#NeverRomney – Is There an Intended Audience…

Perhaps something worth considering amid all the Mitt Romney angst, is the potential for this to be part of a more comprehensive Donald Trump/Steve Bannon strategy.


You would be hard pressed to find anyone amid CTH who would opine any measure of favorability toward Romney.  Quite the contrary, no-one likes him, at all. Nor did anyone support his initial presidential bid in the primary of 2012.

However, that said, President-Elect Trump presenting Romney as a cabinet possibility -and stirring up the visual appearance of grass root opposition therein- may essentially be nothing more than putting the final nail in another GOPe legacy coffin.

Perhaps, just perhaps, with the new awakening people carry toward the UniParty, and more specifically toward the prior 2016 primary GOPe road map the UniParty constructed, there’s a new coalition who can see -in hindsight- the previous 2012 primary construct was a UniParty ruse intended to deliver the successful Romney outcome.

Ordinary (middle-class non-leftist) Americans were tricked by the GOPe road map in ’12, but were able to overcome the scheme in ’16.

Due entirely to Trump’s success all the UniParty masks are now fully dropped, and sunlight shines upon the previously deceptive crew.

If the presentation of Romney was actually to generate anticipated visible opposition (ie. #NeverRomney), the question becomes: who is the intended audience?

A reasonable supposition therein would immediately identify:

paul ryan mitt romney - selfie tweet

Representative Paul Ryan.  Current Speaker of the House and prior Romney running mate.

The secondary intended audience witnessing millions of voices calling for a rebuke of Mitt Romney could very well be all those within the professional political class who previously hid behind the apron of conservative advocacy:

nro coverNever trump crowd

never trump crowd 2five stooges never trump

The current #NeverRomney construct could simply be team Trump/Bannon finishing off the final vestiges of the establishment GOP (the GOPe), by making the opposition to the most well known member openly visible.

Then again, such an approach would imply: ♦ they knew how people would react; ♦ a great deal of foresight; ♦ and an almost Machiavellian level of strategy.

Your thoughts?


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744 Responses to #NeverRomney – Is There an Intended Audience…

  1. eksothen says:

    A thoughtful & provoking analysis.

    I would say it is a very plausible theory, at least, if we see President electTrump’s ability to be & act in a sublime way where his steps &decisions are only realy understood when the outcome the picture, of a deal, a decision, or an act is completely finished.

    What I’m trying to say is that, he does use strategy and chess like foresight to come to a desired outcome.

    So. Yeah, he might be using the unspecified, possible, selection of M Romney, as a battery Ram to break down the old GOP.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    team Trump/Bannon…”
    “an almost Machiavellian level of strategy…”

    I hesitate to point out the obvious – there are three main people on that team. Oh dear. Methinks I hear the faint sound of Machiavellian laughter.

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  3. The Raven says:

    I’m thinking that Sundance has hit the nail square.

    He’s called everything else since the get go…

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  4. If that was the plan we have a pretty smart bunch of “cookies” headed to the White House. The theory sits well with me…

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  5. QuiteContrary says:

    I agree with your final thought that it’s too Machiavellian. I’ve tried to figure out why Trump would parade Romney around for such an important post, to no avail. This only makes Romney stronger, it seems to me. Why would Trump want to do that for the two-time loser whose most recent failure was in launching someone to run against Trump in the general election. He wanted to deny Trump a win in Utah!

    Maybe it will make more sense to me if Trump ends up picking someone else for SOS and then doesn’t hire Romney. Then I’d figure he just wanted to appear to be mending fences without being a complete sucker, which is what I think Trump would be if he hires Romney for SOS.

    Trump’s a very smart guy who’s hired a lot of people and done a lot of deals. Maybe there’s some benefit to Trump in hiring this rotten snake as SOS, but for the life of me I can’t see it. What do you all think of Huckabee coming out and slamming this choice? Could that be part of Trump’s game? After all, Huck was for Trump, and his daughter worked on the campaign.

    I’ve followed Romney since he ran against Ted Kennedy for Senate in the ’90s. I used to think he was a man of principle instead of the opportunist that many said he was. After what he did to Trump, I realize he wants to be relevant and will do anything possible to achieve those ends, EVEN RECRUITING A CANDIDATE TO RUN AGAINST THE PARTY’S NOMINEE!! How on earth could Trump ever trust Romney after that?

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    • QuiteContrary says:

      I could very well be wrong, but I simply don’t think this thing with Romney would have an effect on Romney and his odious GOPe. Getting rid of Ryan as speaker would accomplish that, however. I’m hoping that things change between now and January when the actual vote for speaker takes place. Ryan and others have already said they’re not on board with some of Trump’s policies. As long as Ryan has not been removed, GOPe will still be in the driver’s seat.

      Maybe Trump didn’t want to start with too much slashing and burning right away. I’m hoping there’s something going on behind the scenes that will end up with Ryan lacking the votes and Trump’s choice as speaker installed. Fingers crossed!

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    • Guffman says:

      Read SD’s post again. All the answers are there. IMO, there is NO WAY that Romney will be appointed SoS by Trump. I’d be very surprised if he gave him any appointment of note. Both Gingrich and Huckabee have now publicly said what a bad move it would be to appoint Romney as well. Trump is trolling everyone again, as he has done so well in the last year.
      Romney is a swamp snake who will hopefully slither off into obscurity once the draining is complete.

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      • QuiteContrary says:

        I hope you’re right that he won’t actually hire Romney. I just don’t agree that this thing with Romney will hurt GOPe that much. Getting Ryan out as speaker would accomplish what Sundance writes about. That’s just my opinion, of course.

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        • cozette says:

          Again, Trump said not to believe anything unless he told us and he promised us he would keep us in the loop. Trump has said NOTHING about considering Romney for any position. This is a team Trump troll to generate a #neverromney backlash. So hilarious. This will undermine Ryans standing when the vote for Speaker comes up in January, offering a reasonable argument for picking new leadership that reflects the GOP sucess as opposed to sticking with the old faces of failure. Ryan gave Trumps Congressional allies even more ammo with his campaign to get his posse to start using his #betterway after Trump won. This is war. Trump and Bannon are warriors. Watch and learn. And use #neverromney and #neverryan.


      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:


        This proves Romney is a man of NO PRINCIPLES – NO INTEGRITY. Romney was bitterly against Trump but as soon as Romney thinks he can get something for himself then he goes running to Trump.

        Trump plays a long game. This is sidelining Romney for 2012. Plus you know Romney rat is repeating everything in the Trump meetings to the GOPe. Trump can get the word that way to the GOPe rats. Plus this plants distrust among the

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      • Zoe says:

        Why then would Trump higher Nikki Haley? She trashed him every chance she was given.

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    • Would Trump set Romney up to fail then replace him? Give Romney enough rope to tie loose ends and if succeeds Trump takes credit if not …. well he gave him an opportunity but just wasn’t up for the task.

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      • texasmama6 says:

        Anything’s possible, but I don’t think Romney failing would do anything to anyone but Romney, and he is already powerless, as his failed Never Trump campaign proved.

