Two White House Staff Appointments Announced by Trump Transition….

*Note* It appears the Trump Transition Website has be having technical issues.

Breitbart is announcing the addition of Don McGahn as Chief White House Counsel, which follows a natural flow from McGahn’s prior role as campaign counsel:

don-mcgahn(Via Breitbart) President-elect Donald Trump has selected former FEC chairman Don McGahn to serve in his administration as White House counsel and an assistant to the president.

“Don has a brilliant legal mind, excellent character and a deep understanding of constitutional law,” Trump said in a statement. “He will play a critical role in our administration, and I am grateful that he is willing to serve our country at such a high-level capacity.” (read more)

Background on McGahn during his FEC tenure here.

Breitbart is also announcing that KT McFarland will be joining the White House National Security team:


(Via Breitbart) […] “I am proud that KT has once again decided to serve our country and join my national security team,” said President-elect Trump. “She has tremendous experience and innate talent that will complement the fantastic team we are assembling, which is crucial because nothing is more important than keeping our people safe.”

“The American people chose Donald J. Trump to lead them for a reason,” said Ms. McFarland. “He has the courage, brilliance and energy to Make America Great Again, and nobody has called foreign policy right more than President-elect Trump, and he gets no credit for it. I’m honored and humbled that he has asked me to be part of his team.” (read more)

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150 Responses to Two White House Staff Appointments Announced by Trump Transition….

  1. This is looking like the Renaissance of Europe. Instead of closing down the free thinkers TRUMP is filling his support with them. DONAL TRUMP THE RENAISSANCE PRESIDENT

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  2. I see that’s Trump is selecting the cream of th cream of the cream of the crop.
    All hard working, dedicated to trump and his vision.
    Very happy

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  3. platypus says:

    [yawn] Winning is getting tiresome.

    Just kidding. But I sure hope that this doesn’t cause me serious intestinal problems when I deal with some of the stupid things our WA state GOP tolerates/does. As an example, we nominated a guy who could have won (even the Democrats don’t like our Democrat guv) except he spouted off that he wasn’t voting for Trump AND he was going to vote for Johnson. The grassroots barfed on his campaign by not voting for governor at all.

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  4. fedback says:

    Excellent picks.
    In the statement Mr. Trump says: ‘….the fantastic team we are assembling’.
    Every reason to believe the very best person for each job will be selected

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  5. Pam says:

    So far, I’m liking these cabinet picks. I hope the good picks continue. 🙂

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  6. Deplorable in The Bronx says:

    Outstanding pick by the President-elect in choosing KT McFarland… she has a great deal of experience and “gets It” as far as national security is concerned. Once Again the adults will be running the show soon and what a blessing for our nation. I’m sure gonna love to see more winning!!!

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  7. Concerned Virginian says:

    More reasons for thanks:
    President-Elect Donald Trump is choosing people to work WITH HIM on the basis of:
    Track Record he can count on.
    What a nice change from the business as usual picking of people who are big donors, cronies, and those who put America LAST.
    What fun it will be to see how/if Sen. Schumer, let alone Sen. McConnell, try to block Mr. Trump’s people.

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  8. Eric Kennedy says:

    From a few days ago…

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  9. Sa_Bi says:

    Breitbart has also reported that Victor Orban, PM of Hungary and a well-known critic of Merkel, will meet Trump, becoming the first elected European leader to do so.

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  10. MfM says:

    Most people take a four day weekend for Thanksgiving… not Trump. He’s going to walk in the door after his inauguration and start working.

    Heck, he’s likely to do some stuff before he goes out to visit the inauguration balls.

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  11. Sentient says:

    What’s her position on Syria? Crimea?

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Crimea she has been silent on.
      Syria, sees the need to leave Assad and work with Russia to kill terrorists.

      But Trump already settled Crimea months ago. He said it is Russia.

      Ukraine he said, as I recall, we should have no problems with Russia if it does not invade, which it won’t. But that also implies he has no problem with Russia doing what it’s doing.

      She will accept all Trump’s policy initiatives and find means to make them real. She’s a solutions person.

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      • Is she leaving her CFR membership, and the kissinger/rockefeller history behind her to accept all of Trump’s policy initiatives? It seems to me for America First, she would have to… if she is, she could be invaluable to the restoration of freedom and liberty for us while ending the nightmare of nation invading and “building”.

