should have let him go and then when he finished his insane rant of garbage about Trump, Tucker should have given him the knock out punch. But he didn’t. He kept interrupting the crazy guy and that only fed the fire this guy was trying to light. He came on the show with his binder full of supposed Tucker untruths and could have been made to look even more unhinged than he did. I like what Tucker is doing as long as he hammers these clowns with facts that knock them right off their high horses. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and makes Tucker look weak. Tucker has done well against many of them but not so much against this guy, imo.


        • yy4u says:

          R-C — Hannity has been good for Trump but his interview style is to invite on an authority, ask the authority a question, then before the authority can answer, interrupt him and give his (Hannity’s) opinion on the subject — about which he generally knows little and just spouts his talking points. Last night he had Julian Assange on by telephone and I was VERY interested in what Assange had to say. Unfortunately all I really heard was what Hannity had to say which I’ve heard numerous times. O’Reilly does the same thing, but is a little more intelligent than Hannity. I don’t know about Megyn as I’ve never watched her and never will. I find the intelligence these days is over on Fox Business. We record Maria and Varney and replay them in the evening in lieu of “Special Report” which we turned off in March and haven’t watched since. In losing Greta, Fox Noise lost one of their few brains. In losing Ailes, Fox Noise lost a great programmer who brought them to the top. I don’t believe for a NY second that he harassed Gretchen Carlson or Megyn Kelly. In fact, the latter got where she is by sleeping with Brit Hume if the rumors can be believed.


        • Concerned says:

          Not watching anything is certainly one way to handle it. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was some intelligent programming on TV? Wouldn’t that be preferable?

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          • R-C says:

            Honest answer to your question? “No.”

            Having ‘cut the cable’ several years ago, I no longer have the tolerance (nor the time) to sit in front of the TV in ‘receive’ mode. I actively seek out my news in other ways, faster than the news ‘pros’, and I have much better things to do with my available time.


  7. socabill says:

    That’s just Tucker’s method. Put the insanity of the Leftists on display in all their “glory” for all to see. It would do no good whatsoever to argue with him with actual facts.

    I think that’s a brilliant strategy.

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    • Been there done that: WALLY GEORGE SHOW, then came the copycats like Springer. Televised junk food for starving souls is all it is. I suppose a better analogy could be made with dope and dope dealers.

      Maybe they could do a BEFORE and AFTER of complete makeovers like they do with old houses and bad dressers, except they could take a loonie lefty and put him through some training and then show him speaking sense afterwards.

      In any case, none of this is fulfilling nor uplifting nor conducive nor enlightening. Like showing a broken toilet that keeps flushing for 30 minutes.


      • Concerned says:

        none of this is fulfilling nor uplifting nor conducive nor enlightening

        You’re absolutely right. Aren’t we all desiring some serious talk instead of these constant fights with nutjob libs? And why are the good TV hosts focusing on the conspiracy theory stories, like Russian hacking? Trump has lots of work to do to fix the problems of this country, there are plenty of topics, but they want to keep reporting on nonsense. It’s very frustrating.


    • This is also what Putin’s regime does in Russia. Russia is a very right-conservative country, and they put the Liberals on all the time so people can see what crazy looks like.

      Always let your enemies hang themselves.

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  8. I agree. Tucker Carlson doesn’t do us any favors by letting devils manifest their lies on his program. Just think of the wonderful guests he could have on instead and have an adult conversation and/or interview with interesting topics, GOOD THINGS that are happening with Trump and/or his policies with true intellectuals and visionaries who have impeccable reputations and knowledge who are not partisan.

    Why have opposing viewpoints on all the time? Let’s start building!

    I like Tucker, he’s very talented and a great debater. But Tucker’s “show” has turned into a showcase for wingnuts. It feels juvenile to watch it. Like an arm wrestle. Empty. Like Junk food.



    • squid2112 says:

      I somewhat disagree. I thank Tucker for putting these stupid leftist turds on display for us. The Kurt guy is supposed to be a Senior Writer for Newsweek. According to Kurt’s supposed credentials, Kurt should be a credible guest. How it Tucker to know that this guy is going to be some bizarre wacko-bird like this?

      I think this video should be posted everywhere so everyone can get a good look at who is writing all of these bullshit articles and the real “Fake News” that we are being subjected to on a daily basis.