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    • Toronto Tonto says:

      “Tried to deny Trump a win in Utah” and DID deny Trump a win in Virginia. FIFY

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  6. anthohmy says:

    I freaking love you guys, despite the total havoc you have invited into every crevice of my life as I dare, even for the tiniest instance, to question these ideas, only to have to fend off multiple logic-challenged incoming hits from the “loving, aware…” dedicated left who challenge me on Trump mocking a disabled person while making comments about being “retarded” when they post shit they later wish to disavow. My brain hurts with logic while all the labels fly, and then run as far away from me as they can get, lest I demand they answer the logical corollary of the stupid questions they ask me. But as much as I love you, I love them, my friends from 30 years ago, too. And I’m calling them on it like a champ. Screw the bruises. I can take it and laugh my ass of T the same time.

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    • teajr says:

      “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” Our enemies know this too, which is why they are constantly trying to confuse us by using every trick in the book, to include out-and-out lying.

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  7. Les says:

    I always vote and I have never voted for Obama. I suspect a great many people here can say the same thing. My point? #NeverWhoever is liberal behavior and not in line with people who claim a forgive-anything theology. I’m not going to be a sore winner. I despise hypocrisy above all character flaws because it allows for any and all disgusting behavior. I don’t agree with many things most politicians do and say, but I’m not willing to lie or stoop to acting like a liberal. I still have to live with myself the rest of my life. I voted Trump and I’m going to give him a shot to run things how he wants. #NeverActLikeThem

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    • Trumpedinillinos says:

      Well said.


    • lo says:

      You have to be aggressive when dealing with the left (or, the uni-party). Use their tactics against them. Being kind and hoping for the best has gotten us where we are today. We are fighting for our very survival and if defeating them means we must use their dirty tactics to defeat them, I’m 100% in on getting down and dirty. No fear.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        When they are coming for you head, Islamic or NeverTrump or Cult of Liberals or Globalists, you kill them.

        The ideologues don’t care if you will forgive them. You will be their slave or their dead victim.

        Kindness is for tea parties. We have a domestic political war because the others are not true Americans. They have had power for 5 decades and have had influence for 8 decades. We are taking all that away from them.

        Forgive whoever you want. It can’t be policy until the war is won.

        This is a titanic struggle to win two ideological wars. Globally against radical Islamic terror and domestically against Liberalism which is deeply engrained in our educational system for three generations.

        There is no room for forgiveness. Have they ceased their actions?

        They have no intention to cease. They intend to ruin every minute of every day of Trump’s administration. Obama living in DC, the challenges from the Dem Senators, the mealy-mouthed Uniparty Congress, the statists, the globalists, Soros’ brown shirts, the cop killers, the academics, the unions—any of them giving up the fight?

        This is the forever war. You defend Liberty forever. We just took the black flag off the WH.
        Now we have to cull the Congress of the resistors. And we have to win on many other fronts.

        No. Forgiveness is when we have Peace. There’s a war going on. Two of them.

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        • tazz2293 says:

          Poignant words.

          Many see the election of Trump as the end of the war and the good guys won. What was won was a battle and not the war.

          We will be fighting the Progressive movement and the muslim horde for many years in to the future. Extreme vigilance and dedication to the American way of life is the only thing that will help bring us victory

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        • Ken says:

          Well said Bull. Who was it that said “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance”? Thanks Bull for your continual input here at the treehouse. God bless and have a happy Thanksgiving.

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          • Remington says:

            I’ll second that emotion. This battle NEVER ends. There is an ebb and flow to it, but it is a continuance. The battle between good and evil never ends until the second coming.


        • wyntre says:

          I would have liked that commeny 10x if WP would let me.


        • Russell G. says:

          Bill Durham====unlike most myoptic insights, albeit decent hearts, you are a true visionary, for the hopes and ideas needed for a just society—I salute you.


        • barnyardboss says:

          Well said, sir! ” the battle for Helm’s Deep is won. the battle for middle Earth begins.”

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        • Southern Son says:

          Good’un Bull!!
          I trust Mr. Trump, to handle Our Movements Best Interest, at the National Front Line. (DC)
          We should Fight, using All Means,
          to Continue this #WAR!!, to Take BACK Our Country, at the Local Front Line.
          This Championship Ain’t quite settled yet.
          Do we Have a Country, or Not?
          No Quarter!


        • NorthIdaho says:

          Amen. Don’t forget the media…

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        • Sherlock says:

          True, Bull!


      • Sherlock says:

        Gettin’ down and dirty was necessary this election, there was no other option, and it worked. McCain and Romney stood there like willing targets, and turned the country over to Obama. No more. We have to fight back every day.

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  8. Suzanne E Wall says:

    I think Trump is doing many things right now. The media reports are negative, and there are still the NEVERS who will not give Trump a break. I have spent hours on one such site armed with facts, and have become so discouraged. I think Trump is doing the best approach: YouTube, just enough leaks to freak the msm, and then bring the truth. Am I the only one who is growing weary of this NEVER crowd? I suppose I should stay with facts, and leave them to be.

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  9. macbookben says:

    We are watching Romney getting Rick-rolled by Trump & Co.

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  10. India Maria says:

    I am hoping that this is correct. Yet, I cannot see any other reason TRUMP would temporarily sacrifice so much goodwill with his base if not to skewer Romneyites on the grill over the Thanksgiving holiday, let him incinerate, then twist in the wind with this onslaught of #NeverRomney……and then, when the anti-Romney hysteria is at a peak, say about Monday or Tuesday, announce Giuliani as his SOS, thereby releasing a ton of “relief” feel-good; instituting TRUMP’s magnanimity; making “betrayal” hotheads like Cernovich and Coulter forget their angst about Hillary’s prosecution, Trikki Haley, etc; distracting the MSM from “Sessions and Bannon are Nazis”…..entirely possible. I had not thought of Ryan in all this. But what a delightful addition to a delicious theory.

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    • law4lifeblog says:

      Part of Cernovich and Coulter’s role is eliciting precisely the kind of outrage at Romney and establishment that Sundance surmises is Trump’s true purpose….they’re doing a good job

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      • Bull Durham says:

        Never fear a differing POV. Freedom has the widest spectrum of thought and freest expression.

        Ideologies are narrow and dogmatic.

        Let’s not adapt ideologic characteristics. We are “irregulars” marching together, not militants. We may not be in sync step, but we are all going to the same goal.

        I love “the other” idea, the “other POV”. It’s often sharper, more insightful and better than mine. It’s the beauty of Freedom. The best ideas rise and challenge us to see anew.

        Trump had that better way, that simple idea. MAGA. America First! How beautiful!

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  11. And if he appoints Romney, so much for that theory. Is he still not open to criticism without being labeled a “betrayal hothead” or does he have some sort of untouchable status?