        I’m pretty sure some of us are aware of kissinger and rockefeller’s “contributions” to the destruction of America, aren’t we? Here’s a clip of kissinger describing obama’s “task” of shaping foreign policy around creating a new world order… one doesn’t need a “tin foil hat” to understand what he means. He’s a globalist.

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        • Sandra-VA says:

          Oh for heaven’s sake!!! KT is a BRILLIANT appointment and she has espoused PE Trump’s positions for the entire campaign cycle. She has also been an advisor to him during the campaign. I wish she was going to be Secretary of State, tbqh.

          Give it a rest with all this damned knocking of everyone he picks! Sick of it.

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          • Wow, how do you really feel about the truth, Sandra? This is the first time I have said a thing about any of the picks, and to me her past is important. I don’t have nice tingly feelings toward the rockefellers, kissingers, or the CFR, so please… excuse me for speaking my mind!

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            • Sandra-VA says:

              I was addressing all the “knocking” going on, THC… not specifically you.

              I apologize, I have just been getting tired of it and your post took the brunt.

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              • Well, if you read my first paragraph, I had a positive bent to it… I still feel exactly the same about the appointment, and will until she proves to be a true team player. We aren’t sycophants here, we are patriotic Americans. It’s ok to question things, if not we aren’t FREE so to speak…

                I don’t take these things personally, Sandra, but apology accepted and I understand completely where you were coming from. I’ve been watching the comments the last week, haven’t said much at all… a lot of overreacting and second guessing where it didn’t seem to belong. I felt it did here… for me. Nothing good has come from the CFR so far. I pray this time it’s different.

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                • wolfmoon1776 says:

                  We have to be very vigilant about the globalists. It’s very hard to find foreign policy people with not just experience, but gravitas and clear thinking, who are NOT tainted in some way by the globalists. Because of that, we are going to have to accept people with ties, contacts and history that raise concerns. But as long as we’re careful, I think we’ll be OK.

                  I always say, we’re not against internationalism – nations and their interrelationships are what we’re all about. It’s a very old-school idea, much like God. What we’re against is GLOBALISM – a whole different animal.

                  Very much agreed about CFR. Some kind of nasty trouble comes out of there. I used to scoff at the warnings about them, years ago, but no longer.

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                • Fake Nametag says:

                  I think we should all remember that some good people will have worked in organizations we consider to be bad because there was no other place they fit better.

                  We’re creating a new political movement. The leaders that Trump will choose will necessarily have been involved in organizations like CFR or companies like Goldman Sachs because they were the best and brightest and they had to work somewhere. Some of them will have dutifully done their jobs while perhaps privately thinking things could be done a different way.

                  The key is to see how they will behave now that they are given the chance to operate in an organization with different principles. I have faith that Trump will pick the best, and in the (hopefully rare) cases where the picks do not align with his organizational goals, they will be quickly fired.

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                • wolfmoon1776 says:

                  I totally get that. My longest tech employer started out as an optimistic outfit with a very international focus, but later turned into a scary swamp of globalist treachery and sell-out. Looking solely at the resumes, it’s almost impossible to tell the regime puppets from the resistance heroes.

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          • Luck is not all says:

            So do I. Why did we choose president? To tell him what to do? Bunch of conceited persons, one wants this, the other wants if they know Lets leave our future president alone.

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            • Conceited? lol It’s called integrity, honesty and actuality. Question everything. Are we sycophants, or Americans???

              Conceited. Too funny. 🙂

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              • wolfmoon1776 says:

                We have to be ready for the MEDIA to try and reassert itself as the only voice to judge of our elected officials. To do so, it will first try to silence us. They will try to do it with RIGHT-WING POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – such as “don’t question McCain because he is a veteran and a hero”. In our case, “don’t question Trump”. I do implicitly trust Trump, but he NEEDS our honest feedback.

                We must never fall for anything that requires us to shut up. I understand that we operate in a dangerous space, with concern trolls on the left and morale martinets on the right. Twixt those two dangers we must sail, speaking our minds fully, to support Trump and make America great again!


        • Everyone who has great experience will have some questionable ties. KT is someone who gets what Trump is about and has been cheerleading for him most the campaign.

          I think her past will serve her and Trump very well. She knows how the Globalists operate, has contacts and will use what ever it takes to crush the usurpation of America.

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          • My first paragraph spoke of just that aspect, and if she becomes an America First team player there’s no doubt she could be invaluable. Actions will speak louder than words, and we’ll see in time just how it goes. Till then, I’ll “hope” (hate that word) for the best!

