More Winning – Univision Lays Off 200 As Profits Collapse…

President-Elect Donald Trump did not start the credibility decline of main stream media, he simply greased the rails to speed up their irrelevance…

(Via Washington Post) The Spanish-language media giant Univision Communications will lay off almost 6 percent of its workforce — between 200 and 250 people — after it slipped into the red last quarter, the company announced Wednesday.

trump crosses

The layoffs, along with a planned restructuring, “are in response to difficult times, challenging times,” Isaac Lee, Univision’s digital, entertainment and news chief, told The Washington Post in his first public comments on the moves. “We need to position ourselves for the future.”

Univision had a third-quarter net loss of $30.5 million on total revenue of $735 million, down 8 percent.  (read more)


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142 Responses to More Winning – Univision Lays Off 200 As Profits Collapse…

  1. flawesttexas says:

    Bet that Univision pushing the La Raza-Mestizo Racist Agenda got tiring for its Cuban, Dominican, & Puerto Rican audiences

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  2. StormyeyesC says:

    Make it 201 and deport Jorge Ramos (who was against Kate’s Law calling it unfair to illegals). He and any other “reporters” and press people who admit to being here for years illegally.

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  3. I would say the customers had their say. Media left out half the nation , lied, corrupted , so yes ppl just quit watching, listening, buying. As a business blasting ppl is never a good idea. Go back to reporting the truth and leave your opinions as home.

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  4. Marc says:

    Fire Jorge Ramos, please.

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  5. Hey Jorgie, at this point what difference does it make?
    I’ve a happy tune on my mind, Hit the road Jorge, doncha come back no more, no more ,no more, no more. Adios Jorgie!

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  6. thetrain2016 says:

    Well, it appears Univision picked the wrong guy to mess with. Remember, Trump sued them for $500 Million. They settled -I’m sure- for a serious chunk of money, that was enough to finance Trump’s campaign and bankrupt themselves. Congratulations!

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  7. freddy says:

    These are the people who terrify the Hispanics who are easily swayed with stories of Depot squads coming to their house in the night and ripping children from their arms to be put in cattle cars and taken to the Berlin wall and dumped off. Hey they fall for this crap…When they say we are racist I remind them of their immigration laws I MUST follow or go to jail and extorted or worse…So what do they call themselves keeping me out and unable to travel freely………Rateros……….In Mexico everything is legal …..if you have money…and I mean anything………[

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  8. With millions of illegals leaving for home, Univision will lose it’s purpose. Awwwe….

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  9. prison for hillary says:

    Please Fire Jorge Ramos.

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    • tony E says:

      I would hope for that too but i bet he is staying and asking for a raise since now his daughter no longer has a job working for hillary. he will have to support her.


  10. robins111 says:

    I hope that Trump does to the media exactly what Obama did to coal

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  11. Emily Summer says:

    How Sa-weet it is!!!

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  12. Janeka says:

    Awe.. Too bad so sad.. So who’s next.. The communist news network (CNN) or the Nantional Bonehead Communicatios (NBC)..

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  13. rsanchez1990 says:

    Luckily for all those people laid off, they won’t have to spend much time unemployed. They will soon have jobs that President Trump will bring back from Mexico.


  14. barton2016 says:

    Good. Maybe th people they laid off can discover just how hard it is to find a decent paying job with a worthless degree!


  15. Charlie says:

    PBS – needs housecleaning! AND defunding from the American tax payer.
    Enough subsidizing let the free market breath.


  16. Mr. Morris says:

    Jorge Ramos is a vocal advocate for massive illegal immigration with benefits (housing, food stamps, medical care, bi-lingual education, etc.) The transfer of wealth to people who enter the U.S. Illegally from the middle class was a bridge too far for many struggling Americans.
    The Democratic Party turned their backs on working Americans as did the elite moguls who own Univision. Thus it is not surprising that Univision fired a percentage of its workforce.


  17. Barbara Williams says:

    this is getting good…


    • Major Styles says:

      I watch some Univision (American expat living overseas). The last few days have been filled with “not all immigrants are bad”stories.

      It’s funny to watch their narrative change to suit the agenda.


  18. mike philly says:

    Think of all the water that will be saved when 11 million illegals are deported !


  19. tonyE says:

    They’re “news” sure are a sorry bunch of ignorant rants against Trump, lots of information for Illegal Aliens… ooops… inmigrantes sin papeles… and stuff like that.

    I sometimes sort of watch it in the morning, with the volume turned off, because Las Señoritas really LOOK GORGEOUS… but everything else is boring.

    And, they are so biased towards Mexican stuff that it’s a turn off to most “latinos”. I mean, who really cares about Mexican Soccer? It’s a joke! (I loved that Chlle 7 Mexico 0 score)…

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  20. Carlos says:

    Check out the new Americanfirst,com it is developing slow and comes out of the #LatinosforTrump movement. You got it it is time for these false news agencies like Univision to go down, Here is a story about a guy attacked on a college campus for wearing his Make America Great Again cap. If you can check the site out and maybe make a small donation to help spread the site and spread the word we are supporting our president elect Donald J Trump and know together we can Make America Great Again

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  21. Major Styles says:

    Let me check…no, still not tired of winning!!!


  22. Angie says:

    More winning with JIM Hoft 1 of my Top 5 pundits I must read everyday. WINNING n riding The Best Election Ever wave. Feels Great Again Doesn’t it.


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