  12. weddingcake411 says:

    I see Trump as a multi level chess player… Can’t think like checkers. Trump likely has multiple strategies and scenarios. He will use Romney to the last drop in whatever way he sees best. I believe he also has knowledge of inner workings of the power structure we’re not privy to… I doubt Trump gets played here. He knows these players. Why should he openly attack Ryan before assembling his team? He already knows that when Ryan moves to betray him he has MILLIONS of people to apply a backlash! Watch him position them to be his bulletproof glass.

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    • QuiteContrary says:

      Well, weddingcake411, the millions calling Ryan in years past hasn’t changed his mind one bit on ANYTHING. Or have I missed something? I’m not being sarcastic because I certainly don’t know everything–not even close!

      I do know that Ryan’s voice mail has been full day after day many times when furious Americans nationwide called him to stop what he was doing: amnesty, attacking Trump a number of times, and a whole lot more. When RINO Ryan said after the election that Trump heard the voices no one else did, I thought of his voice mail full for days on end so many times. Those voices were there for him to hear, but he dismissed them and did as he pleased.

      I don’t expect Ryan to be any different in terms of how he reacts to the voice of the people if he remains as speaker. Whether Trump can control him is another matter. I have no idea, but I’d say even Trump won’t be successful all the time or at IMPORTANT times. Ryan has to go. I agree that Trump is very smart and knows a lot more than I do. I just wish he’d arrange things so that Ryan isn’t speaker in January. Ryan cares NOTHING about the voice of the people. He’s demonstrated that in spades already.

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      • texasmama6 says:

        You are right, because Ryan has only his own constituency to worry about. The only thing the rest of the nation’s voters can do is pressure their own Reps to not support him–not easy to do with the weapons the leadership has to use against the others. I won’t be surprised if Trump starts bringing attention to someone else in Ryan’s state (remember Nehlen?) in the near future. If a viable candidate can get enough name recognition before the mid-terms, Ryan could possibly be Cantonized. I have no doubt that Trump is already thinking about the next election because of the opportunity to truly consolidate his power.

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        • QuiteContrary says:

          Trump can’t think about 2018 or he could lose important policy fights for the first half of his term. Ryan must be replaced as speaker NOW. Then he’d probably quit like Cantor and Boehner did and maybe Nehlen would run to replace him right away.

          I know I’m like a broken record, but replacing Ryan as speaker is an import part of Trump being successful. I don’t for a second believe Ryan will cooperate on important issues. Since the election, he’s already been quoted as saying he’s not on board with some of Trump’s policies. Ryan and his House RINOs were using that Better Way hashtag nonsense AFTER TRUMP WON instead of Trump’s MAGA.

          It would not surprise me if Trump and his team are working behind the scenes to oust Ryan when the time comes to vote for speaker. I certainly hope so.

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Ryan’s in a totally different universe when his Uniparty starts beating on him to leave……….

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      • mariner says:

        I believe getting Ryan out of the Speaker’s chair is the goal here.

        Trump has no say whatsoever in the Speaker election; what he can do is create situations that show others how little support Ryan has outside of his district.

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        • QuiteContrary says:

          Trump can work behind the scenes with House members who want Ryan gone. I’m no expert on these things, but Trump can make it known that he backs someone else and doesn’t want Ryan as speaker. This could definitely make the difference in getting Ryan out.

          Ryan said just days before the election that Trump was not the head of the party. Trump did then and does now lead the party. I’d imagine Trump’s preferences regarding who should be speaker mean a lot to many in the House. Romney was a loser in 2012 and after the debacle of him trying to block Trump’s victory he doesn’t add up to much as a member of the GOPe in the scheme of things. I could be wrong about this, I guess. If Ryan fell to someone who would put Trump’s agenda on the House floor without delay, GOPe in the House would be neutered, it seems to me.

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      • cozette says:

        Ryan worked with Obama because they were on the same team. Ryan did not expect Trump to win. Now Ryan is confronting the FACT that not only did Trump win but he carried Ryans home state, something he failed to do in 2012 lol. Trump cannot afford to have him fired until Trump is sworn in. Part of the Romney moves are about bringing to everyones attention how much the GOPe electorate #rejectromney and #rejectryans leadership as preparation for electing a Speaker in January.


  13. TwoLaine says:

    I tend to agree, because it’s part of my fantasy too.

    TRUMP loves playing people and watching them dance. Through BB, Bannon HAS to know the HIGH levels of hatred by REAL, TRUE Conservatives toward Mittens, Ryan and Haley, and how HORRIBLY they have LET OUR COUNTRY DOWN. They have stabbed us in the back multiple times, over, over, and over again. They ALL Laid Down and let The Dim’s and The Oh? walk all over them, FOR EIGHT YEARS!

    I said that IF Mittens, Haley, Cruz, any of the #NeverTrumper’s got a job with PEOTUS TRUMP, it’s because he wants to make them his Byatch’s. DANCE.Baby.DANCE.

    Step 1: They have to come out early and often to say how GREAT PEOTUS TRUMP really is. DONE.
    Step 2: Comply with MY Agenda, MY Rules, MY Way, OR “You’re Fired!” TBD.

    The wild card, however, are all the other UNIParty whisperers (KAC, Pence, Christie, Scaramucci) on the Transition Team who truly live in the swamp bubble and think these people are “great” and “patriots”. Bull Chit! That’s like calling Johnny Songbird a hero just because he was captured.

    These people NEVER came around and were Vitriolic as H311. They were willing to destroy TRUMP and whatever was left of the Republican Party to GET THEIR WAY. The UNIParty Way. They deserve nothing but a big fat kick back into the gutters from whence they came.

    I also think part of the test is how they immediately comport themselves with the American people, THEIR FORGOTTEN and NEGLECTED People. Did WE get an apology for how MISERABLY they have CONSISTENTLY treated US?

    So far, I’m still waiting. I’m sure it will come when h311 freezes over.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Hell froze over last night.


    • 2x4x8 says:

      i think you are being a little offensive, electioneering is over and its time to govern

      the Wall St-Establishment-UniParty-Oligarchy lost, it doesn’t mean they disappeared, just that they do not control the Presidency (executive power)

      same with control of the Republican Party, Rence Prebius acted diplomatically, and checked Ryan from scheming at the RNC convention, it is not so much loyalty as he did the job he was expected to do and not rig it, call Rence a White Hat, which is why he got a job with Trump, he will follow orders, and being a friend of GOPe Ryan helped, there is a legislative agenda that needs to be moved

      some like George Will changed their registration because of the GOP take over, Trump needs to have a decent relationship with Republican elected officials, they are supported in their areas, which is why Trump supported Ryan, McCain, Ayotte in the election, Trump is the leader of the party and needs a good working relationship, need their votes and not to rebel

      having Romney over smooths things after harsh election, doubt if he gets SOS, but if Rudy Giuliani turns it down, he has a real shot at it, SOS is a high profile job, if you recall, Nikki Haley got UN position before visit with Romney, many low level GOPe are merely doing the bidding of their leaders, Trump is the leader and if they want to move up, they have to be willing to do Trump’s bidding/agenda, thats what these Trump Tower meetings are about, likened to kissing the Godfathers ring


      • TwoLaine says:

        “i think you are being a little offensive”

        NO, I leave being OFFENSIVE to the #NeverTrumper’s, the UNIParty and the media. They own the racket on that.