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            • jwingermany says:

              I totally get where you are coming from. Trust…but VERIFY.

              In order for President Trump to be successful, we as a group need to understand this is a full participation presidency.

              Ever notice that Trump has excellent hearing? I think he’s listening to us and expecting that we are vigilant…in other words…doing our duty as citizens.

              On the other hand, we have the other side…the heavy trolling going on. Left unchecked, they can be effective in destroying morale and causing internal stress among Trump supporters. Some of the trolls are much better than the others…so I understand the “concern” there, as well. I have complained about the “concern” trolls as well.

              It can get tricky to recognize TRUE concern and honesty. Unfortunately, there are some pretty deceitful characters out there that are very good at what they do. That’s why we have to watch out for complacency…we won the elections…it’s the holidays…we can relax.

              BAM! The Snake has bitten you!

              President Trump will need our full-time high-energy attention for the next 8 years.


        • Dennis Leonard says:

          You really need to get a life.You have to belong to the club to understand how to fight it.Remember PE Trump saying he was a insider and that is why he is the only one who knows how to fight them.


      • stevefraser says:

        Are you aware three years ago the Obama CIA engineered a coup in Ukraine and the elected government was replaced by NATO lackey?. This is the reason Putin made the moves he did in eastern Ukraine and the Crimea…..Obama wants war with Russia to distract from the Muslim invasion of Europe.

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  12. Jimmy Jack says:

    I absolutely love love love KT McFarland.

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  13. NYGuy54 says:

    and they will be loyal to the cause

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  14. azgary says:

    Why Do TRUMP Supporters Not Trust Mitt?… Here’s a List of Romney’s VICIOUS Attacks on Trump

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    • sunnydaze says:

      azgary, all due respect but this thread is about Staff appointments that have been announced. Not BS rumors.

      You’re off -topic? Right?

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      • azgary says:

        seems to me it was about Trump staffing his transition

        but then again im no mind reader.

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      • JohnPaulJohnes says:

        You are correct about the thread topic. I have strayed in past topics also.

        If I never have to hear the name Romney again that would be making America great again.

        You are wrong about insinuating the aforementioned link is full of BS rumors.
        The link provides actual attacks against Trump that the aforementioned person has carried out.

        It also neglects to list the plea strategy during the primary to vote for Kasich, not Cruz in states Kasich can beat Trump and vote for Cruz, not Kasich in states that Cruz can most likely beat trump. Even Hillary Clinton did not suggest that strategy to undermine democracy in that over-the-top tirade against democracy. Yes, even Hillary Clinton had better morals than the aforementioned person you are concerned about.


        • sunnydaze says:

          I guess I did not make myself clear, John Paul.

          The thread is about ANNOUNCED APPOINTMENTS.

          As Romney has NEVER BEEN ANNOUNCED, any article about him, wether true or false, is off-Topic.

          Throw it in Open Thread if you (general “you”, not specific “you”) must post it.


          • JohnPaulJohnes says:

            I was agreeing with you about announced appointment’s and calling BS on your denouncing the facts mentioned in the website link.

            You and the other poster hijacked the thread topic, not complaining about it, but your denouncing the facts stated in the supplied website link is BS and I am calling you out on your attempt to diminish the facts.


        • Fake Nametag says:

          I’m okay with hearing about Romney one more time if the headline is: “Humiliated Romney Spotted in Coach Class Center Seat between Two Obese Hillary Supporters after Uber Ride of Shame from Trump Towers”


      • justfactsplz says:

        In all due respect if Mitt is being considered for an appointment the comment isn’t all that much off topic. I have seen a lot worse where it’s way out in left field and off topic. Everybody needs to take a deep breath. Emotions are running too high around here lately and we are attacking each other. The left reading here are probably gloating the last few days about us eating our own, lol.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I think we’re still strong. This heated but enlightened discussion is EXACTLY the kind of feedback that the Trump team needs for some of these trickier appointments. Their skilled observers of this site will gather the nuances from our heated discussion. In fact, I think they have all the ammo they need now to declare Romney “too divisive” for the party to move forward.

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          • justfactsplz says:

            Enough of us have voiced our opinion that we vehemently oppose a Romney pick for sure. I just don’t want to see those voices to be chastised. Trump does need to hear from his supporters on this. You are right, he and others on his behalf read here. I agree Romney is way too divisive. I for one cannot overlook how Trump was treated by this irresponsible dog owner.