      Sunlight and truth are our best disinfectants! …

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    • Keln says:

      The difference between juvenile, Jerry Springer type shows and what Tucker is doing, is that those “junk food” shows showcase losers that have no real effect on anything other than their own pathetic lives. So there is no benefit beyond a low form of entertainment.

      What Tucker is doing is more important, because these wingnuts are in positions of trust or authority and can absolutely have an effect on this country, whether it is their slanting of news or being involved in policy making or think tanks or education.

      Part of the reason so many nuts have made it into important positions in universities or government or journalism, is because they did so out of public view, protected in their impenetrable echo chambers.

      By parading these people in front of millions of normal citizens Tucker is effectively destroying their credibility and undermining whatever misguided trust normal people may have had in them.

      When he has, say, some professor come on and rant insanity, that most regular people will immediately recognize as insanity, it erodes public trust in whatever school or type of school that professor teaches at, if they are willing to expose young students to such a nut.

      Or in this case, when they have a senior editor at Newsweek show his crazy, people will be more likely to question what kind of an outfit Newsweek is.

      This is the Sunshine concept that SD refers to all of the time. These nuts can keep sticking their fingers in the pudding and messing everything up only so long as they can continue to operate behind the scenes. When they are forced out into the sunlight, everyone can see them for what they are, and they are more easily dismissed.

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      • Concerned says:

        Tucker brings them on his show to fight, and he doesn’t shut them down when they go off the rails. His show appears to be all about fighting. It’s like political Springer!


        • Concerned says:

          That reminds me, I saw a documentary about TV news not too long ago, and they discussed the transformation from serious news reporting (even if it was biased or otherwise inaccurate) to these Springer-like confrontations 24×7. I’ll try to find the name of the documentary, it was very interesting.


      • I think the point missed here is Springer et al was made up/set up not real. This is real, as far as “MSM people” can be looked at as “real”.


      • Besides, a sober, intellectual discussion would be boring TV. Krauthammer. Will. Need I say more? I think political TV shows are a lose-lose proposition. I don’t watch. Not even here in the Treehouse. I’m with whoever above said he only watched a couple of minutes before turning it off.


  9. Frank_O'Pinion says:

    A fake POtuS begets a
    fake First Dude who begets a
    fake two daughters from Morocco.

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  10. squid2112 says:

    I watched this last night and could not believe what I was seeing. This Kurt guy was completely unhinged … I mean totally wacko … I don’t recall ever seeing someone on a news broadcast quite so messed up.

    I gotta give it to Tucker, he sure had a lot more patience than I have. I would have sent Kurt packing way sooner than Tucker did. I found it to be one of the most difficult segments to watch that I have ever seen. … Bizarre doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on this one.


  11. Mr.Right says:

    Trump will deeply regret not prosecuting the Clintons….

    They (The Clintons) will head a shadow war against Trump, again using the press to try to ruin his efforts to make America great again.

    The snake is still alive and well, as we see from Hillary speech even TODAY. vilifying Trump.
    And both Obama are on a tour to de-legitimize Trump. Calling him a child with bad tamper.

    Giving a free “Get out of jail cards” to the Clintons was just a massive mistake.

    That was, I think, his first broken promise to his voters.


    • Keln says:

      Who says they won’t be prosecuted? Just because Trump said it’s not something he will focus on, doesn’t mean the DOJ and FBI are just going to drop everything. There is already an investigation into the Clinton Foundation ongoing.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Mr.Trump hasn’t been sworn in yet, so how could he have anyone prosecuted?
      Hillary hasn’t been charged with a crime yet, why would she need a get out of jail card?
      I’m sure that Jeff Sessions is watching things very closely.

      Maybe we should wait until Mr. Trump is sworn in before we start accusing him of breaking promises.

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    • Dommy says:


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  12. musicdoc2020 says:

    This guy reminded me of conversations with Scientology that I’ve seen. Same insane drivel on a different wavelength than the rest of the world.


  13. musicdoc2020 says:

    I believe we are seeing the nice Trump. Once the man is in the house, the hammer also comes out. Antagonizing Obama or Hillary can only complicate things at this point. Jan 20 is coming. Like the previous poster said, you make nice when waiting for a toxic tenant to leave.