        I repeat, Romney can’t handle Candy Crowley or The Oh?. What makes him a strong candidate for any position of strength? He C H O K E D. OR, He Gave It Away. Pick One. Both are BAD.

        Send him back to the sewer.

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  14. TakeBackOurRepublic says:

    Trump is a Grandmaster chess player. Every appointment he’s making has a message behind it that coordinates with his campaign promises. I admit I’ve been really anxious about Romney being a potential candidate but I figured the optics and reactions around it were an important part of a strategical board move. This article puts that into a perspective I hadn’t considered. Thank you, once again, Sundance. Now I can go complete my Thanksgiving dinner prep with more joy in my heart! Happy Thanksgiving, Treepers 🙂

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Trump is cracking the deluded Uniparty swamp bubble – to let the disinfecting sunlight that we the people live in.

      The DC swamp is SO out of touch – as is all of the media and Hollywood.

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    • redlegleader68 says:

      Same to you, TakeBack!! We all have so very much to be thankful for on this truly American Holiday. Family First / America First!

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  15. Old Salt says:

    #NeverRomney Foreign policy experience will be utterly irrelevant. The U.S. State department IS THE SWAMP. Trump needs to pick an HR genius not a policy wonk.

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  16. You got it right Sundance.
    For humiliation value alone, Romney is a great choice for SoS.
    He can never accept, it is the equivalent to “dropping to your knees”.
    Rudy is being a good sport and playing along.

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    • In case Romney were to accept, it would just begin a period of shaming and further humiliation. After all, as Hillary amply demonstrated, what does SoS do? Basically not much. Powerful presidents act as their own SoS, and can easily use the UN Amb and SecDef as proxies instead of SoS. Romney would be a figurehead going to funerals instead of the VP who could be doing actual duties at home.

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      • Niagara Frontier says:

        SoS as a figurehead would be a tremendous waste of resources and put too much at risk. State has 13,000 Foreign Service employees, 11,000 Civil Service employees, 45,000 Foreign Service local employees, and a budget over $65.9 billion dollars (2015). It deals with matters from issuing visas and passports to monitoring arms control agreements and compliance.

        Somebody extremely talented needs to be there to downsize and tame this beast. I believe Trump knows all this and will trust his judgement.

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  17. texasmama6 says:

    I think one signal that this won’t happen is the fact that it’s being said that Trump is split from his team on this topic. It’s said he wants Romney, but his team, and especially his kids, are urging him not to make that pick. I don’t for a minute believe that ANYTHING leaks from Trump’s team, ever. So that means Trump has a purpose in people thinking that. I don’t believe Romney will be his choice. I think Sundance is right that this is being used to consolidate his power and bring people into line.

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    • India Maria says:

      And just look at how Trump/Bannon have taken “Bannon is a Nazis”, “Sessions is a Nazis”, and “Trump LIED abut prosecuting Hillary” OFF of the MSM menu.


      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Ha ha ha.

        Funny that…………

        Just think of all the Thanksgiving tables today were Trump supporters are making sure everyone there knows what traitors Romney, Ryan and the GOPe really are.


  18. Trump is playing the Romney Card BRILLIANTLY.

    Trump meets with Romney just before a 5-day Thanksgiving Break.

    Trump Operatives float the SoS possibility.

    Trump’s Deplorables eviscerate Romney for 5 uninterrupted days, for the Ryan GoPe to absorb.

    Privately, IMO, Trump asked Romney to serve his country and our veterans by turning around the VA – the single Cabinet job Romney is fully qualified to achieve, considering his RomneyCare “experience”, his turnaround “expertise” and his announced commitment to “service”.

    Trump Wins: Romney declines – and brands himself as a self-serving fraud – proving that he doesn’t care for our veterans, much less our country, that he ran for cover in the face of a turnaround challenge he pretended he could handle, and that running a Department was too big for him (much less the Presidency).

    Trump Wins: Romney accepts – and then owns – the mission for RAPID, MEASURED RESULTS.

    Trump Wins: Romney fails to pull off the rapid turnaround – that his trumped-up reputation asserted he could – and Trump fires him for failure, banishing him to the dustbin of history.

    Trump Wins: Romney succeeds – by granting Vets access to non-VA treatment by non-ObamaCare providers – proving that RomneyCare and ObamaCare type governmental healthcare systems are incapable of succeeding.

    Trump Wins: Trump sticks Romney with ever-escalating goals – for the VA Solution to eliminate wait times, improve outcomes, end crony capitalism (Romney’s raison d’etre) and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse – that preoccupies Romney for the duration of Trump’s Presidency.

    Trump Wins: Romney quits.


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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Trump always maps out several roads to success.

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    • redlegleader68 says:

      This is one great analysis following on Sundance’s excellent take.

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    • Notmeagain says:

      You get how Trump manages with people: every outcome is considered for every action, and Trump takes the action where every outcome is (eventually) a winning path. That said, he’s interviewed every brand-name Rep. and many of the others are losers too. But if he didn’t talk to all of them it would increase accusations of factionalism. Of course he has to deal with Romney and his circle. Now he can say he considered all of them cordially. And I fully trust that if some turn out to look like they aren’t team players, it will lead to their being definitively cast out. Look at Haley: an opportunist of no substance. She is relegated to the UN, a place very low in Trump’s priorities. Now he gets a more sympathetic gevernor who can be reelected in a crucial state, and Haley is stuck in a display cabinet until we can set the UN adrift and her with it. But he nullified her in a very nice way that could never be called misogynistic, in fact he gains cred.


      • Great observation on OUTCOMES:

        Trump starts with the end(s) in mind.

        Trump then branches BACKWARD to envision and multiply INTERMEDIATE OUTCOMES that would lead to ULTIMATE OUTCOMES.

        Trump then identifies people who could DELIVER the Intermediate Outcomes.

        Asks them first what Outcomes they would envision as America-First WINS for the People.
        Asks them next to describe where and how they have delivered similar Outcomes.
        Asks them finally who else has the capabilities to deliver and how they would organize and act to make it happen.

        EVERY CANDIDATE cannot avoid revealing their values, capabilities and character in the process.

        Trump picks the BEST and makes use of the REST.


    • Sherlock says:

      The only problem I see with your analysis is that when any cabinet member fails, America fails. It isn’t a game–putting someone in charge of the VA, for example, who then fails is not a win for anyone. It is a loss for our veterans. Trump does not win when someone he chooses fails.

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      • Any cabinet appointee would get 90 days (60 before Inauguration and 30 after) to demonstrate lightning progress.

        Otherwise, “YOU’RE FIRED”.


      • mariner says:

        That’s true, but assumes that Trump would nominate anyone he believes would fail.

        I won’t assume that.