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  15. Paco Loco says:

    The new cabinet is shaping to be the best team ever fielded by a Republican president. I hope Romney is off the table and Trump surprises us with his nominee. Who ever he picks, they will need to be nimble and like to travel a lot as there’s so much repair work to be done after 8 years of Obama’s failed foreign policy.

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    • JohnPaulJohnes says:

      Yes, hopefully.

      Remember this rumor per trump senior aide that turned out to be false.
      ( I wonder if leaked rumor was a test of who is leaking info)


  16. fedback says:

    Trump is the coach picking the best team possible

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  17. Shark24 says:

    Re: Don McGahn appointment. Has Mark Levin approved this yet? 🙂

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    • Ron says:

      Mark hasn’t heard he’s too busy yelling at the kids to get THE HELL OFF THE LAWN

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    • R-C says:

      Mark Levin. Pffft! (Has he blown a gasket yet?)

      I was reminded of Levin when we recently watched one of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, the one with the ‘wizard tournament’.

      One of the tournament challenges was to figure out an audio clue contained in a ‘golden egg’. Every time Harry opened the egg, an ear-piercing, unintelligible screech emanated from within. He’d quickly slam the egg shut as everybody nearby covered their ears in pain.

      As the story unfolds, Harry learns that the only way to listen to the clue is to listen under water.

      So is it with Levin.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        I will listen to his show for analysis this evening, as Dan Bongino is guest hosting. (He should have some fair insights.) The problem with Levin, however, goes far beyond his whining, bitching, and histrionics. He has become insufferable – and possibly unforgivable, for the damage he has done.

        While Levin came around somewhat during the general, it’s like listening to somebody with full-blown multiple personality disorder. It’s hard telling who he will be from one day to the next. I don’t buy his “principled” conservatism excuse, either – the man has a screw loose.

        I’ll never forget his very personal on-air attack leveled toward TCTH. Not only was it unfair to Sundance, but it was insulting to all of us who follow this site. Levin is truly a low, nasty little man.

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        • Dommy says:

          Even when he is speaking favorably about something Trump does or says it’s always with a sneer. You can hear it in his voice.
          And there is NEVER any enthusiasm like we feel here in TCT, even when Trump is doing the very things Levin has always insisted he wants for the country.
          What a two-faced fraud he turned out to be IMHO.

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          • Peoria Jones says:

            No, it will never be good enough for Levin, because he does not have the humility to admit to his wrongs – nor the sense to respect his audience.

            He still cannot help but make his snarky digs at us. You just know when he refers to these little “rah-rah” internet sites, he’s jabbing us. He is too small-minded to conceive how wrong and out-of-touch he is with regard to Trump’s appeal.

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        • Shark24 says:

          Mark’s “jump the shark” moment for me was when he attacked this site/Sundance using personal insults instead of a seriouus debate of the issues. I never listened to him the same since (on those rare occasions when I listen at all).

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          • Ron says:

            President Trump called his show once, and talked to him… after it was over, Mark was talking to himself, reassuring the listeners that he can talk to people like Trump that he has minor disagreements with, because they’re all on the same side.

            Of course that changed soon after. I just can’t stand listening to Levin anymore.

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  18. JAS says:

    Congratulations to Ms. McFarland! A well deserved position in the Admin. She will no doubt do a great job.

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  19. R-C says:

    KT is a solid pro. Great pick.

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  20. james23 says:

    Really like KT. Worked for Reagan I believe.

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  21. 804hokie says:

    ultimately what matters most is who is at the top and we succeeded

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  22. Pam says:

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  23. MaineCoon says:

    Note It appears the Trump Transition Website has be having technical issues.”

    Imo I didn’t assume this. I assumed that TTW wants to release some information via Breitbart –knowing it would be accurately released.

    I encourage further releases. Then I know it is accurately being released.

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  24. Jeffrey says:

    I’m too simple to attempt a link here but has a VERY good interview from around a year ago of K.T. McFarland.

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  25. andi lee says:

    Ref: technical issues

    (Either, “th3j35t3r” is harboring an extreme case of jealousy or an extreme uncontrollable physical reaction to attraction. Acknowledge it, is half the battle, th3j35t3r, Sir.)



    • Sandra-VA says:

      This guy claims to be some kind of spy/hacker and apparently, he hates PE Trump. A lot.

