Trump Announces Key Leadership Appointments for the National Security Council…

Against the backdrop of the last desperate gasps from a highly politicized Obama intel community (the black hats) appearing amid the media, President-elect Donald Trump continues the assembly of the white hat national security apparatus…

(New York, NY) — President-elect Donald J. Trump today announced his selection of Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, USA (Ret.) as Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary of the National Security Council and Dr. Monica Crowley as Senior Director of Strategic Communications for the National Security Council.

general-kelloggmonica-crowley“The United States is an exceptional country and these are two exceptional individuals who have agreed to fulfill the President-elect’s pledge of putting America first once again,” said Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, USA (Ret.), National Security Advisor-designate. “I am honored to have General Kellogg and Dr. Crowley on the National Security Council team.”

“General Kellogg and Dr. Crowley are two outstanding individuals whose decades of combined experience and unique skill sets will be invaluable to advance the Trump Administration’s agenda to protect our great nation and advance U.S. interests throughout the world,” said Deputy National Security Advisor-designate KT McFarland. “I am so pleased that they will be joining our growing team at the National Security Council.”

keith-kellogg-3General Kellogg is a decorated veteran of the United States Army, serving from 1967 to 2003, including two tours during the Vietnam War, where he earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star with “V” device and Air Medal with “V” device. He served as the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division from 1997 to 1998 and prior to his retirement, General Kellogg was the Director, Command, Control, Communications and Computers for U.S. forces under the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

From November 2003 to March 2004, General Kellogg served as the Chief Operations Officer for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. In this role, Kellogg oversaw the efforts to form the new Iraqi military after it was disbanded, as well as the reconstruction of the country’s infrastructure. Following his service with the CPA, Kellogg was awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.

Since retiring from the Army in 2003, General Kellogg has gone on to have a successful business career in the private sector.

“I am honored to not only be a part of this historic administration but also to be serving with General Flynn and KT McFarland, who are widely respected as some of the most experienced and strategic national security minds,” said Kellogg. “Together, with the incredibly talented Dr. Crowley, the NSC will help lead President-elect Trump’s national security agenda.”

monica-crowley-1Dr. Crowley, a renowned scholar who holds a Ph.D. in international relations from Columbia University, is a foreign affairs and political analyst for the Fox News Channel. She is also a New York Times bestselling author and a columnist and online opinion editor of The Washington Times.

Previously, Dr. Crowley served as Foreign Policy Assistant and Communications Director to former President Richard Nixon from 1990 until his death in 1994. She was named “Woman of the Year” by the Clare Booth Luce Institute at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2010 and received the “Excellence in Journalism Award” from the Women’s National Republican Club in 2014.

“I am deeply honored, humbled and grateful to be asked by the President-elect to join the extraordinary national security team he is assembling,” said Crowley. “With vision, courage and moral clarity, he is committed fully to re-establishing America’s singular place in the world. He is also committed to selecting the best people for the jobs of keeping the American people safe and the country secure. It will be a great privilege to serve with them.”  (read more)

trump-drain-the-swamp-2trump convention 2

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136 Responses to Trump Announces Key Leadership Appointments for the National Security Council…

  1. maga2016 says:

    his cabinet is getting better and better. compare this to the morons in Obamas horror show

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  2. Love Monica. No not THAT Monica! Great choices

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  3. muffyroberts says:

    Wow Monica is in. Big middle one to Fox.

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  4. Eric Kennedy says:

    I keep adopting Sundance’s lexicon. So when I exclaim, “Yes, another white hat!”, I confuse people. 🙂

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  5. amjean says:

    I have enjoyed listening to Dr. Monica Crowley’s
    intellect and am glad to see her in a position in
    Trump’s organization.

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  6. snaggletooths says:

    great appointments once again

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  7. All American Snowflake says:

    When I donated to the Trump campaign, just now, I received a message back that said, “God bless you.”
    It’s feels so good to have a government in power that believes in God, I realize that in America everyone has the right to believe in God or be an atheist…. but that forcing the atheist agenda on others was getting evil.