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        • Sherlock says:

          It assumes no such thing. My response was to the notion that someone failing was a “win” for Trump. Specifically, it was a response to this portion of the original post: “Trump Wins: Romney fails to pull off the rapid turnaround – that his trumped-up reputation asserted he could – and Trump fires him for failure, banishing him to the dustbin of history.”
          My point is not that Trump would appoint someone knowing they would fail–this is ridiculous. My point is that failure is not a “win” for (in the case of the VA example) veterans.


      • I agree Sherlock and I still believe our veterans deserve some one better than Romney.

        The VA is not a department to be used to prove a point.

        It needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed quickly.

        Like every thing else in the federal government is is a mess.

        I think when Trump makes these appointments he makes them in all sincerity, with the idea to improve the departments or to eventually eliminate them.

        This is not a game. The State Department is not a game. The VA is not a game.

        We have a lot of work to do to MAGA in the next 8 years of Trump’s presidency and he knows this.

        When he finally has his administration they will be the real deal. Trump will then get on and use these people to clean up the mess our country is in.

        I really don’t see Romney having a place in helping Trump do this. Talent wise he may have something to offer, but he is seriously lacking in the trust department.


    • Southern Son says:

      I. LOVE. WINNING!!!


    • Sue in MT says:

      How would the Vets feel, after voting for PETrump and then having Romney thrown to them to fix their problems. Betrayed. No thanks.


  19. And here’s your answer…..

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  20. Give it time says:

    I agree. Trump uses game theory and his team listens to and understands their audience. They mapped out possible outcomes and decided to go for it. Romney had to accept the invite, had to come to Trump, had to make nice and now Trump waits.

    I see a 75% chance he picks someone completely opposite Romney and never gives a public reason why. Romney is finished as an opposition leader. Notice how Cruz was rendered mute by the early meeting?


  21. mcfyre2012 says:

    Those were are my thoughts with the Romney SoS activity…set him up and reject him.

    I have thought all year that this is the time for the gutting of the GOP and/or the formation of a new party, since the GOPe was essentially democrat-lite.

    The democrat party was finally over-run by the progressives (Marxists) and is in self-destruct mode right now.


  22. Notice the key word here..”Loyal”
    I think we are getting our answer here this morning from KAC regarding Mittens


  23. Doug says:

    It certainly makes sense… trump may not really consider Romney bur wants to see what the reaction is to the most visible member of inner party opposition . What I mean is maybe trump is testing his limits with his own supporters too? To see if we will go along with anything he does or if we have limits. I think it’s important to see how his supporters react just as much as anything else . he needs to know pressure points with his base to effectively avoid it in future because he most definitely needs us .


  24. TomR,Worc,Ma,USA (tb032004) says:

    What does it mean when I put my cursor on someone’s avatar and it won’t give me their poster information? That they are brand new? If so, it would seem to me that a lot of people on here that are sewing the seeds of division are brand new posters……. HHHhhhmmmmmmmmmm.


    • Sherlock says:

      I think it just means that the person hasn’t joined “WordPress” formally. That may be why I’ve never been able to use the “like” button. I won’t join wordpress, for example, because you can never “unjoin” and due to other privacy concerns. Singing up to this site is not “joining” wordpress, as far as I know. I could be wrong, maybe somebody else knows.
      I also think that if you can “disable” gravatars on your own computer, maybe at both ends?

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  25. Dogstar_K9 says:

    I believe some scenes are from a play within a play we shall name “The Mousetrap”. The players will be caught convincingly anon.

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  26. daughnworks247 says:

    I am twisting my Snidely Whiplash mustache.
    Do I think Steve Bannon is THAT Machavellian?
    Do I think Bannon would go to Trump and say, “Hey, I have an idea” and tell Trump his plan.
    Do I think Trump would go over the fine points of the plan and LOVE it?
    Could this be in reaction to Ryan’s House coming back into session and pushing the #BetterWay hashtag and Ryan’s legislative agenda?
    Yeah, I can see where Ryan, pushing HIS agenda, would furl the brow of Bannon and Trump.
    Then, as Sundance points out, completion of the plan would depend on the reliability of the reaction from Trump supporters. Is our reaction reliable?
    Oh, you betcha.
    Finally, would the timing be okay? Would hatching the plan do any permanent damage to Trump? Nah, it’s right after the election, while Trumpers are still basking in the win, and still before the Holidays.
    Can we see any confirmation of the plan being hatched?
    Merely the appearance of Trump and Romney, together, seems to provide confirmation because it makes no sense to Trump supporters.
    Also, the dangling of Romney, for days, with no confirmation, as Romney’s reputation twists in the wind, GAINING steam and vitriol, seems to provide further confirmation of malintent.
    Additionally, the story of “Trump prefers Romney” was originally sourced by Reuters and “confirmed” by a “source” from NBC – totally capable of being misled. AND we KNOW Bannon is well known for planting stories in MSM.
    Going into a family holiday, like Thanksgiving, where Romney will surely face questions from his family is a further twisting of the knife, if this “plan” is true, and absolutely characteristic of Bannon.
    Hmmmmmm. it would be very impressive if true.

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  27. The Demon Slick says:

    I’m not a Romney fan, but I will stick up for him a little bit. First off, he’s never been known to engage in graft. He earned his money. Next, the Salt Lake city Olympic games. The corruption was so bad that they almost took the games away from the US. It would have been a huge international embarrassment. Romney cleaned house and saved it. He threw the bums out and delivered on time, with short money because of the theft. And lastly he’s been proven right about pretty much everything he said in 2012, Russia, Jeeps in China, Detroit bankruptcy, and more. I think people are going too hard on Romney. I don’t think Secretary of state for old Willard but just about every single part of the federal government could use a corruption killing boy scout turn around specialist. I trust Trump. Besides, I don’t think Trump will follow convention, he won’t hesitate to replace anyone anywhere anytime. It’s like being a Patriots fan, and Belichek does something that totally makes no sense, and then they win it all , because Belichek is smarter than me about the Patriots.

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    • Perhaps you should reread the text of the University of Utah speech Mitt gave and some of his social media posts and other media interviews.

      You might then understand why Trump’s supporters have the opinion of Romney that they do.

      But you, of course, are entitled to yours.

      It has to do with trust not competency.


      • The Demon Slick says:

        I’ve been on the Trump train for the whole ride. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Romney will be Sos. I suspect Trump is just taking the lumps out of a lesser appointment. “Gees Mitt I really want you to be a big part of the administration but look at the public outrage, tell you what, how about we do (insert here whatever Trump has wanted all along) , how about that instead Mitt, just for now, you understand…”

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  28. wyntre says:

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  29. Paul says:

    There were a lot of first time voters and people who aren’t political junkies who voted for Trump and they wouldn’t understand this level of plotting, thus making it a very dangerous move. Often people remember only the first story.