      I followed him for a while a few years back and he is beyond arrogant and annoying. He was targeting Islamist sites for take downs when I followed him… which is why I followed him. But he is also very arrogant and full of himself so I had to stop following him.

      He claims he got a laptop entered into a spy museum in DC.

      I wasn’t very impressed by his “achievements” during the time I followed….


    • Ron says:

      I could catch those. Just gotta be quick.

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  26. Midnight Rambler says:

    Such heavy hitters so far! It’s going to be a far better line up than anything since Reagan’s first administration.

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  27. Rip Tide says:

    These selections remind of the Dream Team USA basketball….almost not fair to all the opponents. Never get tired of winning!! Remember, we have been on a LONG losing streak. Enjoy being victorious again for hopefully a very long time.

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    • Fake Nametag says:

      I remember when they were about to play Panama for their first exhibition game before the Olympics started. The press asked Charles Barkley how he thought it would go and he said: “We’re going to take back the canal.”


  28. LBB says:

    K.T. Mc Farland seems to be big hit between all I’ve heard, read and my ‘good’ feel for her. But McGahn gives me more red flag than good. Why isn’t he considered another Rhino considering his previous job history , etc? Why would he be good if he was instrumental in “loosening regulations on FEC? I was hoping FEC would be revamped. Does his past be instrumental in knowing all about black hats?

    I am not a FEC guru, got involved because Sundance asked in April for some crowdsourcing help, but they seemed mainly as an agency that made sure proper paperwork was filled out. They monitor guidelines of what type of pacs, did pacs fill out filings properly, where limitations of $$ per individual / foreign abided by. Not so much if the dollars were going through legit businesses.

    Do you remember when the gentleman (set up pac ) that used Trump’s name to gain donations , promising a dinner or something, and official response was “well that would fall under consumer affairs” if someone felt defrauded ? Why would just anyone be able to set up a PAC through a gov’t agency without “standing” to do so ? Saw many other non common sense stuff. Maybe there should be a higher fee paid to begin a process. I don’t know if I ever saw McMullin start out with seed money.

    I may be more sensitive to this category, but probably not alone about getting a handle on $$$ as it pertains to our politicians. Should not have to cost a billion dollars to run for President or we are going to keep eliminating some great potential choices.

    Hopefully by 2020 we will have some improvements. No more 18 month campaigns, hold in more down to 6. Maybe combos of podcasts and uniform policy website for all . We will see. America does have a MO for groundbreaking ideas.

    I would like to hear more from all about McGahn though. Thanks.

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  29. NJF says:

    Really like KT. I don’t know this other appointee, but if he’s been with the team this whole time I have confidence he’s a good pick.


  30. fedback says:

    President Elect Trump aiming for a ‘Perfect Season’, like Coach Bobby Knight who spotted Mr. Trump’s ability to MAGA

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  31. Toby Flenderson says:

    The only misstep so far is DeVos for education. Debbie Schlussel reports DeVos is a pro-Muslim, anti Israel, common core loving bureaucrat with her own foundation for inserting Muslim indoctrination in to the schools. Schlussel got a chance to see her up close and personal over Michigan school matters. Sundance, what say you?


    • Perhaps her statement about NOT supporting common core in any way is truthful, and she has flipped to America First. I am “hoping” for the best on her as well as KT McFarland, who should get the hell out of the CFR if she is going to be America First and serve as NSA for Trump.

      The CFR is globalist and it is evil. Can’t change actuality nor spin it with fluff.

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    • JSBachLover says:

      Absolutely false. All of it. Geez, that’s just bizarre. Don’t know Schusel, but if she said that she’s a blatant liar. And, yeah, Trump is an idiot who would choose someone like that, right? DeVos is a serious Christian. I’ll let it go at that, for now. Do some proper reearch.


    • SharonKinDC says:

      Schussel has been wrong before.


  32. KBR says:

    I like KT McFarland. Hadn’t heard much about McGahn.

    Anyone know what is going on with the transition website? The technical issues?


  33. Dommy says:

    Sheriff David Clarke. Something, soon, maybe?


  34. ajbenius says:

    KT McFarland is a CFR member who worked for globalist Henry Kissinger. Why do people like her so much?

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    • KBR says:

      I am old enough to recall the Kissinger younger days. He was considered to be a very intelligent and able Secretary of State…but of course it was what…1973?