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    • VegasGuy says:

      I somewhat agree with your point. Trump, at this stage, can’t be the antagonist. He is focused on putting together an Administration that will insure his ongoing agenda will work for the people..
      There are plenty in Congress that are still “looking into” the Clinton’s & their operation. Let them do the dirty work of exposure & consequences. Trump can then sit back & let the System work, like he promised without him, personally, being the spearhead.

      In a hunt, it matters not, to the target animal, who makes the kill shot….. does it? All that matters is that the shot was sufficient & brought the target down…

      Trump has greater issues to deal with than the Clinton’s at this point and there are plenty of “big guns” out there with their scopes on the Clinton’s.

      Just saying.

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  14. Cupcake says:

    Look at Kurt’s Twitter now. He says he’s filed a police report for Twitter assault or something by a “deplorable” !


  15. Tejas Rob says:

    Wow, what a nutjob. I loved how he kept holding up that notebook he said was Tucker’s lies and threatening to read from it, but never did. Nothing but a book full of blank pages I’m sure. Guy need medical help. Like a typical liberal, he’s projecting his own problems onto someone else. Tucker is a liar, Trump is mental. No dude, you are the one who is lying and mental.

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  16. MaineCoon says:

    This guy is too weird for words.


  17. kimosaabe says:

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  18. kimosaabe says:


  19. Radiopatriot says:

    OMG – This guy is nuts! I saw him on the air with Carlson last night and just shook my head in disbelief. And now this? Nuts, I tell you. Nuts.


  20. I have to disagree with people here who think Tucker shouldn’t have these leftie lunatics on his show. My dear spouse is somewhat apolitical and thought Eichenwald appeared certifiably insane where if he’d never appeared live, my spouse would have continued to think that because he wrote for Newsweek, he was a smart, thoughtful, maybe somewhat left person. I watched the interview through my fingers, like peeking at a bad wreck. Tucker should do one pillar of the left nightly and then move on to saner people so the contrast will be stark. The Twitter meltdown was epic – I don’t think the guy has been challenged in his life. I’ve seen babies act better when having their bottle taken away. And he came prepared with a binder to wave around! Dude, binders are bad – see Romney for advice on this.

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  21. progpoker says:

    Twitter is a great place to observe loons in the wild. Gawd, these idiots crack me up!!

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  22. Dommy says:

    Imagine if Tucker had a one hour show….

    TC: “We’re out of time.”
    KE: “Why won’t let me answer your question.”
    TC: “You’ve had an entire hour!”
    KE: “Nobody’s fooled, Tucker.”


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  23. litlbit2 says:

    Does anyone pay money for a rag with a illusional editor? Even more increditable a bigger fool pays for this crapola calling it news!
    Please tell me these clowns are not aware of why they are the new losers?
    Beam me up Scottie!


  24. The next time anyone questions why I distrust the Media, I’m going to show them this video. That along with Martha Radditz crying on Election night. Bald bias.

    This is a Senior Newsweek Editor, peddling conspiracy theories and, implying the President-elect is insane. All while becoming unhinged himself.

    I really wanted to know what the CIA’s secret message to the public was. Come on, if you’re going to go there at least make something interesting up to entertain us…


  25. churchmouse says:

    Tucker Carlson is doing a great job in showing Americans how out-there (for lack of a better expression) the Left really is.

    He’s not doing this for laughs, although he does laugh now and again.

    Tucker Carlson Tonight is quite popular with Millennials who are disillusioned with the Democrats. A good number of them got on board the Trump Train (including Bernie Bros) and are becoming, as they say, red pilled. (Check out The_Donald and Tucker Carlson pages on Reddit.)

    I’m no Millennial but have been regularly watching Tucker’s interviews on YouTube:

    Perhaps those criticising him here have never watched him interview and have never seen the Loony Left (as we say in the UK) in action.

    Tucker Carlson is performing a valuable service to Americans and, in particular, ex-Democrats, of which there are many this year.

    I wish him the very best of luck with his new show, now just a little over a month old.


  26. acumenmac says:

    I find it stunning that people like this are called reporters. Many comments here reflect the fact that the marxist/progressive mind resembles lunacy. A lunacy that spirals down into both suicidal and homicidal thinking. The obvious irrational display of this man on Tucker’s show was quite concerning. It gives us clear indication of what it will be like if this ideology ever obtains its goals of total subversion of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

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