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  30. Donald says:

    I believe Trump highly values Romney’s knowledge of foreign affairs, and genuinely wants him in his cabinet.
    Trump has proven that he can quickly bury the hatchet as long as others want rapprochment–an extraordinary quality, by the way! Note that only Kasich or the long-brooding Cruz or the Bush clan have delayed their inevitable peace gestures. But for their obduracy, Trump would have done so long ago.
    No, I don’t think our president-elect his about games as he shifts magnificently into one of histories greatest US presidencies.
    I, too, would like Mitt by his side. Trump genuinely admires him, and that’s what I call temperment, by the way!

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    • Joan says:

      How do you know that Trump admires a snake?

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      • Sergio Bianchi says:

        Cannot tolerate Romney, sorry I voted for him in ’12. Highly overrated, and it would be really interesting to dig up real reasons why he went after DT so viciously. It sure wasn’t just his faux moral superiority- and he can stick that tax ‘bombshell’ up his shorts. He’s a real POS not suitable for SOS.

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        • You are right Sergio, it was the uncalled for viciousness of the attack by Romney that put me off.

          Romney called Trump a con man and a phony.

          I don’t think Romney believed Trump was either of these things.

          When Romney lied like that on national TV, I lost what little respect I had for the man.

          I also lost any trust in him.

          I think this is Romney’s biggest problem with Trump supporters, lack of trust.

          We believe him to be a liar and something of a traitor to our cause.

          I have heard some people say, jokingly I hope but you never know, that they would trust Hilary before they would trust Romney.


  31. daughnworks247 says:

    This kind of plotting makes me salivate.


  32. missmarple2 says:

    LOYALTY is very important. I can think of no worse example of disloyalty than to impugn the character of a candidate whose endorsement and money you took 4 years prior. It was the worst thing I have ever seen, dishonorable, and highly personal.

    If Trump can overcome that he’s certainly a better Christian than I am.

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  33. ZZZ says:

    I get the Haley – McMaster chess move, and being from SC, I appreciate it.

    I also appreciate Trump’s sense of loyalty – shows great character.

    UNLIKE Mitt “stab-in-the-back” Romney who I do not think can be trusted with any position in a Trump administration. He is also not conservative and brings NOTHING to the tables.

    My thoughts…

    AND I love that perhaps there is an attempt to expose the Uniparty for one last time – a warning, if you will – “…watch it guys, we soooo got your number.”


  34. freddy says:

    Bring Romney close to the cage with the smell of raw meat. Once he feels comfortable to go inside slam the gate and let him thrash about for all to see and hear especially his little conspirator Paul Ryan who should be in that cage as well. Romney crossed every line of honor a man can do…Ryan as well……….Kill 2 birds here ..Trump looks like he’s being forgiving but allowing all of us to scream out and he has no choice but to choose another candidate……… Brilliant really absolutely brilliant……..

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  35. Zed says:

    It could be several things, but I go with Sundance’s vein too. Killing the GOPe, let’s say killing them with kindness, or in other words with their own people. Even if Trump picks Romney, what better way of draining the GOPe swamp than using their own people/leaders to drain it.

    Like with the Secretary of Education pick, many are screaming heresy because she once did or does support common core. She denies it now apparently, but she is a school choice reformer, so what if Trump picks her and she takes down the teachers unions and common core and installs wide spread school choice/vouchers systems that really work – gets school to a more local level. Trump would be using a known “supposedly” GOPe operative, unknowingly or knowingly, to achieve results and goals antithetical to the GOPe beliefs.

    And then with Mittens, when he said Russia was our biggest geo-political enemy, maybe some think that now and some do not, and maybe that was the case with a GOPe President in the WH – as Romney surely would have been, but with Trump, I really think and hope he can turn Russia to our side working with the ex-KGB agent. What better way of further destroying all GOPe creditability and opposition than to use Mittens to work WITH Russia to great effect and results around the globe, which could/would benefit both countries and possibly create a new bolder and stronger alliance with them, others. Make Romney eat his own words and work against his own beliefs to a Trump legacy on Foreign Affairs. It really would be funny if it wasn’t so scary at the same time.

    A tough road to hoe for Trump for sure, but one possibly made easier, and more protective to Trump and OUR MOVEMENT, by using opposition as the spearhead to his offense.


  36. LULU says:

    In the photos of Mitt’s arrival for his “interview” with Donald Trump, I saw a supplicant.

    A far cry from the nasty, arrogant, name-caller we saw for months.


    • LULU says:

      Who’s the leader here?


      • Bull Durham says:

        If the theory about Romney is correct, it works on Pence, also.

        Imagine if Christie had delivered up Romney to be considered.

        Pence has been sending up UniParty candidates one after the other.
        I think this is a shakedown cruise for the VP, to see him operate. Can’t hide his proclivities under the pressure of the timetable. He’s producing establishment after establishment candidates. Where’s the change agents for the bureaucracies?

        These faces make the Club of Growth, the Chamber of Commerce, the Uniparty and the Congressional Weasels feel very secure. Not a hint of anyone who will chop and grind and mulch the waste and corruption.

        If we expect Bannon to do it, he has no Power. He has influence. But the huge government has to have change agents. Dave Clark for Homeland Security would be nice. He’s not on any interview list. Get the picture? We aren’t seeing the kind of demolition experts that Bannon can use.

        And if we already concede that Rule of Law only applies to citizens who work for a living, instead of the Elites who steal and corrupt for a living, then where’s the Revolution?

        I’m not satisfied with Sessions as the only axe-man. I want four or five Dept. heads to be fire-breathers who can assure us no more Trillions stolen, no more Trillions wasted. I want to hear that in four years there will be 500,000 paper pushers being retrained in the private sector because their jobs were going away.

        The Pentagon. We have more generals than we had in WWII per number of personnel. Since we fight with JSOC force structure, why do we have a WWII command structure. We can cut 30% fast. We have huge command districts around the globe. Does someone really think we will fight a land war for months with someone as large and deadly as Russia or China? Really? If we have to fight a war (I can’t think of one reason why) with either of those two, it will go nuclear in less than 30 minutes. To fight them inside their borders or at their borders, for this imagined war, we need to use EMW warfare, nukes to knock out their command and control and radars, their missile defenses. So. let’s say ten minutes. They have systems that adjust to that attack and launch nukes at us and all our allies. See how it works? War is impossible on the grand scale. It goes nuke in 30 minutes. We don’t need the military command structure filled out like we will be fighting a two-front war in 1942.

        We need fast, light, mobile, rapid response forces to fight terrorists and WMD rogue regimes. Flynn is the Intel master of this. McChrystal and he developed it. We need to keep it leading edge. Notice, Obama got rid of both of them.

        Who is our enemy? Who could start a war with us? Where would that war be fought?
        I see only two nation-states that are a danger to us. North Korea and Iran. Pakistan would be a few tiers lower in case all the precautions we have imbedded to control their nukes are overcome by radicals.

        What we face are 300,000 militant radicals spread over ME, South Asia, North Africa and the sub-Sahara and Horn of Africa. Nowhere are there more than 50,000. Thus, we can use JSOC techniques to deal with them, while destroying all their finances, propaganda and recruiting. Those technologies will soon be applied in Syria and Iraq, Sinai and Libya.