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  8. President Elect Trump is putting together the most outstanding cabinet I’ve ever seen. Competence for a change!

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  9. Dommy says:

    Whoa, Monica!!
    This is outstanding.

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  10. Southern Son says:

    Wait for it…
    Another General!

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    • Southern Son says:

      NO political appointees or bundlers?
      Is This how it’s Supposed to be done?
      Oh Yes!
      This Cabinet, is going to make oboMao and the globalcommieprogs look SO BAD!
      It’s inevitable.
      Shear Competence and Patriotism vs Ineptitude and Treason.
      The Lion is Brilliant!!
      I. Love. Winning!!

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    • Grace Anne says:

      Law and order, (((extreme)))competence, strength, character, love of country, and the desire to MAGA! Thank you generals!

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  11. Sandra says:

    I’m expecting full complaint from the left about Crowley, because they think she is just a media talking head. Let’s see if I’m right.

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  12. Monica Crowley’s brother-in-law is Alan Colmes. Now when she goes to family get togethers she’ll be able to answer his questions with “if I tell you I’ll have to kill you”. Too funny.

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  13. Stringy theory says:

    The outstanding news just keeps rollimg in!! Great choices.

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  14. gamecock123 says:

    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!!!!

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  15. Marygrace Powers says:

    Trump is assembling a wrecking ball
    Of such strength/scope/intelligence/
    the likes of which has NEVER been seen/
    necessary to smash/decimate the
    entrenched corrupt entities within
    our government/Godspeed to ALL/

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  16. SeekerOfTruth says:

    This is another great play. I am particularly grateful for Monica Crowley’s selection as she is an extremely talented patriot who has been underutilized lately IMO.

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  17. Ron says:

    Monica Crowley is a beautiful woman.

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    • i’ve always thought the same thing. and imo, she’s always dressed “age appropriate” for her segments unlike some of the other ladies who seem to sex it up to much for the cameras, ie super short skirts and low cut tops. harris faulkner is another example of a classy dresser on fox.

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      • Ron says:

        Classy is the correct word for both of them, definitely. Harris Faulkner is smokin’ hot. Of course they’re both very intelligent and qualified and educated too, but I’m just talking about their general hotness 🙂

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  18. BMG says:

    Assembling The “A” TEAM!



  19. SeekerOfTruth says:

    I am just hoping Andrea Tarantino of Fox can be selected for some position. As she was unjustly shoved into a silence closet at FOX for her outspoken support of Trump.

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  20. NJF says:

    Love monica. She’s been on the Trump Train from the beginning.

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  21. SuperTalk says:

    It’s going to be the White Hats vs. the White Helmets in 2017
    Much, Much, Love to the Indefatigable Defender of Liberty Dr. Monic Crowley!!! One of the most admired and (few) respected voices on Fox.

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  22. beaujest says:

    One more real man boarding the Trump Train and a strong woman also !


  23. Ron says:

    The text of the article just reminded me that friekin’ KT MCFARLAND is on the Train working for us now too.


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  24. Pam says:

    This truly is too much winning. These are two very brilliant accomplished individuals.

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  25. litlbit2 says:

    Trump diffently against women! Everyday the loons on the left, msm, DNC, Obama, gope are proven to be complete idiots! At this rate of exposure they will not be allowed next to a burka! Only Gitmo! Merry Christmas


  26. H.V says:

    Hannity interview with Assange Radio

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  27. SteveFrench says:

    Sundance are you aware of this?

    LIVE: Sheriff Arpaio Reveals New Info on President Obama Birth Certificate – NEWS
    CONFERENCE [Embed]

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  28. MIKE says:

    KT and now the succinct and lucid Dr. Crowley… and I heard that Kimberly Guilfoyle is being considered for WH press secretary… Winning ways, winning days ahead…

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  29. Bull Durham says:

    No Ben Rhodes?

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  30. mamadogsite says:

    Has he given anything to Catherine Herrige from intel at Fox yet? She too is really good.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Catherine Herridge is an expert on domestic Islamic terror networks.