      (KC McFarland was 22 years old in 1973.)

      “Kissinger played a prominent role in United States foreign policy between 1969 and 1977. During this period, he pioneered the policy of détente with the Soviet Union, orchestrated the opening of relations with the People’s Republic of China, and negotiated the Paris Peace Accords, ending American involvement in the Vietnam.” Source: Wikipedia article on Kissinger. (Which goes on to discuss his negative points too.)
      Kissinger, whatever his ultimate motives, did do some good things for the USA when he was SOS.

      Even knowing what I know now, if the only choices for SOS were Kerry or Kissinger, I’d take Kissinger…at least he has a brain.

      The people’s sole resource for information in the 70’s early 80’s was…you guessed it…the MSM. The internet was not yet in existence for the general public. There was no source for all this “inside information” you have become used to having today.

      “Limited private connections to parts of the Internet by officially commercial entities emerged in several American cities by late 1989 and 1990..” Wikipedia: “history of the internet” search term. Note it emerged in a few cities by then: the internet was not widespread. It was not in everybody’s house.

      “the history of the personal computer as a mass-market consumer electronic device began in 1981 with the launch of the IBM Personal Computer that coined both the term Personal Computer and PC.” Wikipedia, search “history of personal computers”
      Note it began in 1981. Meaning even by the mid 80’s not everyone had pc’s. The internet was certainly NOT “worldwide” it wasn’t even yet “US-nationwide.”

      There wasn’t the general publlic awareness then of a “globalist” problem, why would there be? How could there be?

      So when KC was working under Kissinger, she was not some kind of “traitor to the US and to your cause.” She was a young person working for the USA.

      Donald Trump was around as an adult back then too. So he can understand that.

      To claim that KC McFarland is suspect because she served under Henry Kissinger way back when is a lot of “hind-sight” hooey.

      You have to understand the history. How information was disseminated. What the people knew and when and how.

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  35. mamadogsite says:

    Catherine Herradge for CIA or Secretary of State.


  36. trapper says:

    My two cents here. Just as a business guy puts together his deal team, PET is assembling his foreign policy and national security team, the operative word being “team.” This will be an assemblage of members with various talents, skill sets, and even personalities suitable to the tasks they will be responsible for.

    On your deal team you don’t expect your anti-trust guy to know all the potential tax landmines that your tax guy knows, you don’t expect either of them to have the fire-breathing personality of your lead negotiator, and you don’t expect any of them to know what your tech guru knows. Same here. And if any of them have contrary opinions or prejudices on stuff that falls outside their areas of responsibility, well, so what?

    For some comfort, consult verses 12 through 26 of Chapter 12 of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. This isn’t new.

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  37. Stefano says:

    Guys check Dana Rohrabacher.
    I am told he is being considered as SoS.
    I feel he is truly the perfect man for the job, under every aspect.
    Light years better than Bolton, Romney, Giuliani etc.
    (Of course.)

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  38. andi lee says:

    Rohrabacher for SOS! YES!✔



    • TheFightingMan says:

      My initial reply appears to have vamoosed, so here’s #2.

      Interventionist? Dang, I voted for Trump b/c he said he was isolationist! I sure don’t like Miss Dana’s cutesy statement that the US should have done MORE to arm islmic terrorist KLA (drug and human traffickers that they are) in the Kosovo conflict. I guess it wasn’t good enough that we used DU bombs on Christians in order to advance Islam during the Kosovo action?

      I have been a close student of foreign affairs for 30+ years. This guy, if he is correctly quoted, appears to be another ideologue and walking military intervention disaster like we have come to expect from State. And to think I actually wanted to work at State under Reagan when I was a newly-minted I-Rel grad. The Lord is Good all the time.


  39. Lots of panties on the verge of being wadded here 🙂


  40. Didn’t see any mention here (or most anywhere) about Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce.
    He’s been around Trump for quite some time, serious business transactions going way back to Atlantic City casinos. But this is a huge long ball hit for the Trump Administration.
    Ross is a turn-around, take-em-out-of bankruptcy specialist.
    That’s kind of where we are right now in the U.S.
    Usually these kind of guys don’t want the publicity, any kind of publicity.

    Past string of Secy of Commerce are either political hacks, or like Bush 43’s Gutierrez, affirmative action hires.

    Now I’d just like to see Carl Icahn get photographed in the Oval Office.
    Winnning? That would be out of the park clear the bases winning.


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