        If Mattis takes the SOD, he needs to reform the Pentagon top to bottom, side to side. New thinking, not WWII. The WW3 people have been talking about is the end of the world.

        The challenge (threat) in front of us is Islam. We can learn a lot from the Russians and how the Moslems in Chechnya defeated the radicals that came from 50 countries to kill Russian moslems and Christians. Putin and father and son Kadyrov destroyed the Wahhabis and continue to defeat them (Chechens are the toughest fighters in Syria and Iraq.).

        But you can’t win wars with old battle plans and forces organized for the wrong opponents.

        The other two dinosaurs that need to be slain are State Department and CIA. We already have a neocon in CIA with Pompeo. Classic. Great CV. But not a change agent. Will he smoke out the Mike Morrells in CIA? I doubt it right now. I’ve seen this type for 50 years.
        Especially, CIA is very resistant to an outsider at the helm. Could we find some CIA officers who want it cleaned up?

        State is just useless. Festooned with regime change, color revolution and irresponsible types we saw in the Benghazi hearings. One man with character in a sea of worthless bureaucrats. And State punished him for speaking out. For explaining the failures of the embassy in Tripoli.

        Take the top fifty “desks” and dump them. Their expertise is useless. We need experts in Trade and real diplomacy, the art of the deal, with communication skills so the American story is told well, not propaganda. What an incredible story we should be selling, marketing, promoting. Instead, we have Khazarian schemes and Hegemonic dreams foisted on people who just want clean water, food, transportation and shelter for all their people. The entirety of the State Dept is into Climate Change, carbon footprints, social justice warrior crap and transgender bathrooms. These aberrations conflict with most other civilizations and make no sense. Yet, State has promoted them as the intrinsics of Americana.

        We need change agents.


    • paper doll says:

      take me in oh tender PE, take me in for Heaven ‘s sake

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  37. Mitchell Rapoport says:

    This is an object lesson. We have Trump’s most loyal supporter and his most ferocious antagonist both vying for the same post. Whom do YOU think he’s going to pick?

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    • haoleboy says:

      It will not be Romney. Trump just liked making him bow down and show the world that Romney ‘s only interest is himself. And maybe to string the Mormons along a little bit.

      Trump is a very intelligent man , but he thinks in simple terms and he knows that Romney could never be trusted to do things the way Trump would like. . And he knows Romney simply couldn’t , he isn’t built that way.

      I’m sure there is gamesmanship, but Trumps real “political Capitol is those who voted for him and worked their rear ends off for him. He knows that he can’t squander that. He already has put some on the line by backing off on Hillary.


  38. I am watching calmly and really wide eyed.

    This Machiavellian scenario, I hate to say it smacks of wishful pretzel logic. Why, with so much to do, and the Big Win under his belt as proof enough, would The Lion bother with such beta-male scheming?
    We don’t know – we think we know – but we don’t REALLY know Trump & Romneys’ heads and hearts. We don’t trust Romney, but we’ve chosen to trust Trump so we wait and see.

    I won’t be indirectly duped and manipulated by any of these politicians including Trump to write letters protesting this or that telegraphed potential play. Just do your damned job honestly, don’t jerk us around.

    Obama set the precedent for having in hand the greatness of being POTUS only to sell it out because he was playing forbother, sweeter fruits his ego and/or twisted world view craved.

    I sure as hell hope I didn’t just help elect Obama II. We’ll see.


  39. paper doll says:

    I pray Sundance is right and that is some maneuver on Mr. Trump’s part and that Mitt Romney is not truly being considered for this vital post. Mr. Trump has already taken on plenty GOPe in answer to the call for unity. Enough already. Is this to be the Trump cabinet or the Pence cabinet ? That is the question before us.


  40. GForce says:

    Just had a shock and awe conversation at Thanksgiving breakfast with a 25yr old, not the safe space type :)…I must admit his truly “Machiavellian” theory stopped me in my tracks and hasn’t stopped running around my head since. Here goes: What if “they’ were all in on it from the start? They meaning the Uniparty, Romney (Never Trumpers) and possibly even Trump. What if “they” knew years ago that this anti-government storm was to big to control any longer? What if they knew that a perceived outsider as President was the only option to secretly maintain control? What if Romney’s insane attacks on Trump was just one small part of the rouse all along? His attacks sure fired up a lot of people, galvanizing the image for Trump as the “white hat” outsider (savior of the down trodden) being attacked by Romney, the “black hat” insider (champion of the elite).
    It’s a theory, nothing more.
    It’s seriously something to think about and talk about.


    • Bull Durham says:

      They are too stupid and feeding at the trough too easily to be in such a revolution.
      Trump is a lone change agent. He now has Bannon and Flynn and Sessions. That’s it.
      Everyone else is just talent. Castro had his brother and Che. Revolutions usually are one charismatic man, with a brother band ready to die. Those others in the scheme you describe would never risk anything for anyone. Trump risked everything. He acted alone. He’s been brewing this for over 30 years. He waited until there was no longer any alternative. Time had run out. He had to do it. The rest tried to stop him. They failed.

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      • GForce says:

        Thanks Bull…comforting analysis. I have volunteered for, voted for and have been sorely disappointed in the GOP all my adult life. There are so many theories flying around, it can be difficult to trust in Trump because it literally would be the first time I have witnessed a leader with integrity and a desire to put America first. It seems surreal to have a leader echoing my sentiments on most issues. Almost to good to be true. I pray this is the real deal!


      • Right Bull.

        We need to remember Romney’s investments in the Puerto Rico bailout.

        He has a lot of money to lose if the taxpayers don’t continue to bail out PR’s failing government.

        Romney has always been a Big Government kind of guy.

        To keep his company, Bain Capital going, he needed this bail out to work just the right way.

        I know he has retired from running the company but he still needs Bain Capital to be profitable.

        Romney needed either Hilary or one of the GOPe candidates to win the presidency.


      • Sue in MT says:

        Bannon shoots that whole theory down.


    • cozette says:

      Cute but facts don’t support the theory in Trumps case and I have done alot on research on this. Trump is an outsider with insider knowledge plus he is rich enough and powerful enough not to give a damn about the elites. However I do believe that would have been the plan from now on if the globalists had won and gained total power at last. Elections would have been like WWE matches where fan enthusiasm can change a predetermined outcome to keep the franchise going. The danger in this thinking is that it plays into the poisoned pill propoganda tactic used to undermine a leaders support so he can be taken out. The tactic is designed to convince supporters their leader has betrayed them so they take him out for the elites. Poisoned pills are being dropped daily by the MSM. It is intentional and annoyingly seems to be working.


  41. weavinplain says:

    After reading the comments from KellyAnne Conway, I can’t suppress the thought that this entire kerfuffle over Romney is a part of Trump’s master strategy.

    Instead of dismissing Romney after their little chat and leave us all to speculate on what’s happening, it looks to my politically uneducated eye that Trump’s aim was to let his supporters have at it.