      She deserves to be on staff. Expert on Anwar al-Awaki and his influence inside the US. He’s still influencing young Muslims though he’s been dead for 5 years.

      Read her book: The Next Wave.

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  31. jefcool64 says:

    CNN: “Oh no! More white men!”
    Random Deplorable : “But Monica is a women?”
    CNN:” Oh no! More white people!”

    Me: I love winning

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  32. Sandra-VA says:

    I am so excited that Dr. Crowley is joining the team! WINNING!!!


  33. kobayashifh says:

    I was Sooo Not Expecting that Monica Crowley! Out-Standing!

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  34. Pam says:

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  35. Pam says:

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  36. ectrimm says:

    Shannon Bream for Press Secretary!


  37. NYGuy54 says:

    Now hire Sean Spicer as Press Sec’y!


  38. litlbit2 says:

    Let the games begin! New justice department!

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  39. curri says:

    Respected blogger John Robb is worried about the CIA EC coup:

    There’s an electoral coup underway.
    The number of potentially faithless Republican electors is now up to 50, more than enough to deny Trump the votes he needs for an EC win and/or give Hillary Clinton the votes she needs to win.
    The stealth effort, led by liberals who believe Trump is a danger to the US, has been underway since the election.
    That effort only gained traction with Republican electors when the CIA leaked that Russia had intervened in the US election to help Trump win.
    Of course, the timing of the CIA’s leak wasn’t random.


    • I’ve never heard of John Robb.


    • Kevin Finnestad says:

      curri…..go to and scroll down to find article “Desparate Democrats would subvert constitution to defy Trump presidency.” Or go to that direct article as well on…written Dec 14th by Anthony Fisher. Same article. He explains the safeguards in place to protect voters wishes from rogue electors. Each Secretary of State has to certify or qualify votes from that state going to D.C. for congress to count. Either a Hillary vote or another Republican vote would be disqualified and not counted if it is a state of course won by Trump. As I understand it, other electors can be chosen to replace the rogue elector, and the replacement would support the voters wishes for Trump in that state. The D.C. congressional votes may be delayed if enough votes are not sent in, but other electors could then make up the difference, or the House GOP would vote Trump in. The writer of the article said early on that there is “no way in hell” that Trump would not become president. He said that the “Hamilton Electors”…those trying to subvert the vote unconstitutionally, are as dead as Hamilton himself after his dual with Aaron Burr.

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    • The CIA is a dead agency walking. It’s corrupt and incompetent and long-overdue to be replaced by an effective, PATRIOTIC intelligence community rather than one that works against American interests for Islamists and Democrats to the degree the two remain different.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      No worries, the CIA is toasting over the fireplace fire as we type…..Snark!


    • Sherlock says:

      Off by about 98% in his “faithless republican elector” count.

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  40. Sunshine says:

    The entire team is loaded with really SMART and GOOD LOOKING people.

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  41. Rick says:

    My understanding is that all but one of the “faithless” electors are democrats and are already voting for HRC

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    • Ron says:

      With Stallone heading it, it would have star power, people would be cognicient of it even EXISTING (when was the last time you thought about the National Endowment of the Arts?) and like a lot of other agencies (NASA for instance) could lead to partnerships with private companies that would vastly grow the effectiveness of the program at no cost to tax payers.

      Which would make libby heads explode…


      • Sherlock says:

        Absolutely true. Now, the NEA has a penchant for funding left wing propaganda.
        I think the entire organization needs to go, but if it stays, cut the 150 million dollar budget by 1/2, and use the rest to fund music lessons for kids (actually teach them how to play an instrument, not a drum machine. Reward American artists with actual talent and a proven love for and promotion of American traditions, not spirit cooks and “performance artists”.
        Stallone would be perfect.


        • DHarvey says:

          Maybe start promoting pro-American films, art, museum exhibits, etc. Remember during WWII when Hollywood was totally patriotic? They even sent Hollywood producers to europe to create Patton’s ‘fantom army’ in ENgland used to deceive Hitler as to where we were going to invade Europe.


  42. Ron says:



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