    They have unleashed a public ‘deluge’ of disapproval bordering on outright hate against any Romney appointment. Should there be any area, any scintilla, any modicum of doubt in Romney’s mind, this overwhelming public humiliation should finally dash any hopes of a comeback.

    So, what was it we were saying about trusting Trump’s judgement?

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    • Sherlock says:

      If this theory is correct, then those who ripped Romney are owed thanks, and not the brickbats a few threw their way. Just sayin’…

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    • QuiteContrary says:

      Romney will be 70 next year. He will not run for president in 2020, when he will be in his mid-70s. There will be no comeback for Romney. He’s a smart person who has done some very bad things to Trump and his supporters. I and many others would support the VA post because his skills are badly needed there. I think he could do a great job with that because straightening out that bureaucracy and the finances of it all are right up his alley.

      Scott Brown was mentioned for a post at the VA or something involving veterans. Brown was one of the very first GOP pols to stand with Trump. Brown moved to New Hampshire full time after he lost his Senate race. He’d had a vacation home there for years. It meant a lot to Trump I’m sure to have Brown up their supporting him. Brown will get something. I’m not sure whether that leaves Romney out of the VA post. Romney would be the better choice for that.


    • I think you might be right weavinplain.

      Trump likes to use is, his supporters, like the other politicians use the msm.

      To move his ideas along. To get his “agenda” out there.

      So have at it Trump supporters.

      Tweet and get on facebook and let everyone now how we feel about things.

      We will just have to get around the msm one way or another.


  42. I hope this analysis is correct. The people in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania (and almost Minnesota) who crossed over to vote for Trump loathe Romney. In fact, Romney represents everything they always justifiably hated about the GOP. Rudy Giuliani does not offend them in the least. Let’s pray PE Trump chooses wisely.

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  43. This is a fascinating idea. Yesterday morning, I tweeted #NeverRomney. By the afternoon I was having second thoughts because I trust Trump to do what he says he is going to do. He repeated said “I will never let you down, believe me.” Well, I believe him. Who am I to tell Mr. Trump what to do and who to pick?

    Having said that, Mr. Trump hasn’t picked Romney for anything, yet. Still, the idea of bringing Romney into the administration when everyone here wants him out of a job is too awful to contemplate. Surely, Mr. Trump knows this.

    So I’ve come full circle and it’s firmly #NeverRomney.


  44. mimbler says:

    I’m with the vast majority hoping Trump doesn’t hire Romney. But…I’ve never in my life voted for a person thinking I was going to approve of -all- his decisions.

    To be honest I have (given the benefit of hindsight) disagreed with many of my own decisions!

    I maintain full and unwavering confidence that Trump will generally lead the US in the right direction, and that is what I voted for. I haven’t had this kind of confidence since Reagan, and I didn’t agree with everything Reagan did either (amnesty for example).



  45. jojo thaleskrete says:

    Doesn’t Mitt Romney know that his Grandpa Munster Hairdo is 2000 percent fake looking and downright silly?

    Surely he must know what he looks like??? He is the only person I have ever seen that looks like a walking, talking, retouched photograph. I wonder if he is a descendant of Dorian Gray?


  46. jstanley01 says:

    Mitt Romney characterized Mr. Trump during the campaign thusly:

    “Here’s what I know. Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing the members of the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat.” http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/03/politics/mitt-romney-donald-trump-harsh-quotes/

    Nevertheless, the good governor dutifully trundled to a meeting with the President Elect, amid rumors of a cabinet post for him. You can’t make this stuff up. Too funny. All the same, folks who are paranoid about the man’s possible appointment as Secretary of State, and want to play it safe, may want to sign the petition linked at the ‘Tube… https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ


  47. David in Cal says:

    Maybe Trump just thinks Romney would do a good job as Secretary of State?


    • QuiteContrary says:

      Maybe, but what we’re seeing from Conway lends credence to at least some of that Sundance wrote. I and probably many others also think SOS is too high a position for someone who betrayed Trump so badly during the campaign. I personally don’t think he’d do well as SOS. He’s not a people person and not really a tough negotiator as far as I can see. That’s just a superficial observation, and what do I really know about that?

      What about Trump using Romney as a roving turn-around artist, starting with the VA Hospitals? I think Romney could really shine in this position, as it’s a lot like what he did before he became a politician. There must be other federal agencies that could use his skills in finance and organization after he improves the VA! I wish someone who has Trump’s ear would suggest this because it’s something that needs to be done and probably the way in which Romney could make a true contribution doing what he does best.

      It would be a way of recognizing and honoring Romney without spitting in the face of Trump’s supporters.


    • Bull Durham says:

      If the job is not diplomacy aimed at settling disputes, building working relationships with China and Russia, but is solely setting the table for Trade deals and business investment, cooperation with American enterprises and keeping lines of communication open, Romney would be fine.

      All sensitive diplomacy, he is too ideologically neocon. He is a rigid cold warrior who confuses USSR with Russian Federation. And, interestingly, have you ever heard him talk about radical Islamic terror as our enemy? Also, he’s excellent at expedience. His business practices are all expedience. Not a builder of lasting things. He’s a turnaround and sell-off specialist. I don’t want that kind of skillset in the State Dept. It’s useful elsewhere.

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      • QuiteContrary says:

        Romney was my governor, so I’ve heard a lot about him over the years. I wouldn’t sell him short in terms of what he’s done in the past. His work is way above my head in terms of what he did, but he did save companies and jobs. He wasn’t a soulless corporate raider, from what I’ve read over the years.

        It could be great PR for Trump to appoint Romney as a roving turn-around artist starting with the VA. It would show him as ready to innovate and get rid of waste. Most important, this might be the best use of Romney’s skills. He could form a small team that took on various projects.


  48. mister549 says:

    There are so many responses with this great article, that I doubt anyone will take a listen to this interview from 1998. Donald J. Trump believes in GETTING EVEN. Period. Enjoy this 25-minute video. I certainly did.


  49. Reality Wins says:

    Romney gets called to a meeting with Trump supposedly to discuss SOS.
    Romney: “I met with you as a courtesy but I decline the SOS position.”
    Trump: “There must be a misunderstanding. I did not call you in to offer you any position. I called you in to show you these.” (Hands Romney a tablet.)
    (Romney scrolls through the photos, shaking and the blood draining out of his face.)
    (Romney leaves the meeting, visibly shaken, and reports back to the GOPe)
    Romney to the GOPe: “We’ve been Trumped! He has the photos, ALL THE PHOTOS!”
    Romney to Ryan: “You won’t be staying on as speaker unless you want all of us in prison.”

    Still not tired of winning!


  50. Bubba says:

    Remember, Obama made Hillary his SOS after a brutal campaign and amid reports that they didn’t really like each other (and we all know that the Clintons are snakes). Lincoln had his cabinet of rivals. Trump has known Romney for many years and he strongly supported him in 2012 (robocalls, etc.). There’s a lot of inside info that we aren’t privy to when it comes to their relationship. I don’t think Trump will pick him for SOS but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. I trust Trump.


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